Found the following info from Billboard Magazine, Vol 114 Issue 4 P.1, P.74, P.75.
 Taylor, Chuck. (2002, January). Celine's New Day. Billboard, 114, 1,74-75
 First of all, it's really an incredible article.  You can get an idea 
 what is going to be in the album, what Celine thinks about the album,
 how Sony is going to promote it, how Celine is going to promote it,
 and also what Celine thinks about the changes that have happened in 
 her life and in this world.
 Chuck Taylor flew all the way to Montreal to interview Celine in her
 house, and Celine was having a cold.  As mentioned earlier, Celine
 would want this album to be a little shoulder for people to lean on,
 whenever they need a partner, a helping hand, to cry or to dance.  In 
 this album, we'll hear Dion-famous-ballads, such as "Surrender" which
 is produced by David Foster, a "bombastic, heart-pounding" song with
 "...utterly volcanic instrumentation" as Chuck Taylor describes.
 We can also hear some more relaxed ballads such as the title track
 which Celine thinks the song is related to the birth of Rene-Charles.
 But it can also mean other things, and its main meaning is about turning
 weakness into strength.  "Goodbye's the hardest word" is a ballad written
 by Mutt Lange (if walls could talk)(Shania's husband).  This song talks
 about the death of one's mother.  Celine turned down this song when she
 heard it 3 years ago, but she has changed her mind now being a mother.
 She admits it was hard for her to sing it, but she has the strength,
 and it's important not to say something until it's too late.  Aside
 from ballads, there will also be some up-tempo songs.  "I'm Alive" is
 from the same team that came up with TTWII.  It's a song that no lyric
 is needed, the melody alone can already touch the people.  "Sorry for
 love" is another dance-floor song written by few famous Swedish musicians,
 who have also worked with Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue, Gwen Stefani...etc.
 And Chuck describes this song as "no parallel in Dion's
 unquestionable single."  "Coulda Woulda Shoulda" is also another playful
 positive song.  
 There will be two remakes, they are "Nature Boy" and "At last".  "Nature 
 Boy" is like an un-plugg thing.  Celine said this is the piece that she
 had the most kick-out of in the studio, and she had a really good time
 doing it.  At first, there were only her voice and a piano blending with
 each other.  Later, strings and other instruments were added in the
 post-production.  However, at last they pulled those off to remain the
 purity and simplicity of the song.  "At Last" is a song written and
 recorded by Glenn Miller in 1941, and other singers such as Etta James
 covered it later.'s clip of Glenn's version and Etta's version
 Celine sees this song as an opening number for her shows.
 There seems to be a variety of music types in this album, and Tommy 
 Mottola (Sony's chairman) says that this album offers a wide range of
 listening options.
 It's been known that Celine's French materials often have more variety
 of or in-depth meanings besides "love of a couple".  I'm happy that 
 base on this article, her upcoming English materials are gonna add that
 positive instincts too.
 Celine also revealed in the article that she had a good time recording
 the album, and she was more relaxed, and there weren't pressure.  She
 feels her voice is in top shape.  She said she have never felt more
 powerful.  Some other Sony people who have listened to her new materials
 say that there's the new confidence in her, and there's the freedom and
 a new and stronger than ever voice in her.  So now there's the music, 
 how is she and Sony gonna promote it?  When Rene-Charles was born, I
 was thinking would Celine slow down when she returns, will she do less
 promotion, and release albums "just for her own pleasure"?  That doesn't
 seem to be the case.  Celine said in the article that it's either she
 does it all the way, or she doesn't do it at all.  
 Sony is planning a global marketing campaign to support the album. 
 There will be lots of TV (at least one morning network appearance, some
 night-time shows appearances, and a TV special), print (TV guide and
 Redbook covers are confirmed), and online exposure.  They just want 
 everyone in the world to know about this album.  Celine says that she 
 hopes this album is gonna be as successful as the ones before, and she
 is not going to give any less in promoting it.  Indeed, she will only
 give more.  She will be going to Europe, US, England. And maybe trips
 to Australia, Japan, South America and other cities in Asia.  Celine
 says this will be her "big return".  There is also plan for a huge press
 conference in New York on the day of the release.  She will also make
 an in-store appearance at a big record store.  Sony also says that they
 will try to deal with the world as evenly as they can, and they will 
 even use new tools when needed.  The article shows that Sony is doing
 everything they can to support this album, trying to make it as big as
 it can be.  So, what about the image?  They had a long discussion on
 how the album cover should look like.  Celine didn't want a cover that 
 simply showing her good-fortune, especially during these times when many
 places around the world are going through a difficult time.  Celine
 has even suggested not to show her face on the cover.  Then later after
 the photo session with Melvin Sokolsky, they've decided to use different
 angles of Celine's face to show different emotions.  (cool!)  
 How about the first single?  Although the title track is very possible
 to be the first single, but they are still discussing about it and they
 may change their mind.  But it's sure that the first single will likely
 hit radios around the world in the first week of February.  When it comes
 to radio stations, there's the problem.  Nowadays, many Top 40 radios
 station have lean on more rap or hard rock or R&B type of music style.
 That's why "Tell Him" single was cancelled in the U.S.  Sony will have
 to convince them, but Sony is very confidence about it.  That's because
 there are us (fans).  When there are many people wanting to hear the
 music, radio stations will have to play it.  Jim Ryan, an operation
 manager of a AC radio station is confident that on Feb 1st, Celine's
 new record will be in high rotation.  Despite of all the high expectation
 and confidence, what if it turns out to be a flop?  This is what Celine 
 says in the article: "I'll do whatever I'll have to do.  We'll make a
 big billboard with my big face on it to get everyone's attention.  But
 I never expect too much.  Let this album find its life.  If it's a small
 life, it's still a quality life.  Let's trust the people who have been
 following me who have liked what I have done.  If they want to travel
 with this one, then let's do it together."
 I think I'll just end here.  By the way, the article also says that 
 the vegas show will be a 90 minutes set.  And Celine says it will be
 a very visual show with her songs.  She'll sing some old favourites,
 her new songs, and a few surprises.  On the article, it mentions something
 that we (fans) don't really like too much.  To deal with differences in
 different regions, they will release different version of the album
 to different region.  Okay, the article also talks more on the topic
 of the Sept 11th attack, her appearance at the telethon, how Celine
 cried when she knew she had to get to New York...etc.  Oh yeah, Celine
 also says that her plan for the next few years is after she finishes
 her vegas contract, she would want to have another break, and have her
 second baby at that time.  After that, if there's movie for her, she'll be
 happy to do it.  Then she'll be almost 40.  This reminds me that Rene
 once said in around 1998 that his plan (at that time) is to keep Celine's
 fame and popularity as high in the coming 10 years.
 Taylor, Chuck. (2002, January). Celine's New Day. Billboard, 114, 1,74-75

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