Lysanne's Story

Céline Dion ~ My story
Sunday 1999-06-13

Early in the morning I went to Amsterdam Central Station. Near the station, 
at the Victoria Hotel, I met some friends I know by email and the Dutch 
fanclub mailinglist. One of them recognized Marc Langis (I am sure you know 
him, he is a band member!) We talked with him, we asked autographs, we have 
got autographs, we made some photos and we told him about our plans for that 
day: to go to the Amstel Hotel and wait for Céline. But he said: “Well, I 
think Céline will not arrive before tomorrow!” However, nothing could 
destroy our plans, so we went to the Amstel Hotel. We arrived there around 
eleven o’clock AM. After two hours waiting we saw Eric Burrows (?) her 
bodyguard. He told us that he was going to Schiphol Airport, where Céline 
just had arrived. Céline in the Netherlands! Lucky me!
Some security asked us to stay where we were. Not come any closer to the 
car, no photos, no autographs and no meeting. Céline was very tired and the 
fact that she was alone was to hard for her…We were a little bit frightened 
so when Céline arrived after another hour waiting we did not leave our 
place, and I suppose that was our luck, because Eric waved to us to come 
closer. One by one we went to the car. First I went to Manon Dion for an 
autograph. She is really nice. I was the last at Celines car. Everybody told 
me afterwards that I talked to her very long…but I can not remember 
anything… I have spoilt my biggest dream! I hate myself so much for this; I 
could have hurt myself. The biggest moment in my life, I have dreamt about 
this day for so long now and I can not remember what she wore, how she 
looked like, did she wear any make up, did she have curls or not? My friends 
told me that Céline was very, very thin. She wore white pants, a white 
blouse and a long (till the ground almost) ivory jacket and a pair of 
slippers (?) shoes that are open and sometimes for the beach or something, 
her toenails were light red.  She had no make up, hardly any curls and she 
is so beautiful, nice and sweet. Unfortunately she did not speak Sunday. But 
everyone knew what she meant. Céline can do everything with her face. She 
stepped out the car, waved at us and I made a photo! I hope I did it right. 
When she was out of sight I couldn’t stop shaking and crying, at the moment 
I am still crying…
We ended the day in the American bookstore where I have bought two books of 
Céline. Near that store we saw Eric again, now he was shopping all by 
himself. Céline had gone to bed after she arrived.
Before Céline arrived, everybody said: “We have to ask her how René is 
doing!” But nobody did… And I think it’s better like this, cause it’s so 
hard for Céline to be here on tour without him!
If anyone had told me before this day that I was going to meet her. I would 
have said: “You are crazy!” But it happened and I am so lucky, it was a big 
thrill! And every moment of the day I am thinking and trying to remember 
what I have said to Céline and what she said to me…

Monday 1999-06-14

Yesterday I went to her concert in the Amsterdam Arena. André Philippe 
Gagnon (?) did the pre-act. I saw him before on 1998-10-02 when I went to 
Célines concert in Orlando. Next Sunday I will be going to Paris and 
1999-07-10 I have Priority seating tickets from the International fanclub.
After her third song yesterday she stopped and began to talk a little. She 
told us: “René is fine.” We gave him our energy with a big applause after 
she said this and I could tell you, I was crying! And so am I now… however 
she said that it is very hard to be here without René, but she organised 
something for him: He was able to follow the whole concert by satellite. 
Amazing! She made the LV sign with her hands and said some sweet words to 
René. I am sure this has been very difficult for her…
The difference between this concert and Orlando was that she did not talk 
much. Only serious things. In Orlando she made jokes about that old couple 
in Quebec that went for a divorce and so on. Céline was not capable in these 
hard days to make jokes, no funny faces and so on.
As always her concert was amazing. It was a big thrill. She wore some 
beautiful clothes. She began with a beautiful white dress over the clothes 
from the photo I have included. While Love can move mountains she changed 
her clothes into a beautiful grey combination and her Titanic dress was not 
red, but also grey. Astonishing!
These are the songs she sang:

1       Let's talk about love
2       Declaration of love
3       Because you loved me
4       She told us about René
5       She told us about the people she had the honour to work with
6       The reason
7       It's all coming back to me now
8       She told about musicians (introduction Taro Hakase)
9       To love you more
10      Treat her like a lady
11      She told us about Barbra Streisand
12      Tell him
13      Think twice
14      She told us she is French which we did not know
15      S'Il suffisait d'aimer
16      Pour que tu m'aimes encore
17      I'm your angel
18      The power of love
19      She told us that she have no favourite singer
20      The first time ever I saw your face
21      Because
22      Tears in heaven
23      All the way
24      Love can move mountains
25      She changed clothes
26      BeeGees medley (Stayin' alive/You should be dancing)
27      She told us about the BeeGees
28      Immortality
29      Little break for changing clothes into the Titanic dress
30      My heart will go on

Love Lysanne