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(Mar 21 News)
 During her press conference in Paris, Celine announced that a French
 album will come out in March 2003.  Jean-Jacques Goldman will once again
 in charge of the work. 
 However, if I remember it right, Jean-Jacques said sometimes ago during
 an interview that he doesn't think he will/can write another album
 entirely by himself for Celine.  So I GUESS this time it will include
 songs that are written by other writers.

 If I haven't misunderstood, at the surprise performance Celine gave
 at Garou's concert, Celine also sang "Ten Days" with him.
 Right now on Wire Image, you can see 6 more pics taken from the press conference
 in Paris.  Simply click on the above link, and then search for "Celine Dion".

 For HK fans, the video ANDHC will air on Sony Music Television Signal
 on the ATV World channel at 8:30pm-9:00pm this coming Sunday.

 For Taiwan fans, watch out for the commercial of ANDHC album done by
 the popular group S.H.E.  Selina, Hebe, and Ella said that they are very
 surprised, excited and feel very honour to be chosen as the ones to
 announce the release of the album in Taiwan.  Despite of their hectic
 schedule, they've spent 5 hours shooting for the commercial.  In the
 commercial, people can see them listening to the headphones, say one 
 by one "It's good! Very good! It's excellent!"  
 After the shooting, Hebe told the reporters that the new single is very
 good, even though they've continuously played the single during the
 shooting, they don't feel tired of the song at all.  The reporters then
 asked them why do they like Celine, then Ella said she finds Celine
 sings each word very clearly, and each time she listens to her sing,
 she gets goosebump and very moved.  It's the same funny feeling she got
 when she did my concert/autograph party.  By the way, they weren't paid
 anything for the shooting.

 For Germany fans, remember to catch Celine on Wetten Dass this coming
 Saturday March 23 on ZDF.

 Right now on Queen Celine, you can find 4 different Celine-related
 video files, including TV commercial for the "Le Grand Blonde..." contest,
 Celine and Rene birthday message to Luc Plamondon...etc.
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall) for the info! =)

 Now on Celine, Star Planetaire, you can see some "fuller" scans of the
 Elle Magazine.

 It's been 3 days in a row for ANDHC to Top MuchMoreMusic Top 5 video
 countdown!  Way to go!
 Thanks Scott (Celine Canada) for the info! =)

 Right now on The Colour Of My Love, you can see a pic of the box-set
 which will come out next Tuesday, and a pic for the ANDHC poster.
 Thanks Bryan! =)

(Mar 20 News)
 One more picture as she leaves her hotel!

 For UK fans, Celine will be on "Parkinson" this Saturday Mar 23rd on
 BBC1 at 22:20.  She'll be singing 2 songs from the new album, with an
 Next Tuesday and Wednesday, GMTV will be showing a 2 part interview
 with Celine!
 Thanks Neil in the Destin group for the info! =)

 On Germany's Top 100 single chart, ANDHC has entered at #8.  If the source
 remember it correctly, this could be the Celine single with highest 
 entry on the Germany's Single chart. On the sales chart of Amazon.de,
 the album is already #1.
 Stephan for the info! =)

 Also, on a radio chart of one of the biggest radio stations in HK, 
 ANDHC has also reached #1 this week.

 Celine shops around in Paris again!
 You can see even larger size of these pictures on All Over Press.
 You simply put "guest" as your login name, and type in any password,
 then you'll be able to log-in.

 Celine say hello and bid farewell to the reporters before and after
 her press conference in Paris.

 Found a French news article on Cyberpresse.  There are quite many info
 from the article.
 First of all, Celine once again gave a surprise performance in Garou's
 concert in Paris.  The rumour came out in last few days saying that
 Celine will appear on Garou's concert since Celine is also in Paris,
 and Garou's concert will be taped for airing on TV later.  However, no
 official announcement was made.  And it ended up Celine did really
 perform "Sous Le Vent" with Garou in his concert.  
 The article also talks about Celine's busy schedule in Paris.  She
 arrived over the weekend, and she has been staying in HabituĺJe du
 Bristol (one of the largest Parisian hotel).  She has recorded a TV
 special for TV1, which will broadcast on March 30.  On Tuesday, Celine
 taped Vivement Dimanche with Michel Drucker, which will air over the
 next weekend. In the evening, she was then on NRJ, the first French
 musical radio.
 The article then goes on talking about Celine being on the cover of
 Elle magazine.  It says how the reporters of that magazine found the 
 new Celine during their interview.  A softer, more serene, more feminent
 Celine.  By the way, you can now see some pics from the Elle magazine
 on S'il Suffisait D'aimer.

 On this page, you can see a 5 mins 06 secs video of Celine's NRJ interview.  
 (Thanks Andre (Queen Celine) for the info!)
 You can still enjoy the footage even if you don't understand a word
 what she says like me, cuz you can see how people are excited there,
 and Celine also sang Ten Days (without music) with the host, and you'll
 be entertained, and amazed how nice Celine sounds even singing with
 those mics.

(Mar 19 News)
 A fan in the Destin group, Anna, called the Virgin store in Times Sqaure,
 and they told her that the in-store appearance was cancelled. 
 For French fans, here's a link to watch an video file of tonight's
 RAI news.  At the end of the news, it mentions Celine, and played clips
 of Celine's MHWGO video, Tribute to Heroes performance, and ANDHC video.
 Thanks Leila (Celiniana) for the info! =)

 Celine's on the cover of the French version of Elle magazine.  
 She's also in the current issue of Tele Loisirs and Tele Poche.
 Thanks Leila (Celiniana) for the pic and info! =)

 On this week's UK singles midweek chart, ANDHC has fallen out of the
 Top 10.

 On Declaration of Celine, there is now a full-length version of
 "When the wrong one loves you right", "Prayer", "Ten days", "Goodbye's
 the saddest word", and "At last" to download.  These songs were aired
 on Radio Capital.
 Thanks Katherin, and Alexandria for the info! =)
 Geez...I have to control myself, and not downloading any full-length
 version, cuz I want to wait til I get the album.  Just one more week!

 Celine will be on Top of the Pop this Friday March 22.  Stay tune!
 Thanks Jackie, Celine Fall, and Queen Celine for the info! =)

 About a week ago, I've sent an email to MuchMoreMusic asking when they'll
 premier the ANDHC video, and today they replied back telling me that
 the video is the "choice-cut" video for this week.

 Forgot to mention this yesterday, when I was listening to the Canadian
 Hot 20 countdown, ANDHC came up at #4.  And before the song came up,
 the DJ had this intro: "So, here's a Celine song that everyone loves,
 'A new day has come'".

 You can now download the full-length of "I'm Alive" on Sweet Celine.
 The song was aired during today's NRJ's interview.

(Mar 18 News)
 Today on MuchMoreMusic Top 5 video countdown, ANDHC was #1!  
 Thanks Kirstin (Celine Dion Collector's Series) for the info! =)

 On New Zealand Top 50 Single chart, although the single hasn't been
 release yet, ANDHC has already debuted at #39.  
 Thanks John for the info! =)

 For Belgium fans, the radio station 4fm is going to play one new song
 from the new album every hour on this Friday March 22nd, starting at
 7am til 7pm.  You can also listen the station online!  
 The site address for the radio station is www.4fm.be
 Thanks Kurt from the Destin newsgroup for the info! =)

 Received the following info from an UK fan, Paula, in the Destin newsgroup:
 On March 21st at 16:00 @ HMV, 150 Oxford Street, London, UK's Epic will
 be unveilling a special display dedicated to Celine. In the window will
 be a special disc to commemorate Celine's massive albums sales. She
 could not tell me too much about the event but basically this is the
 most expensive disc ever presented for record sales and will later be
 auctioned off. Epic Records has asked that as many fans be there as
 possible as I think a number of newspapers will be present also. The
 event will last approximately 30 mins and they are hoping for a big
 crowd. So if you are in the area or would just like a special trip down
 there then it sounds like fun. You never know there may also be some
 free goodies going.

 Although Celine is actually in the country on this day it is highly
 unlikely that she will be at the presentation. When I enquired about
 this they said she would not be there.
 Thanks for the info Paula! =)

 Celine will appear on a Dutch TV show, hosted by Ivo Niehe on april 9th.
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall) for the info! =)

 On Sweet Celine, you can now find some pictures of Celine in Paris,
 taken by All over press.  You can see Celine is busy signing autographs!
 Thanks Lorena (Sweet Celine) for the info! =)
 Today, all Italian fans can listen to all of the new songs from the 
 new album in full-length on Radio capital.  They will play a song from
 the album throughout the day.  You can listen to the radio ONLINE now!
 Good luck! =)
 Thanks Leila (Celiniana) for the info! =)

 Here is a chart update on the chart results that
 came out over the weekend: (last week's position in brackets)
 UK National Single Chart (Sales): #7 (Debute)
 Norway Airplay: #7 (9)
 Germany Airplay: #10 (15)
 Belgium Single chart: #38 (Debute)
 Japan: Tokio Hot 100: #26 (20  Osakan Hot 100: #32 (20)
 Lebanon: Radio 1: #8 (?)
 Brazil Airplay: #61 (78)
 Eurochart: #14 (Debute)
 US: R & R charts: 
     AC: #2 (2)  Hot AC: #25 (26)  Smooth Jazz #19 (24)

 Celine is receiving a warm "welcome back" from Taiwan.  A news article
 that was published in a Taiwan newspaper, and now has been put up on
 Taiwan's Sony Music site, talked about many DJs in Taiwan are anxiously
 waiting for Celine's new album to come out.  And even more so after they've
 heard her first single.  A DJ said, "Love is very important for Celine, 
 it's also a force that pushes her foward.  I believe her new songs will
 deliver a sense of peace, freedom and sacrifice to many people.  Nowadays,
 there are many music that have imported new technologies to make some
 special effects, make it more "full", but may not be able to touch
 people.  However, for Celine, she uses her emotions and feeling to make
 those special effects.  Thus, you can hear it when someone has music
 and love."  Another DJ who attended the L.A taping said that despite
 of the size of the theatre and few thousands of people, Celine with her
 humour and generosity could make the whole thing so intimate, and
 everything was like happening in the family room.  Some other DJs said
 how they were blown by Celine's performance when they saw her live
 in concerts, and how beautiful her voice is.

 Thanks Queen Celine for the following info:
 On this page, you can find an application form to win one of the 25 pairs
 of tickets to watch Celine taping for the TV show "Le Grand Blond recoit
 Celine" and her new album.  The drawing will take place on March 28th.      

 Celine is scheduled to chat with her fans on March 25 at 5:00pm (ET)/
 2:00pm (PT) at the link below:

 On March 27th at 10pm, Celine will be featured/interviewed on E!Channel's
 Celine is in the 7 Jours magazine.  The article talks about Celine's
 wealth, how she is the artist from Quebec who have earned the most

 Sony Australia has taken those 30 sec clips off from their site.  However,
 if your real-player has memorized the links (address of those files),
 those links are still working.  Celine Fall has also put up one sound
 file that includes all of those clips.  You can find the file on their

 Tomorrow (Mar 19th Tuesday), VH1 will premier the show, "Greatest TV
 Moments: CÜrline Dion".  ANDHC video will also be premiered on VH1's
 "Jumpstart" program. 

 For Italian fans, CÜrline will participate on an new Italian TV program
 presented by "Fiorello", on April 6th on the RaiUno channel.
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall) and Leila (Celiniana) for the info! =)

  Last week, on The Review, there was another article that talked about
 how Stephan Moccio got to co-write a song for Celine which ended up
 being the title track of her album.  In this article, Moccio said that
 he finally got to meet Celine at the Grammy 2002, and he brought the
 autographed picture Celine signed for him 10 years ago.  If you remember
 from previous articles, Stephan told Celine 10 years ago when she signed 
 him the picture that one day he'll be a successful songwriter, and they
 will probably work together.  Stephan said at the Grammy, Celine had
 no idea it was him, until she saw the picture, and she got emotional.
 Celine said, "I can't believe it! What a story. The fact you would say
 something like that 10 years ago, and here we are and you've written
 my big comeback song about my child."
 To read the full article, click here!
(Mar 15 News)
 On this week's Billboard Hot AC chart, ANDHC remains at #2.

 For Canadian fans, MuchMoreMusic has now put ANDHC on their Top 5 selection.
 So, if you still haven't watched the video on TV and if the song gets
 enough vote, you'll be able to watch it on this program.
 Click here to go to MMM Top 5 page.

 There is a large article of Celine on the Madame Figaro magazine.
 Thanks Pauline (Pauline's Celine Dion Site) for the info! =)
 Great news!!!  Now on Sony Australia, you can listen 30 seconds clip of 
 every single song on the new album including Superlove!!  Click here to
 go to the page!!
 Thanks John for the info!! =)
 Btw, I think I'm Alive sounds like a World Cup soccer theme.  Anyway,
 I love many of the songs base on those 30 secs clips.  Too bad North
 American don't get "Superlove". 

 The official site says that a live interview from Paris with C˝îine
 will be broadcast on NRJ National FM Network. The interview will come
 on air on Monday, March 18 at 9:10 p.m.

 Just a reminder, to prevent from shutting down due to excess usage of
 the bandwidth, this site will be closed on this Saturday and Sunday,
 and will come back on Monday!  Sorry for all the inconvenience!

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