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Credits of opening: ("S'il Suffisait D'aimer" being played) 
Michel Jasmin(MJ) greeted with Celine.
MJ asks Celine what were the three more beautiful moments of the last
 6 years. 
Celine replied: The child, pregnancy. The marriage, the man of his life
 which it wished a long time. Pregnancy of Anne-Marie, the daughter of
 Rene Angelil (RA). 
 We then see footages of the wedding and Celine comments on them.
 Today, it sees them of another eye. It does not criticize any more these
 images but realizes with it not it had chances. There's a clip of Celine 
 crying during the wedding.  Celine says that Eddy Marnay taught her
 that those who cry are the people who've been blessed, and since then,
 she does not retain her tears anymore in spite of criticisms that they
 brought to her. 
 Michel asks her what were the two worse moments in the last 6 years. 
 Celine said the illness of Rene which made them "grow".  Also, the death
 of Karine. A difficult loss but also a relief. 
 MJ says that the break has lasted already a year. 

 Celine says that it has evil to believe in it. Any master key too quickly. 
 MJ asks her whether she still sings. 
 Celine says yes, in the shower. MJ tells her that she does not only
 sing in the shower because she intended it to sing in the house right
 before the interview. It is astonished.  
 MJ asks Celine to speak about the house. In front of them, there are two
 chairs, and a marble table in between. On the table, there is a tea set.
 On the left, there's the formal dinning room and the room for lunch.
 On the right, private apartments of the couple.  Right where they are
 sitting now is the heart of the house.  The camera bends upward, and
 we can see the upper level the house where the sleeping rooms are. (
 don't really see the sleeping rooms or how the upper level looks like,
 the camera bends upward at where Celine and Michel are sitting, and
 we only see the ceiling, and we see the handels of the upper level.) 
 MJ asked Celine if she decorated the house. 
 Celine does not want to take all the credits. Celine had the ideas in
 her head, and people of her team made helped made the ideas/dreams
 coming true. 
 MJ says after the commericals, they'll talk about the very first dream. 
 Programs returns with an footages of Celine's first TV appearance in
 1981, in Michel's program, singing "It was only a dream". 

 CD: "It is not possible! " 
 MJ asked Celine in 1981 what was her ultimate ambition. It acknowledges
 to him today that it had not understood the question and that's why 
 she didn't really answer them.  Both Michel and Celine laughed. 
 Before this question, MJ asked her whether she intends to take singing
 lesson and Celine answered no, as she's confident with her singing 
 technique! (If you've read her biography, you know that Celine is upset
 with her answer/atitude for the question)  Right now, Celine explains
 to Michel that the answered that way because at that time, everyone
 around her kept telling her that she's good, she sings beautifully,
 and that's why in the head of a 13 year old girl, it was obvious that
 she didn't need any singing lession.  Of course, Celine later found
 out that it was not the case.

 MJ talk to her about dream. 
 Celine tells Michel that her TV appearance in 1981 was the start of her
 dream, and the dream carries til today, and it's still continueing.
 But she finds out that it's true life what is most important.  It's
 good to have both showbizz life, and true life.  But still what counts
 the most is the true life, with true values.  The illness of Rene carries
 out the true values, and it's its entourage.

 MJ tells her that she may lose all of the showbizz life.  Celine says
 that she's not frightened for that, because it's true life what counts
 the most for her.  She knows that one day, she'll leave showbizz anyway, 
 now or in the future.  At 32, she thinks she's so lucky and to still 
 have both of her parents with her being alive.
 Michel tells Celine that after the advertising for this interview aired
 on TV, he received hundreds of questions for Celine, and the most common
 one is whether she's bored being in showbizz.  Celine says not at all,
 and she still have concerts in the shower.  But she was indeed very
 exhausted both physically and emotionally.  And even in her Millennium 
 concert, she wasn't at her top shape, her voice wasn't at the full
 Footages of the concert appeared, and Michel tells her that no one could 
 see that she's tired, and her voice wasn't at the top shape.

 Michel asks her what does she afraid of.
 Celine afraid of doing too much of something, and to be over exposed
 and people are tired of her.  She's also afraid of depression, and 
 won't be able to find any more pleasures in singing, knowing that all
 her family have dreams on her shoulders.

 Michel asks Celine how did she feel when she was on the airplane after
 the Millennium concert, and what did Rene tell her.  Celine says that
 she was at the edge of tears, but she can't remember what did Rene
 tell her.

 Michel said that he knows that Rene told her, because Rene told him,
 and Rene left a paper for him to talk about his diary.
 Celine remembers now, and they laugh.

 Michel asks Celine how long did it take her to realize that she doesn't
 have any more engagements to respect. And Celine tell him that she
 doesn't believe that she'll get there. (I've no idea what this part
 means.)  Celine said that the years passed by so quickly.  And she
 already sees scenes of projects in her mind for her return from the
 break.  She talks about recording an English and a French album, work
 on something which she has never done, something extraordinary.  But
 she wants to wait til her son is one year old.  She wants to live the
 first year of her life, and she thinks 2 years are sufficient, and the
 timing will be good for a return.

 Michel asks her whether she's afraid to raise a child under an artificial
 Celine thinks the greatest richess is to live in a very small house without
 luxurious goods.  And she wants to pass this idea to her child.  The
 child will probably be surrounded with lots of things, but she doesn't
 want the child to take all these things for granted.  She wants to show
 him the true values of life, and it'll be the greatest challenge in 
 his life.  It will seek the medium happiness.  The child probably will 
 not need to wait for bus to go to school, but the child won't be going 
 to school with a bodyguard either.

 Michel reminds Celine that only two months left til the birth of the baby.
 Celine sighs.  She finds that it goes too quickly.  And she's having
 a great time carrying the baby.

 Michel asks her whether they have picked a name for the baby yet.
 Celine says that they haven't picked a name yet, but she wants the 
 name to include "Rene".
 Returns of footages of the 20th ADISQ Felix Award, where Celine imitates
 a character of a popular Quebec's comedy TV program.  Celine laughes
 at her look and what she said during the skid.  Then they talks about
 how the relationship between Celine and Rene changed while Celine grows
 and the turning point on the day of the Eurovision contest.  It's similar
 to the stuff written on the biography.(keeping the love affair underground,
 telling the whole world about it with "The colour of my love"...etc)
 Michel asks Celine about the procedure they underwent to get pregnant.
 Celine explains that they've decided to do this at the beginning of 
 the break.  There were two doctors who were in charge of this.  One in
 Florida, and one in Montreal, and also some specialist in New York.
 She needed to make some injections to control her system, and enables
 her to produce more eggs.  She had daily routine to follow.  Rene also
 did his job by storing his sperm in a sperm bank.  When everything was
 ready, they took eggs out from Celine.  Usually, people only have 5 or 6 
 eggs under this procedure.  But Celine had 22 eggs!!  Celine was proud,
 and she even called her mom and told her that she beats her with 22 eggs,
 while her mom had only had 14 child. Michel laughs.  She explains then 
 the doctor injected sperm in every single healthy eggs (turned out to
 be 14 out of the 22 eggs were healthy).  She is turned over in the 
 hospital and she had a shock.  She then was asked how many eggs does
 she want to be implanted into her body.  She found this a bit odd.  For
 all her life, she always wanted to be pregnant, and now they ask her
 how many child would she want?!!  The more fertilized eggs implanted
 inside her body, the more the chances to be pregnant, but also at the 
 risk of carrying too many baby at one time.  Doctor suggested her that
 she can first put 5 or 6 of them, and then withdraw some if there turned
 out to have too many survive fertilized eggs.  She wasn't ease with
 this idea. She then asked the doctor according to his experience, how
 many child could she carry at the same time.  The doctor said three,
 and she injected 3 fertilized eggs into her body. 

 Aftert two weeks, she was pregnant.  She was so happy, and so was her
 entire family, although some were disappointed that she isn't having 
 twin or triplet.  But Celine says that she still has a fertilized egg
 waiting for her in New York.  And she could have a "laboratory twin".
 Celine says that she's having an easy pregnancy.  She only has some acne,
 but she doesn't have any nausea or depression..etc.  


 Returns with footages of Celine's stade de France concert, telling
 the crowd that Rene is fine, and the crowd cheered big time.  Rene
 sitting besides Celine, and tears coming down his cheeks.  Michel asks
 Rene what's in the footage that makes him cry.  Rene explains that the 
 large support from the public was so overwhelming, and it helped him to fight
 the illness. Rene says that he's a lucky man. Michel asks Celine about
 the "touching nose" symbol in the concert, a way for Celine to communicate
 with Rene during the concert. Michel asks them why did they keep this
 pregnancy pretty low profile. Rene explains that he did not want this
 to become a circus.  He says that the newspapers invent incredible
 stories. Even in Quebec, the newspapers are now disrespectful. However,
 the things were different before.

 Celine explains that she spent first months and half in Quebec at her
 house while thinking of being freer here. Then a newspaper said that
 a photograph of a pregnant Celine worth $50 000. 
 Rene explains that because public has supported Celine since she was
 12 years old. For this reason they have decided to grant two interviews.
 For the fans. They chose Jasim and Drucker to thank them for having
 given the first opportunity for Celine at the beginning of her career.
 Michel thanks them for this.  He also thans Celine for giving him a
 beautiful moment right before the recording, when he was walking with
 Celine outside the house, and he has touched Celine's belly and felt
 the baby was moving.  (Footage of Michel touching Celine's belly appears.)
 Michel asks Rene if he has been working much recently.  Rene says not,
 he's supervising Garou's career, and he does it with a large team, and
 he doesn't need to work that much.
 Michel thanks Rene for doing the interview and wishes him good and 
 Returns with Celine and Michel alone again.
 Michel reminds Celine that the child is due on Feb 14th, and if she
 anticipates the childbirth.  Celine does not think of it.  She explains 
 the baby will arrive when it arrives and then Celine will give the
 performance of her life to it. For the moment, she concentrates on
 her pregnancy. Michel asks her whether the labour pains frighten her.
 CD says that it will be the moment more. It will be painful but it is
 also the greatest miracle in the world.  Michel asks her whether her
 comeback will really be when her son is 1 year old.  She says that she
 thinks it will be around that time.  She still has dreams to realize.
 An English album, another in French, scene, cinema... 
 Michel asks her whether there will be another child. Celine says that
 she can't live knowing that the child will stay in?New-York stopover
 forever.  MJ asks her whether there is a life after the dreams.  Celine
 says a new life.  There are still many things that she has not done
 yet.  She wants to live a happy life. 
 Michel thanks her in the name of all those who like it.  Celine says
 she likes it, and thank you.  Joyeses festivals!(I guess it's another
 way of saying Happy Christmas.)

 (Closing credits) "S'il Suffisait D'aimer" being played.
 The End.
 Original French version provided by Mathieu Richard.

 Thank you Roberto for giving me re-designed pics. 

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