(Updated on June 9th)
 Celine will start her European tour next Monday. Wish her all the best.

 In this week Star(US tabloid), they have a story on Celine again. The
 title is "Celine begs Oprah:Please help save my hubby's life". Sounds
 interesting, but remember it's a tabloid, what it says may not be 100%
 true. But I don't know what the story is about because I haven't buy it.

 Bryan Adams recently has released a single called "Could number 9", and
 inside the single, it includes Bryan Adams version of "Let's Talk About
 Love". Here's a real audio file of the entire song.Bryan Adams's LTAL
(Updated on June 7th)
 It's quite interesting to see how different single is doing in different 
 place of world. Mathieu Richard did the research! =)
 *Soundscan Canadian Top 50 Singles*
 Treat her like a lady #53
 I'm your angel part 2 #98
 My heart will go on (Dance remixes) #163
 It's all coming back to me now #195
 *Radio Rock·Détente Charts*
 On ne change pas #8
 S'il suffisait d'aimer #11
 *Radio & Records Charts Top 20 Adult Contemporary*
 I'm your angel #20
 * Ultratop Chart Tips voor de top*
 Treat her like a lady #4
 *Top 50 Singles*
 On ne change pas #35
 *Top 75 Albums*
 S'il suffisait d'aimer #10
 *RTL - Hit Francais & Hit International*
 On ne change pas #22
 *RFI Music - the Playlist*
 En attendant ses pas #6
 *Star FM Hit Parade*
 It's hard to say goodbye #50
 *Antenne Steiermark Top 20*
 Treat her like a lady #6
 *Albums (50), singles (40), compilations (10), IFPI -
 Landesgruppe Österreich*
 Treat her like a lady #23
 *Radio Korsou FM - Super Top 40, Curacao*
 I'm your angel #19
 *Laser 101 FM Top 20, Curacao*
 I'm your angel #20
 *Top 10 Music Show, Macedonian TV Radio top 10*
 I'm your angel #6
 *Eldoradio Chartbreaker, audios*
 Treat her like a lady #28
 If you are interested in the guy in the picture below, he is the son
 of Julio Iglesias and Enrique Iglesias' brother. Thank you Molla for
 this information! =)
(Updated on June 3rd)
 Not much news from Celine recently. The picture you see above is a pic
 of a singer who visited Taiwan sometime ago, and he suprisingly met two
 of his favourite singer Celine and Mariah. Of course, he took a picture
 with them right away. Actually, who he met were actually Cardboard Celine
 and Cardboard Mariah. As you can see in the picture, how friendly Cardboard
 Celine is, and how ...... Cardboard Mariah is. Just kidding! ;)

(Updated on May 29th)
 Celine won "Best movie song" for MHWGO at the blockbuster awards. Can't
 believe that she didn't win "Favourite female pop artist".

(Updated on May 28th)
 The right side picture you see above is the cover of the book that I 
 mentioned last week by Marianne Mckay. The right side picture, as you 
 can see, it's a cover of a French magazine called "Viva". I found this
 pic on the net, and I have no idea whether it's a new magazine or not.
 But I think it's probably not new.

(Updated on May 27th)
 Several of this year's inductees to Canada's Walk of Fame in Toronto,
 including Celine, are unable to attend today's celebrations.  However,
 it has now been confirmed that she will receive her honour this coming
 September (17th) when she is rescheduled to perform at Toronto's ACC.

(Updated on May 26th)
 Few days ago, I told you guys that according to BMG label,in Canada, 
 the Backstreet Boys latest album has sold 500,000 copies. Actually, 
 what they meant was shipping 500,000 copies to record stores. And the
 first week sales for their album is actually 192,000+ copies, which 
 means CELINE is STILL the record holder for first week sales in Canada
 because her first week sales was 230,000+ copies. If you also want to 
 know how many copies they've shipped to record stores in the first week
 when LTAL came out, here you go............they shipped 1 million copies!

(Updated on May 25th)
 Celine was in the Star (US tabloid). A very nice Celine fan sent me a 
 picture that a friend called Jodie scanned from the tabloid. However,
 due to technical problem, I'm unable to put that pic on to the site.
 But still thank them very much for their sharing! =)

(Updated on May 23rd)
 Two big containers of Celine's tour equipment has already arrived in
 Amsterdam. Probably, the European tour will go on.  Heard that Rene is
 getting much better.

 A new Celine book has released. It's called "Celine Dion" by Marianne 
 Mckay. It's a hard cover book, a size similar to Celine's song books.
 It contains lots of pictures of Celine from her childhood to her LTAL
 tour. The information are quite accurate, but there are still some minor
 errors. It's not a biography, but it does talks about Celine's life.
 And it has footnotes below each pic to explain when and where the pic
 was taken. It's also quite up to date. They probably printed the book
 after the Grammy. You can find this book in bookstore such as "Chapters".
 It's $12.99 CAD.
(Updated on May 22nd)
 Celine hold the record for the biggest first week sales in Canada with 
 her LTAL album by selling 230,212 copies in Canada in its first seven 
 days, 3 times more than the previous record holder Backstreet Boys 
 (67,043 copies). And now someone broke Celine's record, and guess who
 ...the Backstreet Boys.  According to BMG, their Canadian label, their 
 new album has already sold more than 500,000 copies in its first 4 days.

(Updated on May 20th)
 ABC will air "1999 World Music Award" tonight, please check your local
 listing.  MuchMusic is also going to air this show today twice. The 
 show was pre-taped few weeks ago. Celine won for Best selling pop female
 artist. Heard that she had a pre-recorded thank you speech, not 100% 
 sure though.
 These few days, there are suddenly many new visitors coming to my page.
 I'm very happy about it, but I don't know why there are suddenly so 
 many new visitors coming to our Celine page. If you just know about 
 this page these few days, and if you have time, would you mind please
 e-mail me and tell me where did you hear about this page? Thank you
 soooooooo very much! =) My email is gall@multilink.bc.ca or you can
 just click on "Rhapsody" at the bottom of this page, and you will be 
 able to email me. Once again, thank you!

(Updated on May 19th)
 "My Heart Will Go On" and "To Love You More" were among many songs that
 were hornored in the 47th edition of Pop Awards. Pop awards are given
 to songs that are played or performed for a large number of time in a

(Updated on May 18th)
 A French magazine in Quebec, 'Chez-Soi' (a home-decorating magazine)
 has some pictures of Celine's kitchen.(issue-June, 1999) I don't know
 whether these pictures are pictures from Celine's Florida's house or
 Montreal's house. 

(Updated on May 15th)
 These are the pictures of some of the singles that have been released
 in Japan. They are all mini-disc.

(Updated on May 13th)
 LTAL rises back into the top 100 album on Billboard this week.  It rises
 from 110 to 97.

(Updated on May 12th)
 Celine's mom was asked to write a letter to Celine and publish it. She
 did and right now it's published in a Quebec magazine 7 Jour. Here's
 a translated version of the letter. A very nice Celine fan did the 
 translation. Here's the letter

(Updated on May 11th)
 (from Celine Screen)
 There probably will be a statement issued pretty soon by René's doctor 
 in order to put a stop to all those terrible and false rumours about 
 Rene's health. There is an article in today's Journal de Montreal where
 the Dion Family say that everything is following its course, he's 
 undergoing his treatment and continues to play golf and up to now he's
 fine. It's true they decided to add chimiotherapy along with radiotherapy
 to his treatment but that doesn't mean he's getting worse or anything.
 They are doing everything here to put all the chances on his side. 
 Apparently he didn't need any other operation which is good news and 
 they haven't found anything else, like other lumps or things like that.
 Anyway Celine has said that this cancer had become theirs and that they
 are fighting it with a positive attitude and hope together as one to 
 get through this. The article says that one spoke person and friend of
 Celine, Mia Dumont, is probably going to ask René's doctor to put out a
"communiqué de presse" regarding his actual health situation because all
 over the planet now it's become kind of unreasonable if I may say it
 this way and especially in France false rumours have taken a life of 
 their own. Mrs Dumont said that they knew that René's cancer would make
 news and everything but not take those kind of "enormous" proportion.
 Obviously they don't need added stress right now. 
(Updated on May 10th)
 It has been announced this morning at a Quebec City radio station that
 René learnt last Friday after a game of golf that the radiotherapy was
 not enough. He is starting chemotherapy today. As what I heard, chemotherapy
 is much more painful than radiotherapy. Rene, be strong! 

 In the Teen Choice Awards, Celine was nominated for Best Album and
 Best Female Artist in the Seventeen Magazine

(Updated on May 8th)
 Celine was on the cover of Star(tabloid). Since it's a tabloid, what
 it says may not be 100% true.  But they were right that Celine won't
 go on with her European tour as scheduled. This edition was released
 before Celine made her announcement that she has to cancel some of the
 concerts. The tabloid also says that Rene is actually undergoing radio-
 therapy and chemotherapy instead of what Celine said in public that he's
 only going to have radiotherapy.  It also says that Celine always by 
 Rene's side and she sings him to sleep, and sometimes suprise him with
 some loving notes, poem..etc. Once again, remember this is a tabloid.
 If you want to read the entire article, you can go to Star Magazine

(Updated on May 6th)
 The picture you see above is inside this month's W magazine.

 In the World Music Award yesterday, Celine was honored for Best selling
 pop female.

 I know it must be a very disappointed for many Celine fans especially
 those whose concerts have been canceled. Well, we know that the recovery
 of Rene is far more important than anything and his recovery will be the
 best show Celine and Rene have ever produced. So I hope all Celine fans
 can support and understand her at this difficult moment.  I've made a
 very very little gift for you guys, and hope it can bring a little bit
 happiness.  Well, it's actually a really very small thing. Well, there are
 many pictures in the News Archive section, and those pages takes lots
 of time to load.  Right now, I've made a page with all those pictures
 from the News Archive section, and hope that it can help you to save
 sometimes.  You can find the new page on the top of left-hand column.
 Hope you like it! Enjoy! Whenever I get any new pics of Celine, I'll first
 post them in this news section, and then I will add them to that news
 archive pics page.

(Updated on May 5th)
 Sony stated that concerts in Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Zurich, Munich,
 Sheffield, Edinburgh and London will be rescheduled for June and July.
 However, concerts in Dublin, Belfast, Birmingham, Frankfurt, Gothenberg,
 Vienna, Cologne, Lyon and Marseilles could not be rescheduled. Refunds
 will be available.
 Celine had a telephone interview on radio in Dublin, and she said Rene
 has gotten a bit worse, and she's very sorry that she has to cancel
 the Ireland tour. She also said that she'll try her best to go back to
 Ireland for concerts at the end of the year. 

(Updated on May 4th)
 Rumours saying that some of European concerts are canceled. Base on 
 what I heard, concerts in Britain, and Ireland are canceled, but I
 am not 100% sure. My guess for the cancelation is that because Rene
 is starting his radiotherapy(some people say that he starts today), 
 and Celine wants to be by his side at this emotionally and physically
 difficult moment.

 Today, Claudette Dion, Celine's sister, was on radio. When she was asked
 about Rene's health, she said he is doing very well, and Celine and Rene
 was very strong. 

 Yesterday on a HK newspaper, it had an depressing article on Celine.
 The newspaper said that Rene's condition isn't very good, and doctors
 are saying that it's a critical time for him. If he doesn't react
 good to the treatment, he may die in a few months. However, the newspaper
 said that Celine never admited publicly that Rene may be losing the battle.
 The newspaper also said that according to "Star"(a tabloid), Teresa(Celine's
 mom) said that Celine is very upset and she always pray for Rene for
 miracle.  And Rene is asking his friends to pray for him.

(Updated on May 3rd)
 The site-owner of "Passion~Celine Dion" says that from his source,
 Rene still hasn't started the radiotherapy, and he has already lost
 20 bounds. Rene's radiotherapy will start on May 14th.

 On Sunday's "The Mail", it had an interesting article on Celine. It says
 that on the day of the diagnose of Rene's cancer, Celine tried to be
 as strong as possible, and she knew she has to let her second family,
 (the band, crew, touring team..etc) know.  So, she went back to the
 venue,and she said she wants to see everyone in the cattering for 5
 minutes at dinner time.  She tried to make it short and sweet. But
 of course, she collapsed for a couple of minutes.  After that, she
 had her dinner to rebuild her strength. Then she went on and perform.
 After that night, in the show of New Orlean, Celine was much better.
 And she was strong, and she looked happy. She chatted with the children
 choir, with Bryan Adams who was there as an audience because he had
 a show the day after, and Celine was joking around with her team..etc.
(Updated on May 2nd)
 On the newsgroup, a person who works in a radio station in Switzerland
 said that he just had a telephone interview with Celine.  Celine said
 that Rene is well recovering, and he is starting his therapy. She will
 not postpone or cancel her European tour.  She will release a greatest
 hit album at the end of this year, and she's planning to release another
 live album next year "live in Memphis". And she said Micheal Jackson
 is planning to release an album this year, and he wants to record a 
 duet with her.  But Celine said that she hasn't decided whether she'll
 record it or not.  My question is won't it be a little bit too late to 
 release a live album for "live in Memphis" next year? By that time, all
 those songs will considered be quite old.

(Updated on May 1st)
 I've updated the Real audio page with a full-length "It's hard to say 
 goodbye" in Real audio format.  I've also added a link which brings 
 you to a page where you can listen to Celine's entire LTAL concert on
 Real Audio.

(Updated on Apr 30th)
 It's now confirmed that the Envoyer special will air on Wednesday May
 5th on TV5 4:30(PT)/7:30(ET). If you want to check you local listing,
 you can go to TV5 Canada

(Updated on Apr 29th)
 Good news for people who have TV5.  TV5 mailed me today and they said
 that the Celine special will finally be boardcast in Canada next week.
 It seems like it's going to be on Wednesday, but I'm not sure. I'll
 post the date later when I find out more.

(Updated on Apr 28th)
 TV5's explaination for cancelling the boardcast of that special is
 because they just found out that French TV5 didn't buy the right to
 boardcast the special in North America from Sony music and Feeling Inc.
 They said that Rene and Celine requested to have the special boardcast
 in Europe only.
 From Yahoo(UK)
 Some of the world's biggest music stars are to team up for a massive,
 worldwide, three venue,Live Aid-style concert.
 Among those approached to perform at Net Aid - partly taking place in
 London and beamed worldwide - are Celine Dion, Sting and Lauryn Hill.
 Sir Harvey Goldsmith, who was behind Live Aid in July 1985, is working
 on the October 9 event which will also take place in Geneva and New York.
 On showbizz.net, it says that Micheal Jackson is working on a few duets
 for his up-coming album. Among them, there is a duet of Micheal and Celine.
 It's produced by David Foster.
 On a unofficial David Foster site, it says that David is busy working
 with many singers right now. Among them are Mariah, Barbra, and of
 course Celine.  The site says that David is working with Celine on 
 three songs.  The titles are "The First Time", "Run Like A River", 
 and "Would I Know".  

(Updated on Apr 27th 7:41pm(PT))
 I just found out that TV5 decided to cancel the airing of the Celine
 Dion special tomorrow. Instead, they will air Taratata.  If you want
 to send a mail to them and want to know why they cancel it, you can
 go to www.tv5.org. Then you choose Canada, and then on the top of
 the right hand, there is a place for you to choose English version of
 the site.  Then you can click on "From you to us", you can send your
 mail there.
 (Updated on Apr 27th)
 The Celine Dion special of TV5 will re-air tomorrow in Canada 4:30(PT).
 If you live in Vancouver, it's on channel 36.
 Despite rumours of postponing or canceling the European's tour, Celine
 has announced that her European tour will go on as schedule.  Quebec
 media has reported that Rene is still playing golf in his free time.
 I guess Rene is doing fine.  That's great!

(Updated on Apr 25th)
 The following link can bring you to a page where you can hear the entire
 concert of Celine on Mar 31st 1999. The site owner recorded the whole
 concert and make a real audio file for each songs.  You need Real Player
 G2 to hear it.
Celine's LTAL concert real audio(From a big Celine fan) (Updated on Apr 23rd) Celine appeared on ET(Entertainment Tonight) yesterday. It was basically recorded on the day of her final concert before the 6 weeks break. She was in her concert suit, and she looked fine. She said "Rene is fine, I am fine...We are strong people....Together we are one strong person.. and I think I need to be with him at this moment." They also showed come clips of Celine meeting a children choir at the backstage. (Updated on Apr 22nd) Celine will be on ET tonight! She will talks about Rene's cancer for the first time on TV. Don't miss it! I'm terribly sorry for posting this so late. My server didn't work yesterday. Sorry. This cartoon was on NY post two days ago. Don't take this so seriously. Celine is on the latest issue of Paris Match. (Updated on Apr 18th) On a Hong Kong newspaper, it has an interesting and questionable article on Celine and Rene's baby plan. It says that Rene has frozen his sperm since he's undergoing radiation therapy and afraid that will affect their plan of making baby. Therefore, frozen his sperm may increase their probability of having a baby. That's what the newspaper said, but I am not sure whether it's true. (Updated on Apr 16th) Here's a 4 minutes real video file of Celine's New York concert last September. You need Real Player G2 to watch it. If you don't have it, you can go to realplayer site and download it. It's free.
Celine in New York(From TVA) There has been a poll conducted in America for singers of the century. In the female section, Barbra Streisand ranks #1 with 14% and Celine ranks #2 with 8.6% infront of Whitney Huston who is #3 with 7.5%. The poll conductor said that Barbra is leading in this poll is probably because she has #1 hits in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. He also said that this poll seems to be a rather memory poll because many singers that appear on the chart are mostly from the 90s and 80s. He also said that Celine is hotter than hot. And the public still love "MHWGO" very much! (Updated on Apr 15th) TV5 will televised Celine's farewell concert on Dec 31st 1999 to several countries at the same time. It may be a 3 hours show!! Celine is one of the Canadians who will be honoured on May 27th, to place her own star on the walk of fame!! To be nominated for this honour, one has to be a Canadian, has national or international success for at least 10 years! Bravo, Celine! (Updated on Apr 14th) Celine is currently on the cover of Ladies Home Journal. You can go to www.lhj.com to read it online. It's confirmed that the last concert on Dec 31st will take place in Montreal, and TV5 may have bought the right of that concert. The picture above is the "Treat her like a lady" single which released in Germany recently. In the Huston concert, Celine looked great and she looked happy. She also told the crowd that Rene is going to be okay. The crowd cheered! Celine is definitely a stong woman! You go, girl! (Updated on Apr 12th) In the commercial of Larry King live, the guest list of this season included Celine Dion. So, let's wait and see when will Celine appear on Larry King live again soon. (Updated on Apr 9th) On Quebec TV, it says that Rene has throat cancer, and it has a 50% success rate to be cured. However, Sony stated that it is skin cancer. Guess we'll have to wait and see any more info come to confirm. Here's a part from an article of National post with more info on Rene's illness. MONTREAL -The husband and longtime manager of Canadian pop diva Celine Dion has been diagnosed with cancer, news that has shocked the singer who was planning to take time off to start a family. For years, Ms. Dion, 31, has said that her fondest wish is to take time off to have a child and spend time with her husband, the manager who moulded her career since she was 12 and later became her lover. While on tour in Dallas last week, Rene Angelil,56, was hospitalized for skin cancer and doctors performed surgery on the right side of his neck. Associates of the couple say it came as a surprise to everyone - cancer had never been detected before. "There was no indication previous to this," said Barry Garber, Ms. Dion's agent and a vice-president of CDA Productions, the company formed by the couple. "It was sudden an unexpected." Mr. Angelil's physician, Dr. Robert Steckler, said in a statement that his patient's prognosis is excellent. However, he said Mr. Angelil is suffering from Squamous Cell Carcinoma Metastatic, a diagnosis that experts say indicates he has a kind of cancer that normally develops on the skin or in the mouth or throat. It is possible it has gone beyond the initial stage and spread to other parts of the body. Ms. Dion has postponed concerts in eight North American cities that were scheduled for the next month, to stay by her husband's side at their home in Jupiter, Fla. He will undergo six weeks of radiation therapy. Mr. Garber said the singer will be back on stage in May to launch a summer tour in Europe and will perform the postponed concerts, and other events, in the fall. She will finish 1999 with a millennium concert in Montreal - her last hurrah before taking a hiatus from her career to relax, spend time at home, and try to have a child. Mr. Garber said Mr. Angelil insists that his illness does not mean his wife's career is on hold. The man who planned, packaged, and pushed Ms. Dion's career to the entertainment industry pinnacle does let it drop easily, associates said. "Everybody's operating according to his wishes," Mr. Garber said. "He won't be going on the tour, but she will. The plan is that when she has a few days off she will come home and be with him." (Updated on Apr 8th) Celine cancels her concerts to be with Rene who is recovering from Cancer surgery. God bless him! Get well soon, Rene. From Billboard online: Her Husband Ailing, Celine Cancels Shows Celine Dion has canceled concerts from April 13 through May 7 while her husband/manager Rene Angelil recovers from skin-cancer surgery he had last week in Dallas on the right side of his neck. Doctors told Angelil, 56, that he tolerated the surgery well, and his prognosis is "excellent." He has been released from the hospital and will undergo six weeks of radiation therapy. Dion,31, married Angelil in 1994. Dion will reschedule the tour dates in the fall. Her current "Let's Talk About Love" tour runs through the end of the year, when she intends to take two to three years sabbatical from the music industry. The cancelled dates include St. Louis; Atlantic City, N.J.; Providence, R.I.; Toronto; and Montreal. In a statement Wednesday, she said, "Obviously, this is a very delicate time for Rene and I, but we have been blessed with some of the very best medical attention in the world. Rene is the biggest priority in my life, and I want to be by his side as he continues his treatment." (Updated on Apr 8th) More info on Ms Tremblay's controversial comment. She said those comments during a dicussion on amount of Canadian content required on radio. Right now, Ms Tremblay is recovering from treatment of breast cancer. Anyway, wish her get well soon! The second picture that you see above is the picture of Celine's new "To love you more (dance remix)" single which has just released in Japan.

Older    News

(Updated on Apr 7th)
 If you want to know how does Ms Tremblay look like, here is a pic of
 her.  Her comment is truely one of the most rediculous things I have 
 ever heard.  I say this not because I support Celine, it's because what
 she said is.....very rediculous.  Many people say that her action is 
 one of the best way to be not liked in Quebec, because people in Quebec
 are so stuck on Celine.

 Will Jennings have finished helping Luc Plamondon to translate the songs
 from his musical production.  Right now the question is, whether they
 will have Celine sing the English theme song of that musical production 
 for the studio recording album.  They have decided to release the 
 English studio recording album of that musical production in October
 via Sony.  The french version album of the musical, which is a 2CD set,
 have already sold more than 4 million copies around the world.

(Updated on Apr 6th)
 In some places, the video of "Treat her like a lady" is being play
 on TV.  It's just a video of Celine singing the song during her concert,
 in her gray suit.  

 Celine's lack of Quebecer's soul!! This comment drove Quebec's music
 critics mad.  Read the following report from Yahoo, and find out what
 QUEBEC CITY (Reuters) - The publication of comments by a high-profile
 Quebec separatist that French-Canadian diva Celine Dion does not have
 the soul of a true Quebecer roused music critics to anger Tuesday.
 `This is an aberration. It will not find any echo here,' Laurent Saulnier,
 an authoritative music critic for Montreal's cultural weekly Voir, told
 `People love her so much in Quebec, they identify themselves with her,'
 he added.
 A report in Canada's National Post newspaper Tuesday quoted Suzanne 
 Tremblay, a separatist Bloc Quebecois member of the federal parliament,
 as saying Dion was not a real Quebecer.
 `In her soul she is neither a Quebecer nor a Canadian. Her songs reflect
 nothing of what Quebecers experience,' Tremblay was quoted as saying last
 February before a parliamentary committee on Canadian heritage.
 The remarks were not widely reported until this week.
 `Celine Dion has become an American or universal performer,' Tremblay said.
 She said Canadians should be careful not to fall into the American 
 culture trap.
 `When Celine Dion sings in (the soundtrack for the movie) 'Titanic', she is
 not singing anything Canadian.'
 Tremblay, an outspoken proponent of Quebec's secession from the rest
 of Canada, once complained there were too many Canadian flags at the
 Winter Olympics in Nagano.

 So after reading that, what you think?  I personally think that Tremblay
 is too extreme, and narrow minded.  As a Canadian, shame on her! =<
(Updated on Apr 4th)
 Due to personal conflict, Celine won't be able to perform at the 
 "You gotta have friends" AIDS benefit concert.  But Celine really
 wants to be part of this benefit concert, so, the organization decided
 to reschedule the concert to September in order for Celine to participate!
 They said it's worth the wait to be able to have Celine in this concert.

(Updated on Mar 30th)
 Happy 31st Birthday Celine!  Wish you all the success and happiness!
 And all your dreams come true!
 Celine will have a one day break today, then she'll have another concert
 tomorrow!  So, that means Celine will have a quiet birthday today, because
 her rule is no talking on the day off.
(Updated on Mar 28th)
 Do you know that in France, people voted Celine as the best female singer
 in the last 50 years!  Bravo, Celine!

(Updated on Mar 25th)
 "Notre Dame de Paris", a musical production produced by Luc Plamondon, 
 has finished its English translation.  Right now, they are deciding to
 have who record the studio version of the theme song.  The choices are
 Celine Dion and Mariah Carey.  

(Updated on Mar 24th)

 Two more pics from the Oscar.  
 On April 9th, Celine will perform at a charity concert called "You gotta
 have friends" produced by David Foster.  They donate the money for an 
 AIDS benefit.  Other performers include Micheal Bolton, Andre Philippe
(Updated on Mar 23rd)

 Celine was wearing that Ray Ban diamond sunglasses at the Oscar, because
 the company donated $50,000 to Cystic Fibrosis.  

(Updated on Mar 22nd)

 Celine and Andrea performed beautifully at the Oscar, and this time,
 it's for sure that they sang it live!  The crowds were very very excited
 after the performance, although there wasn't a standing ovation. The
 picture you see above is the look of Celine on the red carpet.  She 
 changed into a white gown for the performance.  However, "When you 
 believe" won for best original song.
 On the Barbara Walters show, they showed some very cute Celine baby 
 pictures, her early performances, her house, and her playing golf with
 Rene.  Once again, in the interview, Celine confirmed that she will
 take at least 2 years break. 

(Updated on Mar 18th)
 Today, Barbra Walters was on Rosie.  She and Rosie discussed how nice
 Celine is.  And remeber to watch Celine's interview with Barbra Walters
 this Sunday.  For some areas, the show is before the Oscar, and in some
 areas, the show comes after the Oscar, so please check your local listing.
 The commercial for that show says that Celine has an amazing announcement.
 Hope that "amazing" announcement isn't something that we already know,
 such as she's going to have a break, release one more album...etc. So,
 let's find out this Sunday. And remind you that Celine will also perform
 at the Oscar with Andrea Bocelli.

(Updated on Mar 13th)
 Previously, we have reported that Celine was trying to sue a French
 Tabloid which claimed Celine weren't able to have children.  And Celine
 won the case, and the tabloid have to pay her $20,000.  Of course, money
 isn't what they fight for, truth is.

 A day before yesterday, Quebec RCMP had started investigation on 17
 nickels restaurant.  And those restaurant have been chained and closed
 in these days.  The RCMP was trying to investigate whether those restaurants
 are using a software called "Zapper" to prevent to pay income tax.
 I still don't know much about this matter.  Once I get more information,
 I will post here.

 This weekend CNN world beat, will boardcast interviews with some Canadian
 stars at the backstage of the Juno.  Please check your local listing.
 On March 21st, the day of the Oscar, Celine will be interviewed on 
 Barbra Walter.  Please check your local listing.
(Updated on Mar 11th)
 I'm Your Angel is #4 on the Billboard AC chart.
 LTAL has certified 9 million copies in the US.
(Updated on Mar 9th)
 Remind you to watch "Touched By An Angel:More True Stories".  Celine
 will be interview. CBS(If I remember it right) Wednesday. Please check your
 local listing.

(Updated on Mar 8th)
 Celine said backstage "I'll miss music, I'll miss the fans."  She has
 also confirmed that she will release a greatest hits album by the end
 of 1999.

 Forbes magazine has rank Celine at #13 on the Most earning celebrities
 chart.  Celine earned $55.5 million last year.  She is the highest rank
 female singer.  Forbes has also rank Celine at #9 in the Most powerful
 celebrites chart.

(Updated on Mar 7th 11:27pm)
 I will post more pictures later.
 Celine was the biggest winner at the Juno, leaving the ceremony with
 5 awards.  They are:Best female vocalist, Best Album(LTAL), Best 
 selling album(Foreign or Domestic)for LTAL, Best selling francophone
 album for S'il suffisait d'aimer, and International Achievement award.
 Celine changed wears three times in the ceremony.  She had a gown on when
 she received "Best female vocalist", and she was in tight leather pant
 with a tight leather wrapping around her body with a t-shirt inside when
 she performed "Le Blues Du Businessman" during the tribute for Plamondon, 
 and she was in what you see above, when she sang LTAL with a kid choir.
 Celine's voice did have a little slip during the first chorus of "Le
 Blues...", but she still did great.  And she was magnificent when she
 performed LTAL.  It was very emotional when she received International
 Achievement Award.  Rene was crying, and Celine also had a few pauses
 during her acceptance speech.  "...I have received a lots of awards 
 around the world.....it's alot....but...don't worry,because...you probably
 won't see me......on stage....receiving award for a long time, because
 at the end of this tour, I'm planning to..um..to stop for a long while,
 for..for..for a few years at least.(audiences were yelling 'no')But I think
 it's very important, and it's better this way.(audiences were applauding)"
 When she finished her speech, the crowd gave her a standing ovation, which
 was the third one of the night for her.  The last award of the night
 was "Best album", and it went to Celine off course.  When Celine stepped
 on stage one more time, she said "I didn't know I would come back this
 soon!"  Celine was so happy, and I'm sure so were her fans around her 
 world, especially those who could watch the ceremony.  Well deserve, Celine!
(Updated on Mar 7th)
 Tonight is the Juno night.  At the Juno, there will be a tribute to 
 Luc Plamondon, and Celine will perform "Le blues du Businessman". And
 Celine may perform one more song in the ceremony.  The awards show will
 be cybercast on Juno's website.  For those of you who can't watch it
 on TV, you can go there.
Juno Awards website (Updated on Mar 5th) One more award for Celine to put on the shelf. Celine won the Echo Award(Germany) for Best international female singer. Celine will perform on this Sunday's Juno Awards. Rumors saying that she may perform 2 songs. If CBC won't go on strike, they will boardcast the ceremony, otherwise it will be CTV or Global who will boardcast. It will be 8:00-10:00pm(PT). On Monday(March 8th), Buzzword will have some behind the scenes stuff of the Juno. So, you can visit their page and see.
Buzzwords (Updated on Mar 4th) David Foster is trying to produce a mega diva tour called "Three Divas and a tenor". He is trying to persuade Celine, Barbra, Whitney, and Andrea Brocelli to go on tour together in cities such as New York, Las Vegas...etc. However, there are many questionable matters such as they belong to different record labels, Barbra is working on a new album, and Celine is going to take her break in the year 2000. David has said that there are some talks within the divas, but everything is still too soon to talk about. (Updated on Mar 2nd) On Sunday, TVA(Qubec TV channel) had a 3 hours special on Celine. The special was called "A year with Celine". The special was shot with Celine in a one year range. The show started off with a footage under the sea and clips of Celine singing MHWGO at different occasions. In the show, they also interviewed many other singers such as Bryan Adams, the Beegees, Jean-Jacque Goldman. And Celine even played piano in the special. They also included some footages from Celine's birthday party, Christmas party, studio, Celine's house, tour..etc. And they also showed how Celine goes under the stage by a sitting in a box, and get change. Celine also said that during the Grammy, usually, people come and pick her up to the backstage 30 mins before a performance, but that night, Celine was waiting, but nobody came. And suddenly, someone came, and told Celine you gotta come now, you will perform in 5 mins, we forgot about you. So, Celine had to rush, and she also had to get change into another gown infront of many people at the backstage. She was angry, but then she forgot all of that when the audience gave her and Andrea a standing ovation. Rumour saying that the special MAYBE translated into English and boardcast it in other part of Canada. (Updated on Feb 28th) Celine has been nominated for Blockbuster Awards. The nominations are Favorite Pop Female Celine Dion - for These Are Special Times, Let's Talk About Love Madonna - for Ray Of Light Mariah Carey - for #1's Favorite CD Celine Dion - Let's Talk About Love Backstreet Boys - Backstreet Boys Shania Twain - Come On Over Favorite Song From A Movie Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On Faith Hill - This Kiss Puff Daddy - Come With Me
Go to this site to vote! (Updated on Feb 26th) It's now confirmed that Celine and Andrea will perform "The Prayer" at the Oscar, although their duet version isn't in the movie. I'm Your Angel falls off from the #1 spot on the AC chart. (Updated on Feb 24th) Celine won big at the Grammy!!! She won two awards! One for Best female pop vocal performance, and another one for Record of the year for MHWGO. She and Andrea performed wonderfully, and they received a standing ovation. Celine talked to Andrea after the performance by his ears closely, while people applauded them. David Foster was playing the piano, and he was also the director. MHWGO also won Song of the year, this award goes to songwriters. And the song also won for best song written for a motion picture or television. Elmopolooza, the album which Celine contributed "Happy to meet you" also won for best album for children. While Celine acceptance speech for Record of the year, Celine was so happy, and she almost broke into tears when she thanked Rene for taking care of her heart while all other great people taking care of her career. Feel very happy for Celine. Bravo! During today's Rosie show, off course Celine was included. Rosie was taking her two buddies around the backstage, and she brought them to meet Celine. Before they met her, Rosie told them that Celine is the nicest person in this world. At the same time, a camera was shooting Celine speaking French with Rene saying how much she dislike Rosie. And Rene told her to calm down, and pretend to like her. (off course, the whole thing was a joke) Then when Rosie came in with her friends, Celine pretended very happy. They took pictures, and Rosie asked Celine to do dinner with them later, and they can play golf together. Celine pretended to be so happy, and Rosie also asked Celine to smell her new perfume, and asked what she thinks. Celine said very nice, and suits Rosie. Then when Rosie left, Celine looked so mad, and yelled at Rene saying how troublesome Rosie is, and her perfume stinks, and she won't play golf with her, six hours a day with her(at golf), it will to much and she won't be able to stand it...etc. (Remember, the whole thing was just a joke). At the same time, Rosie kept tellling her buddies how nice was Celine, and no one can be nicer than Celine. It was so funny! (Updated on Feb 23rd)
Celine rehearsing 'The Prayer' with someone who looks familiar, but I don't know who that is. Just wanna remind you guys to watch Rosie O'Donnell tomorrow, because the whole show will be at the backstage of Grammy!!! And Grammy will be tomorrow, Celine and Andrea Brocelli will perform "The Prayer". Wish them luck, and hope Celine will grab a/some award(s)! Even if Celine shut down in every category tomorrow(touch wood), we don't need to be so sad, cuz Celine said that she never sing for money and awards. And for her, getting nominations is already excellent! =) (Updated on Feb 20th) Tonight(Saturday), TV5 will boardcast a France music awards. Celine is running for best female singer, best album. She is also performing. TV5(A french TV channel) 7:30ET Grammy is this coming Wednesday at 8:00-11:00PT Muchmoremusic will air "Post Grammy party" at 8:00PT Rosie will be hosting the Grammy, and during her show that day, she'll be going to the backstage of Grammy and interview with many singers. Celine will probably among one of them. (Updated on Feb 19th) I'm Your Angel is still #1 on Billboard Adult Contemporary chart. Celine is on the cover of People magazine!! (Updated on Feb 17th) I've made another "Celine Quiz". This one is a bit harder than the last one, let's see how you do this time!! Celine Dion is the most popular among dead people??!! A recent poll found that MHWGO is the most played song in funerals(in Britain), surpassing Elton John's Candle in the wind, and Bette Midler's Wind beneath my wings. (Updated on Feb 12th) It's the 11th week for I'm Your Angel to stay at the #1 spot on Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart. Way to go!!! (Updated on Feb 11th) On March 10th, there will be a "Touched by an angel special". In the special, there will be some behind the scenes interviews with the guest stars. And off course, Celine is in the list. The 100th episode of Touched by an angel, which Celine appeared, will release in video format. (Updated on Feb 10th) All of us know that Celine will have her break after her last concert on Dec 31st, 1999 in Montreal. And there are many Celine's fans out there worrying when will she come back, and will she be as successful as right now when she come back. And let's see what Celine want to say about this. It's a part of a recent interview. "Dion isn't worried about jeopardizing her career because 'I have so much to gain' outside show business. 'I never got into this to win awards or make money. It's all wonderful and I love singing, but I realize now that what I want, what I need, is a different kind of happiness.' And besides, Dion said, awards and success are no substitute for friends and family. 'I don't want to ... just end up alone with money and gold records,' Dion said. 'When you talk to them they don't answer back.' She "refuses" to wait five years to retire because 'it's much better to do it when I'm on top rather than wait until people don't want to hear me anymore.' (Updated on Feb 9th) The prayer has been nominated for an Oscar for "Best original song". The award ceremony will be held on March 21st. On that day, Celine doesn't have a concert, so there is a big chance that Celine will perform the song at the Oscar, maybe even with Andrea Brocelli. If Celine really will perform at the Oscar, it will be third time in a row for her to perform at the Oscar, and it will also be her fourth performance at the Oscar. If you can't watch Grammy on TV, you can watch it at www.grammy.com The award ceremony will be held on Feb 24th. (Updated on Feb 7th) Celine's family chained restaurant "Nickel" has just opened another one in Florida. In this coming year and a half, they are planning to open 14 more. Right now, there are already 44 Nickels in North America. Rumors saying that Japan Sony Music may release a compilation album for Celine which may include two new songs. (Updated on Feb 6th) I have added a transcript of radio program about Celine in HK. The questions were asked during her press conference in HK. Then, the host of the show did some editing to put the answers in his program. Once again, thank you Sunrise for providing the real audio.
Transcript of Celine's HK press conference (Updated on Feb 5th) Celine arrived in Hawaii. There was a warm welcome, and the governor was also there. Celine's next single from her "S'il Suffisait D'aimer", will be "On ne change pas"(We don't change). A song which describes her very well. I'm Your Angel is still #1 on Billboard AC chart. (Updated on Feb 2nd) Celine is giving out wonderful concerts in Japan. Before Celine went to Japan, she took two days off in HK. And she left to Japan on the 28th. When she arrived at the airport, there were many fans waiting for her, and they asked Celine to sing "MHWGO". However, Celine politely farewell to them. Celine also brought a whole van of stuff with her. Probably she bought many things in HK. (Updated on Feb 1st) Third year in a row, Celine will perform at the Grammy. Last year, Celine supposed to do a duet with Barbra, but she was sick. And this year, Celine is planning to do a duet too. She is going to perform "The Prayer" with Andrea Bocelli at the award on Feb 24th. Good luck! Hope she'll grab all the awards. (Updated on Jan 30th) There is a parody version of MHWGO by Switchblade Kittens. The leader of the band says "I heard Celine Dion's version on the radio so many times it was driving me nuts, so I decided we had to make a joke out of it. We did it for a laugh, to crack ourselves up. It needed to be done because Celine was driving everybody crazy. People kept saying, 'I just can't take that song one more time.'" The band even included a dialogue in the middle of the song. I personally can't understand how come people are blaming Celine or the movie Titanic for driving people crazy. It's the public who demands it, and listen or watch it again and again and again. It's the public who drive themselves crazy instead of the good movie, good song, and the good singer. If you wanna hear their version of MHWGO. You can find it through the link in real audio.
Switchblack Kittens' version of MHWGO I've added I'm Your Angel midi to my midi page. (Updated on Jan 29th) Do you know that Celine sold 27.8 million copies of album last year alone? 15 million for LTAL 7.2 million for TAST 2.6 million for S'il suffisait d'aimer 3 million for other albums If you wanna hear 3 answers of Celine at the HK press conference, you can go to this Korean fan site, and then click on the "On Air" image, then you will find the file in real audio. I don't speak Korean, so I don't understand what the host is talking about, but I believed the 3 questions are something similar to "Is that true that you want a baby?" "Are you planning to do another duet soon?" "How did MHWGO come?"
Find the real audio file (Updated on Jan 28th) Once again, more pictures of Celine at her HK concert. As you can see, she changed her clothing from her North America tour. Although it is not shown here, she even changed her Titanic dress to a black gown. This week on Billboard, I'm Your Angel stays on #1 on AC chart, but drops to #6 on Hot 100.

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 (Updated on Jan 27th)
 Celine had a one-day break in HK yesterday.  In the afternoon, she came
 out from the hotel with around 5 people including Eric.  They were
 shopping around.  Celine bought a diamond in a jewelry store.  She was
 also interested with the products that the "illegal street sellers" 
 were selling.  The newspaper said that Eric wasn't very nice to the 
 reporters.  He even said "If I ever see you again, I will knock your
 fucking head off".  Fortunately, everything turned out to be peaceful.

 Celine tops the Juno nominations!!!  She received 6 nominations including
 Best selling English album, Best selling Francophone album, Best Album,
 Best Pop Album, Best Single, and Best female vocalist.  Celine Dion
 is also going to receive "International Achievement Award" this year 
 again.  Celine will also perform at the ceremony which will be held
 in March.

(updated on Jan 26th)
 These pictures are from the press conference after the concert.
 In the press conference, Sony presented an award to Celine for her
 multi-platinum album LTAL, which has sold more than 7 million in Asia.
 Celine and Rene also answered questions from reporters from around Asia.
 A reporter asked her that is this tour her last tour.  Celine said "I 
 love music, I will come back!"  Reporters also asked her how come she
 can be so nice, although she is an international singer. Rene gave an
 answer right away, saying that it's what makes him feel very proud.
 After the concert, Celine is going to have a one day break in HK. She
 will travel around, and eat.  "Chinese food, I like it very much!" Celine
 said while sticking her tongue out.  
 Here is another review of her concert in HK.
            Dreams, love linger in a night to remember
            STORY: I'M an incurable romantic and I don't cringe at the
            lyrics: every night in my dreams I see you, I feel you, that is
            how I know you go on. 

            So for romantics like me, Celine Dion's Let's Talk About
            Love World Tour on Monday was a night of celebrating
            romance and love complete with the throbbing strobe lights
            and misty stage set, under the soft glow of a half moon _ in
            the middle of the old Kai Tak airport runway
            notwithstanding. Mainly because of the voice. No other pop
            diva, except maybe Barbara Streisand, possesses such a
            voice as Dion's _ one that can be soft and angelic at times,
            hard and edgy at others and so melodious and emotional most
            times _ hitting the low and high notes so effortlessly and

            So even if the lyrics are drippingly sweet or tearfully
            cringey, or corny you cannot help but be swept by the
            feelings her singing evokes. 

            Of course Dion has the clout and the stature to call on her
            ``many friends'' to collaborate on her music. 

            We had the double delight of having Streisand in a
            pre-recorded video join Dion in a ``live'' duet of their hit
            song Tell Him. 

            Japanese violinist Taro Hakase was there live to make it a
            magical night with his violin accompaniment of Dion's To
            Love You More. 

            But my favourite was Immortality, which Dion sang with the
            Bee Gees, also courtesy of the magic of high-tech. 

            Dion opened her first Hong Kong concert with Let's Talk
            About Love. 

            An incredible entertainer who can give John Travolta a run
            for his money, she did a take-off of Travolta on the disco
            floor to the tune of Staying Alive and Jive Talking. She chose
            her familiar chart-toppers, in non-stop 90-minutes of love
            songs, occasionally interspersing them with fast danceable
            tunes such as Just A Little Bit of Love and Treat Her like a

            The songs were basically the same selection that she has
            performed for her world tour, which will also travel to Japan
            later this week, then to Hawaii and Europe in the summer. 

            ``We change the show (a bit), to adapt ourselves (to that
            city). But the songs are pretty much the same basically,'' Dion

            It was also her instant rapport with the audience that helped
            for a fantastic night, asking nei ho ma (how are you?) after
            her drop-dead intro and saying ng koi say (thank you very
            much) after a particularly appreciative applause. 

            The practised ad-libbing helped too. 

            Dion said she and her team was ``very nervous'' not only
            because it was their first Hong Kong show but because they
            were doing ``for the first time a show at the airport''. 

            She hoped the pilots of the aeroplanes ``won't make mistakes
            tonight'', she said. 

            Dion's one encore was her signature My Heart Will Go On
            from hit movie Titanic. 

            She had hoped that her airport show would be ``a smooth

            The diva could not have hoped for more. 
(updated on Jan 25th)
 Celine performed her concert yesterday at HK previous Kai Tak airport.
 It was a fantastic show as the reviews said.  The run-down was quite 
 similar to the one in North America.  A newspaper said that 90% of the
 seats were full.  Among the audiences, there were many famous folks such
 as actors, singers...etc.  The opening act was an Australia band called
 "Human Nature".  The show(Celine part) lasted nearly 2 hours.
A review of her concert At the Golden Globe, "The Prayer" won for Best original song!! Bravo! The song writers of the song accepted the award yesterday, and they thanked Celine and Andrea. So, there's a chance that this song may be nominated for Oscar, and Celine may perform at the Oscar again this year. (updated on Jan 24th) Celine presented the award for "Favourite Male Singer" at the TVB Jade Solid Gold Music Awards to Arron Kwok who recently shot an commercial with Janet Jackson for Pepsi. The commercial will come up later in the year. (updated on Jan 23rd) Celine arrived to HK yesterday morning with Rene. There were reporters at the airport waiting for her. She looked very happy. Those reporters also mentioned that Celine was very nice. She waved to them at the airport, and in her limo while she went to the hotel. The organization cancelled the press conference. This left time for Celine to go shopping. She had a rest in the hotel for about 5 hours, then she came out to shop with one of her friend.(I'm not sure, who that friend is, she doesn't look familiar.) She went to Chanel first, then she went to Georgie Armani(I think I spell the name wrong). Then she went back to Chanel. She bought few dresses, and a...I forgot what's the word in English, but you know, it's made of silk, and people wrap it on their shoulder, and sometimes, people even wrap their head with it. Tonight, she will present an award in TVB Jade Solid Gold music award, and she will have her concert tomorrow. The newspaper also stated that she lives in Pennisula hotel's presidental room on the 26th floor. Each night, it costs around $45,000HKD. Celine Dion is going to appear in an music award ceremony at HK to present the award for "Favourite male artist" tomorrow.(TVB station) In HK, Celine also won two awards at an music awards ceremony held by a major radio station. The awards were "Best foreign song" for MHWGO and "Best international female singer". Congrajulations, Celine!! Billboard chart again. I'm Your Angel stays on top on the AC chart, and #4 again this week on Hot 100. In the album chart, LTAL rises to #65 this week, however, TAST drops to#91. Although Celine's first concert this year will be on the 25th(next monday) in Hong Kong, she will arrive to HK with Rene tomorrow. The organization is trying a arrange a press conference tomorrow, so that Celine will have her first contact with the press of HK right away. This concert is going to make some records, such as the stage will be the biggest stage ever to be held in a concert in HK. If the tickets are sold out, there will be 40,000 audiences and it will be the concert with the most audiences for a concert in HK. In order to prevent chaos, the organization is going to let the audiences get into the airport at 4:00 while the concert starts at 7:00 and will lasted 3 and a half hours. There will also be 600 moving toilets available. Too bad that I'm not in HK right now. This week, Celine's sales rise a little bit in Canada. TAST moves from #16-#14. LTAL rises from #73-#51. Rumours are saying that Epic is going to release the duet of Celine and Paul Anka "It's hard to say goodbye" on Jan 25th, and they will also be making a video for the song together. Celine makes another sales record!! LTAL is the first album ever to be certified selling more than 9 million copies in Europe. TAST is also certified for selling more than 1 million copies in Europe. I think Celine once again will be a big winner at the World Music Awards. This week, TAST continues to drop to #37. And I'm Your Angel also drops to #4, however, it's still #1 on the AC chart. And LTAL rises from #76 to #71. Rosie O'Donnell will be hosting this year's Grammy. And Madonna will be opening the show. We still don't know whether Celine will be there or not. I think it will be wonderful, if Celine performs at the Grammy with Rosie. Here is an interview of Celine at the backstage of American Music Awards. After hearing this, I really doubt that Celine will release another album in the spring. You need real audio for this.
AMA interview Celine did it again!! Celine won two and a half awards yesterday night at the American Music Awards. She won Adult Contemporary Artist, and Best female singer. She also accepted the award Best Soundtrack with James Horner. James was sitting behind Celine yesterday night, and when they annouced Titanic was the winner, James stood up and he pulled Celine out of the seat and took her up to the stage to accept the awards with him. Celine won for favourite female musical performer at the People Choice Award. She was on the show herself, but she didn't perform. If you missed it like me, you can try to catch Access Hollywood or Entertainment tonight to see some footages of the show. Maybe Celine will be included. Also, tonight is the American Music Awards. Celine was nominated for three awards, they are best female singer, best pop album, and best adult contemporary artist. These are special times is 8 times platinum in Canada. Celine is also nominated for Best female singer and Best pop album for S'il Suffisait D'aimer at a french music award. Well!! Believe it or not, a newspaper article stated that Celine right now is busy selecting new tracks for her new album to be cut in the spring. Wow! Another new album before her long rest. Can't really believe it. But still, everything isn't confirmed yet. Remember Celine said that she wouldn't release another album unless she has something that can top LTAL, something that is better than LTAL. I also remember Celine said that before her rest, she will try to do as much as she can in this year. Right now, we'll just have to wait for more details on the up-coming album. This last week has been the lowest sales week for cds. Many albums sale lesser than last week. This week, TAST drops to #27, and LTAL drops to #76 on the billboard. In Canada, TAST drops from #3 to #16. I'm Your Angel also drops from #1 to #3 this week on Hot 100. But it stays on the 1 spot on the Hot AC chart. I think Sony should still promote TAST, since this album has some songs that aren't Christmas songs. According to Euro Music, LTAL is the #1 album in Europe in 1998. And MHWGO is also the #1 single in Europe in 1998. Rumors saying that "The Prayer" maybe the next single in the UK. Grammy nominations annouced today. Celine and MHWGO receives 6 nominations. Why I say that because some awards go to the song writer instead of the singer. Here are the nominations. Record of the year My heart will go on~Celine Dion The Boy is mine~Brandy & Monica Iris~Goo Goo Doll Ray of light~Madonna You're still the one~Shania Twain Song of the year(go to the songwriters) My heart will go on You're still the one Lean on me Iris I don't want to miss a thing Best female pop vocal performance My heart will go on~Celine Dion My favourite mistake~Sheryl Crow Can't take my eyes off of you~Lauryn Hill Torn~Natalie Imbruglia Adia~Sarah Mclachlan Best Pop Collaboration with vocals I'm Your Angel~Celine Dion & R. Kelly (and some other nominees for this category) Best Pop Album Let's talk about love~Celine Dion Pilgrim~Eric Clapton Left of the middle~Natalie Imbruglia Ray of light~Madonna The dirty boogie~The Brain Setzer Orchestra Best song written for a motion picture or for TV(for songwriters) My heart will go on I don't want to miss a thing Tomorrow never dies True to your heart Uninvited In my opinion, there's a big competition in many of the categories. And I'm pretty sure that Celine is not going to win the Best pop album of the year since Madonna who is nominated in that category, is also nominated in the category of Album of the year. What do you think about the nominations? Feel free to give your idea. You can leave your ideas in the guestbook. The billboard voting booths are closed and the results are in. In the billboard 200 album, LTAL ranks #3, and on the hot 100, MHWGO is #1!! Thank you for the people who vote for Celine! Way to go! Grammy's nominations will come out on Jan 5th! Let's wish that Celine will receive tons of nominations!! TAST drops to #5 this week on Billboard. However, I'm Your Angel is still #1 on both Hot 100 and AC chart! LTAL drops to #38 this week. 1998 has really been a special time for Celine Dion. It led off with the success of LTAL and MHWGO which set the record of biggest airplay and won an Oscar. Celine also wore "Heart of the ocean" at the Oscar. Then, Celine kicked off her world tour in August at Boston. This 4 to 5 months old tour made Celine the third concert grossing artist. Celine also hosted ADISQ award with some other Quebec artist such as Philippe Andre Gagnon. She also released S'il suffisait d'aimer, and These are special times. Celine has become the biggest selling artist of the year in the US. I think that she probably is also the biggest selling artist of the year around the world. A magazine stated that she sold more than 60 million records in the last 30 months, which means that in 1.2 second, one Celine's album is sold. Celine also appeared, and performed on many different occasions, such as Sesame Street, Pavarotti and Friends, TAST TV special, Rosie O'Donnell, Touched by an angel, David Letterman, top of the pop, billboard, grammy...etc. She also received many honors at many different awards ceremonies, among them, the most special one would be "Order of Canada" and "Order of Quebec" awarded by the Canada government. The lastest honour would be "Artist of the year" awarded by VH1 based on a public poll. In the coming year, Celine will continue her world tour at many special places. Wish her happy and healthy in the coming year. And wish her that she will win many awards at the People choice, AMA, Juno, Grammy, World music, ADISQ ...etc. And wish her have as much time to rest as she demands. And off course, wish her that all her wishes will come true such as having a baby. Right now, once again, I would like to wish all the visitors of this webpage a happy and healthy new year!! Let's forget all the bad things that happened in the 98 and have a wonderful life in the 99 and so on.=) Sony has updated the I'm Your Angel video once again! Great job, Sony! They have erased all the old scenes with Celine singing in the studio or by the piano. I haven't watch the updated video yet, but people are saying that it looks very beautiful!! TAST is number 3 this week on Billboard, and I'm Your Angel remains number 1. LTAL moves to number 34 this week. Celine is voted VH1 artist of the year once again! Congrajulations and thank you for the fans who participated the voting. I would like to thank all the people who have visited my webpage since the first day to now. Without you guys, I would have close down this site already! Thank you very much. I would like to wish all of you and Celine a Merry and Safe Christmas, and a Happy new year! And let's continue our support for the finest, nicest singer Celine Dion forever. Wish all the wishes of you and Celine will come true very soon! =) (From Billboard) Celine Dion is the top-selling artist of 1998, according to the Recording Industry Assn. of America (RIAA). The Epic/550 Music chanteuse, whose recent holiday album, "These Are Special Times," was awarded triple-platinum status, sold a combined total of 12 million singles and albums this year, according to the RIAA and SoundScan. The "Titanic" soundtrack, whose sales were powered by Dion's single "My Heart Will Go On," was also named 1998's best-selling album in the RIAA's year-end tallies. "Titanic," one of 38 soundtrack titles certified gold or better this year, was certified for sales of 10 million. Here's a new Celine screensaver provided by Supernet!
Celine Screensaver
On Dec 20th in HK, there was an IFPI award ceremony. They gave out platinum awards to artists whose album sold enough to certify the awards. In HK, 50,000 copies is certify for one platinum for local singers. For singers other than local singers, 20,000 copies is certify for one platinum. Celine's LTAL was certified 9 platinum selling more than 180,000 copies in HK. It's one of the best selling ablums this year in HK. The biggest selling album in 1998, sold more than 25,000 copies in HK. This week, These are special times is again #2 on Billboard 200, closely behind Garth Brooks. I'm Your Angel is also #1 again on both Hot 100 and A/C chart. Hope next week, These are special times will be #1 in the week of Christmas! And LTAL moves up 1 spot to #36. Today is also the anniversary of Celine and Rene!! Happy anniversary! Here's an interesting article on Celine. Hope you will have a good time reading it! I did!
At the press conference, Celine also confirmed that she will have a concert at Stade de France and there will be some special guests. Celine also said that she will not doing the Edith Piaf movie and she want to find another role that fit her for her debut at the movie screen. She has also turned down the theme song and the role for "Pretty Woman 2". This week TAST moves to #2 on Billboard! And LTAL also continues to rise on the Billboard from #44 to #37!! I'm Your Angel keeps the #1 spot on A/C chart and Hot 100. At the press conference last night after the concert, Celine said that she probably won't be out forever although it's possible. She said she will take a at least two years break, and then maybe she will come back as an actress. After a period of time, maybe she will sing again. She wants to go to movies, supermarkets, shows. She wants to listen to what other people say instead always being the one who speak. She said that she still love the public and performing, but she really wants to have a normal life right now. She also mentioned about the leaving of Terry Bradford. Terry Bradford left for his solo career and they wish him the best. Tomorrow,(Wednesday) Celine will be on Rosie again! Congrajulations Celine!! 6 billboard awards as Christmas present for her. Celine was a big winner on Billboard Music Awards. The awards are: Album of the year for ``Titanic'' ; Female album for ``Let's Talk About Love''; soundtrack album for ``Titanic''; soundtrack single for "MHWGO"; album artist, and adult contemporary artist. Celine was also nominated for female artist of the year, but she lost it to Shania Twain. It's not really a big suprise that Celine lost it to Shania since Billboard gives out the award base on chart positioning and airplay. Since Shania released more single than Celine in the US and her record label produces singles for the market. Well deserve, and I am sure Celine is happy for Shania too, since they are good friends. I remember last year at the American Music Awards, when Celine lost the award of "Best adult contemporary artist" to Elton John, a camera shot at Shania's face when she looked disappointed and and had an exhale kind of look. Anyway, back to the award, Celine received those awards via Satelite and Bette was the presenter at the award ceremony, and Carol King was live at Molson Centre and handed those awards to Celine. Celine was very happy. She was in the same outfit that she wore when she performed "Terre" on the ADISQ award. After her concert in Montreal, Celine gave a press conference and she confirmed that she will take a one to two years vacation to recharge energy, love..etc. One last note, remember to vote for Celine for Artist of the year at www.vh1.com This week, "These are special times" move back to #1 from #3!! On a radio, it says that TAST has already sold 7 million copies!! Also, remember to vote for Celine for the VH1 Artist of the year!!! Tonight, Celine may appear on the Billboard Music Award(Fox). Celine's "These are special times" is the greatest gainer this week on Billboard 200 at number #3. This week's sales is 95% more than her last week's sales. I'm Your Angel is still number 1 this week on the top 100, it is also #1 on the Adult contemporary chart. This week Let's talk about love moves to #44 from 60, amazing! Celine will appear on Billboard Music Award(7th, Monday). On the same night, she has a concert in Montreal, therefore, she probably won't be there(billboard award) at the casino. I think it's probably a recorded acceptance speech or may be via satelite. This year, Celine is nominated for 7 awards!! Hope she will grab them all. She deserves it! If you missed the PBS Pavoratti and Friends, don't worry, PBS will replay the program FEW TIMES in the coming week. Please check your local listing. Celine will be on Rosie again on Dec. 9th! Celine will be on PBS(US) Pavarotti and Friends tonight(Wednesday). Sorry for the short notice. ABC won the nightlong battle but CBS won the sweeps-month war in households thanks to ``Celine Dion: These Are Special Times.'' ``Celine'' beat the homes average of slot regular ``To Have and to Hold'' by 69% (10.3 vs. 6.1) and dropped ABC's heavyweight ``Drew Carey'' to lowest-ever regular-slot firstrun numbers. This week, TAST moves up to #3 on Billboard 200 behind Garth Brook and Metallica. Bravo! Incase you don't know, Celine's English version of her authorized biography is in stores now in Canada. Rumors saying that "Live in Memphis" is delayed. It is going to release in March, 1999. Celine is also nominated for Favourite female performer for the People choice award againsting Shania Twain and Reba. Celine will receive a special award in Japan. The annual Japan Records Award has included a special award for the song "MHWGO" and Celine Dion. Celine is glad and feel honour. The award will be handed out on Dec 31st, but Celine will receive the award via earlier recorded video. A bad news about Celine's concert in HK. So far, there are only 30% of the tickets are sold! That's probably the result of the ticket's high prices. A news from muchmusic: Canadian singer Celine Dion has sued a French tabloid for violation of privacy in an article suggesting she was unable to have a child. Dion's lawyer Jacques Levy told a court in this southwestern French city that Voici, a weekly tabloid, committed a ``serious violation of his client's privacy and undermined her husband's dignity.'' The suit was filed Wednesday. Levy asked the court to award Dion and her husband about $17,500 each in damages. Luc Rossollet, a lawyer for Voici, told the court that the article published last July was based on a biography about Dion published in the United States, which the singer never contested in court. He asked the court to throw out the charges arguing that Dion was forgiving towards the media when it helped advance her career. I'm Your Angel made it!! The song is number 1 this week on Billboard top 100 single. The chart has just started a new method to make the chart, and from now on, the chart also count for radio airplay since record company doesn't really like to release single as much as before. And These are special times drops two to number 5 this week. But it is a very good thing already since there were many big name new releases last week. Compare to other artists who have release their album on the same week as These are special times such as Alanis, U2 ..etc, These are special times, has the largest sales among those albums. These are special times is number 1 this week in Canada. It is already 6 x plantinum. It is also the largest selling christmas album in Canada ever. Celine receives 3 nominations this year for the American Music Awards. The nominations are Top female artist, best pop album, and favourite adult contemporary artist.
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