(Updated on Dec 31st)
 (click on it for a larger size)
 It's a picture of Celine reheasing yesterday for tonight's concert.
 Rumour says that both CBS and NBC will air part of the Celine's tonight
 concert. For NBC, it says it'll be around 10:00pm~11:00pm. Please
 check your local listing.

 I would like to wish all of you a HAPPY MILLENNIUM! Have a happy, fun,
 and safe year! Live the fullest of your life, and most important, healthy!
 And we all know, Celine's music will go on for the next millennium, 
 so are our support toward her!
(Updated on Dec 30th)
 Julie Snyder and Gregory Charles will be hosting tomorrow Celine's 
 farewell concert in Montreal. As some of you may know, the concert
 won't entirely perform by Celine. I think the first two hours maily
 perform by the cast of "Notre Dame de Paris", and the last two hours
 will be for Celine. Bryan Adams will also be one of the guests. The show 
 will start at 9:00pm(ET), and ends at 1:00am(ET). TVA will boardcast
 the show live from Molson Centre. And it looks like that they will also
 air the show online, so you may want to check at tomorrow.
 Rumours saying that the video of the concert will be available in the
 Spring of 2000. And if you want a copy of the concert, you may try
 the "Celine tape tree project"  

(Updated on Dec 29th)
 I'm back! Okay, let's first start with ATW's chart positions around 
 the world in this week. In the US, despite the fact that it sold more
 than 640,000 copies, it's #2 behind a rapper album. Usually, rap album
 debuts big, and goes down quickly, hope ATW will be back at #1 next
 week! Here's the chart position around the world:
 #1:Australia, Finland, Norway, Austria, France, Ireland, Switzerland,
    Euro Chart.
 #2:Belgium, US
 #3:Sweden, Denmark, Spain, NewZealand, Canada
 #5:Japan, UK, Brazil

 Barnes& has announced its customers' Top 100 "Picks of the 
 Century," an online vote of their favorite books and music over the 
 last 100 years. Although ATW is only around 2 months old, it ranks
 #6 on the Century's Music chart! =) Indeed, ATW is an very excellent.
     1.  Abbey Road - The Beatles
     2.  Rhapsody in Blue - George Gershwin
     3.  The White Album - The Beatles
     4.  With The Beatles - The Beatles
     5.  Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles
     6.  All the Way: A Decade of Song - Celine Dion
     7.  Rumours - Fleetwood Mac
     8.  Rubber Soul - The Beatles
     9.  Born To Run - Bruce Springsteen
    10.  Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon  & Garfunkel

 As mentioned before, Celine is the favourite female singer among
 Espanic American. Here's the details.
     1. My Way
     2. Yesterday
     3. Lady in Red
     4. My Heart Will Go On
     5. Unchained Melody

     1. Celine Dion
     2. Lucero
     3. Ana Gabriel
     4. Shakira
     5. Gloria Estefan
     6. Jennifer Lopez
     7. Whitney Houston
     8. Olga Tanon
     9. Thalia
     10. Madonna

     1. Jennifer Lopez
     2. Lucero
     3. Celine Dion

     (Hispanic Women)          
     1. Celine Dion             
     2. Whitney Houston
     3. Lucero     
     (Under 35)
     1. Celine Dion
     2. Ana Gabriel
     3. Madonna

     (Over 35)
     1. Olga Tanon
     2. Lucero
     3. Celine Dion

     (West Coast)
     1. Celine Dion
     2. Lucero
     3. Gloria Estefan

(Updated on Dec 26th)
 Wish everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Well, I'll be out of town today,
 and I'll be back on the 29th. Therefore, I won't be able to update the site
 for 3~4 days. Sorry for the inconveinience! =)

(Updated on Dec 24th)
 What a big joke?! A person who said himself is a concert promoter for
 Celine, and called to ask about using the performing Arts Center at
 Grosse Pointe Woods school. People thought it's true, and they even
 had the school choir rehearse to prepare for a performance with Celine.
 It turns out that it's not true. And spokesperson for Celine says she
 knows nothing about it. Police say that they won't press any charge
 on the person who called the school.
 Due to overwhelming demand, 500 extra seats have been added to Celine's
 farewell concert, after details of the stage placement were finalized
 with the production manager. This setup has a capacity of 18,500 seats. 
 If you still wanna buy the remaining tickets, you can try calling this
 number, 1-800-361-4595. 

 I read this from an article, and I think it's quite funny. It says
 "Santa Claus is coming to town, and it looks like he's bringing a bag
 full of CDs, particularly Celine Dion's compilation album All The Way -
 A Decade of Songs.." haha~ Looking at the global sales of ATW this few
 weeks, it's really true that many Celine's albums will be in the stocking,
 and under the Christmas tree! I would like to wish you all a Merry
 Christmas! =) 
(Updated on Dec 23rd)
 Jessica Simpson, who is currently having a #3 single on Billboard Hot
 100, is a huge Celine fan. Unfortunately, she is sick recently, and
 she has just released from Hospital on the 20th. And this is what she
 has written in the diary on her own official website:
 "Okay i must tell you the best thing about being in the hospital....
 I got a "get well" phone call from the one and only Celine Dion...she 
 is my all-time favorite and I was almost speechless when she said, 
 "Hello, Jessica...this is Celine." I cannot believe she took time out
 of her busy schedule to call me....she is so sweet and sincere...I only
 hope I can be half as awesome as she is!!!"
 As mentioned yesterday, ATW is #1 on Billboard Top 200, with sales of
 537,000 copies last week. And it is #2 on the internet sales chart.
 On the Pop Catelog Chart, TAST is still #1. TTWII rises from #30 to
 #17 this week on Hot 100! =)

(Updated on Dec 22nd)
 ATW regains the #1 spot on Billboard Top 200, by selling more than a
 half a million copies last week! We'll have more information on other
 Billboard charts tomorrow.

 An follow-up for the auction of Celine's boots. It sold at somewhere
 at $7,000!!! And the last time I checked, the auction for Celine's
 autographed album along with Rosie's autographed Christmas album,
 the highest bid was more than $2,000!

(Updated on Dec 21st)
 Well, this does not have so much thing related to Celine.
 Few weeks ago "Saturday Night Live" aired a skit called "And so this
 is Hanukkah" featured impersonators of Britney Spears, Celine Dion and
 Mariah Carey. After the show being aired, the skit drew complaints of
 racist. After some dicussion, SNL decided in the future re-run of the
 show, they will still leave the skit there, without any edition. If
 you wanna know more, you may click here

 For Australian fans:
 Celine will be on Oprah on Tuesday Dec 21st. Channel 10 at 2:30 pm.
 Celine will also be on the "And So This Is Christmas" on Wednesday Dec
 22nd Channel 7 at 7:30pm.
 For UK fans:
 Dec 22nd 11:10pm-12:00am BBC1 - "All the Way"
 Dec 25th 9:40-10:20pm BBC1 - "Before They Were Famous"
 Dec 27th 6:30-7:30pm ITV - "Des O'Connor Tonight"
 Jan 2nd 1:30-3:30am Sky1 - "1999 Billboard Music Awards"
 Jan 3rd 1:15-2:15pm ITV - "This is Celine Dion" 

(Updated on Dec 20th)
 Although in Canada this week, ATW's #1 in many big cities such as
 Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec, and Ottawa, it's still #3 overall
 on the National chart, behind the two compilation albums released from
 the National music video station. Hope ATW will regain #1 in Canada
 very soon! Here's this week ATW chart position around the world! It's
 still going strong! =)
 #1:Australia, Finland, Norway, Austria, France, Ireland, Switzerland,
    Euro chart.
 #3:Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Canada.
 #6:New Zealand

(Updated on Dec 19th)
 Celine and Rene celebrated their anniversary in New York. A Celine fan
 said that she met Celine and Rene outside her hotel. They were holding 
 hands, and they said they celebrated themselves this year. The fan
 congrajulated them, and Celine said something like "It's great so far,
 and it'll get better tonight". Kinda know, Celine like
 to share her sex live experience with us... =)

(Updated on Dec 17th)
 5 years ago today, there was a big event happened in Quebec, Canada.
 There was a "royal wedding" happening, and tens of thousands of people
 across the country witnessed this memorable moment. Celine Dion and
 Rene Angelil were announced as "husband and wife" for the first time!
 Happy 5th Anniversary to Celine and Rene! And we know there will be
 many more 5 years for your marriage!

 These are the pics from yesterday's special event in New York, organized 
 by Sony Music, to present Celine the commemorative award, honouring her
 incredible album sales around the world. She has sold more than 100
 million copies of albums around the world. And she's named "the best
 selling singer of the decade". Well deserve, Celine!
 Thank you Karla for sending me these great pics! =) You can click on
 those pics for full size. 

 One more pic from Celine's performance on the Billboard Awards.

(Updated on Dec 16th)

 These are the pics from both honouring events for Celine yesterday.
 Celine not only received the hornour for UN Artist of Peace yesterday,
 she also received the key to the city from the Mayor of Montreal. And
 they'll even erect a plant sculpture in the park across the city hall
 to honour her. If you wanna know more both events, you can click here.
 And rumour says that Sony will also honour Celine in New York today.

 As mentioned, ATW is #2 this week on Billboard, but ATW is still #1 on
 the Internet sales chart. And TAST is still #1 on Pop Catelog, and #5
 on Christmas album chart. TTWII is #30 on Hot 100.

(Updated on Dec 15th)
 Celine received "UNESCO Artist for Peace" honour today in Qubec, Canada.
 She wore a similar(or maybe the same) outfit that she wore on Jay Leno.
 Celine's parents were also there.

 ATW will appear on #2 on this week's Billboard albums chart, although
 it sold more than 414,000 copies last week. The biggest one week sales
 for Celine in the US. Maybe the fabulous Billboard performance boosted
 up the sales.

  "All The Way..." TV special will be on Australia's Channel 7 this
  Saturday night at 7:30pm. Please check your local listing.

 Celine will be featured on this year's edition of "Before They Were Famous"
 on BBC1. The programme will be broadcast on Christmas Day, 9:40~10:20pm GMT.

 Celine will be on MTV's TRL tomorrow. You can vote for TTWII now, by
 going to
 On an Autralia online cd store, they are giving 2 Celine ATW album.
 The contest is open to everyone in the world. So if you want to enter
 the contest, go to here and then click on "CD Giveaway".

(Updated on Dec 14th)
 Do you know the highest bid for Celine's boots on Ebay right now? It's
 $4175 already! Unbelievable!!! Btw, talking about Ebay, I was surfing
 around and saw various Celine's items being auction on Ebay. And I would
 like to warn everyone that don't always believe what the seller says.
 Especially on those "Celine autographed items". Most of them aren't
 really autographed by Celine, instead, the seller autographed him/herself,
 and try their best to make it look like a Celine autograph. Be careful!
 In Malaysia, ATW rises to #5 from #10.
(Updated on Dec 13th)

 Celine was on Rosie today. She performed TTWII, and she chatted with Rosie
 afterward. At the end of the performance, Celine broke the heel of 
 her boots. You know how she stomp her feet when she sings "When you want
 it the most....When you ready to go...", that's how she broke the heel.
 And Rosie suggested to put the boots on ebay for auction. And they'll
 donate the money. Right now, you can bid for the Celine autographed
 broken boots at ebay. And a Rosie autographed "A Rosie Christmas" cd
 is also included in this auction. And guess what? Right now, the highest
 bid is $1925 already!!!!! If you want to bid for it, you may go to
 and search for "Celine Dion's boots". On the show, Celine's voice 
 sounds a bit raspy. Maybe she has a cold. She also told Rosie about
 her remarry again with Rene. She'll be wearing a gold, metal like 
 dress,with a scarf covering half of her face(like an Arabic style).
 Rosie also told Celine that she really thinks that Celine and Rene
 are a very truely lovely couple.

 This week, ATW is #1 in many countries!
 #1:Japan, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Austria, France, Ireland, Switzerland,
    Holland, and Europe.
 #2:Australia, Belgium, Spain.
 #5:Portugal, Malaysia
 #6:New Zealand

(Updated on Dec 11th)
 I would like to share my happiness with you guys! I have just won a 
 framed autographed Celine picture!!! As you know, Sony is currently 
 running a contest for all Celine Dion fans who have a Celine site. And
 they randomly pick a winner each week til the mid of Januarary. This 
 week, my name was randomly picked!!! Bravo!!! =)
 "Then you look at me" is the theme song for the movie "Bicentennial Man".
 Throughout the movie, you can hear the melody from time to time, and 
 you can hear Celine singing the song at the end of the movie, while the
 credits roll up. Kind of similar to what they did with MHWGO in Titanic.

 Celine and Rene are still in Las Vegas today. They'll present Andre-
 Philippe Gagnon at C2K, the showroom inside The Venetian Resort-Hotel-
 Casino in Las Vegas. This very special evening, which includes a cocktail
 reception at 7 p.m., followed by Andre-Philippe's performance, will serve
 as the official Grand Opening of C2K and the kick-off of Andre-Philippe's
 40-week schedule at The Venetian showroom.

 Reminder:Celine will be on Rosie on Monday!
          Celine will be on MTV's Total Request Live(TRL) on Thursday!

(Updated on Dec 10th)
 As we know, ATW is #1 on Billboard Top 200(albums), and TTWII is #1
 on Hot Adult Contemporary. Besides that, ATW is also #1 on Internet
 sales chart, and TAST is also #1 on Pop Catelog chart. On the Christmas
 album chart, TAST is #6. And on Hot 100(singles), TTWII jumps 10 spots
 to #34.

 On Jay Leno, Celine performed "All The Way" live, and she talked a bit
 with Jay afterward. She said that at the wedding ceremony on Jan 5th,
 since Rene's origin is Arabic, all of them(all family members and friends)
 will wear same colour and type of clothes, and they'll be sitting on the
 floor and eat some Arabic food at the party. Sounds cool! 

 A follow-up for the Nickels investigation:
 The following is taken from a Quebec's newspaper "Journal de Montreal",
 and translated into English by Altavista translator.
 Mr. Angelil revealed, yesterday, that him and the famous singer had 
 yielded their shares in Nickels for approximately two years. "We gave
 our shares to my cousin", said the husband and manager of Celine Dion. 

 It is the first time that the Angelil-Dion couple makes state publicly
 its withdrawal of the Nickels chain of which they were shareholders 
 since his creation, nine years ago. 

 It affirms that celebrates it couple was only shareholder of the company
 of restoration. We never had role of administrator, says it. We were
 never mixed with the daily operations. We did nothing wrong.. 

 Celine and I, add it, we are a little bit like everyone in Quebec, we are
 anxious to find out what had happened in all this business.The fame
 of Celine Dion was used to foam the businesses of the chain of restaurants 
 misant on the nostalgia of the Fifties. 
(Updated on Dec 9th)
 This week in the US, Celine remains #1 by selling 327,600 units. In 3
 weeks, it has already sold 1.06 million copies. Btw, it also archieved
 4xPlatinum(4 million copies shipped to record stores) in the US. Not 
 only that, TTWII has also reached #1 on the Hot AC chart.

 On the Billboard Awards, Celine performed TTWII. Although she lip-sync
 it, it was a fabulous performance. Celine looked amazing, young and
 pretty. She had a black top with spaghetti strap, and a plastic pants
 with brown colour at the top, and gradually changing into light-green
 at the bottom. It's one of the best Celine look we've ever seen. And
 what made the performance more incredible, was there were around 20+
 dancers dancing on the stage. Of course, Celine didn't do much dancing
 herself, but the performance was upbeat, with all those dancers. Celine
 wasn't nominated this year, therefore, she didn't receive any award.
 Nickels, the chained franchized restaurants founded by Celine, Rene and
 few other people, is suspected by Revenu Quebec of having obtained royalties
 on amounts of money reaching $13,000,000 hidden with the tax department by
 seventeen of the restaurants of the chain in Quebec. 150 inspectors of
 the tax department québécois, assisted police officers, carried out
 yesterday, a series of 26 searchings mainly in the area of Montreal in 
 various restaurants and to the residence of certain administrators of
 the chain and of franchized. The persons in charge of these Nickels 
 restaurants are suspected of having dissimulated in Revenu Quebec more
 than $2,000,000 in various taxes perceived on their not declared sales. 
 According to the Newspaper from Montreal, neither Celine nor Rene were
 directly aimed by the searchings of yesterday. However, in an official
 statement diffused yesterday, Revenu Quebec indicates that the 
 administrators of the companies concerned are liable to sorrow a two
 years to prison and fines being able to reach the double of the defrauded 
 money sums. Non of the the spokeperson of the restaurants have comment 
 on this.

 Reminder: Celine will appear on Jay Leno tonight(Thursday).

(Updated on Dec 8th)
 Celine will appear on today's Billboard Awards.
 Celine will perform on UK Top Of The Pops on this Friday(pre-recorded).
 Celine's ATW video is going to release around the world on Dec 13th.
 In Canada, rumour says that its release date is Dec 7th, which was 

(Updated on Dec 7th)
 On CBS's "And so this is Christmas" special, Celine was the first guest
 to perform. At first, she was sitting on a couch in a living room. She
 talked about how her family celebrate Christmas, and how happy about 
 the "I met an angel(on Christmas day)". Then she was in a studio with
 decoration with the 60s theme. She was dressing in a sparking short 
 black dress. One of the shortest dress we've even seen, which shows 
 Celine's beautiful legs. Celine was singing(lip-sync) and dancing 
 around. The funny thing was that the 3 back-up singers at the back 
 were also Celine. One in a long blond wig, another one with a red wig,
 and one with black wig. It was hilarious! For Canadian, if you missed
 it, don't worry, cuz they'll re-air it on Dec 24th(9:00pm) on CTV.

 In Finland, Celine's ATW album has gone GOLD, selling more than 20,000
 copies already. In some other countries, 20,000 copies isn't a big number.
 But in Finland, it's a big success, cuz they only have 5 million population.
 In a poll in Canada for newsmaker of the century, Celine ranks #19.
(Updated on Dec 6th)
 This week's ATW chart position around the world:
 #1:Austria, France, Switzerland, Eurochart.
 #2:Canada, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Belgium.
 #3:Australia, Japan, UK, Finland, Spain.
 #6:New Zealand(debuted), Italy.
 This week, the album isn't on the #1 spot in as many countries as last
 week, but in many other countries, the album is rising.

 For UK Celine fans, the ATW special will be shown on BBC1 on Wednesday 
 Dec 22nd at 11:10pm~12 midnight GMT. And Celine will appear on Des 
 O'Connor show on ITV on Monday Dec 27th at 6:30~7:30pm. Please check 
 your local listing.

(Updated on Dec 5th)
 On Rosie's special today, Rosie opened the show with Celine singing
 the song "The magic of Christmas day". Celine was in a jean-jacket,
 and a light brown pant. When they sang the 2nd chorus, some kids came
 out to sing with them. Then after a few seconds, some more younger kids
 came out too. Btw, the performance was live.

 Reminder:Celine will be on the CBS special tomorrow at 10:00pm(CBS/CTV)
          She will also appear on the Billboard Awards this Wednesday.
          And she will appear on Jay Leno this Thursday.

 A new Hong Kong singer called Joey Yung, covered Celine's "S'il suffisait
 d'aimer". If you want to listen to the cantonese version, you may click

(Updated on Dec 4th)
 Celine will be on "A Rosie's Christmas special" tomorrow (ABC/CTV).
 And Celine will also be on "And so this is Christmas" on Monday(CBS/CTV).
 Please check your local listing.
 In Japan, on the daily ranking Oricon Chart(compile from sales figures),
 ATW finally reaches #1! 

 Celine is nominated for Favourite female singer for People's Choice
 Award, againsting Shania Twain, and Britney Spear. Celine received this
 award last year.
 In a poll complied recently, Celine is also the favourite female artist
 among hispanic American. 

 There's an quite interesting/informative article on Celine on Nationalpost.
 You can read the article clicking here. You can find out more about
 the hispanic American poll there.

(Updated on Dec 3rd)
 In Europe, ATW remains #1, and TTWII debut at #8!
 Looks like that the webcast for Celine's millenium concert has been
 cancelled due to inconfident to garantee having a perfect quality
 video and audio. But video for the concert will probably come out 
 around Feb 2000.

 There's an article of Celine on French ParisMatch magazine. You can
 read the article by clicking here 

(Updated on Dec 2nd)
 Celine goes all the way to the top of Billboard Top 200 album chart
 (w/ATW), and Top Pop Catelog album chart(w/These are special times).
 On the Christmas album chart, These are special times is #6, selling
 more than 80,000copies last week. Lask week, including the sales of ATW,
 Celine sold nearly half a million copies of album in one single week
 in the US! TTWII moves up to #44 from #49 on Hot 100 singles. It's not
 a bad position for a song which hasn't been released in cd singles.

 Vh1 is going to have a "Behind the music" special with Celine. No date
 set yet. 

(Updated on Dec 1st)
 Celine did it! US Celine fans did it! ATW is #1 this week in the US!!
 394,000 copies were sold last week! It's the third #1 album for Celine
 in the US.

 Rumors saying that Celine is up for an hornour for "Artist of the decade"
 on the Billboard Awards with some other artists.
 Celine is listed on the 2000 Guiness book, as the highest earning music
 stars in 1998(55.5million). And MHWGO is also the most requested video
 on The Box(a mtv channel which can be view world wide). Since the release
 on the video, to July 1999, it had 60,474 requests.

 Celine is one of the candidates on Dotmusic for MissPopWorld, representing
 Canada. Please go and vote for her! Click here to vote!

(Updated on Nov 30th)

 Found these pics from the Celineonline conversation. Whoever own these
 pics, if you don't want them to be here, just email me. Thanks! =)
 ATW has archieved platinum in Autralia, and 2xplatinum in the UK. I'm
 sure that it has some other platinum archievements around the world,
 but these are the only two I know.

 There's an article about Celine on National Enquirer(US tabloid). It's
 about Celine's plan of having a baby and adoption. Click here to
 read it.

 For those are who interested in ATW's TV special rating, it ranks #3
 for Wednesday night, behind "Who wants to be a millionair", and "Laws
 and order", which is not bad at all! 
(updated on Nov 29th)
 This week's ATW chart position around the world:
 This week, ATW debuted #1 in Canada, Norway, Germany, Austria, France,
 and Switzerland. It also debuted #1 on Eurochart(chart for the entire
 Europe.) It's #2 in Japan this week. It's #3 in UK, Sweden(debut),and
 Ireland(#3 from #7). It moves up to #4 from #13 in Finland. In Belgium,
 it jumps to #5 from #41 and debuted #5 in Australia. In Italy, it debuted
 at #7. In Denmark, it moves up to #11 from #26. And in Portugal, it debuted
 on #14. Way to go! Hope ATW will reach #1 in all countries and stay there
 as long as possible!

 On Dec 6th, CBS is going to have a Christmas special called "And so
 this is Christmas" which will include guests like Ricky Martin, Gloria,
 and of course Celine. On the commercial, it says you'll see Celine like
 you've never seen her before. It also shows clips of her dancing around
 and as a backup singer. Looks interesting! =)

(Updated on Nov 25th)
 On Billboard's Pop Catelog chart, "These are special times" is #1!
 This chart is for albums that are 2-year-old titles that have fallen 
 below No. 100 on The Billboard 200 or reissues of older albums. And in
 Top 200 albums chart, as said before, ATW is #3. TTWII is #49 on ACTop40,
 it's not that bad because Sony hasn't release cd singles for this song.
 Celine and Rene will make a appearance at two Nickels restaurant in
 Florida. On Monday November 29, at 5:00 p.m., Celine and Rene will
 visit the Nickels restaurant in Fort Lauderdale at 1800 North Federal
 Highway. At 7:00 p.m. they will stop by at the Nickels restaurant in
 Pompano at 2341 North Federal Highway.

 On Celine's "All The Way" special, Celine sang "Love can move mountains",
 "To love you more", "That's the way it is"(w/Nsync), "All the way",
 "The first time ever I saw your face", a song of Gloria, and "Conga".
 In addition, Gloria sang "Because you loved me" and her duet with Nsync
 "Music of my heart". Celine was in 4 different outfits, and she looked
 happy and great. At the end, she said she would love to leave us with
 some lyrics of the song "All the way". She said "Who knows where the 
 road will lead us, only a fool would say. But if you'll let me love
 you, it's for sure, I'm gonna love you all the way. Thank you very much!
 Good night" And Celine's voice broke there. I think it must've been 
 quite emotional for her.

(Updated on Nov 24th)
 ATW will debut on #3 on the Billboard! #1 is Korn(574,000 units sold),
 #2 is Dr Dre(516,000 units sold). ATW sold 303,000 copies, the 2nd
 highest first week sales in the US in Celine's career. LTAL sold
 334,000 units in its first week. So far, ATW is #1 in the UK, and
 Germany, #2 in Japan, and #3 in the US. Let's hope it will be #1 around
 the world soon! =)

(Updated on Nov 23rd)
 Celine was on Larry King Live yesterday. She talked about Rene's illness,
 how they found out, what was their reaction...etc. Celine said when she
 first heard Rene's really having cancer at the hotel, her whole body
 was shaking, but she didn't cry. And she didn't know why, but she felt
 strong, and she put on her clothes as fast as she could and she couldn't
 wait to get to the hospital to comfort Rene, because she knows he needs
 her. Celine said, in the past, she needs Rene. And now, Rene needs
 her, and she's going to make a different in his life, and it feels great.
 Larry asked Celine is she still planning to have a baby, and Celine said
 yes, of course, after all her projects are done(after dec 31), and Larry
 asked, "why not now?" Celine replied in a funny way "...(looked at Rene)
 okay, let's go!(meaning do it NOW in the studio)". She explained she's
 a very stressful person, and she doesn't want to have a baby when she's
 busy working. When she's at work, she wants to give 100%, the same case
 when she's a mother, she also wants to give her 100% to the child. So 
 she wait till the break is here. And she also said that Rene had frozen
 his sperm before he had the chemotherapy. So that babies are there waiting 
 for her, and she can't wait to put them in her body. They also received
 calls from Celine's fans, asking Celine questions. Celine looked great,
 and she did a good job in answering questions. She also mentioned that
 her sister Pauline, called her few weeks ago, asking Celine and Rene 
 whether they want to be the godmother and godfather for her new born

 Reminder:"All The Way" special is going to be on CTV TONIGHT!

(Updated on Nov 22nd)
 Celine's TV special will be on CTV TOMORROW at 8pm, and Wednesday
 on CBS. Don't forget to watch it! =)
(Updated on Nov 21st)
 ATW~ADOS debuted #1 on the UK chart!! In Japan, on Oricon daily album
 chart, it's #2. The Oricon's weekly chart will come out these few days.
 Reminder, Celine will be on "The today show" and "Larry King Live"

(Updated on Nov 20th)
 Celine performed TTWII on Top Of The Pop in Germany(recorded last week),
 and you can watch it here! And I'm sure you know why! Because Frank
 made the performance into realaudio! Here you go! Top of the pop(TTWII)

(Updated on Nov 19th)
 If you missed Celine's TTWII performance on the Germany's Bambi Award,
 you can watch it here in RealAudioG2. Frank did this for us once again!!
 Click here to watch it:Bambi Awards(TTWII)
 If you haven't download the realaudio file of Celine's performance on
 Watten Dess singing "The first time ever I saw you face", click here
 to download it, cuz I'll delete this file in the weekend!

 Celine was on the cover of a Montreal's newspaper. The article was about
 Celine's announcement of remarrying Rene again on Jan 5 2000 in Las Vegas.
 The picture was taken in Paris.

 According to Billboard, Celine will appear on the Billboard Music Award
 on Dec 8th. But I don't know whether she'll perform or not. I don't
 even know whether it'll be live appearance, or a pre-recorded one. We'll
 just have to wait and see.

 Btw, I was searching around the online music stores, and I found out that
 on ATW is currently #1 for top sellers, and on
 it's #3.
(Updated on Nov 18th)
 Here are some of the quotes from the Oprah show:
 Oprah:Are you really leaving showbizz?
 Celine:She's outta here!!
 Crowd:No No No

 Celine:I don't want people to get bored of hearing me, seeing me!
 Crowd:Never Never Never
 Celine:But I would love leave right now with a gold medal, instead of
        leaving when my career is going downward and then I cry myself
        I should've left before.

 Celine:During the European concert when Rene couldn't be with me because
        he had to stay at home resting, I had earplugs on my ear at the
        concert, and Rene could actually talk to me through those earplugs.
        And our signal is that, when I receive his message(hear him),
        I would touch my nose.(And you can see that on ACDS video.)
        And at the end of the show, I had no foundation left on my nose.

 Celine:During the two months we spent in our home everyday, one time
        Rene hold my head with his hands and said "Celine, I need you."
        It's the first time I felt really needed. If felt great!(her voice
        trembled here)

 Peabo Byson:I'm very fortunate to have worked with many incredible
             female vocalist, and in ability and range, Celine is by far
             the best....and it(the world) will be there for her when
             she comes back. And if she's not coming back, then I'll 
             write a song which is so good, so good that she'll have to
             come back and sing it with me.

 Nsync:Celine, you'll be my all time favourite female singer...and you'll
       be missed. And we're glad that you're going, cuz...we really want
       to have number one! As long as you're around....SIGH...

 Oprah:We've all come away with a deeper respect for you Celine, not just
       as a singer, but as a woman, for having the courage to truely
       living the life of your dream, what I think it's really all about. the life that you choose to live, it's all worth it!

(Updated on Nov 17th)
 Celine was on Oprah today, and it was a fabulous show!! It started 
 with Celine came out on a staircase in the middle of the stage, singing
 a medley of "I'm Your Angel", "The first time ever I saw your face",
 and "My heart will go on". Thank god Celine only sang the last chorus
 of MHWGO. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the song, but if she
 sings the entire song again.... Anyway, then both Celine and Rene were
 sitting on a sofa, and Oprah interviewed them. Asking Celine whether
 she's really retiring, cuz when someone's retiring, it means the person
 is gone, and won't come back. Celine explained that she is going to take
 a break, and she doesn't know how long it will takes, but at least 2
 years. But it may be 3 or 5...etc. And Celine said how much she loves
 to really meet the life, and meet Rene as the husband. Oprah also asked
 Rene how he deal with cancer. And how they went through together. Throughout
 the show, they also showed clips of various artists saying how much they
 love Celine, and they'll miss her so much. Those artists included Peabo 
 Bryson, R.Kelly, and Nsync. They also showed come clips of Celine's concert
 at Stade de France, her last concert in the US(Florida), the CBS special...etc.
 During the show, they also told a little story about a person who had
 cancer and how much Celine's songs had help him. That person and his 
 wife were also in the audience, and they were apparently big Celine fans.
 They had tears in their eyes, and Celine hugged them, so did Rene and Oprah.
 Oprah also gave them a suprise by telling them they are going to Celine's
 Montreal concert. Celine also sang "That's the way it is". Btw, all her
 performances were live today, and she sounded great. Well, the show was
 just excellent and very emotional! After the show, I kept hearing my
 mind telling myself that I didn't choose a wrong idol. She's just the
 greatest!!! And Oprah also looked very impressed with Celine, and she 
 said that right now she respects Celine even more for her bright attitude
 towards life. 

(Updated on Nov 16th)

 A picture of Celine receiving the Bambi award in Germany

 "All the way~A decade of songs" hits stores around the world today, and
 10 million copies of the album have already been shipped to record
 stores around the world!!! The FIRST time ever an album has this large
 demand in history! Bravo! Today, Celine's promoting in Paris.
 My tip for "ATW", listen few more times for the new songs before you
 judge them, they'll grow on you!! =) You better love them, cuz they'll
 be the last songs from Celine for a long long time! =) 

 Celine has just said this on a Paris radio! She's going to have another
 wedding!!! With Rene of course! They'll do that on Jan 5th 2000 in Las
 Vegas, for their 5th wedding anniversary. But...why would she want to
 have another wedding?? Anyway, Celine...YOU GO GIRL! ;)

(Updated on Nov 15th)

 Celine's on the cover of this week's TVGuide(US). They have a great 
 5 pages article on Celine. Click here to read the entire article.
 At Germany's Bambi award, Celine won an media award for MHWGO for being
 the biggest single in the past 50 years in Germany.

 Tomorrow is the big day we all have been waiting for! ATW will release
 tomorrow. If you wanna help to Celine to debut #1 on album charts around
 the world, remember to buy the album at big record stores where Soundscan
 counts their sales figures! And in Australia, the TTWII single is released
 today, and the album will come out next week. Let's hope the album will
 do great!! =)

(Updated on Nov 14th)
 Watch out, Italian Celine fans!! Celine willl perform on the Italian
 Lottery TV show "Carramba che fortuna" on RAIUNO starting at 20.45 CET
 She'll probably perform TTWII!!! Incase you are a Mariah fan too, it'll
 be a double treat, cuz she'll probably perform on the show too, although
 it's not confirmed yet.

 Celine was spoofed on SNL yesterday night again! It was the skit of a 
 long commercial for an epic movie "Smurf". Nearly at the end, the announcer
 said something like "And the academy winning singer Celine Dion performing
 the sensational theme song for this magnificent movie...", and Anna Gastyer
 once again imitated Celine, with the straight long blonde hair, dressed
 in a classy gown, singing the theme song of the "Smurf". It was actually
 funny, and kinda beautiful. It wasn't something very stupid or offensive.

(Updated on Nov 13th)
 Celine performed "The first time ever I saw your face" on the Germany
 game show called "Watten Dass" today. You missed it? No problem, cuz 
 Frank did it ONCE AGAIN!! Frank sent me another realmovie file for me to 
 upload it here! Thank you Frank one more time! =) Here you go, the 
 realvideo of Celine's performance on the show! "The first time..."video

(Updated on Nov 12th)
 Celine is currently working on a book which will be named "S'il Suffisait
 D'aimer", which will come out in September 2000. This book is in a diary
 style, which Celine writes herself, talking about her life, her career
 ...etc. And she's working this project with George-Hebert Germain, who
 wrote her official biography. Celine said that he's the only person she
 wants to work with because she doesn't want to start from scratch with
 somebody else. And Rene told George that she's either working with him,
 or they won't go on with this project. George and Celine became good
 friends, when George followed Celine touring around the world, as the
 preparation for Celine's biography. George said that Celine is transparant,
 which means one can ask her any question, and she'll answer it. The book
 will be translated into 6 different languages and distributed around the
 world. The English title for the book will be "All The Way". The proceeds
 from this book will donate to some cancer-related societies.

 It's confirmed that Celine will be on Oprah on the 17th(Wed), not 16th
 (Tues). You can read more info about the show here

 Celine will be on Mama Dion's cooking on Nov 18th(10:00am). Please
 check your local listing.

 According to a Toronto newspaper, Celine refuted the case, filed by her
 ex-drummer last month, in court this week. She claimed that the ex-drummer
 was revaluated while her career started to kick off internationally.
 And Peter Bardeau couldn't read music, which's one of the problem. And
 his talent was below to accompany with the rest of the band, especially
 when Celine's career is getting more busy, and her music is getting more

 Few days ago, we were talking about the finals of AccessHollywoood 
 millenium polls for favourite female singer, and favourite song. So 
 far, Celine's leading by a big margin! She's leading in the female singer
 category with 59.7% of the votes. Modonna is second with 14.5%, while
 Mariah is 10.2% at the third.(10129 people voted so far.) In the favourite
 song, Celine(MHWGO) is also leading with 38.8%, infront of "American
 Pie"(22.5%), and Hey Jude(14.4%).(6888 people voted so far). You go, Celine!
 If you haven't voted yet, you can still go and vote for Celine at

(Updated on Nov 11th)
 In Ireland, HMV has already put the new album on shelves!! And heard that
 in SOntario, some future shops have also already put the album on shelves! 

 Jessica Simpson, a new singer, was on Rosie's show yesterday. When Rosie
 asked her is she influenced by any other singer, Jessica immediately
 said "Celine Dion!" She said she loves her, and "She's....she is..(sigh)
 the best!" She also told Rosie that she loves Celine as Rosie loves
 Barbra! And she's jealous of Rosie because Rosie did a duet with Celine.
 TTWII moves to #8 from #10 on Billboard AC chart, which is compiled 
 by airplay.

(Updated on Nov 10th)
 I'm very happy to present you.........THE VIDEO OF TTWII REAL VIDEO!
 Frank, a fellow Celine fan, sent me a file for me to upload it here.
 So everyone, let's say THANK YOU together to Frank! Thank you! =)
 So, here you go, watch the video yourself! TTWII VIDEO
 You need Real Player G2(which is free) to view the file! =)

 The Colour Of My Love has been certified 6 times platinum and These are
 special times for 4 times platinum in the US! Congratulations!
 German Celine fans and whoever receive VIVA channel, if you want to 
 watch the video on TV, check it out at these following times! Good luck!
 Nov 11  19.00~20.00 CET
 Nov 12 9.00~10.00 & 17.00~18.00 CET
 (got this from the newsgroup)

(Updated on Nov 9th)
 Good news for the German and Canadian fans!!! In Germany, a channel 
 called Viva premiered the new video in Interaktiv yesterday already!! 
 And in Canada, MuchMoreMusic also premiered the video yesterday night!!! 
 I also happened to catch it today. And I think MuchMusic will play it
 soon too! In addition, my description of the video below, isn't totally
 the same as the video. But not a big difference. 

 The new Celineonline is launched today. You can see some new Celine
 pics there. And rumors saying that the new booklet of the new album
 will have 16 pages, lyrics of course, and with Celine's opinion on each 
 of the new songs, and a letter from Celine. Also, a letter from Celine
 to Rene, and some thank you notes. And a couple of new pics. Actually,
 I think you can already find the letter, and those pics on Celineonline.
 Hope there'll be more new pics besides the ones there! =)

 And also, please vote for Celine at for favourite
 female singer, and favourite song!!!!
 One last thing, just wanna remind you to remember to email Rosie asking her to have
 Celine stay for the whole show!!! Email Rosie

(Updated on Nov 8th)
 Since I'm living in Canada, I couldn't watch the premier of the TTWII
 video. This is what I gathered from the net about the video. First of
 all, many Celine fans love this video a lot!! Some of them say that
 it's their favourite. And they think Celine looks great, and very happy
 in the video. Well, I don't want to say too much about the video since
 I don't want to spoil everything. But I also know that some Celine fans
 may not be able to watch this video ever due to the place they are living 
 in. So now, I think I better to write all I know(from what I get from
 the net). And if you don't want to be spoiled, and want to wait til you
 watch it yourself, you better stop right here. Okay, here we go. Celine's
 wearing a black top(down to the peak of her belly), and a white pant(flare).
 So it shows some of Celine's belly. Celine also has a black wrist band.
 She looks healthy, not too thin, just right. Young, happy, and fresh too!
 And of course beautiful. It starts off by lights off, and showing some
 fishes. Then lights start to turn bright, and Celine is dancing around
 in a big white room with a black furniture, and black floor. She starts
 singing, and the next scene showing Celine spining and singing on a chair.
 And there's also some scenes showing different people doing different 
 things while watching or listening to the song. They all become very 
 happy, and some of them dancing around. Here are some examples of what
 those people are doing. Two people sitting closer and closer to each other.
 And a girl in a car bouncing her head with the song, and a cute guy saw
 her bouncing so hard, and the girl starts cracking up. There's also one
 shot of Celine turning the camera to those other people. And everyone 
 was very happy and dancing with the song and getting the message of the 
 song.Overall, it's a very cool, excellent, and freshing video. According 
 to Celineonline, MTV will probably starts playing this video on Nov 15th.
 I think that will also be about the same time for Muchmusic and MuchMoreMusic
 to play the video. Well, that's all I know. Can't wait to watch it myself!! =)

 According to Billboard online, the debut track from Celine's new album 
 is being previewed for free on America Online. "All The Way," the virtual
 duet with the late Frank Sinatra, will be streamed to AOL members beginning
 today. The song will be available to all visitors from Wednesday
 until Nov. 16. The track can be heard by using's SpinnerLite

 An UK TV station channel 4 along with HMV record shops and Classic FM 
 had a poll in the UK to find out who are public's favourite musical 
 performers and composers of the millennium. The results were listed in
 yesterday's "Independent on Sunday" newspaper. Celine is #3! Bravo! 
 1 Madonna
 2 Aretha Franklin
 3 Celine Dion
 4 Ella Fitzgerald
 5 Mariah Carey
 6 Whitney Houston
 7 Alanis Morrisette
 8 Annie Lennox
 9 Kate Bush
 10 Bjork

 Reminder:Video of TTWII premiers tonight at 8:00pm(ET), 5:00pm(PT)on VH1
          Celineonline will have a new fresh look on Nov 9th!

(Updated on Nov 7th)
 Want to make a correction. The premier of TTWII will be on Nov 8(Mon)
 on VH1 at 8:00pm(ET), NOT 8:00am.

(Updated on Nov 6th)
 LTAL is certified 10 times platinum(10 million copies=diamond) in the 
 US! It's the second Celine album after FIY to be certified diamond in 
 the US.

 More about the poll of top 20 beautiful woman as mentioned yesterday.
 They will put the pictures of the top 20 beautiful women in a time
 capsule, as one of the things telling the people in the future that 
 these are the things from this millenium.

(Updated on Nov 5th)
 Celineonline will have a fresh new look on Nov 9th(Tuesday) for Celine's
 last album of the millenium.

 On the National Enquirer TV show, it says that Barbra Streisand wants
 to hook up Celine using satellite during Barbra's Millenium concert, 
 for them to sing "Tell him" together. However, Celine is upset about
 this, because Barbra only wants the performance to be viewed by her
 audiences at her concert only, not including Celine's audiences at 
 Molson Center.(Remember National Enquirer is a tabloid!)

 (taken from Destin)
 The British beauty company Beautiko has polled 3,000 UK men and women aged 
 between 20 and 40 to find out who is considered to be the world's most 
 beautiful women. Here's the Top 20 with Celine just coming inside at 

1. Sophia Loren
2. Elizabeth Hurley
3. Cindy Crawford
4. Julia Roberts
5. Joanna Lumley
6. Michelle Pfeiffer
7. Caprice
8. Raquel Welch
9. Catherine Zeta Jones
10. Gwyneth Paltrow
11. Ulrika Jonsson
12. Pamela Anderson
13. Claudia Schiffer
14. Naomi Campbell
15. Dolly Parton
16. Madonna 
17. Carol Vorderman 
18. Tracy Shaw 
19. Celine Dion 
20. Queen Noor of Jordan 

(Updated on Nov 4th)
 Video of TTWII will make its premier on VH1 on "New Music Monday" at 
 8:00am, November 8. 
 And TTWII is already #10 on the Billboard AC chart! 
(Updated on Nov 3rd)
 It's interesting to see what other artists has to say about Celine.
 Here's what Dan Hill has written for Celine, and the song "Seduces me", 
 and the song "Wishful Thinking(duet with Celine)" in the booklet in his
 greatest hits album which has been released in Canada.
 Seduces me:I wrote the first draft of this song on piano.  A few months
 later John Sheard and I were demoing the song.  Halfway through the song
 we realized the melody needed to build.  John did a wonderful job helping
 me re-adjust the melody so now it soars in all the right places.  A 
 couple of years later, Céline Dion recorded the song for her 'Falling
 into you' CD. Listening to her singing the song at the Hit Factory in 
 N.Y.C. was one of the musical highlights of my life...
 Wishful Thinking:I sang a lot with Celine Dion in the summer of '87.  
 She was wonderful to work with.  Although she wasn't yet known around
 the world or in english Canada, she'd been a star in Quebec since 
 childhood.   None-theless, I found her completely unpretentious and I
 had never met anyone who could pick up a melody so quickly and make it
 her own. Singing with Céline is kind of like playing hockey on a line
 with Wayne Gretzky. Her greatness just kind of sweeps you along until
 you find yourself singing at a higher level.
 Thank you notes:My life changed when Céline recorded 'Seduces me' in 
 1996. Singers suddenly wanted to record my songs. Without Dave Platell's 
 belief in "Seduces me" and without Céline and René agreeing to let me
 ( along with Rick Hahn and John Jones ) produce the song, my career as
 a songwriter might have never take off.

(Updated on Nov 2nd)
 We love to see Celine on Rosie right? And we all know that Celine always
 very funny on Rosie right? You know, there's a possibility that we can
 help make Celine to stay on the Rosie show for the entire hour!! We've
 already known that Celine will appear on Rosie in Dec. And what we can
 do is to email Rosie, and tell her about this. Because Rosie recently 
 has said that they are going to make an entire show for the Nsync since 
 she receives lots of emails and calls from the people saying that they
 want to see more Nsync on Rosie. So, why can't we do the same thing for
 Celine? Especially since Celine is a good friend of Rosie, and Celine 
 will be leaving us at the end of the year!! Let's email Rosie now!

 You can find the Billboard's article on the Billboard site! Click here.

(Updated on Nov 1st)
 Celine won another felix award(Quebec's Grammy). She won for "The most
 successful singer singing in a language other than French". Celine didn't
 attend the ceremony.
 Celine and Rene opened another restaurant called "Firegrill". It's a
 steak house. And they say they'll just open one first, and see how it
 goes. If it's successful, then they may open more.

 Celine will be inducted into the Canadian Broadcast Hall of Fame today
 in Quebec, the Canadian Association of Broadcasters announced Monday. 
 Celine's induction takes place during the CAB Gold Ribbon Awards Gala 
 at Broadcasting '99 in Montréal, but she is not scheduled to attend. 
 Celine is the 3rd member in the category honouring Canadian music stars
 after Anne Murray, and Bryan Adams.         

 The issue of Billboard magazine with a long Celine article will probably
 hits stores this Wednesday.

(Updated on Oct 30th)
 On Rosie's official site, you can find sound clips of her dueting with
 her friends in her Christmas album. And of course, that includes her
 duet with Celine on "The Magic Of Christmas Day". A Rosie Christmas

 SRC will air the Maurice Richard special on Nov 14th, and 21st. Celine
 will be narrating a part in the special.
 Celine will be promoting her up-coming album in the mid of November in 
 Europe, and then in Japan. 

 Celine will be performing at the Bambi Awards in Berlin, Germany on
 Nov 13th(The show will be broadcast on Nov 19th). On the same day(13th), 
 she's also scheduled to appear on WEtten Dass.
(Updated on Oct 28th)
 Rumors saying that Sony will release a Celine video in Dec. It may includes
 Celine's greatest hits videos. Rumors also saying that Sony will release
 a DVD in early 2000 for "All The Way~A decade of songs". It may includes
 some new videos from of the new songs in the greatest hits album.
 Rumors also saying that Sony is planning to make 4 new videos for Celine.
 And they are "That's the way it is"(already completed shooting), "If
 walls could talk", "I want you to need me", and "Live". It sounds strange
 that if Sony won't make a video for "Then you look at me". Anyway,
 these are all rumors. As soon as I get some confirmed info, I'll post
 them here! 

(Updated on Oct 26th)

 I was wrong yesterday. Actually, Celine and Rene did went on stage to
 present a special puck to the hockey player Richard. (Thank you Karla
 for the info)
 As some of you may find out that those real audio links below aren't 
 working. It's already expired. I think Andre only wanted to put it for 
 one day.
 I mentioned that Sony UK pushed back the release date for "TTWII", the
 reason may because they want to single to the #1 during the week of 
 Christmas. It's been a tradition in the UK that it's kinda special and
 important for an album or single to be #1 during the week of Christmas.

(Updated on Oct 25th)
 The are two versions of the TTWII single:
 Version 1:
 That's The Way It Is
 I Met An Angel(On Christmas Day)
 Version 2:
 That's The Way It Is
 I Met An Angel(On Christmas Day)
 My Heart Will Go On(Live)
 Tonight, Celine and Rene attended a special ceremony dedicated to an
 old Montreal hockey team player at Molson Center. I believe Celine didn't
 perform. I doubt that she even went on stage too. She and Rene were just
 audiences this time.(I don't know much about this event cuz I don't know
 French. If anyone knows more about this, feel free to email me! =])

 Sony UK is going to push back the release of "That's the way it is" until
 the end of November. Sounds weird, but Sony probably has their reason.

 In Dan Hill's latest greatest hits album(+new songs), it includes 
 "Wishful Thinking", a duet with Celine, and a Dan Hill's version of 
 "Seduces Me". Dan Hill originally wanted to release "Seduces me" himself 
 on his last album in 96, but the song got picked by Celine for her FIY 
 album, so he waits till now to put his version on his greatest hits album.

(Updated on Oct 24th)
 Reports saying that Celine will be working on a book in French. The 
 book will be about the story of Rene's cancer and how they went through
 the whole matter. All the proceeds from the book will be donated to help
 cancer research. Rumours saying that Oprah Winfrey will write the preface
 for the book. Therefore, probably the book will also be translated into

(Updated on Oct 23rd)
 Heard that in Netherland, there will be a big promotion for "All The Way". 
 The biggest promotion ever for a Sony's album in Netherland.
 In North America, of course there are many plans for the album. I got
 these following info from Tony, a member of destin.
 The video of TTWII was shot on Oct 12-14. The video will premiere on 
 CBS and VH1, but no date set yet. Sony has made some posters, some stand-up
 product holders, and window clings to send to record stores for the promotion
 of the album. Of course, there will also be promotion on TV. As mentioned
 before, Celine will appear on the Today Show, CBS This morning, The
 Tonight show, Oprah(to be taped on Nov 10th, airing on Nov 16th), and
 Rosie, and Celine's own CBS special. In addition, Celine will also be
 appearing on Rosie's Christmas special in December. For online fans,
 Celine will have an internet/satellite press conference online, through
 celineonline, as what she did for LTAL in 97. One last thing, a video
 news reel will be created for press/internet purposes featuring historical
 footage.(I'm not sure what this last thing mean, but I'm sure it's interesting.)

(Updated on Oct 22nd)
 Celine will be on the cover of the coming issue of Billboard magazine.
 It will go on sale next Saturday. Hopefully, we'll get a lots more info
 on the new album.
 According to, "That's the way it is" will be released
 in single around the world except US. Sony's doing this probably because
 they want to help the selling for the new album, and don't want the public
 to be overloaded with Celine before the movie theme song "Then you look
 at me" being released. 

 Today I was searching through the ADISQ site(Quebec's Grammy), and I 
 believe Celine has been nominated for "The most successful artist outside
 Quebec". It's quite suprising that it's the only nomination for Celine.
 The awards will be handed out next week on Oct 30th.
(Updated on Oct 21st)

 Found this pic from , and it looks like 
 that this will be the cover for "All The Way~A decade of songs". hmm...
 I think it will look better if it has more colours. And do you notice that
 Celine's cheek in this pic looks fuller. It's kinda cute! =)

(Updated on Oct 20th)
 Found this pic on the net. This may end up being the cover pic for the
 TTWII single. This pic is for the cd promo ad for the music business
 people(not for sale). And I also heard that the cover for the Celine's
 "All The Way~A decade of song" album, maybe a red background with a white
 Celine's logo in the middle. Quite simple aye? Hope it's not the real
 cover for the album. And also, Muchmusic and MuchMoreMusic replied me 
 saying that they haven't received the video for "That's the way it is"
 yet. So, if you've been trying to catch the video on these 2 channels,
 you can have a rest right now. I am not even sure whether they have 
 shoot the video yet.
 Rosie O'Donell is going to release a Christmas album called "A Rosie 
 Christmas" on Nov 2nd, which will donate the proceeds to charity. It's
 an album of duet of Rosie and other singers. Since Celine and Rosie are
 buddy, of because Celine is on the list. They are singing "The Magic of 
 Christmas Day(God Bless Us Everyone)" on the album! 

(Updated on Oct 18th)
 Here's are the tracklistings that probably will turn out for the Aisan 
 and European edition of "All The Way".
 European Edition(not official yet):     Asian Edition(not official yet):
 1- The Power Of Love                    1-The Power Of Love
 2- Think Twice.                         2-Beauty And The Beast
 3- Because You Loved Me.                3-Because You Loved Me
 4- It's All Coming Back To Me Now.      4-It's All Coming Back To Me Now
 5- Immortality.                         5-Love Can Move Mountains
 6- To Love You More.                    6-To Love You More  
 7- My Heart Will Go On.                 7-My Heart Will Go On
 8- I'm Your Angel.                      8-Be The Man
 9- That's The Way It Is.                9-I'm Your Angel
 10- If Walls Could Talk.               10-That's The Way It Is
 11- The First Time.                    11-If Walls Could Talk
 12- All The Way.                       12-The First Time...
 13- Then You Look At Me.               13-All The Way
 14- I Want You To Need Me.             14-Then You Look At Me  
 15- Live                               15-I Want You To Need Me
 For UK, the single of "That's the way it is" is going to release on Nov 2nd.
 And in Nov, Celine is going to make an appearance on her mother's cooking
 show on TVA.

(Updated on Oct 17th)
 Celine recorded a new Christmas song? A new Christmas CD from Target
 Store called "And so this is Christmas" includes a track from Celine, 
 called "I Met An Angel(On Christmas Day)." So, it looks like that we've
 one more Christmas song to listen to this Christmas.

(Updated on Oct 14th)

 Found this interesting pic of Celine and Rene on the net. I believe it's
 from the September issue of Gala magazine. Btw, Celine also has a unique
 pic in Nov issue of Marie Clarie.

(Updated on Oct 13th Afternoon)
 Here's the real audio of That's The Way It Is And you can find the lyrics here.
 Thank you Tony for all your help! =) Hope all of you enjoy this great
 up-tempo song!! And hope it'll become another huge hit for Celine! 

(Updated on Oct 13th)(early morning)
 Just heard the premier of "That's the way it is"! It's a cool and happy
 song. It's the kind of song that will get into your mind after hearing it
 once. And it's the first mid or fast-tempo song from Celine in North
 America and some other places in the world for a long time. If you
 didn't catch the premier, hope you'll be able to catch it at a later

 Celine will fight back the lawsuit of Peter Barbeau. Celine said in a
 statement "The way it was said makes it sound like I'm not singing 
 live at my shows, which is not true," adding "In the past, we've used
 instrumentation and voice samples on the up-tempo numbers. This just 
 gives the dance tracks a bit more punch to enhance the live performance,
 but I think that's normal." She also denied being involved in handling
 the publishing rights of the song, but said that "the people who take
 care of my business have assured me that Peter has 100 percent control
 of his interest in the song."
(Updated on Oct 12th)
 Some radio stations are already playing "That's the way it is". I am
 sure many fans are dying to hear the new song. Well, you can actually
 listen to the song online. I found this out from a person called Andre, 
 from destin list. A radio station in France, which you can listen online,
 is going to play the song today or tomorrow(depends on where you live). 
 And here are the times, when you may hear the song being play on the
 radio through real-player. And the radio station is Cherie France
 France time for Wed Oct 13 1999
 - 08:30
 - 13:00
 - 17:00

 London time Wednesday Oct 13:
 - 07:30
 - 12:00
 - 16:00

 Sydney, Australia time
 - 16:30 (4:30 pm) Wednesday Oct 13
 - 21:00 (9:00 pm) Wednesday Oct 13
 - 01:00 (1:00 am) Thursday Oct 14

 Los Angeles & westcoast time:
 - 23:30 (11:30 pm) Tuesday Oct 12
 - 04:00 (4:00 am) Wednesday Oct 13
 - 08:00 (8:00 am) Wednesday Oct 13

 New York, Montreal, Toronto & eastern time Wednesday Oct 13:
 - 02:30 (2:30 am)
 - 07:00 (7:00 am)
 - 11:00 (11:00 am)

 Chicago & central time Wednesday Oct 13
 - 01:30 (1:30 am)
 - 06:00 (6:00 am)
 - 10:00 (10:00 am)

 Denver & mountain time Wednesday Oct 13
 - 00:30 (12:30 am)
 - 05:00 (5:00 am)
 - 09:00 (9:00 am)

(Updated on Oct 9th)
 Celine is being sued again! This time by her former drummer Peter Barbeau,
 for wrongful dismissal and infringement of copyright. And alleges that
 Celine lip-synchs some of her songs during concert which gave him extra
 pressure. He joined Celine's touring band in 1989 and was fired about 
 five years later. He is seeking up to $5-million in damages. 
 The copyright allegation centres on the song, Dreaming of You, from FIY.
 He said he composed the song with a partner, and retains 40-per-cent of
 the rights, title and interest to it through his company, Bow River Music
 Inc. He also added that he accepted "lower wages than would normally be 
 expected for providing similar services to any other artist of Dion's 
 stature in the entertainment industry." He said in the summer of 1995,
 he was dumped by band leader Claude Lemay "without reason, cause, explanation
 or settlement."
 My personal idea on this is, why didn't he file this earlier? Why 
 wait so long? And he said that "he accepted lower wages than would normally
 be expected for providing similar services to any other artist of Dion's
 stature..", but by 1995, Celine didn't have a very high stature in the
 international music industry yet. And no one forced him to work for 
 Celine, if he wasn't satisfy with the pay. He should've quit. And just
 assume that what he said about the lip-sync(Celine pre-recorded her voice
 on a hard disk, and they mix it with the instructments later in the 
 concert) thing is true, again, no one forced him to tour with Celine.
 If he thought the working environment was too stressful for him, he
 couldn've quit too.  Actually, we can divided this case into two things,
 one is "Wrongful dismissal", and the other is "Copy Right". But what are
 the things about stressful, and lip-sync have to do with these two things.
 Why did he bring up all these unrelated info into the case? And again,
 what took him so long to file the case? And about the copyright thing,
 I have no comment, since we can't really know who's telling the truth 
 by now. Once again, these are only my personal opinion!=)Let's hope the
 justice will do the fair.

(Updated on Oct 8th)

 Here's a pic of Celine's Bryan Adams' book called "Made In Canada". You
 can click on the pic for a larger view.

 Celine recorded her CBS special yesterday at Radio City Music Hall. Celine
 started the show with "Love can move mountains" on the balcony outside
 the Music Hall with some kids, and back-up singers behind her(which was
 recorded the night before), and Celine continued the song on stage in
 the music hall. Celine had a few outfit changes throughout the night.
 Rene was also there. And as mentioned before, N-Sync, and Gloria Estefan
 were also there. Here are some of the songs that Celine performed:
 Love Can Move Mountains, To Love You More, That's the way it is(w/Nsync),
 I'm Your Angel, All the way, The first time ever I saw your face, a
 Gloria's song(and Gloria sang Celine's Because you love me), Conga(w/Gloria
 and Miami sound). People who went there said that the show was amazing.
 So remember to catch the special on Nov 24th(CBS)!

 Celine was on ET last night. They showed an interview of her which was
 pre-recorded. The interviewer first asked Celine how did it(Rene's illness)
 happen? Did Rene or did the doctor told her about the cancer, or did
 she discover a lump or something. Celine said "It happened so quick",
 and started to cry and she apologized and took a kleanex to wipe her 
 tears. Then she continued, and said that she was shocked and then she
 also felt strong right away, because she knows Rene needs her now. And
 it may be the first time ever that Rene needs her, and for all the things
 that Rene did for her, it's time Celine to do something back to her.
 The interviewer also asked her whether the radiation does affect their
 desire of wanting a baby. Celine said yes, but fortunately there are
 many new technologies, and people will take a look at them closely to
 find a way for them to realize their dream. Celine added that they will
 start making a baby on the first day of her break.

(Updated on Oct 7th)
 Gotta keep your VCR in top shape, cuz it will be very busy starting from
 today! Celine will be on ET tonight, talking about Rene! Don't miss it.
 Also more TV appearance to catch!
 Oct  9~Motown live(MuchMoreMusic Canada)
 Nov 16(All The Way release)~Oprah Winfrey Show
 Nov 21~Today Show(NBC)
 Nov 24~Celine CBS special
 Dec  9~Tonight show with Jay Leno
 Dec 13~Rosie O'Donnell
 Dec 31~Celine's farewell concert(TVA Canada)
 Nsync and Gloria Estefen were on MTV yesterday night, and they said it's
 very exciting for them to be in the taping of Celine's special. The crowd
 also applaused when they said that. By the way, Celine actually started
 the taping of the special yesterday evening, and they will continue tonight.

 Celine's brand new single "That's the way it is" will hit radio stations
 next Wednesday. So don't forget to listen to your radio on that day!!
 Video of the song will probably come the day after.(Thank you Peter!)

 TVA is receiving high bids for commercials times for Celine's farewell
 And just to make clear, Celine will NOT perform at the NetAid concert.

(Updated on Oct 6th)
 MuchMoreMusic will air Motownlive this Saturday with Celine performing.
 It's a pre-recorded show. I am sure that it has been aired in the US.
 But I am not sure whether it's the firt time to air in Canada. Please
 check your local listing.

(Updated on Oct 4th)
 Bravo!! In the poll at, Celine's the winner 
 for favourite female artist of the 90s. Among 13831 respondents, Celine
 got 28% of the votes, leading Mariah Carey with 22.6% at the second, 
 and Shania Twain with 15.9% at the third.

(Updated on Oct 3rd)
 Celine is such as nice singer. As some of you may know, Celine had
 a special performance for the atheletes of Ryder Cup(golf) last week.
 And Celine even donated all her earning from that performance to the 
 Ryder Cup for the atheletes. Not only that, Celine has also donated all
 her earning from her Denver concert on last Friday, to the Columbine
 suvivors.(school shooting) And Celine also paid a tribute to them during
 her concert. Celine told them "Your pain and suffering was felt around
 the world. Everyone grieved with you, everyone prayed for you, everyone
 wanted to comfort you and everyone cared, and they still do."

 VCD for "Au Coeur Du Stade" has already been released in Hong Kong. And
 they will also hit stores in Taiwan soon.
 As some of you may know, a book called "Made In Canada" by Bryan Adams,
 features beautiful pictures of some beautiful female Canadian. And Celine
 was one of them. Some of these pictures(including Celine's) are featured
 in the October issue of Flare magazine. If you want to order Bryan's
 book, you may go to

(Updated on Oct 1st)
 It's now confirmed that Celine's Millennium farewell concert will 
 boarcast by TVA across Canada from 9:00pm-1:00am(ET) And TVA will 
 use a new technology for the first time in Canada in order to have a
 clearer and better quality for TV.

(Updated on Sept 30th)
 This is a picture of Celine's latest MHWGO gown in her concert. The pic
 was taken by a Celine fan in Destin list.

 Right now Access Hollywood is 
 having a millennium poll for favourite musician. Please go and vote for
 Celine to be the favourite female singer of the 90s. 

(Updated on Sept 27th)
 Celine's "Au Coeur Du Stade" is entering the Canadian chart at #15, which
 is quite unusual, despite the fact that it is #1 in Quebec City, and #3 
 in Montreal. Celine's last few albums all reached, or debuted at #1. If
 ACDS doesn't reach top 10, it will be the first Celine's album to not crack
 the top 10. And there are few reasons why this album isn't selling that many.
 First, lack of promotion.(Maybe Sony doesn't want to have a big promotion
 on this album, since "All The Way" is releasing soon.) And it's a limited
 edition. Sony hasn't manufactured many copies for this album in Canada.
 They just want to release this album for Celine's fans, not for record
(Updated on Sept 24th)
 It's confirmed that Celine's upcoming album is titled "All The Way~A
 Decade Of Songs". And the first single in North America will be 
 "That's the way it is"(complete with a video), a fast tempo song written
 by Max Martin. And here's the tracklisting for the North America version
 of the album.
                Power Of Love 
                If You Asked Me To 
                Beauty And The Beast 
                Because You Loved Me 
                It's All Coming Back To Me Now 
                Love Can Move Mountains 
                To Love You More 
                My Heart Will Go On 
                I'm Your Angel 
                That's The Way It Is 
                If Walls Could Talk 
                The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 
                All The Way 
                Then You Look At Me 
                I Want You To Need Me 
 As you can see, they've omitted "Would I know", and "Run like a river"
 which were written by Diane Warren. We have no idea why Sony decided
 to omitt those songs. But I am sure that Sony has their reason. Maybe
 those songs aren't as good as other Celine previous songs. No one knows.
 Hope Sony made the right decision. And probably "Then you look at me"
 is the theme song for the movie "Bicentennial Man".
(Updated on Sept 22nd)
 Do you know that Celine almost sing the Millennium song for Canada?
 The heritage minister of Canada wanted to have an official song to mark
 the new millennium. However, the federal Millennium Bureau, rejected the
 idea. However, the heritage minister was still going on for the project,
 and tried to change the federal Millennium Bureau's mind with the song.
 Sony Music Canada was behind the project and had agreed to ensure Celine
 Dion and David Foster would also be involved. The song is called "Give",
 was written by Francisco Lobato, an unknown young Montreal songwriter,
 and embellished in the studio by Aldo Nova. 
 Later on, Michel Lafond, vice-president of special projects for BCP,
 says the demo has been made but Celine won't be involved because of her
 much-publicized hiatus beginning at the end of this year. The search is
 on for a replacement. Lafond said "The song is talking to adults about
 the importance of children and about how the future belongs to our children."
 (info taken from National Post)
(Updated on Sept 21st)
 Incase you didn't know. Celine did something so embarassing during the
 Walk of fame ceremony. During the ceremony, the chairman of walk of fame
 gave a speech after the master of ceremony. And when the chairman 
 finished talking, Celine jumped up from her seat and walked to the 
 microphone, and set the microphone to her height. When she was just
 about to open her mouth, she found out that it was not yet her turn to
 talk. So, Celine embarassingly walked back to her seat, and burried her
 head in Rene's shoulder. The crowd laughed at Celine's mistake. And 
 when it was really Celine's turn to speak, Celine went up to the mic,
 and said "Can I talk now?" Celine really loves to talk!

(Updated on Sept 20th)
 Celine Dion, James Horner, and Will Jennings brought "My heart will go on"
 to the top of the charts around the world. Are they going to do it again
 this year? It's confirmed that they have already recorded another romantic
 ballad for the movie "Bicentennial Man," which stars Robin Williams and
 due in theaters on Christmas Day. The track will be the only song on an
 otherwise instrumental, Horner-composed score and album (to be released by
 Sony Classics.). The song will also be included on Celine's upcoming 
 Greatest hits album. "Bicentennial Man" is a story as Williams--playing
 a robot who yearns to become human. The movie is based on a story by 
 Isaac Asimov, produced by Disney, the budget was $120 million. At first,
 it was planned to release the movie in the summer of 2000, but now it's
 moved up to Dec 17th. Sounds like Celine has enough new songs to release
 a new album, instead of Great-hits.

 "Au Coeur Du Stade" is #1 in France, Belgium, and Switzerland this week.

(Updated on Sept 18th)

 (you can click on the pic for a larger view)
 Celine's star was unveiled yesterday. For a full report, you may go 
 to Walk Of Fame
 For a concert review of Celine's last night performance in Toronto,you
 may go to Jam Music

 On Celine's CBS special, it's pretty sure that Celine will have a duet
 with Nsync, and Gloria Estefan may also be one of the special guests.
 It's so interesting to see Celine dueting with a young boy group Nsync.
 Jean-Jacques Goldman is in court! Goldman is being sued by Danielle 
 Benhaim for stealing the melody of her song "Fond d'horizon" in the song
 "S'il suffisait d'aimer". She claimed that she wrote the song in 1988 
 and sent to Goldman in 1994.  

(Updated on Sept 17th)
 Celine is in this issue of "Hello" magazine(UK), and National Enquirer(US).
 Celine's star on walk of fame has been revealed today.
 "All the way" will have 4 different versions due to Celine's hits varies
 around the world. Such as "Think Twice" was a huge hit in England, but
 not in North America. Rumors saying that the versions are North America,
 South America, Europe, and Japan(Asia).

(Updated on Sept 17th)
 Celine is in this issue of "Hello" magazine(UK), and National Enquirer(US).
 Celine's star on walk of fame has been revealed today.
 "All the way" will have 4 different versions due to Celine's hits varies
 around the world. Such as "Think Twice" was a huge hit in England, but
 not in North America. Rumors saying that the versions are North America,
 South America, Europe, and Japan(Asia).

(Updated on Sept 16th)
 Two more song titles that may appear on "All the way". They are "Love
 is Alive" and "If walls can talk". Rumors saying that "The first time
 I ever saw your face" may also appear on the album.

(Updated on Sept 14th)
 "Au Coeur Du Stade" hits stores in Canada today. And it's already #1
 in France, #2 in Sweden, and #3 in Belgium. Celineonline has also put
 the album online already. Right now, song clips and lyrics are available 

(Updated on Sept 13th)
 Real audio of "All the way" available on this site Celine site
 Click on the link, then scroll down a little bit, then you'll find a 
 link for "All the way" real audio (1 minute). No idea how that webmaster 
 got the song.

 On Saturday in Quebec City Coliseum, Celine was named UNESCO's artist
 for peace, by Canadian representative of the UN Educational, Scentific,
 Cultural organization.

(Updated on Sept 12th)

 Thank you Karla!
 Some people said that they went to a screening party for "All th way" 
 to choose which song to be the first single. They heard Max Martin's
 (who wrote songs for Backstreet Boys, Nsync, Britney Spear) song 
 "That's the way it is", which is a dance song, and they love it so very
 much, and they believe that it'll be a huge hit. And there was also a suprise,
 a song written by Shania Twain's husband Mutt Lang. In the press conference,
 a reporter asked Celine whether it'll be a duet with Shania, and Celine
 said "Anything is possible!" The people who went to the screening party
 said that Shania also did some part in the song. They also got to hear
 songs such as "All the way", and "The first time", which were also good,
 but they love "That's the way it is", and Mutt Lang's song more.

 Four days after the sales for the tickets of Celine's farewell concert,
 90% of the tickets has already gone. Congrajulations to all those who
 are lucky enough to get themselves a ticket. And to all those who can't
 get a ticket like me, hope that more countries will be able to boardcast
 the show.

(Updated on Sept 10th)
 Right now, it's pretty sure that the greatest hit album is going to be
 called "All the way", and there will be 8 new songs. So, right now let's 
 guess what are the 8 new songs. 
 1)All the way (duet with Frank Sinatra)
 2)I want you to need me (written by Diane Warren)
 3)Live (English theme for "Notre Dame De Paris")
 4)That's the way it is (written by Max Martin)
 5)The first time (produced by David Foster)
 6)Would I know (produced by David Foster)
 7)Run like a river (produced by David Foster)
 8)??????(a song written by the songwriter who wrote Cher's "Believe")
 Remember these are not official, so don't blame me if it turns out none
 of them right! ;)

(Updated on Sept 9th)

 Rene is winning the battling of cancer! Yeah! Thank God! And Celine 
 confirms that she will take at least two year break.  "All the way",
 a new duet of Celine and Frank Sinatra, will be the theme of the new
 album. Celine and Rene love this song very much, and it describes will
 how they do things, "we do it all the way!" They asked Frank Sinatra's
 wife for permission doing the song, and his wife was very pleased with
 the new version of the song. All the way, maybe the new title of the
 greatest hit album. For more articles, you can go to 
Montreal Gazette (Updated on Sept 8th) Celine and Rene held a press conference in French today at Molson Centre. It was boardcasted by RDI channel. However, I wasn't able to watch it, and here are some of the info that I got from the net about the press conference. Rene sounds different, and he looks well. Celine looks a bit tired. Info about "Then & Again". There will be 8 new songs, and around 8 old songs. One of the song will be "All the way", a duet of Celine and Frank Sinatra. Another duet that produces by modern technology. Hope it'll turn out good. As mentioned before, she has recorded the song "Live" for the French musical "Notre Dame De Paris" in English. Max Martin, a foreign songwriter specially wrote a song "That's the way it is" for Celine, and Celine has just finished recording it few days ago in Canada. Celine has also confirmed that she declined to be part of the English version of the "Notre Dame" musical. And Mama Dion is going to have her own cook show. And special guest for Celine's Dec 31st concert are Bryan Adams, cast of "Notre Dame", and a Quebec singer. CBS will boardcast 30 mins of the concert, and TF1 has contract for the concert. There's still no plan for a live Canada boardcast.(how sad!) That's all I know for now. When I get more info, I'll post them here as soon as possible. Here are some more info that I got from Karla. Thank you Karla! =) There will be a new french compilation with 3 new songs, done with Jean-Jacques Goldman. About the Millenium show: 1,000,000 will be given to 10 local charities 100,000,000 each ). A special programm will be given to all the people who will attend the concert. There will be duets with Bruno Pelletier, Bryan Adams among others.... Tickets are considered to be the cheapest in North America for a major star( compared to 2,500 for Streisand and 1,500 for Estefan etc... ) The show is going to be given 'In the round' as Céline said she really appreciate giving a show this way. The January 1rst concert in Vegas is a private concert given for family and friends. In a private room. They are flying 260 members of their family and friend for the event. 500 hundreds person will attend. This is a private concert, and not a public one. About René: He had his last treatment on june 25. Got a full check up on July 28: no trace of cancer. But he will have to be checked up every 3 months. He does look good, but his voice is a little raspy. He said that things happened really quick. One day, in Dallas, he notices a bump on the side of his throat. They thought it was an infection. But very soon, they diagnosed cancer, they said they could operate him one week later, but René insisted to have it done much quicker. All this happened during a period of 2 days, where decisions had to me made quick. He had it done in Dallas, because that is where he was at the time. René was touched by the thousand of letters from all around the world, he got from people who gave him their support. Céline found a new strength in him, as well as a 'fragility', not a weakness, but she was proud that he had the courage to admit he was scared, and how proud she is the way he fought. They want children more than ever. They live for the moment. The decision for the break was done long before they discovered René had cancer. Celine's walk of fame will be revealed next Tuesday. So far, 21 Canadians have his/her own walk of fame. (Updated on Sept 7th) It's now confirmed that "Au Coeur Du Stade" will release in Canada on Sept 14th. The tracklisting is the same as the one which released in Europe in August. (Updated on Sept 4th) On next Wednesday, there will be a press conference of Celine and Rene, few hours before Celine's first of the two concerts in Montreal's Molson centre. It will be the first public appearance of Rene since his notification of illness. During that conference, they may also reveal the guests list for Celine's last concert on Dec 31, 1999. Tickets' prices are range from $69 to $499. According to the French version of Celineonline, the video of "Au Coeur Du Stade" contains 22 songs, and it's 2h30mins long. So I think probably the video includes all other English songs. Sounds great!! (Updated on Sept 2nd) These pictures are from Frank. They are the pictures in the cd booklet. You can click on them for a larger view. Thank you to all those Celine fans who sent me the pictures of the cd! Thank you! =)Aren't Celine fans great or what! Here are two bigger versions of the covers' pictures. You can click on them to have a larger view. Thank you Tatiana for these pictures! =) (Updated on Sept 1st) For this year Muchmusic Award, Celine is nominated for MuchMoreMusic Artist, up against Bryan Adams, Deborah Cox,Sarah McLachlan, Shania Twain. In case you don't know what does "MuchMoreMusic" mean, MuchMusic is a music video channel in Canada, and MuchMoreMusic is their sister channel which focuses on adult contemporary songs. So, don't wait and go to vote for Celine now!!
Much Music Award Please note that they vote for different categories each week, but I'm not sure when it's time to vote for Celine's category. I only know it's not this week. Canadian singer songwriter will be sharing the stage with Celine. For all of Celine's upcoming Canadian concerts, Corey Hart who wrote "Miles to go before I sleep" and "Where is the love", will be the special guest. These are the pictures of the cover of the album and video of "Au Coeur Du Stade". The tracklisting for the cd is as below: 64 minutes and 29 seconds. 1: Let's Talk About Love (with beautiful intro with the music of Titanic) 2: Dans Un Autre Monde 3: Je Sais Pas (with a very good guitar-sound) 4: Je Crois Toi 5: Terre 6: J'irai Où Tu Iras 7: S'Il Suffisait D'Aimer 8: On Ne Change Pas 9: Medley Acoustique (acoustic medley) Ce N'était Qu'un Rêve - D'amour Où D'Amitié - Mon Ami M'a Quittée - L'amour Existe Encore - Ziggy 10: Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore 11: My Heart Will Go On (Thank you Michiel for these info! =) Heard that Celine and Rene will be returning to Quebec this Friday from Florida. Because they are throwing a party in Terrebonne Golf course which they own. The party is called "Let's talk about golf". Attendants of the party are all workers of the "Let's talk about love" tour. And few days after, they will have a press conference telling about how's Rene doing. I'm pretty sure that many people want to get the album "Au coeur du Stade". You can try it at I'm trying my best to find pictures of the album, if you have some and if you want to share with us, you can send me those pictures through email, so that I can post them here! =) (Updated on Aug 30th) Hi everyone! I'm back! =) Sorry for not keeping you guys updated with Celine stuffs for the last two months. Well, lots of things to catch up! First of all, Celine's greatest hits album is now called "Then & Again" and it's planning to hit stores on Nov 16th. It will feature 5 to 8 new songs, and some old great hits such as "Beauty and the beast", "MHWGO", "Where does my heart beat now"...etc. Rumours saying that the first single from the album will be "I want you to need me" written by Dianne Warren and produced by David Foster. Some of the new songs which I know may appear on the album are called "Run like a river", "The 1st time", and "Would I know". Remember the big concert at Stade de France? Right now, it has released in CD already in some countries in Europe. The title of the album is called "Au Coeur Du Stade" (11 tracks). It includes all the French songs that she sang during the concert, but Sony has cut out many English songs. The only English songs left on the album are "Let's talk about love" and "My heart will go on". They have also cut out some of Celine's chit chat such as talking about the recovering of Rene. The CD also comes with a picture sleeve. I heard that it has great pictures. Rumors saying that a video format of the concert will come out soon. And hope that they will leave the English songs in. CBS has announced that another Celine special is coming soon. It will probably be aired on the Thanksgiving night. It will be taping a performance of Celine in Radio City Hall. On October 9th, Celine will participated at the Net Aid concert which will take place in New York, London, and Geneva at the same time. It will be the largest charity concert ever in history. Celine has recorded the song "Live" for the English soundtrack of the musical "Notre Dame De Paris" produced by Luc Plamondon. "Celine Dion~These are special times" TV special has been nominated for 2 Emmies. On August 6th, Celine has participated at Tiger Woods charity. She told how huge Tiger Woods fan she and Rene are, and how they were suprised to hear Tiger Woods's invitation message on their answering machine. Celine also said that Rene was very happy, especially because Tiger Woods kept calling them to see how's Rene's recovery. On Canada's 100 most popular Canadian singles chart, complie from all the singles from May 1975 to June 1999, "The Power Of Love" is number 1, while "Because you loved me" is number 16. In Japan, if you get on the JR train, you'll probably see an advertisement (poster) of Celine for an English school. The school called "Eion" has chosen Celine for their promotion. (Updated on June 25th) More pictures from Celine Stade de France concert. =) (Updated on June 24th) Base on the tracklisting of various "Treat her like a lady", it looks like that Sony UK is pretty serious on this single. Hope it'll do well around the world. CD1 1 Treat Her Like A Lady 2 Treat Her Like A Lady (Metro Club Mix) 3 Treat Her Like A Lady (Ric Wake Club Mix) CD2 1 Treat Her Like A Lady (recorded live at the Molson Centre, Montreal) 2 Love Can Move Mountains (recorded live at L'Olympia de Paris) 3 The Prayer (duet with Andrea Bocelli) 4 Treat Her Like A Lady (live video) MC 1 Treat Her Like A Lady 3 The Prayer (duet with Andrea Bocelli) (Updated on June 23rd) I made a mistake, TVA will be the station which televise Celine's Dec 31st concert in Canada, not TV5. Sorry! ;) (Updated on June 22nd) Two more great pics of Celine from Karla! Right now, Celine is probably beside Rene in their Florida's house. The release date of "Treat her like a lady" in Ireland, and UK is June 28th. And rumors saying that the tickets of Celine's farewell concert (Dec 31st) will go on sale on Sept 9th. But probably, there won't be many because some companies,and Rene can reserve those tickets in advance. And rumors saying that the concert will probably be something like the one she did in Stade de France. However, few months ago, I have also heard that the concert may be 3 hrs long. Anyway, we'll just have to wait and see. And in Canada, TVA will broadcast the concert. (Updated on June 21st) The above picture is taken from Libration. In Stade de France concert, Celine added many French songs into her repetoir. She also sang "Je crois toi", "Dans un autre monde", "Terre", "Ziggy", "J'Irai Ou Tu Iras", "Je sais pas", "Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore", "L'amour Existe Encore", "Ce N'Etait Qu'un Reve", "D'amour Ou D'amitie", "Mon Ami M'a Quittee". , and many other. (Updated on June 20th) Celine gave a spectacular concert in front of 9,5000 audiences. Mama and Papa Dion, Luc Plamondon, E. Marnay(the major song writer for Celine's early french career), were among the audiences. Celine also told the audience that Rene has also attended the concert via Satelite. Celine said Rene is watching every single second of the concert in his armchair and he is doing fine. Many audiences despite cameras shooting them, broke into tears. Celine thanked the audience for their support, energy and prayers which helped them a lots. Celine said that she will fly back to Florida immediately after Sunday's concert to be with Rene, before she has her next concert in Switzerland 10 days after. Jean-Jacque Goldman also joined Celine on stage singing J'irai où tu iras and a cappella, S'il suffisait d'aimer. There are also some HK newspapers reporting this concert, saying that Celine's popularity and her high status in the music world, is very secure, and imcomparable. Thank you Karla for those pics! =) (Updated on June 19th) Today in Canada, on some news programs, they show some clips of Celine's concert, telling audience that Rene is doing fine. I think those clips are from Celine's Stade de France concert, but I am not 100% sure. (Updated on June 18th) Tomorrow is the day of Celine's big concert in Stade de France. In case some of you don't know where is Stade de France, it's the stadium where the Soccer World Cup was held. And as a reminder, TF1 channel will boardcast one of the two concerts there on TV few weeks later. (Updated on June 16th) Story time!!! As I said yesterday, a fellow Celine fan got to meet Celine the day before Amsterdam concert at the hotel. Although it was a day for Celine to shut her mouth in order to rest her vocal cord, Lysanne, and some other Celine fans still had a great time meeting her. Right now, let's go to read her whole experience. Once again, thank you Lysanne for your contribution! =) Lysanne's unforgettable experience By the way, Lysanne would like to know what hotel does Celine stay in London and Paris. If anyone knows, please email me or her. Thank you! And also a special thank to Karla. =) Aren't Celine fans the nicest group of people in the world or what?!! (Updated on June 15th) Celine sets a new record in Netherlands. Yesterday, 6,5000 people attented the concert, making it the largest concert ever in Netherlands!! Bravo! Today, a very nice Celine fan, Lysanne, who met Celine in Amsterdam, sent me her story of meeting Celine, and going to her concert. She also sent me a picture of Celine's new outfit in the concert. I think I'll be able to put up that page as soon as tomorrow. Before that, let's tell you what Celine said in the concert. This is what Celine said in Amsterdam concert provided by Merijn. "After 'Because you loved me' Celine said that it was a long time ago already that she was in Amsterdam. She said she was happy to see us again. But before she wanted to move on she wanted to tell a few personal things: "I want you to know tonight, ...that Rene is fine!" (applause of about a minute) "I got to tell you that uhm, I just want you to know something. I just want you to know something: it is hard, but I am so proud of him, because he is so strong. He´s going through it. And I got to be honest with you it was very hard for me. I just arrived yesterday night. .. yesterday morning I'm sorry. yesterday morning. But of course it's hard for me to leave home. I want to be with him. But also, I want you to know that tonight I wanted to come here and I wanted to say to all of you Thank you , so very much for all your prayers. It's helping us tremendously!" The crowd started cheering "Rene" after Celine had said that she organized that Rene could watch the show live via a satelite link. "This is definitely a lot of energy that you just send to Florida and it's going to help him a lot. It's going to give him a lot of energy. And I know he's watching: "Rene, I love you so very much sweety". And tonight we got to go on with the show and we're going to have a good time in Amsterdam!" (Updated on June 14th) The left side picture above is inside a new French Magazine. Celine even has her own golf bag. The right hand side picture is a picture that I found on Celineonline's discussion board. And I want to share this with you because I found it quite funny, and scary! Celine's mother will host an kitchen TV show produced by Julie Snyder. The talk show host Julie Snyder will produce for the first time an emission without being face to the camera. Being a large friend of Celine, she will help Théresa Dion to carry out its dream to have its own TV show. Remember sometime ago, Celine was on Rosie, and she said that after her break, she may come back to her show to introduce new recipe. So, right now, Celine can go to her mom's show to introdue her new recipe there. (Updated on June 13th) Interesting story. During an interview, reporters asked Cher, who does she like better, Mariah or Whitney. And Cher says I like Celine more. Her voice is very powerful! (Updated on June 12th) Good news for people who receive TF1 channel. Because TF1 channel will broadcast one of Celine concerts in Stade De France(June 19th or 20th) on June 26th-8:50 P.M. (20h50)

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