(Updated on Sept 2nd)
 A French press called Echos Vedette has published a report on Anne
 Marie's wedding, which took place on Aug 25th, at the Hotel Ritz Carlton
 de Montreal.  There are also some pictures in the report on some of
 the guests who atttended the ceremony, but no pic of Celine.  Guests
 who attended the wedding includes Mama Dion, Julie Snyder...etc. Celine
 sang for the newly-wed couple at the evening.  People who saw Celine 
 said that they could really see she's pregnant!  

(Updated on Aug 31st)
 If you go to and go to the "News" section, you'll find
 out that right now TeamCeline is running another contest.  It seems
 that the contest is for Celine fans who aren't TeamCeline member yet.
 When you join TeamCeline now, they'll give you a special email, and
 the 1000th people who email to that address will win a prize pack.  If you
 wanna find out more about this, go to now!!

 A Korean Celine fan emailed Sony Music Korea and found out that in this
 fall or winter, Sony Music Korea will release a new Celine album called 
 "Celine Dion Collectors album".  The tracklisting is as below:
 1. That's the way it is
 2. Where does my heart beat now
 3. Tell Him (duet with Barbra Streisand) 
 4. The Reason
 5. Suduces Me
 6. US
 7. Only one road
 8. With this tear
 9. Falling into you
10. The Prayer (duet with Andrea Bocelli)
11. All by myself (Spanish Version)
12. Amar Haciendo El Amor
13. Pour que tu m'aimes encore
14. Be the man (Japanese version)
15. Ziggy
16. The power of the dream

 According to that Korean fan, there were 3 releases of Celine VCD in
 Korea last month.  The re-release of TCOML VCD, and new release of
 "Live in Memphis" VCD and "Au Coeur Du Stade" VCD. 
 Also, the single of TTWII will come out in Korea in September.
 Thank you Young-Ho for telling me all of these! =)

 On the S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site, there is actually an English version
 of the TeleStar interview right below the French one.  So you don't 
 need to go to the altavista translator to translate it.
(Updated on Aug 30th)
 A Celine fan on the newsgroup was searching any Celine related news
 on the BBC news database, and he found an new article on Aug 24th, 2000
 stated "Parnevik, who last week terminated his European Tour membership
 in the wake of his exclusion from Akron, has gone away to forget about
 it. He and his wife, Mia, are holidaying with singer Celine Dion and
 her husband."  Nice to see to Celine news.

 On the S'il Suffisait Site, 
 it has the latest exclusive interview with Celine by the TeleStar 
 Magazine.  If you know French, you can go to the link above directly.
 If you can't understand French, you may go to, and
 then paste the S'il Suffisait page address on the translator, and then
 choose "French to English", and click translate at the end. In the 
 interview, Celine reveals that she intends to leave for at least 3 years 
 from Showbizz now.  

(Updated on Aug 23rd)
 Celine's childhood house is on sale right now.  For $250,000, the 
 modest house could be yours.  The current owner has owned the humble
 100 years old house for the last 16 years.  Right now, you can find
 a virtual tours of the house at offering 
 by Village Solutions Inc. of Sherbrooke.  So far, there were already
 two offers, one of them was from france, have been received and rejected.

(Updated on Aug 22nd)
 I've found a few old pics on Altavista Image search, which I've never
 seen before.  Here are them! =)

 As mentioned before, Rene's daughter, Anne Marie, will be getting married
 on Aug 25th in Montreal.  Let's hope we'll get to see some new pics
 of Celine. However, keep in mind even if we get to see some new pics
 of Celine, we won't be able to see Celine's tummy sticking out yet, 
 cuz the baby is only around 2-3 months old. =)

(Updated on Aug 17th)
 On, there's something like "question of the day" and the
 question is "Which Quebec Chanteuse deserves a headstock for her effigy
 the most?"
 The voting result is like this: 
 CÚline Dion: 33%  Jacynthe: 17%  Mitsou: 17% Marie-Chantale Toupin: 17%
 Aucune: 17%  Lara Fabian: 0%  Isabelle Boulay: 0%  Linda Lemay: 0%
 Ginette Reno: 0%  France D'Amour: 0%  Une autre: 0%
 Geez, what does "headstock" mean?!

(Updated on Aug 15th)
 Celine has received a nomination for the MuchMusic Video Awards.  She's
 nominated for "MuchMore Video Award" with TTWII.  Incase you don't know,
 MuchMoreMusic is the sister channel of  MuchMusic which targets the
 younger audience, while MuchMoreMusic(MMM) plays more Adult contemporary
 music videos.  Other nominations for this award includes:
  Brue Cockburn, "When You Give It Away"
  Chantal Kreviazuk, "Before You"
  k.d. lang, "Summerfling"
  Shania Twain, "Man! I Feel Like A Woman"

(Updated on Aug 12th)
 I'm back!! Hi everyone, long time no see.  In this vacation, there
 were few things that kinda related to Celine.  First, I happened to
 catch the ATW album commercial on TV.  The commercial had the ATW 
 cover on the left upper corner, and then few square boxes floating
 around the screen with various Celine videos footages. Also, in this
 trip, I attended my cousin's wedding in L.A.  And my cousin and her
 husband's first dance was "When I Fall In Love."  It was beautiful!

 Okay, back to Celine news.  Few months ago, we mentioned about this
 already.  Rene's daughter, Anne-Marie will be getting married with
 Marc Dupre(singer/impersonator) on August 25th in Montreal.  Since it's
 the wedding of Rene's daughter, I think Celine will probably attend
 the wedding.  Let's hope we'll get to see some new pics.

 There are reports saying that magazines are willing to pay up to $50,000
 for an exclusive pregnant Celine pic.  Neat, aye. =)

(Updated on July 27th)
 In Hong Kong, a famous song-writer called Mark Lui has produced many
 big hits for various singers in HK. However, at the same time, some
 of his materials have been criticized for being much alike some of the
 foreign hit singles.  The lastest criticized single is a song he produced
 for Leon Lai, a very popular/famous HK male singer.  If you remember,
 Leon was the one who almost got to perform with Celine at her HK concert.
 The song is called "Two worlds in a second", and it's criticized for
 sounding much like "To love you more" at the beginning.  And the 
 arrangement of the song is also pretty similar to TLYM, with a violin
 accompanying. Click here to listen to a real-audio clip of that song, and 
 see whether you also think it sounds similar to TLYM, especially at
 the beginning.
(Updated on July 23rd)
 On Sony's new releases site, it confirms that besides releasing the
 TTWII cd single on Aug 1st, it'll also release the Vinyl Single 12
 inch for TTWII on Aug 15th.  Can't understand why they decide to release
 singles for TTWII at this time! 

(Updated on July 20th)
 If you're a Team Celine member, you would've known this.  Right now,
 Team Celine will be giving away 5 prize packs including:
 An 'All The Way' poster, "Zora Sourit" single with "Sur Le Meme Bateau
 and "Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore", "The Reason" single with "Be The Man",
 "Make You Happy", and "With This Tear", "Tell Him" single with 
 "Everything" performed by Barbra Streisand, and "Where Is The Love"
 performed by Celine Dion.
 To enter this contest, first of all, you need to be a Team Celine
 member, and then you'll have to reply them an email about this contest,
 with the subject line "I love Celine."  They'll give prize to the 
 every 50th people who reply their email.

(Updated on July 17th)
 A Korean Celine fan, Ji-won Park told me that the latest release date
 for ATW VHS/DVD is August 7th for Europe.  Thank you Ji-won.  If you
 want more info, you may go to
(Updated on July 15th)
 On July 19th, "I want you to need me" remix single will come out in 
 Japan.  Here are the tracklisting:
 1. I Want You To Need Me (Thunderpuss Radio Mix)
 2. I Want You To Need Me (Thunderpuss Club Mix) 
 3. I Want You To Need Me (Thunderpuss Tribapella)
 4. I Want You To Need Me (Thunderdub)
 5. That's The Way It Is (Metro Mix - Edit)
 6. That's The Way It Is (The Metro Club Remix) 
 Thank you Young-Ho for giving me this info! =)

(Updated on July 13th)
 There are rumors that this will be the tracklisting for the US TTWII
 1 TTWII metro club remix
 2 IWYTNM thunderpuss club mix
 3 IWYTNM thunderpuss tribapella

(Updated on July 12th)
 For US Celine fans, if you still haven't got yourself a copy of the
 TTWII single, don't worry, cuz Sony finally decided to release the
 single on Aug 1st!  Maybe they think now is the time a release of that
 single won't hurt the album sales. This info(release of the single)
 is confirmed on Sony's site.

(Updated on July 10th)
 In 1996, Celine before singing "The power of the dream" at the Olympic
 Opening Ceremony, she premiered the song with David Foster at a Coca
 Cola's convention(celebration party).  Click here to go to a page,
 where you can find real-video and Quicktime file of the performance.

(Updated on July 8th)
 There have been some false reports saying that Celine is cutting her
 break short, to record a new song for the Pope's album.  Sony's repre-
 sentative has confirmed that Celine has only recorded spoken words for
 the album, and it was recorded last fall, before Celine started her

(Updated on July 7th)
 These pics are from Gala Magazine, and they were taken in New York.
 Thank you Jimena for sending me these new Celine pics.  Celine and
 Rene look cool and trendy in these pics, don't you think!   

 Something you may not know. In the US, Celine is one of the three
 female artists holding the record for "fastest start". I don't know
 what it means exactly, but I think it means her album is one of the fastest
 selling album at the beginning of the release, by a female solo artist.
 Celine's "Let's talk about love" and "All The Way" is tying with Mariah's
 "Daydream" and Britney Spears's "Oops!...I did it again".

(Updated on July 4th)
 This site is picked as the "Site of the week" winner at!
 Thank you for those who picked this site, and your support! is a page where you can find links to various
 Celine sites.  It's one of the good places to find the address of a
 particular Celine site you want to visit.

(Updated on July 2nd)
 Big suprise!! "I want you to need me" debuted at #1 on Canada's Single
 chart.  Another suprise for some of you, it's only the second #1 single
 for Celine in Canada.  The first one was "The power of love".  The
 reason is that many of Celine singles were released as import singles,
 which made them not widely available.  Maybe the baby in Celine's
 tummy is bringing her luck! =)

(Updated on July 1st)

 It's been confirmed that Celine is pregnant with one baby, reported
 by Le Journal De Montreal.  The pregnancy was confirmed on Wednesday
 at Celine's doctor's clinic in Florida. "It's total joy," said a Dion
 sibling. "Her ultrasound test gave the hoped-for results. She heard
 the baby's heart. It's a dream come true."  The sibling also said that
 Celine has been experiencing morning sickness but she's encouraged by
 her mother. "It's an easier pregnancy with just one baby," the sibling
 told the Montreal newspaper. "We're all relieved and extremely happy
 for our sister, Celine. She's already been transformed by this baby.
 She's more calm." 
(Updated on June 29th)
 These pics are from this week's "Derniere heure" and "Paris match".
 Celine looks better now with a longer hair! =) Thank you Suus for
 sending me these pics.
 Suus also drew this picture herself!!
(Updated on June 27th)
 Thank you Sofia for sending me this TYLAM single cover! =)

(Updated on June 24th)
 European fans, remember to set your VCR!  MTV Europe is going to air
 "Diary~Celine Dion" tomorrow. Please check your local listing! 

 According to The Celine Screen Site, IWYTNM remix single is already
 available in Canada!

(Updated on June 23rd)
 This is the pic of the tabloid cover which Celine is on.

 Rene will be in Toronto today to attend the Canada's walk of fame
 ceremony.  13 Canadians will be inducted this year into the walk. 
 This year, list of inductees include Micheal J. Fox, Neil Young,
 Joni Mitchel, and Ginette Reno.  Celine also received this honour
 last year. Thank you Melody for telling me this info! =)

(Updated on June 22nd)
 It's been long since the first time we heard reports saying Celine
 lended her voice in the Pope's album. Finally, the album will come 
 out in September, this year.  Some artists featured in the album
 includes Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, LeAnn Rimes, Vince Gill, Britney
 Spears, 'N Sync, Monica, 98 Degrees, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Celine
 Dion, Brooke Shields, and Steven Tyler. What they did is that they
 have recorded recitations of the pope's prayers for this special
 album. The title of the album will be "World Voice 2000". The Pope
 has written special reading of prayers, and kept them in a book. The
 book is of prayers that he has read in different cities around the
 world. In addition to an album, the event has spawned a DVD and video
 detailing the making of World Voice 2000, as well as a coffee-table

(Updated on June 20th)
 Today, Dr. Zev Rosenwaks(one of Celine's fertility doctor) was on 
 the morning program(Canada AM).  He talked about the fertility treat-
 ment, and how wonderful Celine and Rene are.  He also said that for
 another week and a half, they'll do an ultra sound for Celine to see
 how well the fetus is developing, and whether Celine has multiple or
 not. By that time, Celine will have 90%-95% of going to full term! 

(Updated on June 19th)
 Celine is on the cover of an US tabloid(Star Magazine). It talks about
 Celine's pregnancy.

(Updated on June 17th)

 Here are two more pics from the People Magazine.  The left one was
 taken on May 29th in New York City.  Celine's hair does grow fast! 
 The right one was taken in Las Vegas, when Rene and Celine renewed 
 their wedding vows.  The baby is Celine's niece, Andrea.

(Updated on June 16th)

 Celine and Rene are on the cover of the latest issue of People Magazine.  
 Click here to read the article!!

 Estevam, the site-owner of sent me this pic 
 from the LiFizz Vitamins commercial. The commercial is on air right
 now! Thank you Estevam! =)

(Updated on June 15th)
 This is taken from  It's talks about the moment when Celine
 and Rene got the news of the pregnancy.
 Celine's Pregnancy: The Real Story  
 Celine Dion, 32, and her husband, RenÚ Angelil, 58, learned together
 that they were expecting a baby. The news came over a speaker phone
 in the kitchen of their $4.7 million Florida home on June 8, where
 the couple had gathered with Dion's older sister Linda and brother-
 in-law Alain, reports the new issue PEOPLE. Dion's gynecologist, Dr.
 Ronald Ackerman, and Manhattan fertility specialist Dr. Zev Rosenwaks
 said in tandem, "Congratulations, you're pregnant!" -- causing the
 pop superstar and her manager-husband to burst into tears, before
 everyone started hugging. "I've delivered thousands of babies and
 seen parents in incredible emotional states," Ackerman told PEOPLE.
 "This ranks in the Top 10 most incredible moments I've ever seen." 

 Celine granted permission for her two specialists to speak to the
 magazine and to describe her in vitro fertilization procedure, along
 with other aspects of her attempts to get pregnant. Among the details
 revealed is that the Angelils started seriously considering the new
 high-tech Assisted Reproductive Technology (which can cost up to
 $14,000) after they renewed their marital vows last January, and that
 three of 18 eggs Dion had removed from her body on May 25 were
 fertilized and transferred to her uterus three days later. Rosenwaks
 estimates that Dion, who is due next February, has a "30 to 40%
 chance" of having multiples.  

(Updated on June 14th)
 According to S'il Suffisait Site, David Foster was on vacation in
 Bahamas, and somehow he had an accident and got injured in his wrist.
 For a Song-writer/producer(piano player), a wrist injury can have an
 serious impact on his career. Due to environmental reason(unfamiliar
 to US medical care), David called Celine at 3:00am in the morning.
 Celine then helped David to arrange some medical specialists in West
 Palm Beach.

(Updated on June 13th)

 A Celine fan, Estevam, sent me this pic(above), and the following
 info: Celine Dion makes two-year agreement with LiFizz Vitamins, an
 effervescent vitamin company. (PRNewsFoto) LiFizz will support Dion's
 involvement with a $19 million dollar advertising budget over the next
 two years. The budget will include a television commercial campaign
 with Dion, which will be aired nationally across the country on the
 major networks as well as cable outlets. Click here to read the
entire article!
 Estevam also has a Celine site.  Click here to go there!  Thank 
 you, Estevam! =)

(Updated on June 11th)
 A newspaper, Le Soleil, has asked a doctor about procedure of a pregnancy.
 I think it's quite interesting to read, so that we know what Celine
 is going through.  Here it is, translated from French. 
 One of the experts in fertility in Quebec, Dr. Pierre Miron, of the
 center of fertility Procreated, in Montreal, explained the stages
 which will follow. (It is important to stress that Dr. Miron does
 not come to a conclusion on the case of Celine Dion, that he did not
 examine, but about the usual process, in such cases). 
 Since the test of pregnancy appeared positive, it is known that at
 least one of the established embryos stuck to the wall of the uterus.
 The experts establish generally only two or three of them, now, to
 minimize the multiple risk of pregnancy. 
 In approximately two weeks, the woman thus fertilized will undergo
 an echography obstÚtricale " to make sure that the pregnancy
 evolves/moves well, that it is viable ". The doctors will then see
 what they call the bag gestationnel and will be able to distinguish
 if there is multiple pregnancy. 
 "If one is lucky, on that date - and in the majority of the cases,
 one is it - one will see a foetal heart beating ", underlined Dr.
 After this test, in two or three weeks, one will probably know if
 the foetus is out of danger " If in two weeks there is a heart which
 beats, it is very reassuring. The probabilities of miscarriage reduce
 in a significant way by the continuation ", indicated Dr. Miron.
 This echography as aims at making sure as the pregnancy takes form
 in the uterus well, not in a horn. 
 Dr. Miron specifies that a woman thus fertilized, at this stage,
 does not need to be at complete rest, to abstain from moving, only
 to avoid the excessive exercise. 

(Updated on June 10th)
 Celine's pregnancy is really a BIG news in Canada. I got 3 newspapers
 today, and all of them, instead of puting the news in Entertainment
 section, they all put it in Top News section!
 Yesterday, few minutes after the announcement, several radio stations
 in Quebec played "The Power Of Love" to congrajulate Celine and Rene.
 According to National Post, Marc Martel, Ms. Dion's brother-in-law,
 said the family received the good news on Thursday afternoon, when a
 joyous Celine called everyone. "We are all very hopeful," he said.

 Montreal Gazette also went to downtown, Montreal, to get some responses
 from fans. Here are what they've said:
 "Good for her. Congratulations. My God, is it true? Really true?"  
 squealed Mariane Blais Tardif, 16. "I pray she has an easy time of
 it, an easy delivery." 
 Another fan, Anne Marie Tessier, 15, was also thrilled. 
 "I love it. I love her so very, very, very much. It's so good. It's
 rare for someone that old to have a baby. She's tried so hard." 
 Chantal Cormier, 18, suggested Dion's life is now complete. 
 "It's a miracle, isn't it? It's like a fairy-tale ending. Let's hope
 there are no complications and nothing bad happens to her. She's
 suffered enough."
 The newspaper has also stated that from a source, Celine has said that
 she would want to return to Quebec, so that the baby will be born 

 There are some rumors that there will be a book called "Wings that 
 make me fly", written by Celine, release by the end of the year. Will
 this be the book Celine mentioned last year which will talk about their
 fight with cancer, and including some journals from Celine in her break?
(Updated on late June 9th)
 Canada's Prime Minister, Jean Chretien, told reporters on a visit to
 Quebec City he was delighted to hear the news. "Good for her, good
 for her. I congratulate her," he said at a news conference.

(Updated on June 9th)
 Celine publicist sent out a statement from Celine today, and here it 
 is, taken from celineonline.
 There's no hiding happiness. We can't keep something so big, so   
 wonderful, a secret just for us. This time it's for real - I'm  

 We just found out yesterday afternoon, RenÚ and I, that the dream
 dearest to our hearts has come true. We are completely, totally
 happy. And we thank God for the great joy we've been given. 

 Over this past year, we went through a terrible test together, but
 we made it through. Stronger, closer, more loving than ever. The man
 of my life, my whole life was seriously ill. He could have thrown in
 the towel, given up, and let our happiness die. But, instead of
 giving up, he chose to fight with all his might. Because he loves
 life. Because he loves me. For his children, for his friends. 

 And today, the life he fought for and saved is now beating inside of
 me, growing inside of me. This is my love. This is the proof that
 you must believe in happiness, the proof that love exists so long as
 you believe in it. 

 A few days ago, RenÚ went through some major tests that all came
 back negative. The doctors who examined him found no trace of the
 disease. For me, this is still what counts most. 

 In three weeks, if all goes well, we'll hear the heart of our baby,
 beating in my tummy. 

 We know how fragile this new life is. 

 But, we know that, whatever happens, life has already won. 
 I'm sure we're all happy for Celine and Rene.  Thank you God for this! =)
(Updated on June 8th)
 As you know, ThunderPuss has made a remix for IWYTNM.  Right now, a
 real-audio file of the remix can be found on
 Click here to find the real-audio file!
 Thank you Roberto for telling me this! =)

(Updated on June 5th)
 If you wanna buy the original version of the Au Coeur Du Stade, you
 can buy it at $16.99 in US currency at  You can also 
 get the box set for $40.30 at
 Thank you RT for telling me this info! =)

 On the MTVAsia Fansites ranking, Celine is now #3 with 155 sites.
 Britney Spears is #1 with 380, Backstreet Boys #2 with 364 sites.
 You can still submit sites here
 Thank you Laurence for keeping me updated on this! =)
 If you wanna make Celine on top of every chart, here's another task
 for you!  On Channel V, they have a Top 5 at 5 thing, where the top
 5 requested songs of the day being played. You can request Celine's
 latest single in order for it to be on the chart.  Click here to request!
(Updated on June 4th)
 My sister bought me a bootleg version of Au Coeur Du Stade VCD, and
 I'm amazed by how professional the package of the VCD is.  As you can
 see in these pics, first of all, there's a glossy cardboard paper
 wrapping the front of the VCD, and when you flip that cardboard paper
 out, there's a calendar.  Inside the VCD, there's another cardboard
 that looks exactly the same as the front cardboard, and behind it, there
 are some info about Celine such as her hobbies, collections...etc.
 There's also another card(as you see above) with a big Celine face.
 Behind that card, there are some zodiac signs telling for each sign.
 Last but not least, they even include a piece of Celine stickers.
 "Wow" is what I can say. Don't get me wrong, I'm not promoting bootleg,
 and I know it's illegal. I only wanna share with you guys that I can't
 believe bootleg stuff can look this professional. =) 

(Updated on June 2nd)
 About two weeks ago, I posted a link here to MTVAsia, where you can 
 submit all the Celine sites you know on the net to them, in order to
 put Celine on their top 10 Artist ranking, which compile from the number
 of sites out there for the artist. At that time, there were only 3 
 Celine sites submitted, and by today, there are already 131 sites, and
 push Celine to #4 on the list.  Celine is still behind Britney Spears,
 Backstreet Boys, and Mariah Carey.  Celine is just few away from Mariah,
 we need to submit more.  Anyway, it's already a huge improvement from
 3 sites to 131 sites.  Thank you to all those who participated. And
 also thank you to Ty-Tho for telling me about this event. You can 
 still submit Celine sites here

(Updated on June 1st)
 Rene attended Maurice Richard's fineral yesterday, and he confirmed
 that Celine underwent two operations in order for her to conceive 
 easier. Celine is not yet pregnant, but they'll know on June 10th is
 she is, and they hope that's the case!  I think it'll be a big thing
 in Quebec if Celine really gets pregnant, because as you know, Celine
 is the daughter of Quebec, and that means Quebec will be having a grand-
 daughter. Especially after the death of Richard(which is a sad thing),
 if Celine really becomes pregnant, Quebec will be very happy too. After
 the death of Richard, I truely found out how united Quebec, the province
 is.  And as a Canadian, I feel proud to have such a unique and united
 province in our country. Anyway, everyone who belives in God, remember
 to include Celine's pregnancy in your prayer!! =)

(Updated on May 30th)
 Above is a small pic of the flower sent to Richard family from Celine
 and Rene. On the note, it says " sinceres condoleances a toute
 la famille Richard."

 Quebec people are expecting Celine to sing a song at Richard's state
 fineral on Wedenesday. Celine sent a statement in both English and
 French to the press yesterday late afternoon.  Here's the English 
 "At the age when I began to skate awkwardly, supported by my brothers
 and sisters, Maurice Richard had already hung up his skates several
 years before.
 And before I had the pleasure of shaking his hand and sharing a few
 brief but memorable moments with him, I had heard his name around a
 lot, each time because he was being cited as an example to others.
 Rene has told me about his incredible career and his determinaton, 
 each time with a tremor in his voice.
 All I know about him was the Legend.
 Then I caught his eye, and I understood how this great athlete could
 become a symbol of courage and an inspiration for an entire nation. 
 I too was taken by his warmth, his sincerity and his charisma. 
 I was also impressed by his courage and dignity in the face of an
 adversary for once stronger than his determination.  Although unwell,
 he retained a lucidity and strength of character far beyond those of 
 mere mortals. 
 He crossed my life like a shooting star, like the "Rocket" he was
 until he breathed his last. 
 I was deeply touched by his loss, and nothing in the world could
 stop me from having the pleasure and the honor of singing one last 
 time for him.
 That will be my way of saying goodbye to him; my own personal prayer.
 Only reasons of health could have kept me away from this Basilica,
 where the hearts of Quebeckers will beat as one in memory of their
 Two small operations, performed on Thursday the 25th and Sunday the
 28th, compelled me to remain in bed for few weeks of convalescence. 
 I will therefore be with you only in spirit, but knowing that you
 will understand my absence. 
 Please convey to the Richard family my sincerest and deepest

 If you're wondering what surgery did Celine undergo, you can find the
 answer in this English translation of an article from today's Journal
 De Montreal.
 Only the continuation of larger sound dreams, that to have a child at
 all costs, could prevent CÚline Dion from taking part in the funeral
 of its god Maurice Richard. She is currently in New York in full
 procedure of techniques of fertility. 
 In an official statement which it emitted at the end of the
 afternoon yesterday, CÚline Dion, touching, written: " Two small
 operations, carried out Thursday May 25 and Sunday May 28, oblige me
 to remain with the bed for a few weeks of convalescence " 
 However, of sure sources, we had the confirmation that CÚline was of
 surgical process to become pregnant following techniques of fertility
 undergone in a private clinic new-yorkaise during last days. 
 It had said it on several occasions, it wanted to benefit this long
 leave from the showbusiness to have a child. 
 The last autumn, with the emission of Larry King on the waves of CNN,
 it had even acknowledged to have taken the precautions necessary
 during the processing of radiotherapy of her husband Rene Angelil,
 and the couple had decided to freeze sperm for if required trying a
 technique of in vitro fertilization. 
 "Only a medical reason could hold me distant from this basilica where
 the c?ur of Quebec will beat in unison in memory with its hero ",
 writing CÚline Dion. 
 All Quebec awaited CÚline Dion with this funeral to sing last once
 for the idol of a whole people. 
 "I was immensely touched by his departure and nothing in the world
 could have prevented me from having the pleasure and the privilege
 to sing last once for him. That would have been my way of him of
 saying goodbye. My prayer with me ", underlines CÚline Dion. 
 In December 1998, at the time of a spectacle in the Molson Center,
 the singer had paid a homage moving to Rocket. 
 "There are some who find me good to be able to fill the Molson
 Center for seven evenings. But him, it filled the Forum during 18
 years. It is not only the player of hockey which we like, but the
 man that you are. A man of passion, courage and determination " 
 The singer then dedicated the song to him It was enough to like.
 Rocket was moved with the tears. 
 The two large ones of Quebec again found the last autumn at the time
 of the great evening homage to Maurice Richard in the Molson Center. 
 CÚline Dion recalled yesterday to be immensely touched by the glance
 of her hero. 
 "Rene had told me his incredible career, his determination, with each
 time a tremor in the voice. I knew of him only the Legend. Then, I
 crossed his glance and I included/understood how this large sportsman
 had been able to become a symbol of courage and an inspiration for a
 whole people. 
 "It crossed my life like a shooting star, as the " rocket " that it
 remained to its last breath " 
 The singer offers her more sincere condolences to the Richard family
 and concludes: " I will thus accompany you in thoughts, constant by
 the certainty which you will include/understand the reason of my
 absence " 

 Let's hope Celine's surgeries were successful and that she'll become
 pregnant very soon.  Also may God bless the Richard family.
 Thank you James, Tatiana, and Suus for sending me info about this news. =)

 sofia found this poster at a record store in Mexico. Thank you Sofia
 for sending me this pic! =)

 In NewZealand, they've finally made a Top 50 chart for the 20the Century.
 On the Top 50 songs chart, Celine is #7 with MHWGO.  On the Top 50
 Artists, which was voted by public, Celine is #12. Pretty good! =)

(Updated on May 28th)
 In case you're following this, Maurice Richard(the Rocket) passed
 away yesterday in the hospital at the age of 78. Preliminary plans
 call for a private gathering of family and friends at a funeral home
 tomorrow. It is expected that the public will have a chance to view
 Richard's body as it lies in state at the Molson Centre on Tuesday,
 with the funeral to be held Wednesday at Notre Dame Basilica

 (Updated on May 27th)
 Yesterday, Davey sent me a real-video file of IWYTNM to put on the
 site! Thank you sooo very much, Davey! =) Click here to download the video!!

(Updated on May 26th)
 On MMM, IWYTNM rises from #29 to #27 If you wanna catch the video,
 remember to catch the countdown show.
 If I'm right, I think "S'il suffisait Site" has the real video of
 IWYTNM. If you haven't watch the video, you can go to this site.
 However, today, the site is down, but I think it'll be working very
 soon.  Here's the link S'il Suffisait

 Do you wanna help Celine to top a list?  Do you wanna win some 
 prizes. If yes, you'll be interested in this.  MTVAsia is currently
 ranking singers by how many fansites out there for the singer. What
 you have to do, is to submit all the sites you know about Celine to
 MTVAsia.  If you wanna know more about this, you can go to their
 page. Click here!!

 This week on Billboard 200, ATW drops from #22 to #38.  In Canada,  
 it's doing better. It rises from #39 to #28. Here are ATW positions
 around the world:
 UK:66(74)  Sweden:/(56)  Australia:41(28)  NewZealand:7(8)  Denmark:19(34)
(Updated on May 22nd)
 I'm not 100% sure about this, but I think on Tuesday's Oprah, the  
 show will talk about romantic weddings, and Celine and Rene's 2nd
 wedding will be mentioned.

 For Canadian Celine fan, on MMM countdown, IWYTNM is #29 on the
 chart. For those of you who haven't catch the video yet, you may
 want to catch the count down.  It's the first video to be played on
 the countdown. 

 I'm encountering some computer problems. Right now, I'm using my
 friend's computer to update this time. Please note that I may not be
 able to update the site for few days.  And I won't be able to check
 my email accounts. Sorry for all the inconvenience.

(Updated on May 21st)
 A Celine fan, Suus, has emailed me a full-length real video
 of "Voices that care". In the beginning, you can see Celine
 recording in the studio with David Foster, and then Celine says
 something short in French and English telling people to support the
 charity, which followed by the video of the song.  In this video,
 you can see many celebrities participating in the recording of this  
 song, such as Micheal Bolton, Will Smith, Kenny G, Linda Thompson,
 Whoopi Goldberg, just to name a few. The whole file lasts 6 mins and
 16 seconds, and around 6 megabites. It's really something, and rare
 too.  Thank you Suus! 
 Paste this address:
 to your browser and click enter to download it.

 This is a bit off topic, but some of you maybe interested. As shown in
 the pic above, last year, Celine and Rene presented a special puck to
 their friend, Maurice Richard(The Rocket), the famous Quebec hockey 
 player, at a special ceremony held in Quebec. Maurice had cancer 3 years
 ago, and was in remission afterward. Unfortunately, last Monday, he was
 admitted to the hospital, and doctors confirmed that he has had a recurrence
 of the abdominal cancer. Luckily, it has not yet spread. However, the 
 cancer is inoperable. Chemotherapy may be possible in the future, but
 that ordeal is unlikely given Richard's age and that he also suffers from 
 Parkinson's disease. Well, may God bless him, and take away all his pain.
(Updated on May 20th)
 Thank you Valdez for sending me this latest Celine pic! According to
 Valdez, this picture was taken on May 8th, in bahamas where she was
 at the Gloria estefan CD release party.

(Updated on May 18th)
 This week on Billboard, ATW is the "greatest sales gainer", with a
 14,000+ copies increase. I'm not sure what's the exact number of copies
 it increases from last week, but I know the 3rd greatest sales gainer
 has an increase of 14,000 copies, so ATW must've a bigger number than
 that. It rises from #31 to #22 on Billboard 200.

 Mama Dion has confirmed to a newspaper that she'll be moving to the Gagnon
 island, Laval(the place where Celine and Rene have just bought), in about
 a year and a half, after Celine and Rene has finished the innovation.
 Celine and Rene will return back to Quebec in this weekend, and will
 be staying there for around 3 months.

(Updated on May 15th)
 This week ATW chart position around the world:
 UK:#74(67)  Sweden:#56(51)  Belgium:/(50)  Switzerland:/(69)
 Australia:#28(32)  Canada:#39(36)  NewZealand:#8(7)  Denmark:#34(39)

 Last time, I mentioned about a special bonus video which comes along
 if you buy any Celine cd in some participating record stores. One of
 the participating stores is Coconuts.  If you wanna find out more about 
 this chain of stores, you may go to  
 Thank you Denise for sharing this info! =)

(Updated on May 12th)
 Celine and Rene may not be happy with the "castle" which they've bought.
 According to Journal De Montreal(Quebec's newspaper), Celine and Rene 
 asked architect Rene Rioux to seek permission from city officials to
 demolish the $7.8 million home, which features marble floors, multiple
 living rooms and bathrooms, as well as a glass-domed indoor swimming 
 pool.  The newspaper also says that Celine and Rene are planning to
 build a new $20 million home. It also costs $30,000 to demolish the
 house. I agree with them that the original one looks not so nice although
 it's huge.  Anyway, Celine and Rene, have fun! =) If you wanna hire a
 servant for your new huge palace, leave me a message!

 On May 14th, MSNBC will be repeating the Time and Again with CÚline Dion
 and Shania Twain at 6 AM EST.  Thank you Lauren for sending me this
 info! =)

 For Canadian Celine fans, watch for the premier of "I want you to need
 me" this week on MuchMoreMusic.  MMM will start playing the video starting

 Right now, if you purchase ATW at some participating retail stores, you
 can get a free video of TTWII which lasts for around 2 minutes. The
 video is some footages of Celine in various concerts and photo session
 with music of TTWII at the back.  Looks like Sony is trying to boost
 ATW's sales right now.  If you're lucky, you may also catch a commerical
 on TV for ATW about this special bonus video.

 VH1 will be airing the following programs on May 20th.
 8:00~9:00p.m. "The Power Of Love~Celine Dion Video Collection" 
 9:00~10:00p.m. "Behind The Music~Celine Dion"
 10:00~11:00p.m. "All The Way...A Decade Of Song" CBS Special
(Updated on May 11th)
 On Billboard this week, ATW drops to #31 from #28.  TTWII drops to #42
 from #35 on Hot 100, and from #14 to #16 on Adult Top 40.

 In this year World Music Award, for some unknown reasons, on their
 "official webpage", they haven't listed out who won for "Best selling
 Canadian Artist". This year, this award should either goes to Shania
 or Celine.  For Best selling French artist, Notre Dame De Paris took
 the honour.  For the lengend award, for Best selling female artist of
 the Mellennium, Mariah Carey had the honour.  I find this result a bit
 .....unbelievable. I'm not trying to spread hatred message toward Mariah.
 And it's not her fault when people give her an award. Indeed, she's a
 very talented singer songwriter. However, not too long ago, I heard that
 Celine and Mariah both rank 3rd in best-selling female artist, behind 
 Whitney and Madonna. Anyway, when Celine comes back, hope she'll sweep
 all award ceremonies again. =)

 At the Blockbuster Award, Cher won for "Favourite Pop female artist".
 If I remember it right, Celine was nominated for this award too.
(Updated on May 8th)
 This week ATW chart position around the world:
 UK:67(58)  Sweden:51(53)  Belgium:50(47)  Switzerland:69(52)
 Spain:47(46)  Australia:32(37)  Canada:36(34)  NewZealand:7(8)
 Denmark:39(28)  Portugal:26(/)

 Tonight on ABC at 8:00pm, there is the 4th Annual Celebrity Wedding
 Special. Celine's wedding is being featured among some others. Check
 your local listing.

(Updated on May 6th)
 A survey compiled by Canada's government found out that 25% of the 
 people who did the survey chose Celine as the person who is the best
 representative/ambassador for Canadian.  Jean Chretien(Canada's Prime
 Minister) is second with 23%, while Trudeau(6%) and Lucian Buchard(4%)
 is third and fourth respectively.  People say that when they compare 
 a politician to an entertainer, instead of comparing their look("of 
 course, the "handsomeness" of Jean Chretien can't compare with Celine's
 beauty"~as how the newspaper says), they compare their talent. Canadian
 are really proud of Celine! You go, girl!
(Updated on May 4th)
 First of all, wanna warn all people that a new harmful virus called 
 "Love bug" has been found yesterday. Many european countries were 
 affected by the harmful virus. When you receive an email entitled 
 "I love you", DO NOT open the attachment file. Once you open the file,
 the virus will not only send to you, but also all the other people who
 are on your address book. Be careful everyone!

 According to CelineScreen site, the guy, who attacked 3 securities with
 an electrical gun at Celine's Millennium concert, pled guilty in court
 yesterday, and was fined $770 and two years probation.

(Updated on May 2nd)
 VH1 now has a 35 seconds video clip of the IWYTNM video. Click here
 to go to the page where you can download the clip. When you get to that
 page, first you need to choose player, and you choose "window media
 player", don't choose "Quick Time" because it's not available yet. Then,
 you just click on the Song title, and you'll be able to watch it. =)
(Updated on May 1st)
 Below is a detail description of the IWYTNM video written by Melanie.
 Thanx a lot Mel! =)
 The video starts off with Celine in a house. She's wearing a very 70's
 -ish outfit (tan suede pants, thin-strapped multi-coloured shirt, sandals),
 she also has long, straight, auburn hair with bangs (it's a wig). She's
 looking mostly at the camera as she sings, walking through the house. 
 Then she sits down on the couch and her boyfriend is sitting in a chair
 across from her. We don't see his face at all. As the song moves into 
 the second verse, Celine picks up her jacket and gets in her car. She 
 drives to the beach. The video cuts to a shot of her sitting in the 
 sand, running her fingers through the sand, back and forth. Then it
 cuts back to the house and her boyfriend who is still sitting in the 
 chair. I'm not sure if this has any importance,(other than to indicate
 that Celine's been gone a while), but then it shows the clock slipping
 from 4:59 to 5:00. Her boyfriend is still waiting for her to come back.
 The shot cuts back to the beach and Celine walking on the shore. Then
 she's in her car and moves to a shot of her parked, looking over Los 
 Angeles (I'm assuming). She's sitting on top of her car now, still 
 singing and looking closely at the camera. The shot cuts back to her
 boyfriend, still sitting in the same chair, the clock slipping from 
 5:55 to 5:56 (anybody else think this "5" stuff was done under Celine's
 suggestion??)...As the climax of the song ends Celine gets back in her
 car and drives home. She walks in the house and her boyfriend is no 
 longer there(at least he's not in the same chair as before), Celine 
 sits back down on the couch and she looks upset that her boyfriend
 has left, and that's how the video ends...This is my short interpre-
 tation of the video.This is just what I gathered from watching it a
 total of 5 times :) ....I do know earlier statement that the
 video needed more passion in it was a bit premature. After watching it
 a couple times I noticed that Celine quite frequently stares into the
 camera, her glances are full of sensuality and emotion. Not only that,
 but the way she sits in the sand, moves her body, and puts her arms 
 around herself (a number of times) is very sensual. So I take back what
 I said about the lack of passion in this video. I guess the thing that 
 bothers me the most is the way the background and all-around feel of the
 video is so "fake". You can definitely tell this was shot at Universal
 City. When she's driving her car, it looks fake, when she's sitting on
 the beach, it looks fake. Everything in the video looked like props and
 backdrops except for Celine and her love interest. Hope that helps a 
 little for those who do not get VH1 and have not seen thevideo yet...
 This week ATW chart position around the world:
 UK:58(56)  Sweden:53(53)  Belgium:47(40)  Switzerland:52(42)  
 Spain:47(35)  Australia:37(34)  Canada:34(31)  NewZealand:8(13)
 Finland:36(/)  Denmark:28(/)

 Since I don't have VH1, I haven't watch the IWYTNM video yet. However,
 base on the comments from people who've watched it, it sounds like that
 they're actually using the 2nd version of the video, instead of the
 original one. There's a comment saying that the video is a bit boring
 and pointless, although it's better than some of other Celine videos.
 When I get more info, I'll post them here later! 

(Updated on April 30th)
 It's confirmed that the video of IWYTNM will debut on VH1 on Monday
 in a program which will start at 2:00pm. Set your VCR everyone! =)
 Thank you Jimmy for telling me this info. Jimmy has also just started
 his Celine site today, click here and have a visit!

(Updated on April 29th)
 First of all, I really wanna say thank you to those who sent me emails
 telling me that they like the new front pic. They means so much to me! 
 =) At the same time, I feel some kind of pressure, because next time
 when I want to make a new front pic, I'll have to make one that is 
 better than this one. Anyway, I'm really thankful for all the nice

 Okay, let's go back to Celine. There're reports that the IWYTNM video
 will debut on VH1 this coming Monday at around 2:00pm. For Canadian 
 fans, although we don't have VH1, I've a feeling that MuchMoreMusic
 will also debut the new video in this coming week, if not on Monday.
 The reason is last time when TTWII video debuted on VH1, on the same
 day(or maybe next day, I can't remember), MMM also started to play 
 TTWII. In this week new MMM video list, although IWYTNM isn't listed,
 there's still a big chance that MMM will play it, so watch out! =)
 IWYTNM has also debuted at #24 on Billboard AC chart this week. It's
 a very good start since the song still hasn't started in real rotation 
(Updated on April 28th)
 This week on Billboard, ATW remains at #25 on Billboard 200, TTWII remains
 at #10 on Adult Top 40, drops to #31 on Hot 100, and #5 on Adult Contemporary.

 According to Quebec's newspaper, Rene and Celine has succesfully bought
 the Gagnon island spending $7.8 million. The island is divided to 3
 districts. Rene and Celine bought the district, which contains the castle,
 in November last year with $4.6 million. Recently, they've used $3.2 
 million to buy the other 2 districts, using the name of "Feeling Inc." 
(Updated on April 27th)
 According to Anthony, a member of the Destin, IWYTNM was the most added
 song to mainstream radio stations last week, with 39 adds. The second
 most added song last week was Trinket's "Boom" with 24 adds. If next
 week, IWYTNM continue to have high number of adds, it'll have a big 
 chance to become a hit, if not huge.

 According to a Taiwan's Celine fan, a host of a music program show
 says that the sales of ATW has surpassed the 20 million marks. If that's
 true, it'll be Celine third English album to hit the 20 million marks.
 Her last two were "Falling into you" and "Let's talk about love". I think
 "The colour of my love" must also be near the 20 million marks by now.
 Anyway, since the announcement wasn't made by Sony, we still can't 
 confirm it. But I think ATW will definitely pass the 20 million marks,
 only don't know by when.
(Updated on April 25th)
 This week's ATW chart position around the world:
 UK:56(41)  Sweden:53(54)  Belgium:40(28)  Switzerland:42(42)
 Australia:34(28)  Canada:31(36)  NewZealand:13(22)
 TTWII is #1 on VH1 countdown for the 5th consecutive week.

 The "Celine" biography will finally release in Japan soon. I'm not sure
 whether it's in English or Japanese though. For Japanese Celine fans,
 go to SonyMusic(Japan)'s Celine page to win one of the 5 copies of
 the biography now!!

(Updated on April 23rd)
 Happy Easter everyone! =)
 There were some exciting rumors on the newsgroup, and here are they:
 Sony will release "I want you to need me" as a commercial single and
 the tracklising is:
 1:I want you to need me(edited version)
 2:I want you to need me(Instrumental or Album version)
 3:Run like a river(the song which supposed to appear in ATW)

 Thurderpuss 2000 has also done some dance remixes for the song, and they will
 be released as another single.

 Despite the rumors that Celine has done a 2nd video for the song due to
 too much violent in the original one, however, the new rumor says that
 Rene decided to use the original one, because after "I want you..." 
 they're planning to release more videos which were recorded before Celine's
 break, so I will be very odd for people to see Celine in short hair in
 "I want to..." and then long hair again in those up-coming videos.
 If these rumors are true, I'm very pleased with them! =)

(Updated on April 22nd)
 May 8th on ABC, they'll have a Celebrity Special, and Celine's wedding
 will be featured among others. Please check your local listing.

 National Post listed out this year's Richest Canadian Entertainers base
 on what they earned(estimate) last year. Celine is #3 with $62 million(Can)
 1. Shania Twain, $70 million
 2. Jim Carrey, $66 million
 3. Celine Dion, $62 million
 4. Alanis Morissette, $50 million
 5. Michael J. Fox, $44 million
 6. Mike Myers, $30 million
 7. Keanu Reeves, $14-15 million
 8. William Shatner, $12 million
 9. Bryan Adams, $8 million
 10. Matthew Perry, $7 million

(Updated on April 21st)
 This week, ATW is #25 on Billboard 200. TTWII is #26 on Hot 100, #10
 on Adult Top 40, and #4 on Adult Contemporary. With the new single 
 coming out, hope ATW will go back to the Top 10 soon.

(Updated on April 20th)
 One more award for Celine! At the 11th Hong Kong International Music
 Awards, Celine won the award for "Best selling English album of the year"
 for ATW. Congrat!!!

(Updated on April 19th)
 Few weeks ago, it was mentioned here that the new due date for the 
 compilation video is June 13th. Today, on, it says the
 same thing. The compilation video will come out on June 13th, and footages
 of Celine's real last concert in Las Vegas will be included. Hope Sony
 will include all the new videos in this video.

 Yesterday night, I heard "I want you to need me" being played on my local
 radio station in the "new music hour". I guess the single will probably
 come out in North America in May.

(Updated on April 17th)
 Thank you Alessandro for sending me the pic of the special "mother's day"
 edition of TFTEISYF. 

 This week's ATW chart position around the world: (##)= last week's position
 #20:Portugal(?)  #22:NewZealand(17)  #25:Hungary(?)  #28:Australia(37),
 Belgium(24)  #36:Canada(30)  #41:UK(28)  #42:Switzerland(32)

 SonyMusic has teamed up with to give us a chance to
 win a new discman. Click  here to enter.
(Updated on April 16th)
 As some of you may already know, Rene has become the manager of Garou, 
 the lead singer of "Notre Dame De Paris". He's the one who sang "I'm
 your angel" with Celine at the Millennium farewell concert. On April 8th,
 Rene brought Garou with him to New York to meet Tommy Mottola, the 
 president of Sony music. After that, Garou has signed an international
 contract with Sony, and planning to release a French album, and an English
 one after. Maybe Rene is bored while Celine is in her break.

 Here's the review of "I want you to need me" from Billboard:
 Linking Celine Dion and Diane Warren has always been about as fine a
 fit as a trusty pair of Thom McAnn's. Between Warren's heart-drenched 
 words and dramatic melody writing, and Dion's potent vocals straight 
 from soulside, divadom has never sounded so mighty. For fans of Celine's
 high caliber power ballads, this is truly among the best ever and a 
 highlight of her 5-million-selling "All The Way... A Decade Of Song." 
 Longing for romantic attention, Dion sings 'I want you to need me, like
 the air you breathe. I want you to feel me, in everything. I want you
 to see me, in your every dream. The way that I taste you, feel you, 
 breathe you, need you.' Warren's trusty melody is wholly natural and 
 free-flowing, while production from the usually rock-oriented Matt 
 Serletic is sheer perfection. It all peaks from the glorious midsection
 through to the end, where Dion delivers exactly what we've come to expect:
 a crescendo as spine-tingling as those first few times we heard 'My Heart
 Will Go On.' Here's another guaranteed #1 AC smash, a la 'That's The Way
 It Is,' with top 40 potential written all over it. Fans, rejoice.
 (Thank you Andre for typing it to the newsgroup.)
(Updated on April 15th)
 Some copies of Celine's ATW don't contain the non-threatening crooning
 of the Quebec chanteuse. At least in the Cambridge area, you might end
 up with the heavy guitar and foul language-laden tunes of Korn's Issues.
 The mix-up was the result of manufacturing error, and Sony has ordered
 a recall. Can you just imagine the ire of the Dion crowd when the sounds 
 of Korn came spewing out of their speakers? No wonder Celine is investing
 in a fortress-like home in Quebec.
 [From Jam Music]

 Since the article mentioned the castle, let's talk about it more. As you
 know, besides the castle, Celine and Rene also want to buy few more houses
 around the neighbourhood to build houses for 3 of her brother and sisters.
 In these few days on a Quebec newspaper, it says that the owners of those
 3 houses has been harassed by Celine and Rene lawyers, to force them 
 to sell their houses. Yesterday, it revealed that Celine and Rene are
 actually paying around $900,000 for each house, which is only worth
 around $250,000 in the market. And 2 of the 3 houses has been sold already.
 So actually, these owners are getting handful of money, and I think all
 those reports of saying Celine and Rene's lawyer harassing those owners
 are unbelievable. We all know what kind of person Celine is, and it would
 be so stupid for a famous person to do these kinds of things, since it's
 very easy to spread out and will hurt their reputation. 

 "I want you to need me" will definitely be the next US single. Billboard
 magazine has a review of the single, and it says it sure will be a #1
 hit on the Adult Contemporary chart. So, when will it come out, je sais
 pas(I don't know). But the atmosphere feels like it'll come out soon. 
 I guess probably in May.

(Updated on April 13th)
 This week, ATW is #24 on Billboard 200, while TTWII is #9 on Adult Top
 40, #16 on Hot 100, #4 on Adult Contemporary. It is also the 4th consecutive
 week for TTWII to be on the #1 spot on VH1 Countdown.

(Updated on April 12th)
 These are the pics of the a new compilation from Celine called "Early 
 Singles", release by BR music. In this one, you can find two songs that
 were only available on vivnyl, which are Ne partez pas sans moi (instru-
 mental version) and L'amour Viendra. If you're interested, you can order
 it on,,, 
 Thank you Tatiana for these pics, and info! =)

 The World Music Awards will be handed out on May 10th. Celine may be 
 able to win an award. I've been trying to find the homepage of the 
 "World Music Awards", but couldn't find it. If someone knows the address,
 could you please tell me through email? Thank you! =) In case you don't
 know, you can email me by clicking "Rhapsody" which you can find at the
 bottom of this page.  

 Right now, you can come to this page, with a shorter, easier address.
 It's If you've bookmarked this page, don't
 worry, and no need to change the address, cuz the old one will still be
 working. =)

(Updated on April 11th)
 There's an article on JamMusic, about Celine buying the $7-8 million 
 mansion. Click here to read it.

(Updated on April 10th)
 This week's ATW chart position around the world: (##)=last week's position.
 #17:NewZealand(5)  #20:Denmark(20)  #23:Ireland(23)  #24:Belgium(26)
 #28:UK(17)  #30:Canada(26)  #32:Switzerland(24)  #35:Spain(27)
 #37:Australia(44)  #46:Sweden(1)
 This week in UK, "The first time..." drops to #35 from #19. According
 to some UK fans, it's expected to do not so good since there aren't
 promotion and the price of the single is comparely high to others. It
 has been quite a long time since a Celine single can hit the top 10 in
 the UK. In Sweden, after a huge rebounce(re-entry to the chart) to #1
 last week, it tumbles down to #46 this week. Something must've had 
 happen in Sweden, otherwise, the sales of the ATW wouldn't fluctuate
 this much.

 In Belgium last week, a Triple Platinum record for ATW has been auctioned
 off for $9200. It was the 3rd highest bid record. The first one was
 Johnny Hallyday's, and the second one was Lara Fabian's.

 You may find pics of Celine in these magazines:
 Voici, Hits & News, Ici Paris, CinÚ tÚlÚ revu.

(Updated on April 7th)
 A brother of Celine, told the press that Celine and Rene are going to
 buy the castle on Gagnon Island, in Montreal, which costs 7-8 million
 dollars. Previously, they decided to build a house on the golf course,
 the Mirage, in Terrebonne. Now, since Rene is in remission of cancer,
 big construction can be too much for now. It's not easy to get to this
 place, so fans, give it up if you wanna take a trip to this place and
 have a look. As you can see on the pic, there are water way surrounding
 the island. Although the rivers aren't very deep, there isn't really any
 accessible access, while the single road which leads to the island is 
 blocked by an immense fence. Also, don't forget that there are many
 cameras around the island. On this island, there are apartments for the
 servants and the gardener, an interior swimming pool under an immense
 canopy, an underground parking, an adjacent tennis court, six bathrooms,
 a gaming room, several hearths.

 This week, ATW rises two to #19 on Billboard 200. TTWII is #4 on Adult
 Contemporary, #8 on Adult Top 40, and #14 on Hot 100. TTWII is also
 #1 on VH1 countdown for the 3rd week. RIAA has also certified ATW 6
 times platinum in the US. 

(Updated on April 6th)
 This was an article on my local newspaper:
 It's hard to imagine Celine Dion without the trademark long hair she
 was accustomed to tossing around so dramatically-but in fact the singer
 has now got clipped. Maybe in retirement she just can't be bothered
 looking after the long locks.
 Omar Kanai, art director at Robson Street's trendy hair salon Toni &
 Guy says "It's a good change," and adds he's seen another picture of
 her sporting the new do with more volume, not so flat as in the photo
 above. He doesn't think she could afford to have it any shorter as her
 facial bone structure is hard and her neck is long.
 The cut is versatile and, with a little mousse, gel or other product,
 can be given a sculptured look, a finger wave, or a messy "bed head"
 look. The dark roots give a halo of shape to her head.
 But she'll have to have it cut every four weeks, he says.
                                                  ---Virginia Leeming

 According to S'il Suffisait D'aimer website, the new due date for ATW
 video compilation is June 13th. Clips of Celine real last performance
 in Las Vegas will also be included.

 According to CelineScreen, on April 8th, Mad TV is going to have a Celine
 skit. Hope it won't be a nasty one.

(Updated on April 4th)
 According to Passion website, the street Celine grew up in, in Charlemagne,
 is going to rename from Notre-Dame Street, to Celine Dion Boulevard.

 You can see pics of Celine in Hello Magazine(UK), Globe(tabloid), Star
 Magazine(tabloid), and National Enquirer(you know this one). They're all
 taken from the Golf tournament.

 There were rumors that ATW video would come out on April 1st, and apparantly,
 it's more an April fool. From some websites, it looks like that the video
 and the DVD are on holds. Are they going to wait til the 2nd version of 
 "I want you..." is complete and add that in, or they're just planning
 to cancel this project? Hope we'll find an answer soon.

(Updated on April 3rd)
 This week's ATW chart position around the world:
 #1:Sweden  #5:NewZealand  #13:Germany  #17:UK  #20:Denmark  #23:Ireland
 #24:France, Switzerland  #26:Belgium, Canada  #44:Australia
 Something very interesting is happening in Sweden. ATW has been out of
 the Top 10 in Sweden for the last 2 months, and last week, it even dropped
 out from the Top 60 Album chart. However, SHOCKINGLY, this week it bounces
 back to #1!!!!! Can someone who's living in Sweden tell me what's going
 on? Can that be a new single effect?  In the UK, "The first time..."
 has entered the chart at #19. Although it's not a very high position,
 but it's true that the new single does boost the sales for ATW. 4 weeks
 ago, it was #44 on the UK chart, and for these 3 weeks, it rises back
 to the Top 20. Let's hope ATW will rise again in all other countries
 when Sony releases a new single.
 To those who've sent me letters regarding the "If walls could talk"
 mexican single. I've already sent mails to Roberto asking him where 
 did he get the single. However, I think probably due to some technical
 problems he has been facing recently, I still haven't got a reply from 
 him. For some of you, I've forwarded your emails to him, so I think he
 will get back to you when his computer is working again.

(Updated on April 1st)
 "I want you to need me" is going to release in Japan on April 5th. The
 tracklisting will be:
 2)Then you look at me
 3)My heart will go on(Live)(from Au Coeur Du Stade)

(Updated on March 31st)
 Celine and Rene are on the cover of Gala Magazine.(French magazine)
 Inside, there are also some more pics.

 I was searching my Celine pics yesterday, and I found this. I took this
 at her LTAL concert, and she made this charming face when she was making
 joke of an very old couple who filed for devorce.

 For UK fans, don't miss Celine's pre-recorded performance of "The first
 time..." on TOTP2! It will be on Saturday(BBC2)at 5:00-5:45pm UK time.
 ATW is #21 on Billboard 200. TTWII is #10 on Hot 100, and #3 on Adult
 Contemporary. It's also #1 on VH1 Top 20.

(Updated on March 30th!!!!!!!!)
 I'm sure that all of you know what date is today! 32 years ago, a STAR
 was born, and she was given the name "Celine". 32 years later, "Celine"
 may not be the world's most common name, but it's definetly one of the
 most famous name. Celine, we all wish you a happy 32nd birthday, and 
 all the best. Let's hope next year, there will be a new family member
 celebrating your birthday with you. Of course, he/she has to be the
 production of CDA. Oops, I don't mean your tour production company, I
 mean you and Rene. =)
(Updated on March 29th)
 Here's an article on Celine from Yahoo. In this article, Rene said that
 if they're going to win the lawsuit againsting National Enquirer, they'll
 donate the money to charities. Click here to read it.

(Updated on March 28th)
 Found this from People profile.

(Updated on March 27th)
 On the above left picture, Celine looks silly again. This time, it seems
 like that her ball crashes with a poor bird. Look at how "disappointing,
 tired, sigh..." Rene looks at behind. This woman really gotta practice
 more. Wonder if Berlize(where Celine learnt English) also teaches golf.
 Celine jumps into the water to congratulate the latest Nabisco winner,
 Karrie Webb(left).

 This week's ATW chart position around the world:
 #11:NewZealand  #16:UK  #18:Canada  #21:Switzerland  #22:Belgium
 #23:Ireland  #26:Spain  #35:Australia  #46:Austria
 Drop out from the chart:Japan, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Italy.
 Sony suppose to be releasing various singles around the world, but I 
 can't see any Celine's new single on any country's chart. 

 "Live for the one I love" has debuted at #23 on Canada's single chart
 last week, without any promotion, or much airplay. Thank you Peter for
 telling me this! =)  I think probably "Live (for the one I love)" isn't
 released as a real commercial single for Canada. I think it just happens
 that Canada has this single in stores(Canada tends to have all the singles
 Celine releases around the world, even if the song isn't going to be
 promoted to radio stations), and the sales is high enough to get into
 the chart.

(Updated on March 26th)
 Roberto sent me another mail, telling me the tracklisting of the single.
 1. If Walls Could Talk (Album Version)
 2. If Walls Could Talk (Radio Edit)
 3. To Love You More
 On track #2, after Celine says "Can you keep a secret?", instead of
 Shania whiserping "secret, secret, secret...", Celine sings in Spanish
 "si hablaran"(if they could talk).  Roberto also heard on the news
 that Celine may be going to Mexico in August to learn Spanish!
 Thank you Roberto! =)

 The video of TTWII has been nominated for "Best AC video of the year",
 by the Music Video Production Association. The awards will be handed 
 out April 7th in L.A.  Btw, TTWII finally climbs to the #1 spot on VH1.

 The single of "The first time..." looks exactly like the "Live" single.
 The only difference is the song title which appears on the cover. The
 single will come out on March 27th in the UK. Good luck Celine!

(Updated on March 25th)
 In Mexico, "If walls could talk" has just been released commercially.
 You can get the cd single in stores now. Thank you Roberto for telling
 me this, and sending me the cover pic! =)

(Updated on March 24th)
 From these pic, you can see that Celine didn't do too good at the game. =)
 Maybe she's saying "Oh no, not in the pond again!"

 This week on Billboard, ATW remains at #14 on Billboard 200, TTWII is 
 at #9 on Hot 100, #10 on Adult Top 40, and #2 on Adult Contemporary.
 Since Sony has just released the vinyl single for TTWII on March 21st,
 TTWII may rise next week on Hot 100.

(Updated on March 23rd)
 From the newsgroup, two people put up two different newspaper articles
 about Celine golfing at the Nabisco tournament. Here, I paste out some
 of the interesting parts:
 "Celine Dion said yesterday she might be willing to rescue the Du Maurier
 Classic, the women's major which may be axed after this year because of 
 the banning of tobacco sponsorship in Canada."
'We will certainly get together with the LPGA officials and listen to
 what they have to say,' Dion said. 'It would be an interesting idea to
 get involved in the event . . . I have been playing golf for 2 years and
 I think it is the perfect sport, and now that I have given up touring
 for the next two years I want to become even more involved.'

 "Celine was happy to talk about her spiky peroxide hairdo, designed for
 her new role as a gentlewoman of leisure. She said: "I'm on vacation, 
 so I don't have to worry about what I look like for my next video. It's
 an easy haircut - I can go swimming or play golf without having to worry
 about it. It also means I don't have to think about blow-drying, and 
 Rene doesn't have to wait on the first tee for me to do my hair.""
 "Celine is furious that other women's chances to enjoy the game are
 limited by sexism. She said: "I cannot believe that there are still a
 lot of golf courses where women are not allowed in, or can only play 
 on a couple of days a week. "Come on, it's the year 2000. Wake up guys.""

 Celine also performed at the "Dinner show" as a guest-star. She performed
 5 songs, including "Because you loved me", "All the way", and "My heart
 will go on".

(Updated on March 22nd)
 Click on it for a larger size.
 Celine and Rene sits in the golf-cart, driving back to the club house
 after finish a golf game at the Nabisco all stars Golf tournament.

 Celine's fan club has been sending out a news letter recently. In the
 letter, it says that there will be few new items coming up. The new
 items include photo set from a recent photo shooting, a video casette
 featuring Celine in her own house, and some Millennium concert's gift
 packs. However, I'm not sure whether these items will be available for
 people outside the fan club. Let's hope they will! =) 

(Updated on March 21st)
 Young-Ho, the Korean webmaster of The Celine Dion Mania sent me these news info:
   ~"Unison (Celine's debut album)" has just been released in Korea on
    March 20th, 2000.
   ~Live (for the one I love) Video Premiere on ChanneL [V](An music channel
    in Asia
   ~Celine actually won 2 awards at Japan's Golden Disc Award. They were
    "Artist of the year", and "Pop album of the year(ATW)".
   ~"Then you look at me" will be released in Japan on March,29th 2000.
    (5" cd-single, Catalogue number : ESCA-8131)    
    Besides that, IWYTNM single will also be available on April 5th. 
  Thank you, Young Ho! =)

  Celine will be playing golf today at the golf tournament. ET may show
  clips of the event tonight.

(Updated on March 20th)
 This week's ATW chart position around the world:
 #5: NewZealand  #17: Switzerland  #18:Canada  #20: UK, Belgium
 #25: Australia, Italy, Ireland, Spain. #27: Denmark  #39: Austria
 #47: Sweden  #49: Japan
 This week's biggest jump belongs to UK, from #44 to #20!

 In HK, Celine is nominated for "Favourite female single of the year" 
 at the "International Music Award". The winner will be announced later.

 On Ebay, you can see a pic of the cover for IWYTNM promo single. It may
 be the same cover for the real single too. Click here to see it!

(Updated on March 18th)
 Last Friday on NBC's "Friday Night", they put up Celine's TTWII on the
 voting jukebox once again, and this time, she's against Madonna's American
 Pie, and Faith Hill's Breathe. Last night, they had the result. After
 a week of voting, 8000 votes were collected. Faith Hill got 28% of the 
 votes, while both Celine and Madonna got 36% of votes. At the end, Celine
 won the voting once again by winning Madonna by 28 votes!!! Thank you 
 for all those people who voted for Celine! =)

 In Canada, single of "Live (for the one I love)" is available. However,
 it doesn't mean that "Live" will definitely be the next single in Canada.
 Canada always receive all the singles Celine releases around the world.
 Even if they don't release a song offically as a single in Canada, Canada
 still always get copies of the single. The reason for things like that
 to happen, may because of Celine is a Canadian.

(Updated on March 16th)
 Celine has won an award yesterday at Japan's Golden Disc Award. I don't
 know what award was that, but it probably is for the big sales of ATW
 in Japan. Other non-Japanese artists who also received an award yesterday
 included Ricky Martin, Backstreet Boys, and Faye Wong from China. 

 There are rumors that Celine is going to shoot a new, softer "I want
 you..." video next week, because the original one is too violent, and
 hard, beyonds Sony, Rene and Celine's acceptability. If the rumor is 
 true, this means we'll see Celine's new hair-style in the new video.
 However, one thing I can't understand is that if Celine and Rene thought
 the video/plot is too violent, why didn't they tell the director when 
 they were shooting it? Anyway, if they're really going to make a new
 one, it makes me want to see the original one more. Hope the new one
 will also have a good plot, not just Celine standing and singing.

 ATW rises 1 spot to #14 this week on Billboard 200. TTWII remains at
 #7 on Hot 100, and drops to #10 on Adult Top 40. 
(Updated on March 14th)
 I made a mistake!!! Frank's page doesn't contain real-video files of
 the Millennium concert, instead, when you click on the song title, you'll
 see pictures(rotating I guess) for the performance of the song. If you
 click on it, and see nothing, this means you have an older version

 On the Julie show, Celine and Rene were interviewed by Julie. They both
 looked happy, enjoying, and healthy!! And Celine's new hairdo looked 
 great in the show!! I love the new hairdo now. =) In the middle of the
 interview, Celine and Rene played a golf game. They put a small piece
 of fake-grass in the middle of a pool, and Celine and Rene had to hit
 the golf ball to land on the grass. Rene hit first, and it dropped into
 the water right infront the grass. Then Celine had her turn, and the
 golf ball landed on the corner of the grass!! You go girl!! Of course,
 Celine put up her arms and had a proud face on her face. Then later in
 the interview, they showed a pre-recorded footage of Julie going to a
 bakery and searched a girl who's name is also Celine, and looks a bit
 like Celine.(I don't think she looks like Celine, but in the pic of her
 worker's card/passport??, she does look a little bit like Celine.) Then,
 Julie let that Celine to try to have a taste of Celine Dion's life for
 one day. They rolled out a red carpet, and led that Celine to a limosine,
 and then they went to a salon, make-up place, boutique, photo shooting
 session...etc. They even had some fake-fans to ask that Celine for 
 autograph. After these footages, Julie invited that Celine on the show, 
 and they talked with real Celine together. After that, Celine, Rene, 
 and Julie talked for a bit more, then that's it. I can't tell you what
 they talked, cuz I don't understand French. I'm glad that they had the
 golf game, and the fake Celine thing, otherwise, I would be sitting 
 infront of the TV, and watching the interview happily but have no single
 clue what the interview is about. And I would have nothing to write here!

 There are reports saying that Celine and Rene have bought another land 
 in Jupiter, Florida. It costs few million dollars. Those reports sound
 like the land is very big, and it's like they've bought the entire neigh-
 bourhood. And instead of having guest-room in their house, they have 
 guest-house for their guests! Isn't it funny? But I'm not sure whether
 those reports exaggerated!
(Updated on March 13th) 
 Taken these pic from France2. From these pics, Celine's new hairdo looks
 better. I pretty like it! =) You can even download the interview by
 clicking here, provided by France2.
 The show received 20% of the viewers in France, around 3.5 million 
 viewers. Congratulations, Julie! TVA will air the show tonight at 10:30pm(ET).

 On yesterday's Juno, Celine didn't win any award. The best-selling album
 went to the Backstreet Boys; Album of the year went to Alanis Morissette;
 Best female artist shockingly went to Chantel Kraviazuk(sp??). No offence

 Remember Frank who sent me all those full-lenght videos? He has done 
 something very very very good for all the Celine fans who didn't have
 the chance to watch Celine's Millennium farewell concert. He has uploaded
 the entire concert in pictures song by song. Click on the banner to
 go to the wonderful page!

 This week ATW's chart position around the world:
 #6:NewZealand  #8:Belgium  #14:Switzerland  #15:Ireland  #18:Canada
 #22:Italy  #25:Australia  #29:Austria  #37:Japan  #39:Norway
 #44:UK  #47:Sweden
 ATW starts dropping a bit less this week, but will it bounce back with
 new single release? You never know! 

(Updated on March 12th)
 At the "Victoires de la musique" in France, Celine won the award "Best
 concert of the year" for her Stade De France concert. Celine didn't
 attend the ceremony.

 Reminder:TVA will air Julie's new show, which has Celine and Rene being
 interviewed, tomorrow Monday at night at 10:30pm(ET).

(Updated on March 10th)
 A clear picture of Celine's new hairdo! Click here to see.
 This picture is provided by the Celine's Screen Website.

 Celine is on the back-cover of Billboard Magazine. It says An Epic
 voice, sold 130 million copies of albums world wide. TTWII is certified
 smash, and next, is "I want you to need me". You go, girl! 130 million

 ATW is #15 on Billboard 200, and #10 on Internet Sales. TTWII bounce
 back 1 spot to #7 on Hot 100, #8 on Adult Top 40, and remains at #2
 on Adult Contemporary.

(Updated on March 9th)
 Before Celine's appearance at the Golf tournament, she first appear in
 Julie Snyder's new show which will premier tomorrow(Friday) on France2,
 and Monday on TVA. Julie will interview Celine and Rene via Satelite.
 Celine and Rene will be at their Florida's house. And we'll get to see
 Celine's new hairdo!!! For TVA, it'll be Monday 10:30pm(ET).

 Celine's publicist has confirmed that Celine will not appear on Sunday's
 Juno Music award, as expected. Celine is nominated for "Best female
 singer", "Best album(These are special times)", and "Best selling album

(Updated on March 8th)
 ATW will appear at #15 on tomorrow's Billboard, selling 102,000 copies
 last week. It's the first week ATW isn't in the top 10. Sony, you need
 to release a new single now!! This is an ORDER!!!

 Celine will make her first public appearance during her break in the
 mid of this month!! However, she won't be singing, but she'll be playing.
 Playing golf. The Nabisco Championship, the first major LPGA golf tourna-
 ment of the year, and Celine will headline the tournament's 2000 Celebrity
 Pro-Am. For more information, click here.

 An update of the bidding for the "100 million copies sold" plague.
 Right now, the highest bid is $3,750. Wow! Keep the bidding going! =)

(Updated on March 6th)
 This week's ATW chart position around the world:
 #4:Belgium, NewZealand  #7:Switzerland,US  #9:Canada  #16:Italy
 #21:Australia  #24:Spain  #28:Austria  #37:Denmark  #38:Japan,Finland
 #39:Norway  #42:Sweden  #43:UK
 ATW continues to drop this week. Hope new singles will push it up again.

 Sony Music is auctioning this plague, which honours Celine for selling
 more than 100 million copies of albums world wide, at Yahoo. I can't
 believe that they're selling this memorable plague. Well, at least they're
 doing this for a good cause. They'll donate all the proceeds from the
 auction to Cystic Fibrosis. If you wanna bid for this, you can go here.

 Alessandro, a fellow Celine fan from Italy, sent me these Live single
 pics. Thank you Alessandro! =)

 Nathan, another Celine fan, told me that the "I want you to need me"
 single cover which you can see below, is not the real single cover, it's
 only for a visual interest, according to "The colour of my love" website.
 Sony UK has confirmed that they will not release "If walls could talk"
 for now. Instead, they'll release "The first time ever I saw your face" 
 on March 27th. Here are the tracklisting for the single.
 I                                           II
 The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face         The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
 When I Fall In Love                         These Are Special Times
 Then You Look At Me                         Ave Maria
 The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 
 Then You Look At Me

 There are also rumors that the ATW DVD is going to release on April 1st.
 If you go to , you'll be able to see ATW VHS in their
 catelogue too. Unfortunately, they don't have the tracklisting listed

(Updated on March 5th)

 (Click on them for a larger size)
 "Megastar, Celine Dion did some stargazing of her own yesterday after-
 noon, joining Montreal Expos owner Jeffrey Loria (left) in the owner's
 box for the team's Grapefruit League opener against the St. Louis
 Cardinals in Jupiter, Fla. Dion had a new look of her own as she watched
 the Expos - a cropped hairdo."

(Updated on March 3rd)
 Forbes Magazine has released its annual Celebrity list, and this year,
 Celine ranks #13 on Powerful Celebrities List, and #22 on Biggest earning
 celebrities list, earning $43 million last year! 

 This week Billboard's chart position:
 ATW is #7 on Top 200, and #6 on Internet Album Sales. TTWII drops to 
 #8 on Hot 100, and #7 on Adult Top 40, while it remains at #2 on Adult

 SonyMusic US is planning to release TTWII Vinyl Single 7 inch on March

(Updated on March 1st)
 ATW will appear at #7 this week on Billboard Top 200, selling 121,000
 copies last week.

 In Europe, there's one more version for the Live single. The one which
 was mentioned last time contains 2 tracks only. The other version has
 a total of 3 tracks, including "Ziggy".

(Updated on Feb 28th)
 Celine's publicist announced late today that they filed a $20 million
 lawsuit, against the National Enquirer, today in L.A. 
 "Not only is the news false but the weekly gave the impression, as
 witnessed by the quotation marks, that Dion had revealed her pregnancy
 during an interview which, in fact, never took place," said Celine's
 publicist. "The story has caused a great deal of stress to the singer,"
 the publicist continued, "because she has had to continually deny it."
 This week's ATW chart position:
 #3:NewZealand  #4:Belgium  #5:Switzerland  #6:Euro chart,Canada
 #10:Italy  #16:Australia  #20:Austria  #25:Japan  #27:UK,Sweden,Denmark
 #36:Finland  #40:Norway
 Celine really needs a new single in Europe in order to make ATW rise
 in those European countries' charts.
(Updated on Feb 25th)
 As mentioned before, Celine will be the first guest to be featured on
 Julie Snyder's new program. The program supposed to be premier on Mar
 3rd. Unfortunately, Julie Snyder fell from a bridge(about 5 feet) in 
 Paris, during the shooting for the beginning part of the show, and she
 broke her neck. Now, she's taking some rest, and the premier of the show 
 will push back to one week later on March 10th, and for TVA, it'll be
 March 13th.

 On Billboard's various charts this week, Celine is doing great. On
 Billboard 200, ATW is #3; On Internet Sales, ATW is #4; On Billboard
 Top 200, TTWII is #6; On Adult Top 40, TTWII is #5; On Adult Contemporary,
 TTWII remains at #2.
 There are 2 tracks on the "Live" single. One is Live, and the other one
 is TYLAM.

(Updated on Feb 24th)
 There are some Celine fans saying that Rene was rushed to emergency room
 again, and they heard this news straight from Suzanne Mia Dummont, who
 has been working with Celine since the 80s. She said this during an 
 interview on TV. If it's really true, then maybe that's why Celine didn't
 attend the Grammy yesterday.

(Updated on Feb 23rd)
 Today on "Journal De Montreal", it reports that Celine won't be attending
 the Grammy tonight, contradicting with the rumors flowing around that
 she'll be there will an expensive hairdo.

 For Canadian fans, MuchMoreMusic is going to air Celine's "Behind the 
 Music" today and tomorrow. Here are the time:
 Wednesday(Feb 23): 8pm & 11pm ET, 5pm & 8pm PT 
 Thursday (Feb 24): 1pm ET 10am PT

 ATW is going to appear at #3 on tomorrow's Billboard Top 200, selling
 146,000 copies last week. TTWII is going to bounce back to #6 from
 #11. Hope it'll continue to go higher next week.

 From a Sony Taiwan discussion forum, I found these rare Celine's singles'
 covers, including the single "I want you to need me" which will be 
 coming out next month in the US. Also, some of them, I believe are singles
 released only to radio stations.

 Sorry everyone, I made a mistake yesterday! Terribly sorry! =( 
 The link to the TYLAM video should be working now! Enjoy! =)

 So far, many of us have only seen the clips of TYLAM. If you haven't
 seen the full-length video yet, "baby don't worry, forget your sorrow,
 cuz Frank's gonna conquer it all!" Yep, Frank sent me a full-length
 real-video of TYLAM for me to upload. If you remember, Frank is also
 the one who sent me the TTWII video, Top of the pop performance...etc.
 So, here you go. Real Video of TYLAM (Full-length)
 Thanks Frank! =)

(Updated on Feb 21st)
 Here's this week's ATW chart position around the world. Please note
 that some countries's chart aren't out yet by now. If your country's
 chart is not listed here, feel free to tell me ATW's chart position
 in your country! =)
 #3:Belgium, Switzerland, NewZealand
 #6:Canada  #7:Ireland  #10:Italy  #11:Spain  #13:Australia
 #19:UK  #20:Japan, Sweden  #22:Denmark  #29:Norway  #31:Finland
 In Japan, ATW has broke the 1 million marks already. It has sold 
 1,160,940 copies so far. You go girl!!=) Checking back the data on
 how many copies had Celine's older albums sold in Japan, ATW is her 
 bestselling one, while LTAL is her 2nd bestselling in Japan(1,030,810).
 Also, found out that in HK, the song "All The Way" has released as a
 radio single, and suprisingly it's doing pretty good. At least, it's
 in the top 10 on some radio stations.

 The site-owner of the Passion website said that he had the opportunity
 to watch all of Celine's new videos, which are "Live", "I want to...",
 "Then you look at me", and "If walls could talk". He said that we'll
 find it quite suprise with "I want you..." because the story in the video
 is a bit hard and violent, though it has a nice ending. He also commented
 on "If walls could talk" that it's the most beautiful video Celine has 
 ever made(in his own opinion).

(Updated on Feb 20th)
 There are rumors that Celine's agent has stated in TV guide that
 Celine and Rene will be attending the Grammy Award this Wednesday. 
 There are also reports saying that Celine will spend a lots of money
 on her new hair style for the Grammy. I thought Celine said that she
 won't attend any awards show in her break, so maybe she changed her
 mind. Anyway, it'll be interesting to see.

 By the way, if you're interested, TTWII after spending 2 weeks at #3 
 on my local radio station's chart, this week, it rises to #2! Way to
 go, Celine!
(Updated on Feb 19th)
 Here's briefly what happened in the show "D" aired yesterday. We got to
 meet Annie Horth at the beginning, then we saw her shopping in some big-
 name stores in New York to buy outfit for Celine. We saw her bought the
 billboard outfit, the Millennium concert outfit, and some outfits for
 Celine's new videos. Then, Annie met Celine at West Palm Beach, at the
 set for the shooting of "I want you to need me". They talked about what
 image they want to bring out in the video, and what outfit they should
 choose. Then we saw Celine shooting the video for "I want you to need
 me", but we only got to see the very beginning part(few seconds only).
 During the show, they also showed clips of TTWII, TYLAM, and Live.
 Let me briefly tell you what Live and "I want you..." are like. Well,
 for "I want you...", Celine starts off in a bedroom, sitting on a bed.
 Basically, that's what we got to see. But I can tell you that this video 
 has a fresh feeling, kinda same as TTWII, the setting of the bedroom is
 less white than the one in TTWII, but it's also bright and fresh and...
 comfortable. Celine's style in this video is also fresh, and young(kinda
 similar to the style in TTWII). That's all I can say for now, but I'm
 very anxious to see the entire video cuz the first few seconds really
 looked great. In the Live video, Celine has dark-brown(close to black)
 hair, wearing a black dress, she also has another black outfit with a 
 black pant in some other shots. In some shots, Celine doesn't have lots
 of make-up, or maybe I should say not as much as in TYLAM, and she's 
 singing in a room, which you got to see from the clip from TF1 yesterday.
 In some other shots, Celine has more make-up, with some red and light-blue,
 and shimmering. If you have seen Shania's make-up in "You've got a way",
 it's kinda like that, but not as bright as that, anyway, it looks pretty
 good. I love to see Celine trying new make-up, and new style in her videos! =)
 Another clip we get to see from the Live video, is in the middle of the song, 
 where Celine is in a backyard, besides a wood house, with some trees and
 few people beside doing different things. There were also some fire-bugs
 flying. It looked pretty good. The mood in this video is a bit sad, and
 the main colors in this video is brown. At the end, it's kinda like in a
 fairy tale story. Well, hope you understand what I mean(I don't really 
 understand what I'm saying anyway.) Overall, you can see that they've
 put much more time, money, and energy in the production of these new 
 videos, than some Celine's older videos, especially her videos from
 the LTAL album. MusiquePlus will also air this program tomorrow(20th),
 so if you missed yesterday broadcast, don't miss it tomorrow!

(Updated on Feb 18th)
 Yesterday on TF1(France), during the news hour, they talked about the
 success of Notre Dame De Paris. During this segment, they played a clip
 of Celine's Live video. This video reminds me a bit of the video of 
 "Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore", because Celine is in a similar room, but
 this room is darker and without any fire. Celine also has dark hair in 
 this video, wearing a black dress. You can click on the following link
 to see the clip. In this clip, first you'll see the TV anchor talks 
 a bit about the musical, and then you'll see clip of their performance,
 and a clip of the video "Vivre", followed by Celine's video "Live".
 Click Here(Real Video)

 TTWII remains #11 on Billboard Hot 100, while it rises from #9 to #7 
 on Adult Top 30. Despite the fact that it's only #11 on Hot 100, it's
 actually #2 on the US Airplay chart.

 A $2.7 million lawsuit against Celine and Rene filed by Carl Legault,
 a Quebec businessman is dropped. Legault claimed that Celine and Rene
 agreed in 1996 to let him use Celine's name on a line of woman's
 underwear his company wanted to market, but the couple backed out of
 the deal the following year without compensating him. By that time, he
 claimed that he had already resigned his previous position to work on
 the new line of woman's underwear. Therefore, he filed a lawsuit against
 Celine and Rene for the damages. Celine and Rene denied ever making the

 Reminder: TV5 will air the program "Emission D" today. 

(Updated on Feb 17th)

 MTV has provided another real-video clip from their program "Diary".
 In this clip, you can hear Celine talks about what she thinks about
 this career, what she likes, and what she dislikes.

 ATW is #3 on Billboard 200 this week, selling 169,000 copies last week.
 20,000 more copies than last week.

(Updated on Feb 16th)

 Looks like that "Live (for the one I love)" will be the next single from
 ATW in many countries, especially in Europe. It's confirmed that Sony
 Music Switzerland will release it in Mid-Feb, while SonyMusic France
 will release it at the end of Feb. Belgium will also release it around
 that time, and SonyMusic Sweden is going to release it in March.
 Celine is nominated for The Victoires(France's Grammy) for best show/
 concert of the year for Celine's Stade De France concert.

 There will be an album coming out dedicated to Pope John Paul II. The
 album will include prayers, poems, songs by the Pope, and some artists
 will also be performing in the CD. Celine is also included in this project.
 She probably recorded it last year. I'm curious how they are going to 
 mix prayers with songs...

 Reminder:MTV's Diary tonight 10:30pm.
(Updated on Feb 15th)
 Found a "Then you look at me" video clip at Sony Music Korea. It's about
 50 seconds long. You need Quick Time 4 to watch it. For some reasons,
 the right side of the clip is pretty blur, while the left side is clear.
 If you don't understand what I'm talking about, it's okay, you'll find
 out when you watch it yourself. Click on the TV screen below, then it
 will bring to Sony Music Korea, where you can watch the clip. When you
 are there, just click on the TV screen same as the one below to watch
 the video clip. If you need quick time, click on the "QuickTime 4" link
  QuickTime 4

 Reminder:MTV will premier their "Diary" special tomorrow Feb 16th at
          10:30pm. They will follow Celine's final days in her career
          before her break. Please check your local listing.

 There are rumors that in the MusiquePlus special "Emission D", they will
 go behind the scene of "I want you to need me", they'll air "Then you
 look at me" and bits and parts of "Live for the one I love". Note that
 "Live for the one I love" is the new title for "Live".

(Updated on Feb 14th)
 Happy Valentine everyone!
 This week's ATW chart positions around the world:
 #1:EuroChart(not 100% sure about this one)
 #2:Belgium, NewZealand
 #4:Spain, Canada
 #5:Austria #8:France #9:Australia, Ireland #10:Italy 
 #12:Finland #15:UK #17:Denmark #19:Sweden #20:Japan #34:Norway
 ATW continue to stay strong in some countries, while also dropping very
 fast in some other countries.
 This week, TTWII is #1 on MTV Asia Hit list. 
 According to some Celine fans in Taiwan, ATW is still selling very big
 in Taiwan. Taiwan's IFPI decided to stop their national album chart 
 since last year, due to too many bootlegs in Taiwan. However, record 
 stores still have their own Album charts, and ATW has been #1 on most
 of the record stores' album charts since the first week it released, 
 and it's still holding on to the top spot right now. 

(Updated on Feb 12th)
 Here's a pic I found from the newspaper "Journal De Montreal". It's a
 shot from Celine's "Then you look at me" video.

 More about the show I mentioned last time, about shopping with Celine,
 and her friend Annie Horth. On the newspaper, it says that the program 
 will show the early product of the video "Then you look at me". However,
 on MusiquePlus site, it says that they will show "I want you to need 
 me" instead. Weird aye?! Anyway, for those who receives the cable Musique
 Plus, you'll just have to wait to find out the answer. If you don't have
 MusiquePlus, but you have TV5, you'll be able to find that out too. The
 reason is TV5 will also carry the show too, on Feb 18th, 2 days earlier
 than MusiquePlus. Thank you Angele for telling me this info! =)
 By the way, it's also sure that they recorded the show in December, few
 weeks before Celine's Millennium concert.

(Updated on Feb 10th)
 On Billboard Hot 100, TTWII drops one more spot to #11 this week, while
 it rises to #9 from #11 on Billboard Adult Top 40.

 On MusiquePlus(Canada's French version of MuchMusic), they will air a
 program about Celine on Feb 20th. In the program, the host will meet
 with Annie Horth, who responsible for going window shopping with Celine
 for the past few years. They will also have a visit to New York together,
 visiting some designers' stores, and talk about what kind of clothing
 Celine likes, and some past stories. At last, they will meet up with 
 Celine at West Palm Beach, at the film set, where they'll shoot for 
 "I want you to need me". I'm not sure whether this was recorded before
 Celine's break or after her break.
(Updated on Feb 9th)
 ATW will appear on #4 tomorrow on Billboard 200, with sales of 156,000
 copies in last week.

 Celine's Behind the music program will premier on MuchMoreMusic(Canada)
 on Feb 23rd. Please check your local listing by that time!

(Updated on Feb 8th)
 Celine is once again, nominated for a BlockBuster Award, which will be
 given out in June. She is nominated for Favourite Female singer in the
 Pop category, againsting Cher, and Sarah McLachlan.
 In the US, "I want you to need me" will be the next single from ATW.
 Sony will release this single in mid-March. This is what Matt Serletic,
 the producer of the song, has said about his experience of working with
 Celine. "Before I had even really worked with Celine in person, I had
 already written and recorded a 60-piece orchestra. I'd recorded all the
 rhythm section in L.A. -- I mean, the track was done except for her. 
 So, it was great, just that one magic night that we got together with 
 the microphone and just, from start to finish, finished the record. It
 was the first time that she had been engulfed in the song and her natural
 reactions to what she was hearing I think created really a passionate,
 exciting moment. She's like a thoroughbred or something -- just
 incredible control and passion and commitment to singing. And so, when
 they talked to me about doing it I was, like, 'Yeah, let's go.'"

 In Canada, ATW is now 9 times plantinum(900,000units). Just 100,000
 more copies to be certified as Diamond album! You go, girl!
 A bit more sales figures info, in 1999, in Europe alone, SSD has sold
 2 million copies, and ATW has sold 4 million copies. This means, Celine 
 will again receive European Diamond awards this year. These annual awards
 are given out by IFPI to singers in recognition for their albums selling 
 more than 1 million copies in Europe. In the past few years, Celine has
 also received few of this award consecutively for her various, including
 LTAL, FIY, TAST, ACDS, TCOML, Deux...etc.

(Updated on Feb 7th)
 This week's ATW chart position around the world:
 #2:Belgium, NewZealand.
 #3:France, Switzerland, Spain.
 #11:UK, Denmark #12:Sweden, Ireland #16:Japan #19:Finland #30:Norway

 France has released their 1999 year-end chart. On 1999 Albums chart,
 S'il Suffisait D'aimer is #8, while Au Coeur Du Stade is #19. On the
 1999 Compilation chart,despite the fact that ATW released at the end
 of the year, its sales is strong enough to make it #1 on the chart.

(Updated on Feb 6th)
 Everyone is curious about which song will be the next single from ATW
 after TTWII. Well, it looks like that there will be different 2nd single
 in different places around the world. If billboard was right, then we're
 sure that Celine's version of "Live" won't be the 2nd single in UK, since
 they're planning to release Tina Arena's version. There were also rumors
 that "If walls could talk" will be the next single in the UK. On the 
 other side, a Belgium radio station has started playing "Live", which
 means "Live" may be the next single in Belgium. In France, there are 
 also rumors that "Live" will be the next single since "Notre Dame de Paris"
 is very popular in France. For the rest of Europe, there are rumors that
 "Then you look at me" will be the next single. In Asia, we're sure that
 "Then you look at me" is the next single, because the video has been 
 playing on Sony's MTV station for few weeks already. For North America,
 we still don't have a clue! Let's just wait a little more, til TTWII
 drops out from the charts.

 I've put up 8 more pics on the page dedicated to Karine. Thank you
 Tasha for sharing those pics with us! =)

(Updated on Feb 4th)
 ATW is #4 on both Billboard's Billboard 200 and Internet Sales Chart.
 On Hot 100, TTWII drops down one more spot to #10 this week. However,
 on Adult top 40, it rises to #11 from #14.

 Rene told "Journal de Montreal"(Quebec newspaper) that they are planning
 to sue "National Enquirer" for publishing the story of Celine's pregnancy,
 which is untrue. Rene also said that he is disappointed some of the 
 Quebec's newspaper reported the story without checking it. He said it's
 their big dream to have a baby, and for sure, they'll be the first one
 to announce the news when Celine is pregnant.

 There was a new online poll conducted with 732 US adults, asking whether
 they prefer wine or candy for Valentine. There were also a question asking
 what music would they like to hear while enjoying the wine on Valentine.
 From the male participants' answers, Shania Twain is #1, while Celine
 is #2, and Mariah is #3. Looks like that Celine's music is everywhere,
 in many different occasions. Celine's album was the hottest during 
 Christmas Season; polls also found out that her songs are favourite 
 picks from wedding ceremony to funeral; and now Valentine, of course
 Celine's music gotta be there too! 
(Updated on Feb 2nd)
 In its 11th week, ATW has sold 156,000 copies in the US. It will appear
 at #4 on Billboard 200 tomorrow, barely behind Dr.Dre's album which sold
 157,000 copies.

 The nominations of Juno Music Awards announced today. Celine received
 3 nominations. They are Best Album(for TAST), Best selling album(TAST),
 and Best female artist. 
   Prozzak (Hot Show)                                        
   Bryan Adams (On a day like today)
   Alanis Morissette (Supposed former infatuation junkie)
   CELINE DION (These are special times)     
   Amanda Marshall (Tuesday's Child)

   The Offspring  (Americana)
   Britney Spears (Baby one more time)
   Backstreet boys  (Millennium)
   Ricky Martin (Ricky Martin)
   Celine Dion (THese are special times)

   Celine Dion
   Chantal Kreviazuk
   Lynda Lemay
   Amanda Marshall
   Alanis Morissette
 I think probably Celine won't win for "Best album" and "Best selling 
 album", but I think she has a pretty big chance for "Best female artist."

 MTV is going to premier their new show "Diary" on Feb 16th at 10:00pm.
 The first artist that to be featured will be Celine! You will see them 
 following Celine around for a day, seeing what she does, what she says,
 ..etc. Of course this whole thing was pre-recorded before Celine's break.
 I think they probably recorded it at the time when Celine appeared on
 MTV TRL Live show. Here's a link to a real-video clip of the show provided
 by MTV. (click on the pic) 

(Updated on Feb 1st)
 According to a Destin member, up to Dec 31, 1999, ATW sold 11.8 million
 copies around the world, which made Celine to become the best selling
 singer in Sony's 3rd quarter, followed by Mariah Carey (7 million) and 
 Will Smith (4.3 million).

(Updated on Jan 31st)
 This week ATW chart positions around the world:
 #2:France, Switzerland
 #3:Sweden, Belgium
 #6:Australia, Spain
 #8:Ireland #9:Denmark #12:Japan #13:UK #14:Finland #27:Norway
 This week, ATW drops down very fast in few countries.
 On the other side, TTWII is doing pretty good. Although it's not #1 or
 not even in the top 10 in many countries' national chart, it's still doing
 pretty good, especially on radio stations' chart. TTWII is also #1 on EuroChart
 for single. It's #4 on Canada's BDS chart, which bases entirely on air-play.

 For UK Celine fans, watch for Celine on Oprah on Feb 4th(Friday), Channel
 5. It's the one Celine did last year in November, when ATW came out.

(Updated on Jan 29th)
 On my local radio station Top 30 chart, TTWII is #3 this week. And this
 is what the DJ said, "Last week, there were words that Celine's pregnant
 with Twins, and Celine's publicist denied it. However, Rolling Stone
 and National Enquirer are standing by their stories! I guess we'll just
 have to wait for few weeks."

 For Celine fans who receive the TV program called "Sony Music TV signal",
 they are playing Celine's "Then you look at me" video on the 30th. I'm 
 not sure what countries carry this TV program, probably in Asia I think.
 But I'm sure in Hong Kong, it will be Jan 30th 8:30~9:00 ATV. 

 (Updated on Jan 27th)
 ATW is #2 on Billboard 200 and #3 on Internet Sales Chart. TTWII drops
 one spot to #9 on Hot 100, while rises one spot to #14 on Adult Top 40.
 In the near future, MediaBay is going to release an audiobook collection
 of Ms. Liguori's(who is television's most prominent female sports reporter),
 discussions on the sport of golf with several high profile famous people,
 including Celine. The title is "A Passion for Life -- Celebrity Musings 
 from the Fairways."

(Updated on Jan 26th)

 (you may click on it for a larger size)
 This is the tabloid which reported the rumor of Celine's pregnancy.
 ATW will appear at #2 on Billboard 200 tomorrow, with sales of 161,000
 copies last week.

(Updated on Jan 24th)
 This week's ATW position around the world:
 #1:France, Spain, Eurochart.
 #2:Austria, Denmark, Switzerland.
 #3:Sweden, Canada.
 #4:Australia, Italy, Belgium.
 #5:Finland, NewZealand.
 #6:Japan, UK, Ireland.
 The biggest jump this week is in Spain, from #6 to #1. In Taiwan, ATW
 total sales so far is 300,000 copies already, which is very good in 
 TTWII tops MuchMoreMusic Countdown this week! It's #5 on my local radio
 station, and it's also #5 on Canada's airplay chart.

(Updated on Jan 22nd)

 Celine and Rene attented Pierre Labelle's funeral yesterday. All the
 journalists were curious about the rumor of Celine's pregnancy, but
 Celine and Rene refused to answer any question from the journalists. 
 According to Journal de Montreal(Montreal Newspaper), at a few occasions
 during the ceremony, Celine even threw a furious glance to the journalists.
 The newspaper also interviewed a doctor asking whether it's really 
 possible to know the result of fertility that quick. The doctor said
 that thanks to the modern technology, people can get the result as soon
 as 1 week to 10 days. The doctor also said that usually couples refuse 
 to announce pregnancy since it's too early in the stage. People like 
 to announce it until the infant really get into form. 
 Well, I don't know what to say. But since Celine's publicist denied it,
 I think we better believe them.

(Updated on Jan 21st)
 Today, I went to a supermarket, and something caught my eye immediately.
 It was an newspaper with a big Celine pic on the cover, and it says
 Celine is pregnant with twins!!!! Then I found out, instead of a newspaper,
 it's National Enquirer(Tabloid). So I read inside the tabloid and it
 said something like "...Celine was very very happy when doctor delivered
 this great news, a friend of Celine told press. ...and Rene is very
 happy to be the father of the twin....etc". Since it's a news from a
 tabloid, I wasn't sure. I came home, and I searched through the net
 to see whether Celine's really pregnant. There were few different places 
 on the net that do have this news of Celine being pregnant. However,
 all of them seems to accord to National Enquirer. Finally, on a Montreal
 Newspaper "Montreal Gazette", which is a reliable source, we can find
 the answer. It stated "Dion is NOT pregnant with twins." It says after
 the National Enquirer TV show(this tabloid even has its own TV program),
 reported that Celine's pregnant with twins, Celine's publicist immediately
 denied the rumours. They even phoned Access Hollywood(a US entertainment
 program), and asked them to set this straight, and say it on the show 
 that the rumour is untrue! So overall, Celine ISN'T pregnant yet. 

(Updated on Jan 20th)
 I was wrong yesterday. Actually, ATW is #2 on Billboard this week, selling
 140,000 copies last week. ATW is also #2 on the Internet Sales chart.
 And on Billboard Hot 100, TTWII jumps to #8 this week, making another
 top 10 hit for Celine in the US. It's doing very well, since this song
 hasn't been released as a commercial single for consumer. Let's hope
 it will jump higher and higher solely with its airplay.

(Updated on Jan 19th)
 There are rumors that "If walls could talk" will be the next single
 for UK, while "Then you look at me" will be the next single for Europe.

(Updated on Jan 18th)
 Pierre Labelle, one of the 3 members of Les Baronets(The group Rene was
 in at the beginning of his career), died this morning at 6am of heart
 failure. Sorry to hear that.

(Updated on Jan 17th)
 It was Rene's birthday yesterday! Rene, I wish all the best! Happy and
 Healthy!!! =)

 This week's ATW chart position around the world:
 #1:France, Switzerland, Eurochart, CNN's World Beat(Global chart).
 #2:Canada, Denmark, Austria, NewZealand.
 #3:Australia, Finland.
 #4:Italy, Belgium
 #6:Sweden, Ireland, Spain.
 I think it's time for Sony to release another single, in order to
 keep the album selling great!

 The video of "Then you look at me" has also been premiered in Taiwan.

(Updated on Jan 16th)
 VH1 will air Celine's "Behind the music" program today, and repeated
 again several times in the coming week. Please check your local listing.

 Rene was interviewed yesterday night on CTV(without Celine). I don't 
 know whether it was a live interview or pre-recorded. Not much stuff
 that they talked about we didn't know. Rene said that it was Celine's
 idea for the 2nd wedding, and their biggest plan for now is to have a
 baby. It was just a brief interview.

(Updated on Jan 15th)
 The following passage is taken from People Online.
 Singer Celine Dion's manager-husband Rene Angelil, 57, was discharged
 Friday after an overnight stay at Jupiter Medical Center in Jupiter, Fla.
 PEOPLE has learned that Angelil checked in Thursday afternoon, complaining
 of chest and back pains, and was later moved to the intensive care unit.
 The medical center declined to comment on his condition, as did Dion's
 spokeswoman. Angelil, who was diagnosed with neck cancer in March, was
 accompanied to the hospital by his wife, who recently announced she would
 put her music career on hold in order to spend more time with Angelil.
 New Year's Eve performance in Montreal was billed as the farewell concert
 for the 31-year-old singer. On January 5, the two renewed their wedding
 vows in Las Vegas in an elaborate ceremony with an Arabian theme.
 Let's hope everthing is okay, and the pain aren't nothing serious.
 May God bless him!

(Updated on Jan 14th)
 Forgot to mention this, on Billboard Hot 100 single, TTWII rises to
 #11 from #14 this week!

(Updated on Jan 13th)
 Rumour says that "If walls could talk" maybe the next single in UK, cuz
 on "the box", a video station, they've listed "If walls could talk"
 as one of the new releases in Jan.

 Celine and Rene are also in Gala Magazine(German).

 Celine has become the godmother of her niece Andrea, the daughter of
 Pauline, if I remember it right. Andrea was baptised on the same day
 as Celine's 2nd wedding. Celine held the baby in her hand, while the
 baby was baptised, after the crowning ceremony.

 This week, ATW is #4 on Billboard 200, by selling 179,000 copies last 
 week, 2000 copies behind the #3 DMX's album. This week, only one album
 sold more than 200,000 copies, which is Santana's Supernatural.

 In the UK, Sony will release "Live for the one I love" in March. However,
 it'll be Tina Arena's version, not Celine's version. Tina Arena is starring
 in the UK's version of "Notre Dame de Paris". 
(Updated on Jan 12th)

 Celine and Rene are on the cover of many magazines this week. They are
 on the cover of People, Life, and Hello(UK) magazine.
 Rumors saying that the DVD of the Greatest Hits Video will come out on 
 Jan 14th, and the VHS will come out on Jan 24th.

 Mr Blackwell has released his annual Best & Worst dressed Woman. This
 year, Celine ranks #2.........on...the...(unfortunately) Worst dressed
 Woman list, behind Cher. Celine is referred as "profusion of confusion".
 Other woman included on the list includes Queen Elizabeth, Martha Stewart,
 Fiona Apple, Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, and Dixie

(Updated on Jan 11th)
 On the Canadian 1999 year-end album chart, despite the fact that ATW
 has just released nearly at the end of the year, it ranks #5 on the chart
 by selling 550,000 copies in less than 2 months. This year's #1 best-
 selling album is Backstreet Boy's Millennium which sold 874,000 copies.

(Updated on Jan 10th)
 For the People's Choice Award, Celine lost "favourite female musical
 performer" to Shania Twain. Although Celine lost in this one, there's
 still a chance for Celine to win the award from American Music Awards
 for "Artist of the decade". So remember to vote for her! Just scroll
 down to the updates of Jan 4th, and you'll see the links to the AMA 
 homepage, where you can vote!

 This week's ATW chart position around the world:
 #1:Austria, France, Switzerland, Eurochart.
 #2:Sweden, Finland, Denmark.
 #3:Australia, Belgium, Canada.
 #4:Norway, Ireland, Portugal
 #6:UK, Italy, Spain.
 And on CNN World Beats' global chart, ATW is still #1.

 In Korea, the video of "Then you look at me" has already been premiered.
 So, Korean fans, watch out! 

(Updated on Jan 8th)
 Celine is on the cover of this week's People Magazine. It'll be about
 Celine's farewell concert, and some other stars' millennium parties.

 After surfing on the net, it looks like that some Celine fans are confused
 about Celine and Rene's 2nd wedding. Some of them thought the wedding
 was actually boardcasted on TV, and some of them thought there were
 many media crews there. What had actually happened at the wedding was
 that there were only one video crew, which was sent by Sony Music. No
 any other media were allowed to get in the ceremony. And there weren't
 any live boardcast of the wedding on TV. All the footages that you saw
 on TV were from Sony Music. 
 Some people are also a bit disappointed about the wedding, because of
 the make up, theme, privacy...etc. To me, I think the wedding was great!
 Yes, the gown, the hair-do, the make-up may look weird, but this wedding
 wasn't supposed to be a real wedding. They are just having fun. Remember
 about a year ago, Rene threw Celine a secret party for her 30th birthday.
 The party had a 60s' theme, and all the people dressed in some weird
 60s' outfit, tacky wigs...etc. Everyone looked weird, including Celine,
 but no big deal. Cuz people were having fun. And afterall, I think what's
 most important is that Celine and Rene had a good time, and they were
 very happy! =)
 I found an article from MontrealGazette, which I think it's quite funny.
 The writer, Peggy, pretends herself as Celine, and write her diary
 for the 2000. Before you read it, I wanna warn you that, it's kinda
 like a "Saturday Night Live" thing, kinda making fun of Celine, but
 I think this one is acceptable, and it's actually quite funny.
 Click here to read it.
(Updated on Jan 7th)

 These pics are from BCTV/Province newspaper. 
 On the second pic above, Celine is kissing the crown, and on the
 third, Rene is crowning Celine.

 This week on Billboard, ATW is #3 on Billboard 200, #2 on Internet sales.
 For TAST, it's #1 on Pop Catelog, and #2 on Christmas albums. On Hot
 100, TTWII jumps 3 spots to #14. Also, on the year end Hot 100 voting,
 "I'm your angel" is number 1 on the chart with 50.6% of the votes! =)

 VH1 will air Celine's "Behind the music" on Jan 16th. Please check your 
 local listing, or go to celineonline's news section.
 I want to comment on the news about the guy who was arrested during
 Celine's concert, with an 300,000 volt electric gun. In North America,
 it isn't really a big news, but in UK or in HK, newspaper are exaggerating
 the news. A montreal police has already said that even if the guy had
 a 1 million volt electric gun, it still wouldn't hurt someone very much.
 However, newspaper in UK or HK, they report that a police said "A tragic
 could happen, and Celine could die!" Don't you think that it's so funny?
 And sad at the same time. How can a newspaper report something like
 this? I understand that UK newspaper is a tabloid, so I'm not that
 suprise for its story, but those 2 HK newspapers aren't tabloid, they
 are normal newspapers! So for those Celine fans who read those kind
 of reports and are horrified right now, don't worry. And montreal
 police has also said that the guy wasn't intended to hurt Celine with
 his electric gun. If you want to know more about this story, just
 scroll down to the updates on Jan 5th.

(Updated on Jan 6th)

(Click on them for a larger size)
 Celine and Rene renew their vows yesterday in Las Vegas. Here's an
 article taken from PR Wire with lots of details about the fairy tale
 like event. Click here to read!
 Don't forget, rumor says that ET will have a story on the event tonight

 ATW will appear #3 on Billboard today, with sales of 269,000 copies last
 week. After the holiday season, most of the albums' sales figures drop
 dramatically. With a new video coming out soon(still not sure when),
 let's hope ATW will continue to sell great!

 SoundScan(US) has released its 1999 year end report. The report also
 included sales figures for top 10 albums in the SoundScan era, which 
 is from the year 1991 to the beginning of 2000. Here's the chart:
(1991 -- 01/02/2000)

            Title / Artist                      Units Sold
1.  Jagged Little Pill / Alanis Morissette      13,542,393
2.  Come On Over / Shania Twain                 12,110,660
3.  Metallica / Metallica                       11,715,533
4.  Bodyguard / Soundtrack                      11,605,690
5.  Falling Into You / Celine Dion              10,224,282
6.  Cracked Rear View / Hootie & the Blowfish    9,817,666
7.  Titanic / Soundtrack                         9,806,175
8.  Millennium / Backstreet Boys                 9,445,732
9.  Ropin' The Wind / Garth Brooks               9,370,863
10. Backstreet Boys / Backstreet Boys            9,258,265

(Updated on Jan 5th)
 Today's a big day for Rene and Celine! They are going to renew their
 vows today in Las Vegas. And they'll celebrate it with an Arabic theme.
 Celine's farewell concert has done very well on TV! An average of
 2,452,000 viewers for the show on that day. And on the next day, 
 the repeat for the show, there were still 1,131,000 viewers! I'm not
 sure whether these numbers are for the entire Canada, or only viewers
 in Quebec. Anyway, good job! Talking about the concert, as some of you
 may know, there were actually 2 separate small fires happened somewhere
 beside the stage during the show. Fortunately, they make them off very
 quickly. Unless you were there, otherwise, you couldn't notice anything
 happened on TV. And also, a guy was arrested while he was trying to go
 to the backstage during the concert with an electric gun of about 
 300,000 watts with him. He's charged with attempted assault and some
 other things. The guy tried to get into the backstage while Celine was
 at the backstage for a costume change. A security guard stopped the guy.
 seconds later, the guy attempted again, and he was caught again. This
 time, he took out an electric gun and burned few security guards, trying
 to get to the backstage to meet with Celine. Fortunately, more security
 guards came and arrested him and brought him to a police station. Those
 few security guards who was attacked, had some minor burns on their body.
 On tomorrow's billboard, Celine won't be on the top 2 spot. So is she
 #3 this week? I don't know. We'll just have to wait til tomorrow.

(Updated on Jan 4th)
 Grammy nominations are out today! Celine and Andrea share a nod together
 for their duet "The Prayer". They are nominated for "Best Pop Collaboration
 With Vocals". Againsting "When You Believe" by Whitney Houston & Mariah
 Carey;"Music Of My Heart" by N Sync & Gloria Estefan;"Love Of My Life"
 by Santana Featuring Dave Matthews; and "Smooth" by Santana Featuring
 Rob Thomas. So let's hope Celine and Andrea will win.
 We can do nothing for the Grammy, but there's an award that we can 
 actually help Celine to win. It's the award for "Artist of the decade."
 American Music Awards nominated Celine in the "Artist of the decade poll".
 Let's vote for Celine right now!

 For the holiday season, "These are special times" ranks #4 for this year
 best-selling holiday albums. Considering the album was released in
 1998, it's very very good! It has sold more than 640,000 copies during 
 the holiday season, and it sold more than 3 million copies last year.
 Well done, Celine!

 If you're interested to see how the "Celine agenda", which is included
 in the souvenier bag, looks like, you can go to ebay right now. Cuz
 someone has put it on ebay for auction. Click here to go

(Updated on Jan 3rd)
 Celine has just been honored today! She's named "The best selling 
 Canadian recording artist of the century". She has sold 9 million
 copies of albums in Canada, and another 110 million copies around
 the world! Bravo!!!

 Celine is artist of the month for VH1. So don't miss various Celine 
 shows on VH1 this month. And rumour says that the Celine's episode
 of Behind the Music is going to air on Jan 18th. We'll just have to
 wait and see. And on this Thursday, ET is going to have a story on
 Celine and Rene's wedding in Las Vegas.

(Updated on Jan 2nd)
 The left picture above is the first outfit that Celine wore during her concert.
 I've also added two more pictures below. 
 Access Hollywood showed clips of "Then You Look At Me" video. A Celine
 fan watched it said that Access Hollywood described this video as a
 high-tech video with the use of computer-technology. And Celine has
 a very low-cut outfit in the video. Sounds interesting! Don't get me
 wrong, I'm not talking about the low-cut outfit, I mean the "high-tech"
 thing! ;) 

 More info about Celine's concert. There were few songs that cut out
 from the boardcast of the show, in order to squeeze in commercials in
 between. The songs that cut out were "The first time ever I saw your face",
 "Ziggy", and "Love Can Move Mountains".
 As some of you may know, free bags of sovenir were given to every attenders
 of the concert. And what inside those bags included a party hat, a blue glow 
 stick, a plastic champagne glass, a Celine agenda book with beautiful
 Celine pics and message, and a small bottle of champagne with her name,
 picture and logo on the label. I'm really jealous of the people who got
 this bag!!!! By the way, base from what I read, Celine even stayed until
 around 3~4am to autograph for her fans at Molson Centre. What a generous
 Queen! =)

(Updated on Jan 1st 2000)
 Wow, it was a magnificent night! The entire show lasted around 4 and 
 a half hour. First of all, a stand-up comedian called Stephane Rousseau
 performed with some jokes and songs first. Then, the cast of Notre-Dame
 de Paris took the stage, and performed for about 1 and a half hour.
 Then, the show took us back to the old hourse of the Dion family, and
 had a little tour there, and they also got to some other people' houses,
 I don't understand French, so I don't know who those people are, but
 I assume those are either old neighbours or friends of the Dion family.
 That part was quite funny, and they even had Mama and Papa Dion visiting
 those people with some foods and cakes, and they were watching Celine's
 concert video...etc. Then, Julie Snyder went to the backstage, had a small
 chat with Celine, and Celine was getting ready-eating crackers, drinking
 water...etc-and they walked together to the box, where Celine hide herself
 in there, to be brought to the stage later. The stage set-up is exactly
 the same as the LTAL tour. And here's how the Celine portion of the show
 started. The MHWGO instrumental intro started, showing footages of Celine
 from her earliest performance to the most recent one(it was very touching,
 seeing how Celine turned from a little quebecois to an international
 Pop Queen). Crowds cheered big time, and there, Queen Celine rose in 
 the centre of the stage, and she started the night with "My Heart Will
 Go On". It was a very beautiful scene, because every single audience
 had a blue glow-in-the-dark stick waving in there hands!! Celine's 
 voice was in top shape, and she was wearing a black top, with some 
 sparking pieces on it, and a black pants, also with a sparking line. 
 After the first song, Celine spoke both in French in English, then she
 faced to the camera, and she talked to the president of America, and 
 wished them and everyone in washington have a happy new year, cuz they
 know they're watching her right now. (This part was broadcast by CBS to
 the US). Then Celine continue the concert with singing different songs,
 a few duets with the different members of the cast of notre-dame de paris.
 She totally had 4 outfits on yesterday night. Okay, at the count-down part
 Rene walked on the stage, and scared Celine by standing at her back.
 Celine screamed, and she asked him something like "do you wanna sing
 with me?"(again, I don't understand French, it's what I guess)And both
 of them, started to count-down with the crowd from 15 seconds. When they 
 count to 1, everyone said "Happy new year", fireworks came on, so were
 balloons and confetti. And weirdly, "Happy Christmas(War is over)"
 was playing at the back. Anyway, everyone was so happy, Celine and Rene
 were kissing and hugging. The Dion family, and the guest performers
 walked on the stage, hugging each other. Then Celine said "I wish you 
 peace, and love most of all, and especially of course good health to
 everybody. Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for being with us! Happy
 New Year." Then, people start to walk down from the stage, and Celine
 saw Rene walked down, and she chased him, and she was lying herself
 entirely on the floor of the stage, in order to kiss him one more time.
 Then Celine asked the crowd, "Are you ready to party??" Then, she introduced
 Bryan Adams. Bryan performed a song by himself first, then he did few
 duets with Celine. Later, Celine took the entire stage again, and she
 performed few more great song, and she also changed into few other
 outfits. Before Celine sang "Pour que tu maimes encore", there was the
 longest longest standing ovation of the night. And believe me, it was
 very very very loooong. Celine almost moved into tears, but she managed
 not to. This part is also very touching, because the cameras were also
 showing the crowd faces, and various signs they were holding, such as 
 "we love you, Celine", "Come to Japan"...etc. And there were also
 various countries' flags holding up with words to Celine on them. It 
 was very touching, and we can also see that Celine is truely loved
 everywhere around the world. Another touching moment was the performance
 of "s'il suffisait d'aimer", during the song, they showed footages of
 important events and figures from the century, and it was so touching
 when they showed those scenes of wars. (War is really the ugliest thing
 in this world, especially I had just saw a part of the movie "Saving
 private Ryan". It's...unacceptable in this world, although it's still
 happening constantly in this world. It's so sad.) And the final moment,
 Celine changed into a purple dress, and she performed the last song.
 And the last song is also the song that started all these things,
 "Ce n'etait qu'un reve". After all, it was only a dream! Then, Celine
 thanked the audience around the stage, and she walked down, and led back 
 to the back-stage. Celine didn't cry, and she did it how she wanted.
 She said that she didn't want to make this concert a sad one, and crying
 heavily at the end. 
 Here's the set-list of the night(Celine's portion of the show):
 My Heart Will Go On
 All The Way
  ~Ce n'etait qu'un reve
  ~D'amour ou d'amitie
  ~Mon ami m'a quittee
  ~(the song she performed to the pope)
 That's the way it is
 I'm Your Angel(w/ a member of the cast of Notre'dame)
 When I fall in love(w/ another member of the cast)
 J'irai ou tu iras(w/ another member of the cast)
 Le Blues du Businessman(w/ another member of the cast)
 L'Amour Existe Encore
 (~countdown to 2000~)
 Summer of 69(I don't know the song title)~performed by Bryan Adams
 It's only love~duet of Celine and Bryan(Celine changed into the outfit
                                         where you can see from yesterday's
 When you're gone~duet of Celine and Bryan
 Everything I do, I do it for you~duet of Celine and Bryan
 De mots qui sonnent
 Unison(Stephane Rousseau did the rap part)
 Love Can Move Moutains(they only sang the last verse of the song)(Celine
                        changed into the outfit, you can see in the pic
                        above on the left side)
 Pour que tu m'aimes encore
 S'il Suffisait D'aimer
 All By Myself
 Ce n'etait qu'un reve(change into the outfit you can see in the pic
                       above on the right side)

 Celine, you did it! You did it once again! It was a memorable evening.
 You said that it's not only the end of a century, it's also the start 
 of a new life for you and Rene. I wish you and Rene happy and health 
 in your new life. And wish bad things will leave you and your family
 alone.(and your fans, including me! =)) And we'll be waiting for you,
 Celine! Come back whenever you want, we'll always be here for you!
 That's for sure!

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