(Oct 5 2004 News)
 2 more days left! Enter now!
 "A New Day~Live In Las Vegas" Songbook Giveaway!

(Oct 4 2004 News)
 "A New Day~Live In Las Vegas" Songbook Giveaway! 3 more days!

 There's seems to be an official site for the Miracle project in Poland.
 Click here to go to the site!

 Aside from the celebrity shoe auction, Celine has also lent her
 support to a new campaign with Montreal designer Simon Chang for
 Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Simon has created a unique pink
 t-shirt, which can be purchased from The Bay, with all proceeds
 going to the Quebec and National Breast Cancer Foundations. 
 Celine is the spokesperson for this campaign and appears in ads
 wearing the t-shirt.  For more info, click here. 

(Oct 2 2004 News)
 Shoe designer Stuart Weitzman is organizing his 4th annual celebrity
 shoe auction.  Celine is among the celebrities who decorated a pair 
 of Weitzman shoes that will be auctioned for the benefit of the breat
 cancer research.  The auction ends on October 31.  To bid on the shoe
 that Celine has designed herself (shown above), click here. 

(Sept 29 2004 News)
 I am happy to announce that in collaborating with Max Borges Marketing
 Solutions, we are having a "A New Day-Live in Las Vegas Songbook"
 giveway contest!  Winners will receive a free copy of the new songbook.
 It's easy!  This contest could only be open to US residents though.
 For more info about this contest, click here!  

 According to CHOI 98.1 Radio, Celine will promote the Miracle project
 in the TV circus together with Anne Geddes.  They will both appear on 
 Oprah together, as well as on Larry King Live and Live with Regis & Kelly.
(Sept 27 2004 News)
 According to FMQB, Celine's "Beautiful Boy" is going to impact AC radio
 stations in the US on Oct 4th.  

 Warner Bros has already published a songbook for "A New Day~Live In Las
 Vegas."  You can get a copy on this site. 

(Sept 17 2004 News)
 It has been confirmed that Celine has extended her contract with Caesars
 Palace for one more year.  Celine has also cancelled her show from Thursday
 through Sunday due to a sinus infection.  
 Source: Review Journal 

(Sept 16 2004 News)
 Above are the pics of Celine at the World Music Awards.  She performed
 Love Can Move Mountain with all her dancers, and Michael Douglas presented
 the award to her.  The audience cheered throughout Celine's performance.  

 We could also find tonnes of pictures on:
 Getty Image
 Wire Image: Arrival    Press Room    Backstage    

(Sept 14 2004 News)
 Don't forget to catch Celine on World Music Awards tomorrow.  ABC will
 televise the event live for the first time.  It has been reported that
 Celine will perform "Love Can Move Mountains" with all her dancers, and 
 Michael Douglas will be presenting the Diamond Award to Celine.
 For channel and time, please check you local listing.
 According to CelineDion.com Newsletter, Celine has scheduled to appear
 on Larry King Live, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Live with Regis and Kelly,
 The Tonight Show, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show in October.  They are
 subject to change and dates are yet to confirm.
 IFPI releases The Recording Industry in Numbers today, which contains
 statistics and analysis of 68 countries' music markets around the world. 
 Among the information it has, it also lists out the top 50 best-selling
 albums globally in 2003.  Celine's One Heart is at #10.  For more info,
 click here.

(Sept 10 2004 News)
 On Sony Italy, we could now listen to 30 secs clip of every songs on
 Thanks Andre for the info! =)

 Here's another article that talks about Celine receiving the Diamond Award
 at the World Music Award next week.  The article has the Journal de Montreal
 article as reference.  Rene did an interview for the Quebec newspaper earlier
 and he confirms Celine will be awarded the award for being the best selling
 female artist of all time, selling nearly 175 million copies of albums between
 1987 and August of 2004.  The figures do not include the 12 albums she recorded
 in French at the start of her career. 

(Sept 7 2004 News)
 According to this press release, Celine will be receiving the Diamond
 Award at the World Music Awards on Sept 15th.   

 Celine will be performing at the 6th annual charity concert organized by
 106.7 Lite on FM on Oct 15th in New York city.  It will take place at The
 Paramount Theater at Madison Square Garden.  

(Sept 3 2004 News)
 On the official site, they've finally put up the official album cover 
 and tracklisting for the upcoming album "Miracle".  And if you go to
 one of the forum that is linked at the bottom of this site, you will 
 be able to find a link to listen to the entire song of the title track.
 It's a gentle, calm lullaby.  It reminds me a little bit of Whitney's
 "Who could imagine a king". 

(Aug 24 2004 News)
 Found the following info The Forum:
 Barnes & Noble.com has put up the track list of Miracle on their site.
 It also has a release date of Oct 12th, 2004. 
  1.  Miracle 
  2.  Brahms' Lullaby 
  3.  If I Could 
  4.  Sleep Tight 
  5.  What A Wonderful World 
  6.  My Precious One 
  7.  A Mother's Prayer 
  8.  The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 
  9.  Baby Close Your Eyes 
 10.  Come To me 
 11.  Le loup, la biche et le chevalier (une chanson douce) 
 12.  Beautiful Boy 
 13.  In Some Small Way 
(Aug 21 2004 News)
 Fans can now vote for "You & I" on MuchMoreMusic's Top10.com!
 The program airs at 7pm & 11pm ET Monday - Thursday and 7pm ET Friday.

(Aug 17 2004 News)
 According to the official site, Celine will be receiving an award at
 this year's World Music Awards.  The show will also be broadcast live
 from The Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas for the first time on 
 Sept 15th, 2004.  However, they haven't mentioned what award Celine will
 be receiving.  

(Aug 16 2004)
 According to Las Vegas Sun, there are rumours that Celine and Caesar
 may extend their contract for at least one more year, until 2007.  
 It says both party are deep in negotiations though nothing has been
 signed yet.   A source told the newspaper that "it looks like there 
 will be a one-year extension with an option for another year."  The
 source said that the figure on the table is $40 million for the
 additional year, and $45 million for the option year.  For the article,
 click here.

(Aug 14, 2004)
 Team Celine members can now watch the "You & I" video on Team Celine.  
 Below are some screen caps of the video.

(July 21 2004 News)
 Above pictures could be found in the photo section of the official site.
 The pics were taken at the "You & I" video set on July 19th. 

(July 8 2004 News)
 On Anne Geddes website, we can read "An Interview with Anne Geddes and
 Celine Dion."  In the interview, we could find out how Anne and Celine
 feel about the project, how the photo session went, as well as a little
 info on the album.  Celine says the title track "Miracle" is written by
 David Foster's wife, Linda Thompson.  The song originally was titled 
 "Who could ever love you more", and it was suppose to be on Celine's 
 most recent English album, but it didn't make it for whatever reason.
 But the song just fits perfectly for this project, and they've decided
 to rename the song to "Miracle".    

(July 4 2004 News)
 Below is the chart position for the live album in various countries for
 the past week:
 Canada: #3 (#2)
 US: #38 (#5) 
 France: #10 (#9) 
 Netherlands: #19 (#12)
 Switzerland: #13 (#14)
 Belgium (Flander): #7 (#16)
 Belgium (Walloon): #10 (#19)
 Germany: #20 (debuts)
 Austria: #21 (#28)
 Denmark: #32 (debuts)
 UK: #52 
 Austria #28
 Italy: #32 (#31)

(June 29 2004 News)
 As part of the celebration for Canada, on Amazon.ca, we could watch the
 video montage of Celine and her family set to her new single, "You and I".
 It's only 1 min 40 secs long though.  

(June 28 2004 News)
 On The Forum, we could find a couple of new pics from the Miracle

(June 25 2004 News)
 Celine and 4 other Canadian artists provide Canada Day gift!!!
 Celine along with Alanis Morissette, Douglas Coupland, Sarah McLachlan
 and Michael J. Fox has agreed to contribute something never seen or heard
 before on Amazon.ca
 Yesterday for example, Alanis provided for audio streaming an exclusive
 acoustic track of a song from her new album.  As for Celine, she'll provide
 a video-streamed behind-the-scenes family montage set to her new single, 
 "You and I" on the coming Tuesday.  Then all five artists' offerings will
 be featured again on Amazon.ca on July 1. 
 Source: Canadian Press
 The new live album debuts at #2 in Canada!  And in cities such as Quebec
 city and Montreal, the album is #1 for the past week.  
 Below is the album's debut position in some of the countries around the
 Canada: #2
 US: #5
 France: #9 
 Netherlands: #12
 Switzerland: #14
 Belgium (Flander): #16
 Belgium (Walloon): #19
 UK: #22
 Austria #28
 Italy: #31

(June 24 2004 News)
 "A New Day~Live in Las Vegas" will debut at #10 in the US on Billboard's
 Top 200 Album chart, selling 57,000 copies last week.  Here's an excerpt
 from an E! Online report:
 While the Beastie Boys opened the charts, Celine Dion closed out the top
 10 with the week's second-highest debut. The pop diva's New Day...Live
 in Las Vegas, culled from her residency at the Caesars Palace Colosseum,
 sold 57,000 copies at number 10. 
 Dion, who canceled several New Day performances last month due to a neck
 strain, recently ranked 26th in Forbes Celebrity 100 list of most powerful
 entertainers. Nevertheless, the Canadian chanteuse's latest sales mark pales
 in comparison to her other recent studio albums: One Heart sold 431,000
 first-week copies last year, while 2002's A New Day Has Come moved 527,000

(June 23 2004 News)
 The AFI's 100 Years...100 Songs TV special was aired last night, and the 
 list of Top 100 Movie Songs have revealed.  Beauty & the Beast is at #62,
 while My Heart Will Go On is at # 14.  Short clips of Celine's interview
 came up a few times throughout the program, seeing Celine commenting on
 few of the songs on the list.  
 Source: AFI...100 Songs

 Early estimates for the first week sales of the live album in Canada and
 US have came out.  According to Hits Daily Double, the album has sold 
 50,678 copies in the US last week, landing at #13.  And according to the
 data compiled by Music World in Canada, the live album was the 5th best 
 selling album in Music World throughout Canada.  Official sales info compiled
 by Soundscan will come out on late Wednesday or Thursday.   

(June 18 2004 News)
 Forbes has released its annual Celebrity 100 today.  Celine ranks
 at 26 this year.  Below are her numbers and ranking for each category.
 Pay: $28 million      #35
 Web Hits: 1,210,000   #13
 Press Clips: 7,392    #50
 TV/Radio: 113         #34
 Last year, Celine was ranked #35, and below are her numbers for last year.
 Pay: $28.0 million    #46
 Web Hits: 365,000     #19
 Press Clips: 8,790    #37
 TV/Radio: 150         #30 
 Source: Forbes.com

 In Canada, You And I climbs up steadily on the National Airplay chart.
 Last week it was at #96, and this week it moves up to #72.  
 Source: Jam! Music

(June 15 2004 News)
 The new live album hits stores today in North America!!!  Don't
 forget to get your copy today!

 Celine is Canada most priceless celebrity!!
 MasterCard Canada today released the results of its third annual
 MasterCard Canada Priceless Index.  This national survey of 2000
 Canadians 18 years of age and over was carried out by telephone
 between April 26 and May 7, 2004.  
 When asked to name Canada's most priceless celebrity, Canadians
 offered a wide range of response with two singers, a hockey player,
 and the Prime Minister being named most frequently.
    -For the third straight year, Celine Dion was named most often
     (20%.) Celine Dion is most popular among Quebecers, with half
     (50%) choosing Celine as their leading lady. And although in
     the lead among all age groups, Celine is least popular among
     those 60+, with only 15 per cent singing along to her tunes.
    -With half as many votes (10%), Canadians voted a hockey legend
     for second place - the great one, Wayne Gretzky came in second
    -In third place, selected by 9 per cent of respondents, was
     Shania Twain.
    -Prime Minister Paul Martin was named by 5 per cent of respondents.
    -Other celebrities selected as most priceless included: Mike Myers,
     Don Cherry, Jim Carrey, Pierre Trudeau, David Suzuki, and Mike Weir.
 Source: Canada NewsWire

(May 30 2004 News)
 Celine returned to the stage on this past Wednesday after a series
 of cancellation for A New Day due to her sprained neck.  With tears
 in her eyes, she thanked the audience.  
 "I know I don't have to talk to you about the last two weeks because
 I could talk for hours," Celine told the audience during Wednesday's
 performance. "But things happen and sometimes we get injured.
 "I've missed being here. I've missed you," she added, thanking the
 crowd for "the privilege to perform for you."
 Source: Yahoo News

 "You & I" is having a great start in Canada and US (AC stations).
 In Canada, the track was the # 1 most added song overall on
 Canadian radio, the # 1 most added song on Adult contemporary radio
 and # 1 most added Canadian record this past week. "You And I" will
 In the US, the single was the # 1 most added song on AC radio
 stations across the United States this past week.  According to 
 Radio & Records, 30 AC stations have added the song to their playlist
 in the past week.  

 If you purchase Celine's upcoming live album on Sony Music Store,
 you could also get a free poster as a gift.
 Also now on the store site, there are clips for each songs on the album.  

 A new celine forum called "The Lounge" has now opened.  You may click 
 the banner below to go there! 
(May 23 2004 News)
 On Amazon, we could find these pics of the Miracle Calendar.  

(May 18 2004 News)
 Found this pic on Amazon.com!  Looks like it'll be the album cover!
 And on Echos Celine, we could listen to the 56 secs clip of "Ain't gonna
 look the other way".  
 On Germany's Sony Music site, it confirms that the A New Day Live 
 album will come with a DVD named "One Year One Heart". Then in October,
 a full-length DVD will be released.  
 And on Billboard, there's more info on the October release of the DVD.
 Here's the excerpt:
 "A New Day ... Live in Las Vegas" will serve as a precursor to the fall
 release of a DVD of the same name, presenting the entire stage show.
 That release will itself feature two bonus DVDs: "A Day in the Life of
 Celine Dion" and "A Day in the Life of the Cast."
 More cancellation!
 All of the A New Day performances of this week have been cancelled
 as well.  According to the official site, Celine has been examined
 by a doctor late Saturday, and the doctor has instructed to take
 this week off as well so that her muscle could recover properly.    

(May 15 2004 News)
 Las Vegas Sun reported that according to A New Day's spokeswoman
 Kris Lingle, Celine's doctor examined Celine Friday evening, and
 advised her that her recovery was not complete and instructed her
 to take additional time to recover.  Thus, today (Saturday) and
 tomorrow's (Sunday) performance have been canceled.  Celine is 
 expected to resume performance on Wednesday.  

(May 12 2004 News)
 On Echos Celine, we could find full-length audio file of "You and I"!
 I love it!  It flies higher and higher!  

(May 11 2004 News)
 On Anne Geddes site, we could find the following new info on the
 Anne has now selected all the images and text for the book and 
 also the song selection for the CD has been made with Céline
 recording final tracks in a studio in Las Vegas.
 The book translations are being completed and once these are
 finalized, the book will be sent for scanning and pre-production
 checks. Everyone is very excited with what has been created and
 there is an air of anticipation preceding the actual printing in
 early June.

 The DVD of the making of the book is also nearing completion and
 this particular product will give a real insight to the behind the
 scenes aspects of this fantastic, unique project. The DVD will
 also be a feature inclusion in the book along with Céline's CD.

 All those who have seen and heard what has been produced so far
 are very excited with comments ranging from: "Absolutely stunning
 and brilliant work!" to "Anne's photography coupled with Celine's
 magical voice is simply overwhelming."

 Anne is now working on the Miracle song video and this is due for
 recording in late June. 

(May 10 2004 News)
 According to the official site, Celine has been instructed by her 
 doctor to rest for five consecutive days.  She has been hampered
 by a sprained neck for the past week, and while she continued to
 perform, the condition has been aggravated by her activity.  The 
 doctor has advised that in order for her full recovery, she will 
 be required to remain inactive until the weekend.  She will return
 to stage beginning Saturday.
 It seems that Celine has also cancelled her appearance on Jay Leno
 this coming Wednesday.  On Jay Leno upcoming guests' list, Celine
 is not listed.  

(May 8 2004 News)
 The official site says the song "You & I" was written by Aldo Nova 
 (ANDHC, Ten Days, Your Light...etc) and Jacques Duval.  The single
 will be on radio stations' playlist starting on May 17.

 In this article, it talks about celebrities launching their own
 parfume, and here's an excerpt in which talks about Celine's parfume:
 Dion launched her perfume line last year. Celine Dion Parfums is
 available at mass merchants, drug stores and such department stores
 as Sears, JC Penney, Ulta and Kohl's. 

 Dion's line raked in sales of $11.7 million in 2003, making it the
 ninth-best-selling women's fragrance of 2003 at U.S. retailers tracked
 by Information Resources. It was the only debut fragrance line to make
 the top 10. 

 Dion, who teamed with Coty for her fragrance venture, tells Billboard:
 "For years we were approached by a number of different fragrance and
 beauty companies, but it just didn't feel natural. When we were
 approached by Coty, we really liked the way they understood who I was
 as a woman, as well as a performer, and how I was perceived in the
 Full Article
(May 7 2004 News)
 On Echos Celine, we can listen to the 55 secs clip of You & I.  
 It is not the French version of the Toi et Moi, instead it is
 an up-tempo song!

(May 1 2004 News)
 The official site has revealed the tracklisting for the upcoming
 Live album.  It's the same as the one that is listed on Amazon.com.
 The official site also confirms that "You and I" will be the first
 single of the album, which will hit radio stations this month!

(April 30 2004 News)
 Sorry for haven't been coming here for so long!  Here are some
 exciting news on Celine.

 On Amazon.com, it has listed the tracklisting for the upcoming
 A New Day Live album:
  1. Nature Boy        
  2. It's All Coming Back To Me Now        
  3. Because You Loved Me        
  4. I'm Alive        
  5. If I Could        
  6. At Last        
  7. Fever        
  8. I've Got the World On a String        
  9. Je T'aime Encore        
 10. I Wish        
 11. I Drove All Night        
 12. My Heart Will Go On        
 13. What A Wonderful World        
 14. You and I        
 15. Ain't Gonna Look The Other Way  
 There are rumours that "You and I" is the English version of the 
 duo with Ch. Aznavour "Toi Et Moi", while "Ain't Gonna Look The
 Other Way" is written by Peer Astrom and Anders Bagge.  Rumour 
 also says that Astrom has also written a song called "Sleep" for
 the Miracle album.  
 If you haven't heard of "Toi Et Moi" yet, you could find it on 
 The Forum.  Scroll down to the middel of that page. 
 On Celinati, we could find the video of "Contre Nature"!  A pretty
 cool video with a pretty looking Celine!

(April 21 2004 News)
 In this Variety.com article, it says that Celine will appear on Jay
 Leno's "Tonight" show on May 12 at the Paris Hotel. 

 Celine was on Quebec's TV program "Flash", an interview that recorded
 earlier at the backstage of the Colosseum.  On The Forum, we could now
 find screen caps of the interview. 

(April 16 2004 News)
 On the official site's Photos and Videos section, we could find some
 pics taken from the Dream Team Tour event, as well as few videos of
 Celine discussing about the recording sessesion for the "Miracle" album, 
 feelings about her new fragrance...etc.  

 "A New Day Has Come" has been certified 6 times platinum in Canada
 in March!   
(April 13 2004 News)
 On Celine Smiles, we could find scans of the Redbook Magazine!

(April 11 2004 News)
 New LIVE CD from A New Day!
 According to the official site, on June 14th (June 15th for North
 America) Sony Music will bring Celine's songs from her show to a
 worldwide audience.  The official tracklisting and title of the
 CD will be revealed soon.   

 Celine's on the cover of the Redbook Magazine along with few other
 Star moms.

(April 4 2004 News)
 At a non-televised gala tonight, 29 Juno Awards were handed out.  Among
 them is the French Album of the year, and the award went to Wilfred 
 Le Bouthillier's self titled album.  The rest of the awards will be 
 handed out tomorrow night.  

(Mar 30 2004 News)
 Happy Birthday Celine!!!

(Mar 28 2004 News)
 On GettyImages, we could find tones of pics taken from Celebrity Fight
 Night X gala.  David Foster was there at the gala as well!

 On WireImage, we could find few pictures of Celine, Rene, and Muhammad
 Ali, probably taken from the backstage of the Celebrity Fight Night X

(Mar 25 2004 News)
 Las Vegas Sun's VegasBeat column did an exclusive interview with Celine
 to mark the one year anniversary of "A New Day..."  We can read the
 article here. 

 The National Safety Council today launched a new multilingual series
 of public service announcements to help keep families safe by emphasizing
 simple measures for protecting children as vehicle passengers.  The campaign
 features Celine, and will air in English, French and Spanish beginning
 immediately.  We could watch the 3 different public service announcement
 on this page.  They are located on the right hand column.

(Mar 22 2004 News)
 Here's an article about 5 lucky winners of the Celine Dream Team Tour.
 And we could also find a new pic of Celine taken at the backstage as
 she celebrates the one-year anniversary of her fragrance.  

(Mar 18 2004 News)
 According to the official site, Celine will be shooting a new video
 for the new French single, "Contre Nature", later this month in Las

 The Celine Dion Parfum Notes has unveiled on CelineDionBeauty.com!
 The bottle looks similar to the original Celine Dion Parfum.  

(Mar 16 2004 News)
 Celine made a very short appearance on Metrostars gala last night, singing
 the last line of "S'il Suffisait D'aimer".  On The Forum, we could download
 the video file of that appearance. 

(Mar 9 2004 News)
 In the February platinum certification for IFPI Europe, Live A Paris has
 received its 2nd certification.  That means that album has sold 2 million
 copies in Europe.  

(Mar 5 2004 News)
 Montreal's radio station CKOI had a pranked on Janet.  What they did
 was they had someone pretending to be Celine, calling Janet and telling
 her how much she supports her and staff.  And the fake Celine even asked
 Janet's advice for her plan to show her boob in the public with Nick Carter.
 We can now listen to the prank call on the station's website.  And here's
 the link to the audio clip. 

(Mar 4 2004 News)
 On Annegeddes.com, it has an updates on the Miracle project:
 "It was a busy time for Anne during the first two weeks of February.
 Beautiful babies and Celine Dion were the focal point of a very
 successful photo shoot in Las Vegas. These very special images
 photographed by Anne will be used in the miracle project."

(Feb 19 2004 News)
 Here's an excerpt from Las Vegas Sun's VegasBeat Column:
 Until now, Celine Dion has been taking baby steps with her charitable
 involvement in Las Vegas.  No more. Diva Las Vegas announced Tuesday
 that on Easter she is turning over proceeds from every seat to her 
 "A New Day ... " show at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace to Opportunity
 Village, a local nonprofit organization serving those with intellectual
 "Wow. That's all anyone around here can say today," a still-stunned
 Linda Smith, chief development officer of Opportunity Village, told
 VegasBeat in a phone conversation after Dion's announcement.
 If every ticket is sold, the donation could end up topping $1 million,
 Smith said.
 Dion's spokeswoman Kris Lingle told us that it is not the first, but
 this was "far and away" the largest donation Dion has made to a Las
 Vegas charity.
 In a statement, Dion said that she and her husband, Rene Angelil,
 "have fallen in love with this wonderful organization and the brave
 individuals it serves."
 "Opportunity Village has been working so hard ... helping thousands of
 adults with disabilities and their families. They deserve international
 exposure, and I am honored to be able to help them deliver their message
 on behalf of people with profound disabilities."
 Dion is donating the proceeds from 3,700 tickets for the April 11
 performance. Caesars Palace is donating the other 400 seats in the room
 for Opportunity Village to sell as special packages that include a
 meet-and-greet with Dion.
 It also mentions in the column that Anne Geddes is shooting pictures
 in Las Vegas this week of Celine and Rene-Charles, for the forthcoming
 Miracle project. 

(Feb 16 2004 News)
 According to the official site, Celine and Anne Geddes have started
 working together on the 'Miracle' project scheduled to be launched
 next fall. Celine is taking part in a photo shoot this week in Las
 Vegas and will be in the recording studio next month. 
 Let's vote for Celine for the Fan Choice Award at the 7th Annual Canadian
 Radio Music Awards.
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall) for the info! =)

(Feb 11 2004 News)
 Celine has received 4 Juno Awards nominations.  
 Artist of the Year:
    Shawn Desman
    Celine Dion 
    Nelly Furtado
    Sarah McLachlan
    Sam Roberts
 Album of the Year:
    Michael Buble~Michael Buble
    Celine Dion~One Heart
    Nelly Furtado~Folklore
    Sarah McLachlan~Afterglow
    Sam Roberts~We Were Born In a Flame
 Francophone Album of the Year:
    Don Juan, Un Musical de Felix Gray
    Celine Dion~1 Fille: 4 Types
    Wilfred Le Bouthillier~Wilfred Le Bouthillier
    Marie Chantal Toupin~Maudit Bordel
 Juno Fan Choice:
    Celine Dion
    Sarah McLachlan
    Avril Lavigne

(Feb 10 2004 News)
 Above pic is a scan of the HYEBIL single released in Italy.
 Thanks Kai for the pic! =)

(Feb 9 2004 News)
 Good things do come out of bad things!  
 After last night's technical difficulties that Celine encountered,
 many comments that I've read today on some non-Celine-related
 newsgroup or some online publication, are praising Celine, for how
 gracefully she handled the situation.  Still, there are few nasty
 ones such as "Celine sounded great until someone handed her a 
 working mic."  But majority of the comments are positive ones. I 
 guess some of you maybe interested in reading them too, so here are
 some of them:
 From Eonline:
 "Best Performances, Part Two: Celine Dion, we admit, is not our
 favorite artist, but we were pretty impressed by her ability to
 transcend numerous technical glitches and perform a tribute to 
 Luther Vandross. We know we shouldn't be impressed simply by a
 singer who can sing, but somehow we are."

 From Canadian Press:
 "Celine Dion was handed a bad microphone during her musical
 tribute to Luther Vandross. With millions of viewers looking on
 from home, Dion realized her microphone wasn't working. She sang
 with no sound for 20 long seconds, while urgent voices could
 clearly be heard from the control booth. Just 40 seconds after
 being handed a working microphone, Dion was nearly rocked off her
 feet by feedback. She stayed in the moment, however, showing a
 poise and professionalism often lost on her juniors."

 From Newsgroup:
 "I don't like Celine, but what happened to her tonight, I wouldn't
 wish on a bare-breasted Jackson. Complete fuckup of sound,
 monitoring system, piano too. I'm glad she finally ripped the ear
 monitors out and went for it. A tough song to sing due to the recent
 loss of her father, and difficult cirumstances.  I give her an A-."

 From Newsgroup:
 "Hometown ( well, same Country ) hero Celine shows em all what a
 real pro does when everything screws up.... Imagine that , live
 in front of a Gazillion people and suddenly no monitor... Pop 'em
 out and go for it . You could see Martina McBride awestruck 
 afterwards...  ( of course the techie in me felt the pain of those
 guys on the crew that screwed up... can we say not ready for prime 

 From Newsgroup:
 "Poor Celine. That was almost painful watching the sound system
 fail her. But she's a trooper and did a lovely job."

 From Newsgroup:
 "And I have to admit despite the HUGE glitch she handled it very
 well. If you noticed, her in-ear monitors weren't working either
 and she just casually yanked them out and went "old school" in 
 front of the piano without missing beat. I had to admire that!"

 From Newsgroup:
 "Did anyone notice that her ear monitor did not work? She simply
 pulled it out and kept on singing IN TUNE."

 From Newsgroup:
 "As much as I don't like Celine's style and songs, I did think
 at the time of her removing her ear piece, "wow, someone who can
 actually hit pitch by themselves."

 From Newsgroup:
 "I have to admit she kept her cool considering what was going on
 and did act like a pro.  A few years ago I worked on a one night
 only DVD where Celine came in a sang one song.  She came to one
 rehearsal (and sang the song maybe once) and then the night of the
 show ran over from her Vegas gig (I believe in the middle) came on
 stage and killed on the track and then ran back to her show.  I
 gained a lot of respect for her that night."

 From Newsgroup:
 "She's a total pro. I'm not gonna go buy any of her records (not
 my cup of tea), but I do have respect for her."

 On WireImage and GettyImage, we could find few more pics taken from last
 night's event.   

(Feb 8 2004 News)
 On CTV, we could watch a video report of the Grammy Awards.  In the
 report, it shows a clip of Celine's performance. 

 On WireImage, we can find small pictures taken from the Grammy performance.
 On The Forum, we could find few links where we can listen to the performance
 that Celine did at the Grammy this evening.  

 Celine has just finished performing "Dance with my father" with Richard
 Marx accompanying her by the piano.  Feel pity for Celine for the audio
 problem, but as a professional singer like she is, she managed to get
 through the whole song beautifully.  When she came out and started to sing
 the song, no sounds were coming out from the mic, and we could only hear
 a little bit of the piano sound as well.  Instead, the sound-crew people
 voice got on the air, saying their audio terms.  Then a guy came out and
 pass another mic to Celine.  But still, Celine couldn't hear a thing in
 her ear-plug and we could hear her say "Still, there's nothing" to the mic,
 cuz she thought the mic wasn't working, which indeed, we could hear it on
 TV.  Then Celine reached her hand to the ear-plug control at her back try
 to get the thing work, but the song intro has started already, so Celine
 just took off the ear-plug from her ears and sang from there.  She did a
 great job of course.  Throughout the performance, we could see clips of
 the song's video, and even a pic of Celine hugging his father.  At the end,
 the audience gave a standing ovation, to the tribute performance and Luther.
 Then a thank-you message of Luther came on the screen at the end.
 Celine wore a silver-white jacket with white pant.  Something similar to
 what she wore for the 1996 Falling Into You tour. 

 Celine will be performing live in L.A. tonight at the Grammy with Richard
 Marx as a tribute to Luther Vandross.  On WireImage, we could find few small
 pics of the rehearsal.  

(Feb 7 2004 News)
 Reminder: Remember to catch Celine at the Grammy tomorrow!

 Here's an excerpt from Las Vegas Sun's "VegasBeat" column:
 Celine Dion might still be battling that sinus infection that has
 caused her to cancel a week's worth of shows, but she isn't spending
 much time in bed recovering.

 The New York Daily News reported Thursday that Dion was spotted in
 a Los Angeles jewelry store "loading up on loaned sparklies to show
 off on television."

 Dion and Alicia Keys are performing a tribute to Luther Vandross on 
 Sunday's Grammy Awards.

 On Oprah yesterday, they did show a clip of Celine appearing as a 
 surprise guest at Oprah's birthday luncheon that was held earlier
 last week.  They showed a short clip of Celine singing "Because you
 loved me" and "Happy Birthday". 
 On The Forum, we could find an audio clip of that appearance.  

(Feb 4 2004 News)
 According to the official site, Celine has cancelled this Wednesday
 and this Thursday's show as well, following doctor's order due to her
 sinus infection.  Hope she gets well soon!

 On this Friday, Oprah will be showing footages of her 50th birthday
 bash which was held in L.A last week.  From the footages that was 
 shown in the commercial, Celine attended the bash as well!  So stay
 tune to catch more clips of Celine on this Friday on Oprah!  

(Feb 1 2004 News)
 Celine has cancelled Friday, Saturday and Sunday's show due to sinus 
 infection.  Here's the article reported by ReviewJournal:
 A sinus infection was blamed for canceling Celine Dion's Friday,
 Saturday and Sunday shows. 

 She was 40 minutes into her show Friday when she had problems breathing,
 Dion's husband/manager Rene Angelil said Saturday. All tickets will be

 Dion had not missed a show in 14 years until late October, when she was
 stricken with the flu. 

 She won't return to The Colosseum stage until Wednesday, on doctor's 
 orders, Angelil said. 

 "She's been fighting this since father died" in November, he said. "It's
 not Vegas throat. Her vocal chords are fine."

(Jan 30 2004 News)
 Celine will be performing at this year's Grammy Awards in a 2-songs
 special tribute to Luther Vandross along with Alicia Keys and Richard
 Marx. The ceremony will be held on Sunday, February 8 at 8:00 p.m. ET
 and will be broadcast on CBS.

 Oprah celebrated her 50th birthday yesterday, and during the show,
 the were lots of surprise performances and guest appearances.  And
 Celine was one of the celebrities who have recorded a video message
 for Oprah  

(Jan 26 2004 News)
 In the Las Vegas Sun column, VegasBeat, we could find some quite interesting
 updates on Celine's life and her plan.  Firstly, if you are interested
 to know what was the dress that Celine was wearing at the Nevada Ballet
 Award ceremony, it was Chanel.  And Celine told her reporter "But that
 is only because Cartier doesn't make clothes.  But (it) did make these,"
 she said, pointing to her $30,000 Asian Wish necklace and matching
 $25,000 earings.  
 Reporters also asked if Celine is going to watch Elton's show next month
 while she's on her break.  Celine said she plans to record music in
 two languages, to make charity appearances, to be a wife and mother,
 and to rest.  Celine said she did not plan to see Elton John or any
 other Las Vegas shows. "I perfer to stay home, in my pajamas," she
 said.  However, when reporters ran into Rene Angelil, he said that he
 and his wife were big fans of Elton and would make every effort to see
 The Red Piano shows, which debuts Feb 13th.
 Celine also told the reporters that they would celebrate Rene-Charles
 birthday on Monday, since Celine doesn't have a show to do on Monday.
 "At his age, he doesn't really mind what day it is celebrated," Celine
 said.  A party at a local Chuck E. Cheese is on the genda, with a Bob
 the Builder theme.  Celine and Rene also said they were researching
 schools for their son to attend in the fall.  
 When Celine was asked if she will extend her contracts with Caesars,
 she said she'll see if Caesars asks her to continue.  "We're not bored
 here, or with the show," she said.  She also mentions that they are
 still planning to try to have a second child after the show ends.

 On Echos Celine, we could find some larger pics from the Nevada Ballet
 "Woman of the year" award ceremony.  
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall) for the info! =)

(Jan 25 2004 News)
 Happy birthday to Rene-Charles!!!  He is 3 years old today!

 On WireImage, we could find some small pics that were taken when Celine
 received The Nevada Ballet 2004 Woman of the Year Award. 

(Jan 23 2004 News)
 Happy Chinese New Year to all those who celebrate it!!! =)

 On the official site, we could find some pictures and videos of the
 making-of the commercial shoot for Celine's parfume.  The videos are
 quite similar (or maybe even identical) to the ones that have been shown
 on the parfume official site for a long time though.

(Jan 20 2004 News)
 On The Forum, we could now watch an interview that was shown on Good
 Day Live. 

 Celine was on "Good Day" yesterday, and on The Forum, we could find 
 few screen caps of her appearance.  Her hair looks much longer now.

 On Celine Fall, we could find a rare pic of Celine that was used as
 an ad for her line of eye-glasses "Celine Dion Eyes".

 Fans in Europe will want to tune in to VH1 on Sunday, Jan 31st for a
 full day of Celine programming.  From top videos to great TV moments
 and biographie, VH1 Europe is celebrating all things Celine.  Please
 check your local listing.

(Jan 18 2004 News)
 On Hello Magazine website, we could vote Celine for Most Elegant Woman
 of the week.  She's in 3rd place right now.

(Jan 6 2004 News)
 Celine received her Hollywood Walk of Fame star today right infront
 of the Kodak theatre.  Here's a video report and a written report provided by CTV. 
 On WireImage, we could find hundreds of small pics taken at the event,
 while at GettyImages, we could find some more larger pics. 

(Jan 4 2004 News)
 Celine has just won another award!
 At the 2003 Dragony Award (Polish music awards), Celine won the award
 of "Best Foreign Female Artist of the Year".  Bravo!!!
 Source: Interia

 On Hollywood Chamber of Commerce website, it has listed that Celine's
 "Walk of Fame star" will be unveiled on Jan 6, Tuesday at 11:30am.
 So it looks like Celine will be flying in to L.A. on Tuesday.
 Celine supposed to get her star back in March of 2003, but Celine has
 decided to postpone the celebration due to the war that broke out at
 that time.   

(Jan 1 2004 News)
 Happy New Year Everyone!
 I wish you a healthy, prosperous, and happy new year!  May all your
 wishes come true in 2004!!! =)
 Thank you for visiting this site, despite that I've been doing a poor
 job in terms of updating it as frequently as before.  And thanks all
 the people who've sent me news info or kind messages throughout the
 year!  All the best everyone! 

(Dec 30 2003 News)
 Journal de Montreal, a Quebec's newspaper, has conducted a survey with
 Leger Marketing from Dec 17 to Dec 21, with 1001 respondents.  Celine
 has been chosen as singer of the year!  For more info, click here.
 It's an article in French. 

(Dec 28 2003 News)
 Here's an article that has more info regarding Celine being honoured by
 Nevada Ballet Theatre as "Woman of the Year" for 2004.  As reported 
 earlier, Celine will be honoured on Saturday, Jan 24th at Nevada Ballet
 Theatre's annual Black & White Ball in the Palace Ballroom at Caesars
 Palace.  At this fundraising event, tables prices are $3,500 Silver,
 $5,000 Gold, $10,000 Platinum, and $25,000 for Celine Diamond tables.
 The Celine Diamond table will feature the opportunity to attend a private
 reception in a Caesars suite at 6:30pm including a "meet and greet"
 with Celine and celebrities as well as many other VIP benefits.  
 Thanks Penny for the info! =)

 Here are few Celine European TV appearances:
 17H05 28/12/2003 M6 . 
 Fréquenstar spécial Céline Dion

 23H20 31/12/2003 Club RTL . 
 Céline Dion~A New Day 

 31 december 2003 
 ZDF   01:50  ZDF in concert - Divas Live (02:35) 
 Mit Anastacia, Shakira, Cher und Celine Dion. Erstsendung 2002.     
 TV2 Zulu   02:05  Celine Dion i Las Vegas (02:50) 
 Thanks Adam (www.celinedion.hu)for the info! =) 

(Dec 25 2003 News)
 Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!! =)

(Dec 24 2003 News)
 On The Forum, we could download an interview that Celine did probably
 back in around 1998 with VH1, talking about how she came up with the
 song "Don't save it all for Christmas day", and how she recorded her
 melody on to Rick Wake's phone answering machine.  

 The concert industry publication Pollstar has compiled the list of top
 concert acts in 2003 and the money grossed from ticket sales.  Celine
 comes in at No.2 with $80.5 million with "A New Day...".  Bruce Springsteen
 & the E Street Band is at No.1 ($115.9 million).
 Source: Yahoo

(Dec 23 2003 News) 
 On Celine Fall, we could find some pictures of Céline's Special
 performance Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Society of Quebec, held
 at the Bell Centre, in Montréal last Wednesday.

(Dec 20 2003 News)
 According to Billboard, Celine is the year's No.2 AC artist.  Her single
 "A new day has come" was No.2 on the AC recap in 2002; the past year,
 she charted 6 AC hits.  Of those, one appears ont he year-end AC chart:
 her signature ballad "Have you ever been in love."  It ranks at No.8
 for the year.  Another note regarding Celine on the AC chart, the record
 that Celine set with ANDHC for the most weeks at No.1 on AC chart, it
 has been broken this year by Uncle Kracker's "Drift Away."  The song
 spent a total of 25 weeks at No.1.  ANDHC was 21 weeks.
 Source: Yahoo 

 Here's an article regarding shipments of records in the US, where Celine
 was mentioned with her double platinum album, "One Heart". 

 Celine and Rene spoke at the press conference in Quebec on Thursday,
 urged the public to donate to Ste-Justine Hosptial.  Celine also said
 that $76 million has been collected so far and the foundation's goal
 is $100 million in public donations.  Several large corporations have
 already donated major sums.  For more info, click here.

(Dec 12 2003 News)
 These Christmas wallpaper were made by Luis!  
 Thanks you Luis for these beautiful wallpapers! 

 Celine and Rene will take part at a press conference next Thursday in
 Montreal, once again inviting people to support the fund-raising campaign
 for Sainte-Justine Hospital Foundation.  During the press conference,
 they will also be presenting a major gift to the foundation.  It will
 be the biggest gift for the foundation to date.  
 Source: Infinit 

(Dec 11 2003 News)
 Celine presented "Artist of the year" award last night at the Billboard
 Music Awards.  Base on what other fans said, when Celine came out to
 present the award, the crowd gave her a standing ovation.  

 Celine has once again made the list of Canada's Top 100 richest individuals
 compiled by Canadian Business magazine.  Celine is worth $320 million
 this year, up from $305 million last year.  
 Source: CTV

(Dec 9 2003 News)
 On The Forum, we could watch the "One Year One Heart" TV special, divided
 into various part.

 On Celine Fall, we could find scans of the Hello Magazine.  
 Thanks Estevam for the info! =)

 Celine was illed after returning to Vegas from Quebec, so she cancalled
 the Friday show.  And on Saturday she went back to the doctor for 
 re-examination, and the doctor recommended her to take few more days
 off.  Thus, Saturday and Sunday's show were also cancelled.  Hope
 Celine is resting well, and recovering nicely! 

(Dec 5 2003 News)
 Fans in the US, don't forget to tune into ABC Family tonight for the
 Celine TV special "One Year One Heart"!

 On The Forum, we could find an acoustic version of MHWGO that was shown
 on Frequenstar.

(Dec 4 2003 News)
 Two Video Reports (CTV): Short one   Longer one
 Papa Dion's funeral was held today, and the recording of the accordion
 being played by him ended the mass.   About 350 people -200 family
 members and 150 friends- attended the service at the St-Simon and Jude
 church.  For more info, click here.

 A recent poll asked American adults to choose one female and one male
 celebrity as their "fantasy" designated driver for an evening.  Their
 number one picks were country superstar Tim McGraw (33%) and pop diva
 Celine Dion (27%).  Others celebrity singers on the list were Shania
 Twain (26%), Jennifer Lopez and Lionel Ritchie (both 19%), Jon Bon 
 Jovi (10%), Justin Timberlake, Beyonce Knowles and Johy Mayer (each 6%)
 and "American Idol" winner Kelly Clarkson (5%).  For more info, click here.

(Dec 3 2003 News)
 The public were able to pay their respects to Adhemar Dion, Celine's
 father, late this afternoon.  Celine, her family, and Rene formed a
 receiving line near Papa Dion's casket, and personally greeted hundreds
 of people who came.  For more info, click here.

(Dec 1 2003 News)
 Here's a brief video report on Papa Dion's death by CTV.

 Celine will be leaving Las Vegas in her private jet today, returning
 to Montreal.  She will also be cancelling this Wednesday and Thursday's
 show in order for her to attend his father's funeral.  She will be
 returning to Vegas for the Friday's show. Celine's father died
 yesterday, and he had been battling with bone cancer.  For more info,
 visit the official site. 
 Source: LCN & ReviewJournal

(Nov 30 2003 News) 
 Adhemar Dion, Celine's father, died in his sleep Sunday at the age of
 80 after a lengthy illness.  A statement released by the family said
 Adhemar Dion was surrounded by family at his home in Laval.  A spokesman
 for Celine, said Celine would go ahead with her Sunday night show at
 Caesar's Palace.
 A viewing for the elder Dion will be held in Laval on Tuesday and the
 public will be able to pay respects Wednesday between 5pm and 7pm.  The
 funeral is set for Thursday in Charlemagne.  For more info, click here.

(Nov 25 2003 News)
 "A New Day Has Come" has received two awards at the Socan Award last
 night (Monday).  Presented by the Society of Composers, Authors and
 Music Publishers of Canada, the awards recognize the songwriters,
 composers, lyricists and publishers whose work received the most domestic
 radio, film, and TV air play during the previous year.  In the pop music
 category, ANDHC joins Avril Lavigne's Complicated and Sam Roberts'
 Brother Down for the honour.  And in the International Achievement
 Awards, ANDHC is also one of the song being honoured.  
 Source: Jam Music!

 According to Billboard, Celine will be presenting an award at the 2003
 Billboard Music Awards which will take place on Dec 10 at the MGM Grand
 Garden Arena in Las Vegas, and air live on Fox at 8 pm ET.  

 On this page, we could find a lengthy article that talks about Chrysler's
 Celine advertising disaster.  How the commercials are selling the celebrity,
 instead of the product.  It also includes many details and figures in
 terms of how well the ad did, and what kind of consumers does Celine
 appeal to.  

(Nov 23 2003 News)
 On Dec 13 (Sat), there will be a new primetime special on CBS to celebrate
 Bob Barker's-the host of "The Price Is Right"-80th birthday.  The show
 is called "The Price Is Right Million Dollar Spectacular".  In the show,
 contestants will have the opportunity to win prizes, and the chance to
 spin the wheel for $1 million.  Bob Barker will be joined by special
 guests Larry King, Chuck Norris, and a former karate teacher of Bob.
 In addition, videotaped greetings will be aired from various celebrities,
 including a special birthday wish from Celine!
 Source: RockOnTV

 On The Forum, we could find a link to listen to the full-length "Bewitched,
 Bothered & Bewildered."

(Nov 22 2003 News)
 On this page, we could find a 30 secs clip of Celine's song "Bewitched,
 Bothered, & Bewildered," that appears on the soundtrack of "Mona Lisa

(Nov 20 2003 News)
 Celine actually celebrated the "World Children's Day" yesterday in 
 Las Vegas.
 She visited the McDonald's restaurant located at 2650 W. Sahara, learnt
 to take food orders, and read a book to the children there.  
 Source: McDonald's
 It was Larry King's 70th birthday yesterday, and on his show, he was
 supposed to interview Regis Philbin.  However, Regis suddenly told him
 that he is not answering Larry's questions anymore because they are
 throwing a surprise party for him in the show.  Then Dr. Phil came in
 and began hosting the show, while Larry sits in the interviewee chair.
 Throughout the show, lots of big-name guests appearances came up wishing
 Larry "Happy Birthday", and one of the guests was Celine.  Right before
 the first commercial break, Celine appeared via satellite and she was
 on stage at The Colosseum, and sang "Happy Birthday" with the full-house
 audience of 4000+ people.  Larry was so touched, and at one point rubbed
 his eyes with his hand.  Here's a transcript of what Celine said:
 "Good evening, Larry. Here we are at the Caesar's Palace on stage at
 the Coliseum. Tonight is a special night and we all wanted to wish
 you happy birthday and I brought friends, 4,000 good friends of mine.
 They as well wanted to wish you...
 (Celine and the audience singing "happy birthday.")
 On The Forum, we could find a video file of that appearance.

(Nov 19 2003 News)
 Celine will once again be participating in the "World Children's Day"
 event this year.  On Nov 20th, Celine will show her support at a McDonald's
 restaurant in Las Vegas, and will read to school children after working
 behind the registers.  For more info of the event, click here.

 On Celine Fall, we could find scans of Spanish's edition of the Vogue
 Magazine which Celine is being featured in. 
 Thanks Estevam for the info! =)

 The video of "Have you ever been in love" has been added to the playlist
 of VH1 Europe!  Fans in Europe can catch the video now on that channel.
 Thanks Jose for the info! =)

(Nov 16 2003 News)
 Celine has won the Favourite AC Artist award at the American Music
 Award tonight.  It was announced before the show began along with 4
 other awards.  

(Nov 14 2003 News)
 Here's a clip of Rod Stewart & Cher's version of "Bewitched, Bothered,
 and Bewildered," provided by AllAccess.

 According to RockOnTV, Celine is going to have a new TV special for
 US fans.  This new one-hour TV special, "One Year~One Heart" is going
 to be aired on Dec 5, Friday, at 7:00pm ET, on ABC Family channel.
 This original special invites viewers to experience the past year
 in the life of world-renowned performer Celine Dion - a year when
 she recorded three albums, created six music videos, made dozens of
 worldwide television appearances and completely reinvented her life
 by moving to Las Vegas, where she has headlined over 200 sold out 
 performances at Caesars Palace Coliseum. Highlighting the special
 are never-before-seen interviews and performances of the songs that
 made her a household name. Ms. Dion will also perform a musical
 rendition of a special holiday selection, and viewers will be invited
 to share a special glimpse at home for the holidays with the artist
 and her close-knit family. 

 The chemical salesman who is trying to get Celine's attention for a 
 song that he wrote for Celine by placing an ad on a billboard and a
 bus bench, is getting an answer.  According to Review Journal, Rene
 called Henderson Thursday, and invited him and his wife to come to
 Celine's Friday show and meet up with them at the backstage after the

(Nov 13 2003 News)
 On Review Journal, we could find an article about someone who has written
 a song for Celine, and hopes that she will record it.  So he used over
 $1000 to run a message on a billboard and a bus bench in Vegas near
 Celine's house.  The message says "Celine Dion, I've written a song
 for you, please call for words and music. John Henderson 858-2145."
 For more info, click here.  

(Nov 12 2003 News)
 On The Forum, we could find a new pic of Celine taken with a fan.
 Celine has some cash to claim from Bank of Canada!
 If she doesn't act fast, she'll lose $42.79.  She's one of more than
 700,000 individuals and organizations whose unclaimed bank balances
 have been transferred to the institution.  After lying dormant in the
 account of the National Bank branch in Farnham, Quebec, for 10 years,
 it was transferred to Bank of Canada at the end of 1994.  Under the
 bank's rules, Celine has another 10 years to claim the money, which
 which it is transferred to the bank's general accounts.  (Unclaimed
 balances over $500 are kept on the books forever.)  Other big names
 who have cash to claim include Paul Martin, Brian Mulroney, Joe Clark,
 and others.  The bank's database of unclaimed accounts can be searched
 on the Internet at here.
 Source: Vancouver Sun

 A fellow Celine fan who went to a recent "A New Day..." show said that
 Celine and the dancers all have new costumes.  Celine had a burgandy
 dress, then she changed into a pink dress.  She then had the same black
 and white outfit, and then a chinese looking dress.  The dancers were
 in colour outfit instead of black and white.
 Thanks Rubin for the info! =)

(Nov 11 2003 News)
 According to Las Vegas Sun, Celine had a special guest in the audience
 on last Saturday's show.  According to the article, the show was delayed
 for roughly an hour, which angered the crowd.  First, after about 30
 minutes of unexplained delay, large swaths of the crowd started
 chanting "Elton John! Elton John!".  After 45 minutes, there was an
 announcement that the wait was because of "technical difficulties."
 After an hour delay, Celine came out to perform.  At her usual break
 point, she told the crowd, minus what one witness said were 200 or so
 folks who got frustrated waiting and left, that there was a special
 guest among them. Then theatre cameras zoomed in on Michael Jackson,
 and the crowd exploded in cheers when his mug filled the giant LED
 screen behind the stage.  After the show, Michael visited Celine briefly
 in her dressing room.
(Nov 8 2003 News)
 A summary of how "1 fille & 4 types" is charting around the world this
 Canada: #7 (1)
 France: #1 (1)
 Switzerland: #4 (2)
 Belgium (Wallon): #1 (2)
 Belgium (Flanders): #10 (9)
 Greece (foreign): #4 (5)
 Greece (domestic/foreign): #14 (12)
 Finland: #9 (13)
 Germany: #53 (26)
 Austria: #33 (27)
 Netherland: #39 (30)

 I just found out today that the link below for the commercial is no
 longer working.
 Here's another link where we can see the new commercial that Celine
 has done for Sainte Justine Hospital.

 On Celine Fall, we could find scans of the Star Ambitions Magazine,
 that will come out on newstands on November 17th.
 Thanks Estevam for the info! =)

(Nov 6 2003 News)
 The second commercial that Celine has shot for Sainte Justine Hospital
 premiered tonight on TV in Quebec at 10:00pm.  In the last commercial,
 Celine sang out names of terrible illnesses of children.  This time,
 with the help of a new born baby, one will see an image of a fetus in
 the commercial, singing "S'il Suffsait D'aimer".  We can find the official
 press release here, and we could also watch the new commercial as well.

(Nov 5 2003 News)
 Celine will be contributing a song to Mona Lisa Smile soundtrack, and
 the song is called "Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered", one of the many
 cover songs on the album.  The album will be coming out on the 25th
 of this month.  You can pre-order it at Amazon.com or at Sonymusicstore.com.
 On Sony Music Store, we could also listen to a few clips from the album,
 but not the song Celine recorded.  

(Nov 2 2003 News)
 On Review Journal, it has an article that explains the cancellation of
 Celine's show on this past Thursday.  Here's an excerpt:
 Forced to cancel a show for the first time in 14 years, flu-stricken 
 Celine Dion is chipper again, cheered up by one of the world's 
 youngest Elvis impersonators. 

 Dion was bedridden on doctor's orders Thursday suffering from 
 gastroenteritis and dehydration, but she returned to The Colosseum at 
 Caesars Palace on Friday. 

 Boosting her spirits before Friday's show was son Rene Charles, four 
 months shy of his third birthday, who dressed up as Elvis and went 
 trick-or-treating with a microphone in hand near their Lake Las Vegas 

 Later, "Elvis" joined Dion for a mini-Halloween party in her dressing 
 room, where he watched her perform on a monitor and greeted her during 
 costume changes. 

 "He just started talking, putting sentences together, a month ago," 
 said Rene Charles' father, Rene Angelil. 
 Dion started feeling under the weather on Wednesday and wore a mask on 
 the 25-minute drive to work when Las Vegas was enveloped in smoke from 
 the California wildfires. Ever the trooper, she went ahead and did the 
 show, but afterward "she had breathing problems, a high fever and was 
 very weak," Angelil said. 

 Dion made a quick recovery from only her second cancellation in 20 
 years. The last time she had to cancel was in 1989, Angelil said, when 
 a voice crisis nearly led to surgery. 

 The international singing star is eight months into a three-year deal 
 with Caesars Palace. 
 Glad to know that Celine is doing fine right now.  
 However, unlike what the article says, this is not the first cancellation
 that had happened in the past 14 years.  Aside from the cancellation that
 took place in 1999 due to Rene's cancer surgery, back in 1996 in
 September, Celine has cancelled  two performances in Monaco due to chest
 and abdomen pains.  Celine was suffering from gastroesophageal reflux
 disease at that time, the result of a long and tiring tour. 

 On Sweet Celine, we could find some scans of Caf?Quijano interview, Rene
 Simard's latest album cover, as well as "1 fille & 4 types" CD booklet.   
 Thanks Lorena for the info! =)

(Nov 1 2003 News)
 It seems that Celine cancelled her show last night, but no specific
 reasons were given out.  Let's hope everything is fine.

(Oct 31 2003 News)
 Happy Halloween!!!

 A summary of how "1 fille & 4 types" is charting around the world this
 Canada: #1 (1)
 France: #1 (1)
 Switzerland: #2 (2)
 Belgium (Wallon): #2 (7)
 Belgium (Flanders): #9 (37)
 Greece (foreign): #5 (debut)
 Greece (domestic/foreign): #12 (debut)
 Finland: #13 (30)
 Germany: #26 (debut)
 Austria: #27 (36)
 Netherland: #30 (38)
 Italy: #64 (52)
(Oct 30 2003 News)
 Thanks Luis for the new banner above, the one that was put up yesterday!
 Another one more new banner coming! Thank you!!! =)

 "1 fille & 4 types" remains at the top spot on Canada's album chart.
 It has been a tight race this week between Celine and Rod Stewart's
 new album.  Rod's album sold 18,200 copies debuting at #2, while Celine's
 album sold 19,300 copies. 

(Oct 28 2003 News)
 As reported earlier, Celine has recorded a duet with Rene Simard for
 his new album that came out today.  The song is called "Quand on s'aime".
 We could now download the song on Echos Celine.

 The Radio Music Awards was held last night in Vegas.  Celine was nomianted
 for the award for "Adult Contemporary Radio Artist of the year", but
 the award went to Avril Lavigne.
 During the award show, Michael Jackson was presented with the "Humanitarian
 Award".  Before he accepted the award, he had a small speech on the 
 "What More Can I Give" single.  Then, the video of the single finally
 was aired offcially for the first time.  At the end of the video, it
 has a clip of teary Celine thanking Michael for writing such a beautiful
 song.  This is the exact same video that we got to watch sometimes
 earlier on a Michael Jackson fansite.  And now the song can be downloaded
 on the website Music For Giving, for $2USD.  A portion of the proceeds
 goes to the designated children's charities.  
 Thanks Lorena (Sweet Celine) for the info! =)

(Oct 26 2003 News)
 We could now download a 1 min+ clip of the "Je T'aime Encore" video
 here on this page of The Forum.

 M6 had a program featuring Celine last night, talking about the 
 collaboration of Celine and Jean-Jacques, and how different Celine
 is being marketed for the Amercian market and the French market.  Also,
 they have shown the filming session of the "Je T'aime Encore" video.
 The concept of the video is to be really casual, without the glamorouize
 world.  So Celine has very very little make-up, with hair pulling back,
 dressed in very casual cloth.  Can't believe how much guts this woman
 has!  Not many celebrity would agree to do this.  They have also used
 the same method that they used for the MHWGO video, where they plays
 the track in a high speed while filming Celine singing the words, so
 that they they slow down the track afterwards, everything will look
 like in slow-motion. 
 We can now download that M6 program on The Forum.

(Oct 24 2003 News)
 On Infinit, we could find an article in French that talks about the 
 triumphant return of Celine to the French music industry.  It says 
 the album has sold 123,596 copies in France in the first 7 days alone,
 and it sold 44,532 copies in Canada, mostly in Quebec.  
 For more info, click here.

(Oct 22 2003 News)
 Celine tops the Canadian album chart again!
 In less than 7 months, Celine rocketed to the top of the Canadian album
 charts for the 2nd time.  "1 filles & 4 types" sold 44,500 in the first
 week of its release.  This is the 6th No. 1 album for Celine in the
 SoundScan era, and her 4th to debut at the top position.  "One Heart"
 sold 97,000 copies in its first week, and it's still the biggest debut
 of the year so far.  
 Source: Jam! Music
 Aside from Canada, the album also debuts at #1 in France as well!  Here
 are the chart position of the album in some countries.  Since every
 country has their own cut of day for their weekly chart, so for some
 countries, less than one week of sales for the album have been counted
 for the chart.
 France: #1 (Debuts)
 Finland: #30 (debuts)
 Italy: #52 (debuts)
 Belgium (Wallon): #7 (debuts)
 Belgium (Flanders): #37 (debuts)
 Switzerland: #2 (debuts)

 Celine will receive the ELLA Award!
 Celine will be the recipient of the ELLA Award on June 7th 2004 at the
 Beverly Hilton Hotel in California.  The ELLA Award, named after its
 first recipient Ella Fitzgerald, is given to singers whose contribution
 to the music world is equaled by his/her dedication to humanitarian
 causes and community support.  Past recipients include Julie Andrews,
 Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Placido Domingo, Peggy Lee and others.
 For official press release, click here.

 Celine's "1 fille & 4 types" TV special draws in high ratings!
 According to BBM'S, the TV special captivated 1,536,500 viewers!
 Source: Infinit  

(Oct 20 2003 News)
 On Echos Celine, we could now download the mp3 of the "Quand qu'on n'a
 que l'amour" performance from last night's TVA "1 fille & 4 types" TV
 special, as well as some screen caps of the show.  They could be found
 in the news section.

 On Celine Fall, we could read an article about jewelry that are created 
 to celebrities such as Celine.  Also, we could find a pic from the
 People magazine, where Celine sings in front of penguins.
 Thanks Estevam for the info and Patricia (A Canadian Way of Life) for
 the pic! =)
 Tune in to the Lifetime cable channel on Thursday, October 23 at 
 10:00 p.m. ET to catch Céline on the 4th annual Women Rock! benefit
 show for breast cancer research. This year's theme is Songs from the
 movies. Other performers include Anastacia, Mandy Moore, Mya and many

(Oct 16 2003 News)
 In Canada, the single "Tout l'or des hommes" debuts at #2 on the national
 single chart this week!  A rare accomplishment for a French single!

 In this article, it talks about Celine's normal timetable for her
 working days in Vegas.  She usually wakes up at 11:00am, then have her
 breakfast.  R.C would usually sleep 13 hours a day, and wakes up later
 than Celine.  So Celine would have another breakfast with him.  She
 will then take him to toilet, and play with him afterward.  They would
 play miniature gof together, and R.C loves it.  In the afternoon, they
 would swim, paint...etc.  At around 5:30pm, Celine would leave for
 the Colosseum, R.C would take a bath at that time, and then play again.
 For fans in Canada, don't forget that TVA will broadcast the "1 fille
 & 4 types" TV special on this coming Sunday at 6:30pm.  It will be
 1 hour and 30 mins long.  To make room for this broadcast, TVA has
 changed their normal Sunday TV schedule.  We could learn more about
 the changes of their schedule in this French article.

 According to Las Vegas's Review Journal, Celine has just shot a new
 video for her single the other day at Green Valley Ranch's Whiskey
 Bar, and the Whiskey Beach.  But it doesn't say which song is the next

 On Puretracks.com, Canada's first legal music download website which
 has just been launched yesterday, we could download Celine's new single
 in Canada, Faith (Remix version) for $1.19.  The remix was once again
 produced by the Canadian group, Original 3.  For non-teamCeline members
 who haven't heard of the remix version yet, you could listen to a preview
 clip there as well.  The remix really does give
 the song a brand new feeling.  
 By the way, "1 fille & 4 types" is the #1 top album downloads of the
 site at the moment. 
(Oct 13 2003 News)
 Few things to look at on The Forum:
 On this page, we could find scans of the 7 Jours magazine.  The pics
 were taken from the day when the filming of the "1 fille & 4 types"
 TV special took place.
 On this page, we could find some screen caps of the "making-of" footages
 from the Deluxe edition of 1F4T (CD+DVD).
 And on this page, we could watch the video of Celine's interview that
 was shown on the German chanel, ZDF program.  The interview took place
 at Celine's dressing room at The Colosseum.

 On FNAC, we could now listen to 30 secs clip of all the songs on 1F4T.
 So for those who don't wanna be spoiled with full-length clips before
 getting the album on hand, this could be a good place to go to.  

 Celine and Rene brought R.C to Legoland California in Carlsbad yesterday.
 They were vacationing in San Diego. 
 Left pic: Celine enjoys the Fairy Tale Brook boat ride with R.C, as
 Rene videotapes the outing at Leogland. 
 Right pic: Celine waves with her R.C as she plays at the Water Works
 musical fountain at Legoland. 
 Today, the long awaited "1 fille & 4 types" finally hits stores in Europe.
 Canada and some other countries around the world will get the album
 on Tuesday! 

(Oct 11 2003 News)
 tf1.fr has put up an audio file up that contains all of the songs in
 full-length that are on 1 fille & 4 types!  We could also find interview
 clips and photo gallery there as well. 

 There are few interesting things that we could find on The Forum:
 On this page, we could watch video clips of "The making of the perfume
 On this page, we could find scans of the Limited edition of 1 fille &
 4 types.
 Finally, on this page, we could listen to the full-length APL Gold
 Ruch remix of "Tout L'or Des Hommes."

(Oct 7 2003 News)
 New Miracle project coming out October 2004!
 Celine is combining her talents with renowned photographer Anne Geddes
 to create teh Miracle project.  It will be an inspiring collection of 
 images from Anne Geddes and songs from Celine.  It will honour the 
 moving, tender, and unbreakable bond of love that exists between a mother
 and her baby.  With a scheduled release date of October 2004, this
 outstanding body of work will be available for distribution through
 music sellers and booksellers worldwide.  Distinctive product releases
 are planned for both industries.  For more info, click here for the
 official press release.

 Celine has recorded a new duet with Rene Simard, which will appear on
 Rene's upcoming new French album.  Celine recorded the song in Las Vegas
 after one of her show.  She arrived at the studio by around midnight,
 and finished the recording session at around 3:15am.  Despite her tight
 schedule, and the long hour work that kept her up so late at night,
 Rene Simard said Celine was cheerful and humorous throughout the session.
 For more info, click here for the Infinit article in French.

 If you still haven't heard of Celine's "I have to dream" yet, you could
 now find it on Celine Fall.  
 Also according to Celine Fall, Celine has been included in the "Encarta
 Encylopedia Deluxe 2004."  You can find a few pics on Celine Fall as well. 
 Thanks Estevam for the info! =)

(Oct 4 2003 News) 
 On The Forum, we could listen to a full-length mp3 of Tu Nages.  When
 you are at the Forum, you'll need to copy and paste that link location
 on to your browser in order for the file to load.

 According to the official site, the song "Faith" from Céline's 'One
 Heart' album has been selected as the next single for Canadian radio
 stations (Hot A/C and CHR formats). The song should start receiving
 airplay in the upcoming weeks.

(Oct 3 2003 News)
 These pictures provided by Yahoo, were taken from Celine's press
 conference for her French album.

 On The Forum, we could find scans of the Carrefour magazine that has
 an article talking about the new French album.  It contains some new
 pictures taken from the video shoot.

(Oct 2 2003 News)
 Celine will be giving a press conference today, talking about her new
 French album.  On this page, we could find a video-report (in French)
 that interviews Rene.  And on this page, we could also read another
 report in French that talks about the new album, and the taping last

(Oct 1 2003 News)
 On Infinit, we could find a video report on Celine flying fans into
 Las Vegas to attend her French TV special taping which will take place
 tonight at The Colosseum.

 Breastcancer.org has just launched a new initiative today, with the 
 "Celebrity Talking Dictionary".  More than 40 celebrities including
 Celine have contributed their voices, explaining in plain English 500
 complex medical terms associated with breast cancer diagnosis and 
 treatment.  The organization will be producing a CD that will include
 all of the celebrities' voices, and it will be distributed to health
 care providers who can share them with their patients.  We can listen
 to Celine's explanation on this page!
 Source: PR Newswire

 On MuchMoreMusic's program, "Listed", they have listed "20 Best Canadians
 from the past 20 years", and Celine is at the top of the list.
 # 1 Celine Dion
 # 2 Shania Twain
 # 3 Bryan Adams
 # 4 Alanis Morisette
 # 5 Sarah McLaughlin 
 # 6 Avril Lavigne
 # 7 Bare Naked Ladies
 # 8 Tragically Hip
 # 9 Nickelback
 #10 Nelly Furtado
 For the entire list, click here.
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall) for the info! =)
(Sept 30 2003 News)
 On Celine's Perfume website, it has now changed the background pic to
 the night-time view.  They have also added the "What's new" section,
 and in there, we could find pics of those gift sets for the holiday

 The "Women Who Rock!" benefit concert, which will air on Oct 23 on the
 LIfetime channel is going to be taped tonight at Hollywood's Kodak
 Theatre.  E! TV is going to cover the event, and they will show their
 coverage on Wednesday (Oct 1st) in their E! News Live program.
 Source: RockOnTV

(Sept 29 2003 News)
 Celine received a nomination for this year's ADISQ awards.  Celine is
 up for "Most successful Quebec artist in a language other than French."
 The awards ceremony will be hold on Sunday, Oct 26 and will be broadcast
 live on Radio-Canada starting at 7:30pm ET.

 Found the following info on The Forum:
 IFPI has just published its annual yearbook at the beginning of this
 month.  And here are some of the facts that is related to Celine.
 "The most popular artists internationally are reflected in the albums
 that featured in the most national top ten sales charts around the
 world. Eminem The Eminem Show, and Shakira Laundry Service figured in
 the top ten sales charts in 19 different territories. Celine Dion A
 New Day Has Come featured in 12 national sales charts while Elvis
 Presley ELV1S 30 #1 Hits and Red Hot Chili Peppers By The Way featured
 in the sales charts in 10 territories."
 The yearbook also lists out the top ten selling album around the world
 in 2002 for the top five record companies.  For Sony, the #1 top selling
 album in 2002 around the world is Celine's "A New Day Has Come".  

(Sept 28 2003 News)
 On TF1, they aired a little documentary on Sunday night, on the making
 of the new french album.  It's about 18 mins long, and thanks to Val,
 we could now download a real-video file of the program on The Forum.
 We could also find some screen-caps there.  
 At one part of the show, it shows Celine came in late for one of the
 recording session, and she explained to the musicians there that she
 was late because she was attacked by the bees outside her home, so she
 had to stayed in her home, until the firemen came and killed those bees.
 In the program, we could also hear few clips of the new songs as well.
 When you download the file, you may need to copy and paste the link
 on to your browser address bar in order to download it.  

 On Celine Maniacs, we could find screen caps of Celine's appearance
 on The Wayne Brady Show.
 Thanks Alfonso for the info! =)

 Montreal Gazette has just done an interview with Celine recently, and
 despite the limited time the reporter was given, the reporter got to
 get the answer that she intended to ask, but didn't ask Celine explicitely.
 Thanks to Celine being so completely unguarded.  The reporter wanted
 to ask Celine regarding the hernia rumour, but she wasn't sure how. 
 So she asked Celine about how the show has been evolving as time goes,
 for instance, the flying scene of Celine has been cancelled.  Celine,
 being so straight-forward and candid, brought up the hernia matter
 herself, telling the reporter that she had a hernia surgery not long
 ago, and she has been told not to fly anymore, at least for a while.
 The great thing about this interview is that you can see how Celine,
 by being so sincere and generous, manage to make people admire her,
 even for those people who might not like her too much in the first
 place.  That's why I always believe that for all those reporters/critics
 who bash Celine (not only her music, but also her personality), they
 will change their mind once they get to meet this woman.  I totally
 agree with what Celine has said in the "Toronto Star" interview.
 "Why do they feel that if they hate what I sing, then they have to
 hate me, too?" 
(Sept 27 2003 News)
 On Celine Fall, we could find a few screen caps of Celine's appearance
 on the Wayne Brady show.  I'm surprised that Celine was on that long!
 Thanks Estevam for the info! =)

 On Toronto Star website, we could read the interview that Celine did
 with the newspaper.

(Sept 25 2003 News)
 Pick up a copy of The Toronto Star newspaper on Saturday, September
 27 for a special feature interview Céline recently gave to Arts
 reporter Richard Ouzonian in Las Vegas.
 Source: Official Site 

 Celine will be on The Wayne Brady Show tomorrow.  Here's an excerpt
 from Las Vegas Sun, that talks about the interview:
 Wayne Brady recently conducted a sit-down interview with Celine Dion.
 For the first time we can recall, she let an interviewer share her
 microphone -- Brady joined her on stage at The Colosseum.

 He also gently teased her about all the items for sale at the Celine
 boutique adjacent to her theater.

 One of his questions: "I've got a new Celine Dion day bag and I've
 also got the pillow. Tell me, have you ever had a drink of your own
 water?" (There is bottled water with a Celine label for sale.)

 Hear her answer when the show airs Friday. 

(Sept 24 2003 News)
 On Las Vegas Sun, it talks about how many shows in Vegas have their
 own boutique and making big money from it.  Here's an excerpt where
 it talks about Celine's boutique:
 "Sometimes it seems that a new Vegas stage show is just an ancillary
 product of a larger marketing and sales campaign.

 One example is the Celine Dion boutique at Caesars Palace. On some
 days the boutique takes in more revenue than does the box office at
 The Colosseum for Dion's "A New Day ..."

 Of course, most of the seats are sold elsewhere -- mainly through
 Ticketmaster or celinedion.com -- but the store routinely clears
 $25,000 in a day and has had some days where it has hit triple that

 On this FNAC page, we could listen to 5 song clips from the new French

(Sept 23 2003 News)
 Friday October 3rd, from 1:00pm to 1:20pm Celine will talk about few
 of her greatest hits on "My Greatest Hits", on Channel: BBC2.
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall) for the info! =)

 The official site confirms 3 different version of "1 fille & 4 types"!
 When Céline's upcoming French CD '1 fille & 4 types' is released on
 October 13 in Europe and October 14 in Canada, three different
 versions will be available to fans. While the standard edition will
 be available from all retailers, a Deluxe edition with special photos
 and a DVD will be sold in Europe and exclusively in Archambault stores
 in Canada. Finally, the Limited Edition with a special 45 page booklet
 will be available in France's Carrefour stores.

(Sept 21 2003 News)
 Rene attended the international gala premiere of Cirque du Soleil's
 new show "Zumanity" at the New York-New York Hotel & Casino in Las
 Vegas yesterday.

 Celine will be on "The Wayne Brady Show" on Sept 26th.  Please check 
 your local listing.
 Source: RockOnTV

 According to the official site, "Tout l'or des hommes" will be
 available in stores in France, Switzerland and Belgium on October 6
 and in Canada on October 7 as a CD single. It will also be released
 a few weeks later in Germany. The CD single will include "Tout l'or
 des hommes" and the track "Tu nages" from the upcoming '1 fille & 4

(Sept 18 2003 News)
 Celine sets a new record!
 Celine made radio history yesterday when her new single "Tout l'or des
 hommes" established the record for becoming the highest charting French
 single on the National (English) CHR Audience chart in the BDS era.
 The song reached #5 on the English CHR Audience Chart.  
 Source: NewsWire.ca

(Sept 17 2003 News)
 On Celine Fall, we can find an article talking about Celine and some
 other celebrities have painted some dishes to raise funds for the
 Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes.  We could see a pic of
 the dish that Celine painted in that article.
 Thanks Estevam for the info! =)

 The commercial for Celine's perfume is showing on the German TV.
 We could now download the commercial on A Canadian Way of Life.  It is
 located in the "Free stuff"~Multimedia section.
 Thanks Patricia for the info! =)

 According to R & R, "Stand by your side" got 17 adds from the AC station
 in the US for the past week. And due to Sept 11th, Celine's "God bless
 America" was the 4th most increased plays song on the format.

 This is the cover pic of the "Tout l'or des hommes" single shown on
 Sony Music France.

 Celine has received two "American Music Award" nominations.  They are
 Favourite Pop/Rock Female Artist, and Favourite Adult Contemporary
 Pop/Rock Female Artist: Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne, Jennifer Lopez. 
 Adult Contemporary Artist: Artist: Cher, Celine Dion, Norah Jones.

 Found the following link on The Forum.
 On this Chrysler page, we could find few videos of the Celine's Chrysler
 commercials, as well as a couple of videos that incorporate Celine
 songs and some footages of her with various Chrysler commercials.

(Sept 16 2003 News)
 The official site confirms that "Stand by your side" will be the next
 single from the "One Heart" album to hit AC radio stations in the US.
 According to All Access, 53 AC stations are playing the song right now.

(Sept 15 2003 News)
 Celine will be on ABC's Primetime Monday tonight!  Here's an article
 that talks about some of the things that Celine has said in the interview.
(Sept 14 2003 News)
 UK's albums and singles chart for the past 7 days have came out, and
 "One Heart" the single, debuts at #27.  For the album, it jumps up
 64 spots to #42.

(Sept 13 2003 News)
 On Sony Music France, we could listen to a 30 clips of Tu Nages!

(Sept 10 2003 News)
 On RRonline, it says that Celine's "Stand by your side" is going to
 impact US's AC stations next week.  It seems that AC will be the only
 format that the song will be impacting.

 Found this link on the net.  On this page, we could watch the video
 of "Tout l'or des hommes".

(Sept 9 2003 News)
 On The Forum, we could find some screen caps of the "Tout l'or des
 hommes" video!

 On FNAC.com, it has listed that there will be a special edition of
 "1 fille & 4 types" available.  For this special edition, an extra 
 DVD will come with it, and the DVD will have footages of making-of-
 the album and the video of the first single "Tout l'or des hommes."
 It also says that the song "Valse Adieu" is a hidden track on the 
 album, so it doesn't show on the tracklisting at the back of the

 The new season of ABC's "Primetime Thursday" will move to Monday,
 becoming "Primetime Monday".  And in the first episode, it will
 feature Celine, on her 100th sold-out show for "A New Day...".
 It will air on next Monday, Sept 15.  Please check your local listing.
 Thanks Kevin for the info! =) 

 For TeamCeline members, you can now find the video of "Tout l'or des
 hommes" on teamceline.com.

(Sept 8 2003 News)
 Over the weekend, Celine threw a party to celebrate her 100th sold-out
 show with "A New Day".  Shalimar was lucky enough to attend the party
 as well.  And here's her report and pictures:
 Hello Celine Fans,
Today September 7, 2003 Celine had a private party for her 100th show.
 A friend of mine from the Colosseum gave me my pass to get in, but he
 was not able to attend. The party was held at the Garden of the Gods,
 next to the pool. There was food every where, it went from one side of
 the stage to the other. The things that really stood out were the
 chocolate covered strawberries, which were made to look like a mans
 tuxedo. The cocktail bar was entirely made of ice and inside of the
 ice were red letters that said, "A New Day" Where the drinks were
 poured it had a dip were the liquid went into, and spiraled into your
 cup icy cold. Celine had a cake that was about 2ft by 3ft, it said
 "A New Day 100th Show." I grabbed a couple of finger foods and tried
 to find a seat close to the stage/dance floor.  I was sitting at a
 table alone and felt very acquired because I couldnâ£á™t find anyone
 I knew. A few minutes later Patrick Angelil came walking by, I went
 up to him and told him that I was by myself and if he could help me
 out and he told me that I could find a seat in the VIP section. It
 worked out I found the lighting crew and they were nice to me. I got
 to talk to them for a little while and then Celine walked in, I left
 them and said I would be back in three minutes, but it was more like
 an hour. This party was great because everyone was calm nobody really
 rushed or pushed to see Celine. Celine stepped onto the dance floor
 and opened with a speech. It was about being excited about her first
 100 sold out shows for A New Day and the efforts that went into the
 show. She ended it with, "Let's get this party started"! I was the
 third person that joined her on the dance floor and started to dance
 with her. She is so cute she really likes to dance and we all
 surrounded her. Everyone was dancing with her and she was singing
 along with the music, making goofy faces, and taking pictures with
 people who asked. I took some pictures with Celine, danced with her,
 and gave her a kiss on the cheek. I got some lipstick on her face, so
 when I saw it I rubbed it off, she doesnâ£á™t mind at all when I touch
 her most people I think would have looked to see what I was doing, but
 she kept dancing. Her dancers from the show are great to watch in
 their free dancing with Celine and she can keep up with everyone.
 Celine danced to about 3 or 4 songs, she danced to oldies but I do
 know one of the songs â£áœYou Shook Me All Night Long.â£á Celine even
 did the guitar move she did on Divas Las Vegas. 
 Celine was challenged by a young tall girl. She was doing a move
 something like what Elvis used to do. The girl was making her legs
 quiver and of course this girl couldn't handle it and she ended up
 with a side pain she told Celine. Through all of that dancing and the
 outdoor heat, Celine never broke out in a sweat.  Cake Time! It was
 time for Celine to cut the cake and everyone gathered around. She cut
 a piece for someone I didn't pay attention, but I'm sure it was for
 Rene and then she had the second piece. She said she had to try it to
 make sure it was good, she gave the OK and everyone got a piece. I
 followed Celine from beginning to end and she was cool about it and
 so were her bodyguards. She greeted everyone and gave little interviews
 here and there, people came up to her and congratulated her. Celine
 looked great her hair style is very cute, now that it is growing out.
 She was wearing a green dress, with rhinestones on both sides of her
 shoulders and a beige closed toe shoe. The show started at 10:30 and
 ended at 2:00 Celine was there from 11:25-12:20. I did find out that
 Celine will be taking RC to Lego Land when she takes her next break.
 Before Celine was able to leave I got to talk some business with her
 and Rene, they have my phone number. Rene said he would be sure he
 talks with the right people and he will get back to me, so hopefully
 it all goes well. Wish me luck! I will keep you guys posted and
 pictures will come out hopefully later on today because when I got
 back home all the hour photo shops were closed.
 P.S. I took a personal souvenir home from Celine. After Celine was
 done taking two bites out of her cake she left it on a table. I came
 back a half an hour later and it was still there!!! I mustered up the
 courage to grab it, I didn't think it would be rude because Celine
 was gone. I took it back to my table, but it was a good thing I had
 grabbed my own piece of cake before I took Celine's. A man came up to
 me and said, "A friend of mine wants that cake back, I'm sorry to be
 a dork about it but she is with me and she wants it back." He was
 very rude and mean about it and made me take it back to her table.
 He turned his head to gossip with one of the camera lighting guys I
 was talking to and that's when I swoped the cake. I have Celine's dish,
 cake, and spoon with Celine's pink lipstick on it. If some devine
 power didn't want me to have, it wouldn't have worked out the way
 did right?
 Thanks Shalimar for the report and pics! =)

 Celine will perform at the 4th annual "Women Rock!" benefit for breast
 cancer research.  She will also perform alongside Anastacia, Mandy Moore,
 Alison Krauss & United Sation, Mya, Dolly Parton and Kenny Loggins. 
 The event will tape on Sept 30th at Hollywood's Kodak Theatre and air
 Oct 23 on the Lifetime cable channel.  This year's benefit is themed
 "Songs from the movies," and will feature the performers' takes on
 theme songs from major motion pictures.
 Source: Yahoo 

(Sept 6 2003 News)
 Radio-Canada is broadcasting the Eddy Marnay tribute right now (11:31am PT)
 with some Celine interview clips.  Click here to listen.
 Celine is singing Jazz at the moment.
 (The show has just ended now at 12:59pm PT)

 To launch Celine's upcoming French album, 1 Fille 4 Types, a TV special
 will be shot in The Colosseum.  Rene is proud to announce that in
 collaboration with TVA, Journal de Montreal, and Air Canada, 250 fans
 in Quebec will be able to fly to Las Vegas and participate in the shooting
 of the TV special.  They will be staying in Vegas for 3 days as well.
 And thanks to TF1, 100 fans from France will be flying to Vegas and
 participate as well.  The shooting will take place on Oct 1st.  Fans
 in Quebec can get more info on how to enter the contest on Monday inside
 the Journal de Montreal and Journal de Quebec.  
 The TV special will be hosted by Julie Snyder, and 10 other singers
 will be appearing in the show including Ricky Martin, Garou, and Charles
 Aznavour.  Celine will sing around 5 to 6 songs from the new album,
 as well as several duets with the guests.  Garou will also be singing
 an "early product" from his upcoming album.  
 The special will go on air on Oct 19th on TVA in Canada, 5 days after
 the album hits record stores.  It will be 1 hour and 30 mins long, while
 a 2 hours version will be broadcast on TF1 in France as well as few
 other French-speaking countries such as Switzerland and Belgium in
 November.  Julie Snyder will also be doing interviews with the 4 songwriters
 of the new album the TV special takes place. 
 Source: Infinit  
 Here's a message from the webmaster of Celine-LasVegas.com:
 The webmaster of www.celine-lasvegas.com will NOT be updating his site
 for a few days. He doesn't know when he'll be able to update it (it
 won't be soon because he's having some problems with computer and
 server); Though, the next update will come together with a complete
 new look for the site... So be sure to visit the site regularly! ;-)
 Thanks for your help and support!

 Celine was interviewed for a feature on cystic fibrosis that will be
 published in the latest editions of Time, People and Sports Illustrated
 on newsstands this week. It will also be included in an upcoming issue
 of Fortune.
 Source: The Official Site

 Reminder for fans in UK, the double A side single of "I Drove All Night"
 and "One Heart" will come out on Monday (Sept 8th)!

(Sept 5 2003 News)
 On The Forum, we could find three pictures of the promo CD of "Tout
 l'or des hommes".

(Sept 4 2003 News)
 Celine appeared on Top of the Pops 2 in the UK few days ago.  She
 performed "One Heart", and the performance was recorded on the same
 day, at the same location where Celine appeared on Canada AM performing
 "One Heart" and "Have you ever been in love". Here's a link where we
 can watch a clip of the TOTP2 performance.  

 Here's a link, where we can watch a video file of few CTV hosts, 
 discussing the Canadian Idols.  At the very beginning of the video,
 we could see a small clip of Celine, taking pictures with the finalists
 in Vegas.  
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall) for the info! =)

 Celine received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National
 Foundation for Women Legislators (site). The award was handed out at
 a gala event this past Sunday, August 31 during the Foundation's 65th
 Annual Conference, in Las Vegas. The NFWL is dedicated to educating
 and promoting women lawmakers.

(Sept 3 2003 News)
 On Sony Music France's website, they have put up a 12-track tracklisting
 for the upcoming French album "1 fille & 4 types" with the pic above:
 1) Tout L'or Des Hommes 
 2) Apprends-moi 
 3) Le Vol D'un Ange 
 4) Ne Bouge Pas 
 5) Tu Nages 
 6) Je T'aime Encore 
 7) Retiens-moi 
 8) Lui Dirai 
 9) Mon Homme 
10) Rien N'est Vraiment Fini 
11) Contre Nature 
12) Des Milliers De Baisers 

 Then on the French microsite of Celine's official website, it says the
 CD single of "Tout l'or des hommes" is going to come in 2 different
 format, and one will be a DVD with the video of "Tout l'or des hommes"

 On The Forum, we could find an ad for a contest in France that promotes
 the upcoming French album, "1 fille & 4 types".

(Sept 2 2003 News)
 Celine appeared on Canadian Idols last night.  She was just on for a
 couple of minutes.  They showed the footages of the 4 finalists meeting
 with Celine in Vegas.  Celine told them how they could calm themselves
 down, and it's normal to be afraid.  When she was asked with the question
 whether she has ever got tired of signing autography, she said as a 
 singer, she can't ask her people to go and buy her albums, buy tickets
 to her show, then also asking them to please leave her alone.  Above
 are the pics that I made with a digital camera.  So the quality is
 not too good.

(Sept 1 2003 News)
 Happy Labour Day everyone!
 Reminder: Celine will be on Canadian Idols tonight on CTV!  Here's
 another article that talks about the show.

 Remember back in the mid of July, Celine appeared on Canada AM to 
 perform "One Heart" and "Have you ever been in love".  I only caught
 the "One heart" performance, and here are some of the pics that I
 made with a digital cam, just to give you an idea of how Celine looked
 in that performance.  
 Canadian fans can also watch the Jerry Lewis MDA telethon today.  It
 started at 6:00am and will end at 5:00pm.   I am not sure when will 
 Celine come on to the show, or if they will show Celine's performance
 at all in this broadcast.  Fans in the US got a chance to watch Celine
 perform "If I Could" from The Colosseum.  Jerry Lewis also chatted with
 Celine as well.  Based on the description of the fans who've watched it,
 it was a very emotional performance.   
 Please check your local listing for the channel. 

 On Celine Dion Rare Videoclips, we could watch a clip of the footages
 of Celine shooting her perfume commercials, which ET had broadcasted
 on Aug 21st. 

(Aug 31 2003 News)
 Here's a press release that talks about the Canadian Idols meeting
 Celine in Las Vegas.  Following a link the press release provides,
 we could find high-resolution of pictures that are shown above.
 I shrunk down the size of these pics you see above.  If you want to
 have copies with high-resolution, they could be found here:
 Pic 1   Pic 2   Pic 3   Pic 4   Pic 5

(Aug 28 2003 News)
 Found the following link from The Forum:
 Here's an E-card for "Tout L'or Des Hommes" provided by Sony Music.
 The Canadian Idols are flying to Vegas and meet with Celine tonight.
 Celine will share with them her experience in becoming an international
 singing superstar.  This episode will be taped tonight and will go on
 air on this coming Monday!  Please check your local listing.
 Source: PR NewsWire

 Celine had a surgery that prevented her from flying recently?
 In this Las Vegas City Life article, it says there are rumours that
 Celine underwent a hernia operation this month, and that's why she 
 has cancelled the flying scene recently.  The public relations manager
 of Concerts West for the Colossuem said that she's heard about the
 hernia, but she could not confirm it.  The article also mentions that
 some people have found the theatre too hot for their comfort.
 Celine will be appearing on the upcoming 38th Jerry Lewis Telethon to
 benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  The annual Labor Day
 telethon is scheduled to air on close to 200 TV stations, beginning
 at 9 pm EDT Sunday, and signing off at 6:30pm EDT on Monday.  This 
 year's lineup of stars performing or appearing on the telethon includes
 Celine Dion, Cher, and Billy Crystal. 
 Source: United Press

(Aug 27 2003 News)
 On The Forum, found a link where we can watch a 4 mins video file of
 the-making-of "Tout L'or Des Hommes" video with few interviews of Celine
 and the songwriters.  TeamCeline members can also find the link on

(Aug 26 2003 News)
 Billboard has put up the tracklisting of "Une Fille et 4 Types":
 "Tout l'or des hommes" (The gold of men)
 "Apprends-moi" (Teach me)
 "Le vol d'un ange" (The flight of an angel)
 "Ne bouge pas" (Don't move)
 "Tu nages" (You swim)
 "Je t'aime encore" (I still love you)
 "Retiens-moi" (Retain me)
 "Je lui dirai" (I will tell him)
 "Mon Homme" (My man)
 "Rien n'est vraiment fini" (Nothing is not really finished)
 "Contre nature" (Against nature)
 "Des milliers de baisers" (Of the thousands of kisses)
 "Valse adieu" (Waltz good-bye)

(Aug 25 2003 News)
 On Infinit, we could find an article that talks about Celine releasing
 a new French album on October 14.  The first single off the album 
 "Tout l'or des hommes" is written by Jacques Veneruso, who also wrote
 "Sous Le Vent" for Celine and Garou on Garou's last French album.  The
 song talks about how one loves is strong despite of all these wars
 and dramas that are tearing the world apart.  The video of the song,
 which is a road-movie imagined by Celine herself, will be available
 in a few days.
 Source: Infinit
 Also on Infinit, they are running a poll asking the visitors if they
 will buy Celine's new French album. As of this moment, 1444 votes has
 been tallied, and 2.8% of the respondents said "yes", while 94.5% said
 "no".  Another 2.7% answered that they prefer Celine's English album.

 Here's the lyrics to the song "Tout l'or des hommes":
 (Thanks Vinciane for the lyrics)
 J'ai depose mes armes 
 a l'entree de ton coeur, sans combat
 Et j'ai suivi les charmes,
 lentement, en douceur Quelque part la-bas,

 au milieu de tes reves,
 Au creux de ton sommeil dans tes nuits,
 Un jour nouveau se leve
 a nul autre pareil et tu sais depuis 
 Tout l'or des hommes
 ne vaut plus rien,
 si tu es loin de moi
 Tout l'amour du monde
 ne me fait rien, 
 alors surtout ne change pas!

 C'est un nouveau voyage,
 le destin, le hasard, peu importe
 Qui m'a montre le passage 
 qui allait jusqu'a toi,
 Et tu sais depuis

 Tout l'or des hommes 
 ne vaut rien, si tu es loin de moi
 Tout l'amour du monde
 ne me fait rien,
 surtout ne change pas, non !

 Tout l'or des hommes
 ne vaut plus rien, 
 si tu es loin de moi
 Tout l'amour du monde 
 ne me fait rien,
 alors surtout ne change pas
 Tout l'or des hommes
 ne vaut plus rien, 
 si tu es loin de moi
 Tout l'amour du monde
 ne me fait rien, surtout ne change pas, non !

 Surtout ne change pas non, 
 Tout l'or des hommes,
 tout l'or des hommes,
 Tout l'amour des hommes,
 ne me fait rien,
 alors surtout ne change pas
 Tout l'or des hommes,
 tout l'or des hommes
 Tout l'amour du monde,
 tout l'amour du monde 
 Alors surtout ne change pas.

 My interpretation of this song is about how one person is encoutering
 a difficult situation in his lives.  It could be a financial problem;
 health problem; death of his parents/fmaily members, leaving him behind;
 got layed off and starting a new job that he is having difficulties.
 Anything that we could think of that is making him tired, exhausted,
 hopeless, upset, seeing the world as grey and blue.  Then the woman
 is telling him not to give up, how he should be strong, and live on.
 Things isn't the same as before, but that's okay.  That's life, and life
 would be so boring without ups and downs.  Without rainy days, how
 could we appreciate sunny days?  The woman wants her man to maintain
 strong, and don't be defeated.  Because without him, all of the
 treasures of human, all these beautiful things in the world won't mean
 a thing to her.
 That's just my interpretation.  I guess it'll be fun to see how Celine
 interprets this song, and we'll know how she interprets it when the
 video comes out.

 The site-owner of Celine Maniacs has came back from vacation, so the
 site will be updated again.

 On The Forum, we could find links to download a sound file that recorded
 from the radio debut of the full-length "Tout L'or Des Hommes".  The
 song hits radio station today! 

(Aug 22 2003 News)
 Here's a pic from Sony Music to promote the new album and single. 
 And on The Forum, we could find a link to listen to a 55-secs clip of
 the new single "Tout l'or des hommes".
 Thanks Patricia for the link! =)

 Celine was on ET on Wednesday night, and we could see footages of Celine
 shooting the commercial for her perfume.  ET says this is Celine's new
 look, but it didn't mention when the shooting took place.  
 We could now find some captures of the footages on The Forum!

 Fans from Holland can tune into RTL4 to watch a special interview 
 with C¨¦line. The host, Albert Verlinde, travelled to New York to
 chat with C¨¦line and talk about her Las Vegas show. The interview
 will air on Monday, August 25. Check your local listings for time.

(Aug 20 2003 News)
 ET features Celine Dion parfums' new holiday gift set tonight! 
 Starting this fall, Celine will be offering her signature fragrance in
 gift sets especially developed for the holiday season.  Entertainment
 Tonight will have a special feature on the parfums tonight.  For more
 info on the new holiday gift sets, click here.

(Aug 19 2003 News)
 TeamCeline members can enter to win one of 50 pairs of tickets to
 attend a TV taping for the release of CŽÊine's upcoming French-language
 album '1 fille & 4 types'. The taping for a French TV special will be
 held at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on October 1,
 2003. The contest closes on Friday, August 22.

 Celine and Shania Twain will be featured on CNN's "People in the news"
 on September 6, 2003. Here's the description of the program:
 "The country crossover is kicking off her first world tour in three
 years at the end of the month; Pop diva Celine Dion is drawing raves
 with her new Vegas gig."
 I am not sure if the Celine segment will be a re-air of their previous
 The show will air on Sept 6 at 11:00am ET / 5:00pm ET, and re-air on
 Sept 7 at 2:00pm ET / 7:00pm ET.  Please check your local listing.

(Aug 18 2003 News)
 "One Heart" chart position around the world:
 Last week's position in ( )
 Peak position in < >   
 FC: Foreigners' album chart
 MC: Mix of local and foreign album in one chart
 O.F.T#: Out of Top ## (eg. O.F.T50=Out of Top 50)
 Netherlands: #21 (49) <3>           Finland: #25 (30) <3>
 Canada: #29 (27) <1>                Sweden: #31 (23) <3>
 Denmark: #34 (29) <1>               Switzerland: #35 (34) <1>
 Austria: #37 (36) <5>               Germany: #40 (47) <6>
 France: #55 (52) <1>                US: #74 (62) <2>
 Number of countries where the album is doing better than last week: 3
 Number of countries where the album is doing poorer than last week: 7
 Number of countries where the album is remaining the same position: 0
 "One Heart" Single:
 Austria: #36 (32)
 France: #73 (72)
 Germany: #85 (81)
 Biggest jump belongs to Netherlands, where the album jumps all the way
 from #49 to #21!  I guess it's probably the single "One Heart" doing
 its work there. 

 Talking about "One Heart", the single seems to be getting more attention
 in UK as well.  Sometime ago, the video has been added to "The Box",
 then the song has been voted as the #6 most requested video on the
 channel.  Now, the single has also been added to BBC Radio 2 playlist.
 And it is on the "B list", not the "C list" this time!

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