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(Updated on Feb 2) TVA has released the news about Celine resuming her career in Las Vegas as soon as next year. TVA has an online article in French, saying that Celine will start a concert series as soon as Dec 31st, 2002. However, this time, Celine chooses stability instead of performing around the world. Thus, she will settle in Las Vegas for 2 years and give out concerts there at a theatre specially built for the occasion. The project will be a collaboration with Franco Dragone. TVA also suggests that official statement about this event should come out next week. If you understand French, you can also watch a real-video report on this news. Click here to watch! (Updated on Feb 1) Here's an article from National Post, about People Magazine putting Celine on the cover again. This article has some more interesting info from the magazine about Celine giving birth. Click here! Here's the cover of the Echos Magazine. Thank you Roberta for the pic and the info! =) Celine will be on the cover of the upcoming issue of People Magazine. It will have some info which we haven't heard on the birth of the baby. There's a short article on about the story. Click here! Thank you James for the info! =) The S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site found out some info on the possible contacts between Celine and the Las Vegas hotel. The info was released by on Jan 31st, saying that Franco Dragone, the person who's behind the famous theatre in Las Vegas, Cirque du Soleil, held a press conference about his project of building a new theatre which costs around 500 millions. During the press conference, a video clip of Celine and Rene's greeting message for the company was aired. The video was shot 4 days before the birth of Rene Charles. The entire article in French, can be found here! (Updated on Jan 31) On a Quebec newspaper, "Le Soleil", it reports that the spokewoman of Celine said that sooner or later, Celine and Rene will give out official photo of their new born son. But they want to wait a few weeks first. The Blockbuster Awards site is up now. Celine is nominated for "Favourite female Pop artist." Click here to vote! Thank you Clare, and Dennis for the info! =) I had a Celine dream yesterday night. In the dream, I was watching the CTV News network, and they were having a live coverage. I saw a woman with short hair, wearing a white jacket with a sun glasses on, sitting on a convertible car. Then someone announced, "The Queen...... of Canada!" Then the crowd cheered big time, and I immediately found out that's Celine who just came out from the hopspital after giving birth. That's my short Celine dream. But it was quite a happy dream! =) (Updated on Jan 29) Maman Dion had an online chat on Saturday, answering questions from the fans about Celine's new born son. Here's an article from Montreal Gazette, saying what she was asked. Click here!> Celine has been nominated for a Block Buster Award for Favourite Female singer. The award will go to the singer who gets the most votes on the Block Buster Award site. The site hasn't been up yet. Once it's up, I'll post the link here. Sony has taken away the release of "ATW DVD Audio" away from their release schedule. However, they've added the product of ATW DVD/Video under the release date of Feb 20th, 2001. I've a feeling that they will really release the product this time. Let's hope I'm right! =) (Updated on Jan 27) I've just found a real-audio interview of Dr. Pliskow, provided by CBC Newsworld. It's around 6 mins long, and pretty interesting. The doctor says that everyone was very emotional when the baby was born, and tears in everyone's eyes. This interview also has some other interesting info. Celine not only can bring people into tears when she sings, when she's in labor, she can do the same thing!! You go, girl! =) Listen to Dr. Pliskow's interview. For those who speaks French, here's a 4 mins real-video reports on the baby provided by TVA. The reports includes footages of asking people on the street how they feel about the birth, Claudette and Maman Dion's comments, clips of Access Hollywood's reporting...etc. Click here to watch! People have also asked Michel Jasmin to comment on the news. Of course, he's very happy for them, and he also gives out some info which we didn't know. He said "As the hospital is at 40 minutes of their residence, I would not be surprised that they carried out the way on several occasions before the childbirth ." Michel Jasmin also said that at the time of the child birth,Celine's dad, Adhémar, was in Florida, while Celine's mom was in France to record a TV program. Anyway, this news has been so big in Canada, especially in Quebec. And that's understandable. Celine has been known as the daughter of Quebec, and now, the daughter of Quebec has a son, so Quebec is like having a grandson. Some media even say that Celine's the Queen of Quebec, and the prince has just born! This news has also spreaded "pretty big" around the world. From this event, it truely affirms the special status Celine holds in Canada. (Updated on Jan 26) Rene exits a car after having lunch at a West Palm Beach, Florida cafe. On the Montreal Gazette, it quotes the doctor saying that Celine's playing with her new son all the time, and the baby is very alert, always smiley, and an ideal baby too, who sleeps well, and give Celine time to rest. Another article from Gazette said that Celine was given a police escort to the Palms West Hospital, a half-hour car trip from her home. "She deserves it," said Joelle Gonzalez, a Florida mother who had brought her daughter Gabrielle to the hospital with the flu. "She's a big star. We love her here. We wish her all the best." Amid tight security, Rene returned to the modern four-storey hospital late last night carrying a black bag. He looked every bit like an exhausted new father. And Celine is expected to bring the baby home today or tomorrow. Here's another evidence showing that National Enquirer is pretty unreliable. On its website, it says that Celine was in labour nearly 12 hours, instead of 14 hours, as what the doctor said. It also says that Rene, one of Celine's sisters, and her parents were present when Celine gave birth. We all know that Maman Dion was in France, and Papa Dion wasn't there when Celine gave birth. Here's another report in English from This one is a bit longer than the last one. Click here! Although on the program "Inside Edition", it says according to their sources, Celine decided to give birth in her home, Celine's doctor has said that she gave birth in a hospital. However, he refused to name the hospital. other reports are saying that Celine gave birth at Palms West Hospital in Palm Beach, Fla. (picture below) Anyway, Celine was all over the TV today, in some news programs, they even invited guests to discuss on the news. I think the news must be even bigger in Quebec! Here's are some excerpts from the National Post which has some interesting info: ------------------------------------------------------------ "Oh my God, he's perfect," an excited Dr. Ronald Ackerman said in an interview from his office in West Palm Beach, Fla. "Mother's doing stupendous. She's tired but looks fabulous and is doing great. Rene is as excited as I have ever seen him in four years." Baby Rene-Charles was named after his father - Rene - and Dion's paternal grandfather, Charles. Dion was in labour for about 14 hours, Dr. Steven Pitkow, who also assisted in the delivery, said in an interview with the TVA television network. Word of the birth was one of the top stories on French and English newscasts throughout the day in Quebec as newsrooms scrambled for details and interviews with family members. Dion's mother, Therese, who was in Paris at the time of the birth, said her daughter phoned her immediately afterwards to share the good news. "She called me five minutes after the delivery, when it was finished, I could hear the baby's cries," she told TVA. Many Quebecers have followed Dion's career and personal life with an almost protective interest and pride since she rose to stardom from her small-town roots in Charlemagne, Que. In the United States, tabloids and other entertainment publications immediately went on the hunt for exclusive information and photos. "It's certainly a top-shelf story for us," said Chris Wessling, a general editor with the National Enquirer. "She's a well-known worldwide celebrity having her first child and her desire to have a child is well-known." Depending on what is uncovered, the story has a good chance of ending up on the tabloid's front page next week, Wessling added. However, it's doubtful Dion will co-operate with the paper since she withdrew a $20-million lawsuit against the Enquirer last year after it agreed to apologize for a false story saying she was pregnant with twins. Ackerman was one of five doctors who helped Dion deliver the infant. Angelil, and one of her sisters, Linda, also were present. It was not clear Thursday when the public might get its first peek at the baby. "It's definitely not going to happen in the next week," said Ackerman. "Definitely not at the hospital." Some of Dion's fans were thrilled to hear her good news. "I wish her the same success as a mother that she had as a singer - as an international superstar," said Paul Giroux, a cab driver in Quebec City. "I urge them to remain positive in the face of all the attention they will receive." Quebec Premier Lucien Bouchard was expected to send a personal note to the couple, but a spokesperson said the contents would not be released. News of the baby's birth was first released to the media through Dion's publicist, Francine Chaloult. An assistant in Chaloult's office said no other details would be released. When asked why Dion chose to have the baby in the United States, she would only say that it was likely because the couple's doctor was there. Under citizenship laws in both Canada and the United States, Rene -Charles will hold both Canadian and U.S. citizenship. Ackerman replied tongue-in-cheek when asked whether the baby is singing yet. "Not yet, but I think he's going to have a great golf swing," he said, referring to Dion's recent interest in the sport. ---------------------------------------------------------- Wow!!! 14 hours in labor! Must've been tough! Celine, good show!! There must be so much magic in the air for Celine, Rene, and all the people who love and feel happy for them. From now on, Celine and Rene's life has really changed, and they have a precious real treasure which truely belongs to them. Hope this child will grow up healthily, and happily, and despite his wealthy, much-focused background, be able to keep his both feets on the ground, have a brain as intelligent as Rene, a personality and heart as bright and big as Celine, and live the fullest of his life! Btw, incase you're interested, Rene-Charles was born on the second day of the year of snake. \ Celine is on the cover of the up-coming issue of RedBook Magazine. Thank you James for telling me the info! =) (Updated on Jan 25) One month after Christmas, is the birthday for Celine and Rene's son RENE-CHARLES ANGELIL. Celine gave birth to the baby at 1:00am on Jan 25, 3 weeks ahead of the due date. The baby weighs 6 bounds 8 onces, and both the mother and the child are doing "marvellously well and are in perfect health". Mego (Celine's concert musical director)has talked with Rene, and Rene describe the son as a "beautiful baby." Mego also said that you can hear the joy in his voice. Celine's mother is in France right now, so she wasn't in Florida when Celine gave birth. Both Celine's sister, Linda, and Rene were at the birth. Another Celine sister, Claudette said that she believes they still haven't chose the godparents for the child yet. When media asked if there'll be more information later, Celine's spokewoman said "I cannot say yet. Maybe tomorrow (Friday). We'll see. We don't know." A real video report of the news in English from click here Here's an excerpt from the Montreal Gazette articles which has a bit more info: -------------------------------------------------------------- Baby Rene-Charles, born early Thursday to singer Celine Dion, is "gorgeous" and looks like both of his parents, said one of the Florida doctors who helped deliver the infant. "Oh my God, he's perfect," an excited Dr. Ronald Ackerman said from his office in West Palm Beach. "He's even turning over, already," he joked. "I swear that I saw him do that." Ackerman was one of five doctors who helped the Quebec singer deliver the infant, who weighed in at six pounds eight ounces. Ackerman, who has been Dion's doctor for four years, said the baby arrived three weeks ahead of the Valentine's Day due date. He said he was responsible for the in vitro fertilization treatments that Dion, 32, received at a New York clinic. He said confidentiality rules prevented him from saying how long Dion was in labour and giving precise details of the birth. He didn't name the hospital where the baby was born. He couldn't even say if she would be breastfeeding the child. "She's doing everything a mother would normally do with a newborn," Ackerman said. "He's gorgeous. Everybody's saying the baby looks like both of them, has appearances like both Celine and Rene." ------------------------------------------------------------- For those who speak French, here's a real-video report of the news from TVA. Click here! Also, on TVA it has a poll today asking: Céline et René devraient-ils garder leur enfant à l'abri des médias? 80% of the people votes yes, and 20% of the people voted no. I used the translator to translate it, but it sounds weird. The translation is "Should Celine and Rene keep their child with the shelter of the media?" So, can anyone who understands French, email me and tell me what it exactly means? Thank you! You can email me by simply scrolling down to the bottom of the page, where the webring box is, and click on "Rhapsody". Thanks! =) Thank you to all the people who've sent me emails, telling me about the birth!! =) On yesterday's National Post, it had an article about David Foster discussing his future plans. Here's a quote, "I want to find the new Celine Dion, I want to be premier of British Columbia and I want to be a top record executive. At 51 isn't that enough?" I'm wondering what does he mean by "I want to find the new Celine Dion". Does he mean he wants to find another new artist who will become the next Celine Dion, or he wants to collaborate with Celine with some new musical ideas, music styles? Anyway...I don't mind having David to be the premier of BC. =) (Updated on Jan 23) When the Celine interview with Michel Jasmin aired in Canada, it had a very strong rating. This time, Celine interviewed by Michel Drucker, and it also has a very high rating in France too. The program pulled in 4.8 million viewers!!! (Updated on Jan 22) On the S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site, it has some pics from the Vivement Dimanche. It also has a 30 mins video file too! Go take a look! (Updated on Jan 21) Here's a pic from The pic was published on Bild newspaper. Thank you Lauren for telling me about this pic! =) This pic is taken from the French version of the biography. It's a letter written by Celine to the author. Thank you Estevam ( for sending me this pic! =) (Updated on Jan 20) We've got news from Sony's site few days ago that the ATW DVD audio will come out on Feb 6th. As someone posted in the news group that DVD audio isn't the same as normal DVD which we use to watch movie. DVD audio is just another format which enables even better sound quality than CD or MD. So what about the release date for ATW Video/DVD? A fellow fan, Angela, who works in a NJ USA music stores, and she said that today the record store received an order form for Video/DVD from Sony, which has details on the upcoming releases, and there's one page which featured Celine, and here's what it says: ------------------------------------------------------ All the way ... A decade of song and video. "On the heels of Celine Dion's 16 million+ selling release All The Way~ A decade of song comes the DVD/VHS release All the way a decade of song and video. This incredible package features a stunning collection of Celine Dion's videos including "My heart will go on", "That's the way it is" ,"The power of love" and 14 other gems. This DVD/VHS collection features 3 bonus videos previously unavailable on the companion CD/Cassette release: "Where does my heart beat now", "All By myself" and "Misled". Selections Where does my heart beat now If you ask me to Beauty and the beast The power of love Misled It's all coming back to me now Because you loved me All by myself My heart will go on To love you more I'm your angel That's the way it is I want you to need me If walls could talk All the way Then you look at me Live for the one I love DVD bonus It's all coming back to me now( long version-Stereo mix) DVD Special features: Digitally Mastered, 5.1 Surround Mix, Artist bio, Artist Discography, Photo gallery, Bonus videos Selection number: 50229 and is due to be release Feb 20/ 2001 ------------------------------------------------------ That's the info I got from Angela. Let's hope it's really true that the DVD/Video will come out on Feb 20, 2001(don't get me wrong, I don't mean that I doubt Angela's info, it's just that...Sony, you know.) Thank you Angela! =) (Updated on Jan 18) It's been confirmed by TV5 that the Celine interview with Michel Drucker will be on air on Sunday, Jan 21st, 7:30pm(ET)/4:30pm(PT). Please note that according to TV5, the interview will broadcast only ONCE! And they also call it as "out of early product". I have no idea what it means anyway. (Updated on Jan 17) While I was surfing the net, I found this real-video file of Celine signing autographs and meeting fans. It was probably record in 1994, and the place looks like Nickels. Click on the pic to see the around 40 secs long file. I think the file is from (Updated on Jan 16) Rene turns 59 today!! Happy Birthday Rene! Wish you get happier and healthier than ever!! All the best! =) The ATW DVD Audio reappears on Sony's release schedule on Sony's site. It's now scheduled to release on Feb 6th. (Updated on Jan 14) Wow, first of all, today is Jan 14th, and you know what's so special? In less than a month, the baby will come out!!! =) Okay, a fan on the newsgroup posted that the Quebec magazine "Echos Vedette" claims that Céline was surprised with a baby shower at the house of Donald Trump. The magazine also mentions a possible name for Céline's baby boy, René-Charles. Let's just wait to see if this rumor is true! Thank you Cindy from the On Tour with Celine Site for this info! =) There are more reports saying that Celine is searching deal in Las Vegas. A columnist on the New York Post wrote this: "It would make sense because it would cut out touring virtually. She could settle down with the baby and the husband and just go to work for a few hours every night and get paid a fortune. A few other big stars have done that and I'm not sure how popular Celine would be in doing a tour of America any more, but Vegas because it's sort of retro, should be good (for her). Look what it did for Wayne Newton." Although what he said isn't that appealing/optimistic, I can't not admit that he's right at some points. But I just don't feel like it's a good move. In terms of family, and enjoy real life, it may be good, but in terms of showbizz, it's doesn't sound good for a huge singer. And I can't think of any fun performing at the same theatre night after night for more than a year. And if the rumor is really true, that means Celine will return and give concerts in 18 months. Will she have enough new songs to do a concert by that time? Don't get me wrong, Celine will still be able to do a good show with all the songs she has right now, but it may lack of freshness. Anyway, as Celine said before her break, she really wants to enjoy the true values and real life. And since happiness is all the matters, if she's happy with that, sure Celine should go for it! =) David Foster has also discussed about Celine on today's Ottawa Citizen. He also has some thoughts about the deal with Las Vegas(if it's really true.) -------------------------------------------------------------- Excerpts from Ottawa Citizen: "Michael Jackson does not like me talking about him either," he said. "And I don't want to talk about Whitney Houston, because you know ...." Hmm, how about Celine Dion? Bingo. "I would love to work with Celine when she comes back, she's probably my favourite singer. Every singer out there should take a page out of her book, in terms of taking care of her voice and treating the business as a business. It's been a textbook career." Mr. Foster also acknowledges the work of her husband, Rene Angelil for expertly guiding his wife's career, calling him a "brilliant manager." He said Ms. Dion's self-imposed two-year break from show business was a perfect move because she was saturating the pop market. The singer is expecting her first child next month. Mr. Foster does not understand the critics who have taken shots at Ms. Dion and called her music sappy and overblown. "I find it incredibly impossible how any critic can listen to that voice and say that she is not good. It just blows my mind. "I think she's the greatest pop singer we have today. I've been in the studio with every big singer, Whitney, Barbra (Streisand), Tony (Bennett), Mariah (Carey), Natalie (Cole) and they are all incredible. "But for actual just get up to the mike and do it I don't think there is anyone better than Celine." Ms. Dion is currently mulling over a multi-million dollar deal to bring her act to Las Vegas after her retirement, a move Mr. Foster said is ideal for the singer. "It's a smart move. She loves to play golf, she loves her husband and she will love her child, so this is a perfect way for her to play golf, be in warm weather and raise her child and still perform. "Where else could you go and do that and stay in one place and not have to travel?" Mr. Foster said if Ms. Dion chooses to settle down in Las Vegas, she could easily pack a big hotel showroom every night of the week. "I don't know, living in Vegas might be a little weird, but I'm sure they could create their own cocoon there. "It's to her credit that she is going to raise this child at home and not jump right back on the bandwagon and beat her brains out on the road." -------------------------------------------------------------- Someone is selling a "promotional" ATW VHS on Ebay, and it's around 10 mins long. You can click here to take a look. It has a different cover from what we've been seeing. Btw, there's still isn't a confirmed release date for the ATW VHS/DVD. I've emailed Sony Canada, and they haven't replied me yet. Thank you Estevam for the Ebay info! =) (Updated on Jan 11) On National Post today, it has an article which has some excerpts from the "Hello Magazine". The article mainly talks about how Celine was the "accident child", and her mother almost went into an abortion, and how Celine owed her life to a local parish priest who convinced Celine's mom not to get rid of the baby. Here's the article. (Updated on Jan 10) Celine's appears on another magazine again, although with similar photos, and similar "news". This time, it's the "Hello Magazine." Click here to read the article! There are reports saying Celine's biography "My Story, My Dream" isn't selling across the border. It also mentions that it isn't selling too well in Canada too. I remember that the book was on the chart at a pretty high position in the first week it released, maybe it didn't do too good after that. National Post says that according to The New York Times, the ballad queen's autobiography is "gathering dust in stores and warehouses" across the United States and booksellers are hard pressed to sell the sizeable first printing of 250,000 copies by HarperCollins. Celine, who is very, very preggers, declined to do a book tour. On the national post, there's another interesting article today. It says there are rumors that Celine maybe signing a big contract with Caesar's Palace Hotel, to perform for 40 weeks at its newly built theatre. Spokeperson for Celine declined the report, and said that they haven't heard anything about it. Here's the entire article. (Updated on Jan 9) Although Celine was having her break in 2000, her popularity didn't fade. At the American Music Awards, which hands out awards base on polling of 20,000 records buyers across country, Celine won the award for "Favourite Adult Contemporary Artist", beating out Marc Anthony and Faith Hill. On the other side, Faith Hill beats out Celine, Britney, and Christina, and took away the "Favourite female pop-rock artist". On Canada's Top 200 albums chart, as mentioned before, Celine's ATW ranks #27, while the "Collector Series Vol 1" ranks #86. Celine is the highest ranking Canadian artist on this year's chart. (Updated on Jan 7) UK BBC4 made a poll for "most hated songs", Celine's MHWGO landed at #2. However, don't get mad, here are the other winners. #1:Spice Girl's "Wannabe", #3: Elton John's "Candle in the wind", #4: Chris De Burgh's "Lady In Red" and #5: Britney Spears's "Baby one more time". As you can see, these are all popular or some of them even classics. So, there's really no need to get upset to see MHWGO there. If I were asked to pick a most hated song, I think I would rather pick a song that contains violent messages. Yesterday, I found a site which rates celebrities in different perspectives such as personality, talents, sexyness...etc. And of course, they also have rated Celine. Although Celine's overall marks isn't that high, but I'm pretty pleased and surprise of what they say about Celine. I agree with few of their comments too. Here's the link to that site: Click here! (Updated on Jan 5) Yesterday I was watching the re-air of "Behind the music" of Cher, and I think Celine indeed does look like young Cher, before all of her plastic surgeries. In some of the old footages of Cher, you can see her looks, and movements similar to Celine's. At one point of the show, they said that there were many female celebrities wanting to look like Cher sometimes, and they show a pic of a woman face, made up of a half Cher's face, and a half of another star face. They didn't say who's the star for that another half face, but I think it's Celine there. Anyway, although they sure look alike(but I think Celine's prettier), their lives are so much different(up to this moment) which Celine's is so much fortunate. (Updated on Jan 4) Ivan has sent me a real-video clip (15 secs) of Celine making snoring sound from the MTV Diary show. Click here to watch it! Thank you Ivan! =) Celine and Rene are also on the cover of the Gala Magazine!! This year Canada's best selling artist goes to Eminem. His "The Marshall Mathers LP" sold 679,567 copies in Canada in 2000. Britney Spears and Nsync comes in second and third respectively. Celine's ATW came in at #27, making her the best selling Canadian artist in Canada in 2000. (Updated on Jan 3) Grammy nominations were announced today. Celine received a nomination of Pop Collaboration with Vocals for her virtual duet "All The Way" with Frank Sinatra. Matt Serletic is also running in the Producer of the year(Non-classical) category for his work on "I want you to need me" and "The American" of Angie Aparo. Good luck Celine! Here's a real-audio clip of Celine learning to say "Good evening, everyone" to her fans in Dutch. Thank you Suus, the creator of On Tour With Celine for sending me this clip! =) Click here to listen to it! It was recorded on June 18th, 1997 (Updated on Jan 2) Here's a pic from the magazine cover of "SORRISI E CANZONI TV" (SMILES AND SONGS TV) no. 2 - 01/2001. Thank you Roberta for this pic! =) (Updated on Jan 1 2001)(01/01/01) I would like to first start off with a thank you message. I really need to thank all the people who've helped me alot on the site throughout the year, by sending me news, and pics! There are really many people that I need to thank, and because I don't want to miss any single one of them, so please forgive me not typing out your names, but you know who you are. Thank you sooooo much!!! I also need to say thank you to all the visitors, and those who signed my guestbooks. It means a lot to me, and you guys are one of the most important motivations for me to keep updating my site. (Well, although I only mainly update my news section. heehee) Thank all of you for bearing with my boring site layout, and my weird English writing skill. Thank you thank you! It's been pretty hard to have news/pics since Celine is on her break, and suddenly, Celine's on the headlines again due to her pregnancy, and then we get lots of interesting pics from various sources. For sure year 2000 is a memorable year for Celine, and 2001 will also be another memorable year for Celine since her first child is going to born in this year. Let's hope the delivery will be easy and smooth (not so much pain) for Celine, and she'll give a fantastic performance. Good show Celine! Have a great time living the real life, with true values! And step back in the magical showbizz world whenever you want, and your fans will always be there for you. Remember to bring us with much more great music.(and I personally think freshness is very important.) Back to some Celine news, on my local radio station, on their top 40 soft favourite chart of 2000, "That's the way it is" is #7. On the MuchMoreMusic Countdown for the year 2000, TTWII came in at #3!! Thank you Clare for this info! =) When you search , you'll find out that it'll bring you to a celebrities polling page, and currently on this site's "Favourite Pop Artist" poll, Celine is leading at #1 with 42773 votes. Ricky Martin is #2 with 23080 votes Thank you Estevam for this info! =) (Updated on Dec 31) Happy New Year everyone! Wish everyone healthy and happy, and live your life in fullest! All the BEST! Celineonline and in collaboration making a little Celine program which contains the pics from the Tout En Amour album and a few surprises. It's pretty neat! Weird that Celineonline hasn't announced anything about it. Click here to go a page, and then type in your email address, then you'll receive the program in your email. Sources: S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site (Updated on Dec 30) Celine will be featured on "Hollywood and Crime" tonight on Court TV, channel 58 for some of you, at 11:30pm. It is about her suing the tabloid about her being pregnant with twin. You may click here to find out more info. Thank you Jamie for telling me about this info! =) (Updated on Dec 29) Few days ago while I was flipping through channels, and I saw a French TV news talking about Nickels Restaurant, but I couldn't understand a thing. Today, I finally know what was that about. A fan from the newsgroup called Mathieu, posted an article, talks about Nickels files for bankruptcy. In documents deposited in higher Court, the company with number makes to state of debts of $4.3 million. However, the restaurant will still be in operation. Right now, the president of the restaurant is Paul Sara, Rene's cousin. Celine and Rene were no longer shareholders since 1997. (Updated on Dec 28) The program "Behind closed doors with Joan Lunden" was indeed pretty interesting. Celine wasn't featured for the entire hour, actually, Celine's segment was about 12 minutes. Joan followed Celine on her tour, giving concerts. It was the "Falling into you" tour, so this was probably recorded few years ago. Although it's not anything new, we got to see some rare footages we don't get to see often. We saw part of Celine's vocal exercise(routine which we've heard or read few times on her biography or in interviews, but not shown how it's done.), Celine meeting her fans outside hotel, her sound-check before concerts, how she gets ready with make-up, hair...etc. We also get to see how Celine meets the choir, the sponsors, VIP after her concerts. Celine also sang a bit of a gospel song with the choir in the waiting room, and choir seemed to have a great time. We also saw how Celine was so hurry during costume change before an "encore". Celine said that when she looks at the mirror, she sees her face, and then..."okay, let's fix this with that, and fix that part with this... Of course I would like to have bigger eyes, smaller nose, fuller lips, more boobs...I'm just a normal girl you know." Celine was so energized in the entire segment. Oh yeah, by the way, we also saw Celine eating chips (Lays' regular flavour, incase you wanna know) on her private jet, and Celine talking on the phone using her fingers signal (you know, on her day off, and she's not allowed to talk). So overall, the show was nothing new, but it was funny, and interesting to watch. On Celineonline's European News Section, the latest release date for ATW video/DVD in UK is Jan 22nd. Let's hope this is the final date, and they won't postpone it anymore. Thank you Philip for giving me this info! =) Today at around 3:30 in the morning, when I was about to get to bed, I turned on the TV to see if anything special is on air. The program "The teenage witch-Sabrina" was on the air. This episode, it talks about that for some reasons, Sabrina erased the event "Christmas", and she needed to reverse her spell in order to bring back Christmas. However, she didn't know how to do it, so she did everything to remind people that it's Christmas. One of the thing she did is that during an exam, she sang out "silent night, holy night...", and the teacher asked her to be quiet because they need total silent during exam. And Sabrina said "That's why I though the song 'silent night' suits this occasion. Then Harvey said "Never heard of this song," and Sabrina's another friend asked "Is this song on the new Celine Dion album?" That's my somehow Celine-related story. =) (Updated on Dec 27) Celine will be featured on "Behind closed doors with Joan Lunden" tomorrow (28th) on A&E at 9:00pm. (Updated on Dec 26) Members of Celine's international fan club received a white Christmas card, and a Celine ornament this year! Well, sounds not bad! How come teamceline has never emailed any Christmas geeting to us?? =( Thank you Kayla for telling me about the fan club's gifts. =) On Jam!Music, it has few polls for the year in 2000. Celine is included in the "Missing-in-action Award, most eagerly anticipated in 2001" poll. So far, there are 803 votes, and Celine get 6% of the votes, being last. You can click here to vote! (Updated on Dec 24) Merry Christmas everyone! Have a happy, wonderful, fantastic, safe Christmas! God bless you all! =) (Updated on Dec 23) On the charts of "Most played songs on Canadian Radio in 2000", TTWII is #31. That's the only Celine song on the chart this year. According to a Celine fan in the newsgroup, Celine's mother has confirmed that Celine didn't attend Madonna's wedding, and she will not even return to Montreal for the Christmas in order to protect the baby. (Updated on Dec 22) Celine will be on Friday's ET and Access Hollywood, probably with clips of her Michel Jasmin interview. Access Hollywood has also said today that Celine won't be attending Madonna's wedding. So the "Celine" that reporters claimed have seen probably wasn't really Celine. (Updated on Dec 21) Forgot to post this info given by Roberta yesterday. There's another real video clip (5 mins 5 secs) from "Exclusivement Celine" provided by Michel Jasmin's TVA site. Click here to watch the clip! (Updated on Dec 20) On, it says that Celine was seen arrived in Scotland, to attend Madonna's wedding. I though Madonna doesn't like Celine. Anyway, let's hope we'll get to see some pictures if Celine's really there! Thank you Estevam, the site owner of for telling me the info! =) Celine's on the cover in the current issue of "Paris Match". If you can read French, click here to read the article! (Updated on Dec 19) Celine was mentioned on ET today, with some old clips, talking about Celine's 2nd fertilized egg in New York. Thank you Ashley for telling me this info! Celine's interview with Michel Jasmin scores bigtime in TV ratings. More than 2 million viewers tuned in to watch the program. According to data compiled by Neilsen Media Research, Celine'ss interview, dubbed "Exclusivement Celine," attracted an estimated 2,206,000 viewers, making it the evening's most watched program by a ratio of two-to-one. The broadcast appears to have bolstered the network's full evening of programming. TVA's "Cinema Des Fetes," which aired after the interview, came in second, with 1,130,000 viewers, followed by TVA's "Un Monde De Fous," which aired just before the Dion interview and attracted 1,114,000 viewers. These ratings only apply to the French language viewers. In the French language viewers, no matter it's in the Teen (12-17 years old) category, or the male (17-49 years old) category, or the female (17-49) category, "Exclusivement Celine" all came in first! On Michel Jasmin's TVA site, there's a 7 mins 45 secs clip of the interview, when Rene join Celine and Michel. Click on the pic below to watch the clip. A Celine fan on the newsgroup called Mathieu Richard, has posted a transcript kinda like report in French for the Michel Jasmin interview. I've tried my best to translate the report into English, but some parts still sound a bit weird. Anyway, hope you'll enjoy it. Also need to thank Mathieu for putting lots of effort into writing the report. Click here to go to the "Exclusive Celine Interview" report. (Updated on Dec 18) Celine's interview aired yesterday night at 7:00pm. Since I don't understand French, I understood nothing from the interview. Rene appeared for about 5 minutes, nearly at the end of the interview. Tears were running down from Rene's eyes when he saw the clips of Celine's Stade De France concert, when the crowd cheered after Celine told them that Rene is doing fine. Once I get more info on the interview, or what Celine said in the interview, I'll post them up here. =) Btw, a yahoo article said this: "Dion said she could take up to four years before coming back to show business but said she might record another album in English and in French one year after her son is born." (Updated on Dec 17) There are some photos scanned from the 7 Jours Magazine on the S'il Suffisait D'aimer website. Click here to see it! Go to the "Actualite" section. Here's another article from Montreal Gazette, talking about what Rene thinks about the incident. Here are some of the quotes from the article: ----------------------------------------------------------------- Celine Dion's husband and agent said Saturday he was defending the pregnant pop diva from "yellow journalism" when he had a Quebec magazine destroy 200,000 copies of an issue with a cover he disliked. The couple expects "appalling" exaggerations about them to appear in international tabloids but not in Quebec, Rene Angelil said. "We feel at home in Quebec and for people here to involve us in a scandal, that shocked me," he said in a television interview with RDI, the CBC's French all-news network. "There are things written about us everywhere in the world - look at American and French tabloids. They say anything they want and it's appalling what they say." The original headline was "sensationalist, done in poor taste, out of context," Angelil said. "To me, it was strictly yellow journalism." Renee-Claude Menard, a marketing vice-president at TVA, said the company agreed the cover was in poor taste and decided not to release it. "We agreed with Mr. Angelil that it was not appropriate to present the article under that angle," Menard said after a public screening of the interview Friday. Angelil was also upset this week that 7 Jours' original cover claimed to have an exclusive photo of the visibly pregnant Dion. In fact, the photo was distributed to all media under the condition that it not be cropped to remove journalist Michel Jasmin, a Dion acquaintance who conducted the TVA interview. Sunday's program will be the only North American TV appearance by Dion during her pregnancy. ------------------------------------------------------------------ (Updated on Dec 16) There's another interesting article published by National Post. Although, some of the stuffs are similar to other article, but you get more detailed of the interview. It's interesting to read. Nationl Post Article It really looks like some of the media in Quebec are pretty mad at Rene's requests at the screening. Today, another newspaper, LeSoleil has published another article, saying similar things to the article published by Le Devoir (you can find it below). LeSoleil at the end comments the interview with class and emotion, superb! I guess many people will tune in tomorrow and watch the much anticipated interview. Michel Jasmin reminds us that there are few punches, and unexpected moments in the interview. Yesterday, on Canada's News Network (CTV), they also aired clips of the interview, accompany with the news about Celine has a 2nd fertilized egg stored in New York fertility clinic. The interview will air on TVA tomorrow (17th) at 7:00pm. (Updated on Dec 15) This is the controversy cover of the 7 Jour Magazine, with the title "My son already has a twin." Here's is another article from Montreal Gazette, telling more about the cover page incident. At the beginning, it's identical to the Jam!Music article, but after that, it talks more about how the controversy cover page came, and what some of Celine had said in the interview. Here's the article: Montreal Gazette Article Another article from another Quebec newspaper commenting Rene has an obsession of control. It's in French, and I had to read it using the altavista translator. So as you may know, translation by that translator sometimes may sound akward. So here are what I get from that article: Rene Angelil called Raynald Briere, the general manager of TVA, on Thursday, to express his " very great anger " concerning the magazine's cover, which now belongs to TVA. The directors of TVA agreed the problem of the title of the cover page, and destroyed 200,000 copies of the magazine, and reprinted the magazine to be distributed today. Journalists were invited yesterday to the screening of the interview. This viewing had attracted a record number of participants, since it is about the only interview granted by Celine in North America during her pregnancy.(The interview granted to Michel Drucker, will be air in France in January). TVA had initially forbidden the journalists to record the interview on audio cassette, as a request from Rene. The journalists usually like to record interview on audio cassette, so that they could quote what the person had said without making error. The journalists protested and TVA finally allowed the recordings. Moreover, TVA had distributed a photograph of Celine with Michel Jasmin to the media, but requested the journalists not to take the photograph out of its context, as another ruquest from Rene. Once again, the media protested against such a request. Back to the cover title, Rene thought the title "Celine: My son already has a twin ", is inappropriate and distort what Celine has said in the interview. Francine Chaloult, Celine's relationist, tried to convince the journalists that Céline had not mentioned the "twin" word. The newspaper said that the directors were all satisfied with the original cover, until Rene has expressed his anger. Michel Jasmin declared yesterday that he had full freedom in making the interview. "I think that they had confidence that I would not put Céline into any embarrassment." The newspaper also suggested that the viewers will discover a Celine Dion with a rounded face, very serene and spontaneous. The famous singer speaks about her pregnancy, of her love for Rene Angelil as of the changes of values which occurred in its life. She also reveals that she envisages to return to her career when her child is one year old. She already thinks of projects of scene as well as to new French and English album. Here's the original French article: Le Devoir Article More info about the upcoming interview has been revealved bit by bit. There's another interesting article from Jam!Music. This article tells us that Celine has revealed in the interview that she has a second fertilized embryo stored in New York Clinic. And sounds like there's a big chance that she would like to be pregnant again. "It doesn't mean they're identical twins but they were conceived at the same time." "Another child? Yes, because we already have another child waiting for us in New York, making a stopover at this time. I surely couldn't live knowing that child is there." News about this stores embryo has already sparked controvesy. Rene's anger has caused Sept Jours, a popular Quebec magazine that belongs to TVA, destroyed 200,000 copies of an unreleased issue it published under the front-page headline, My Son Already Has a Twin. Why don't you read the entire article here :Jam! Music Article (Updated on Dec 14) On TVA's Michel Jasmin page, it has a real-video clip of Celine saying Merry Christmas to all of us! Click on the pic to watch the clip! Here's the translation in English, translated by Angele! Thanks! =) "To all of you who are watching us on michel jasmin, I'm taking the opportunity to wish you all a good holiday,a good new year, merry christmas, and especially health, take care! Till next time, bye bye!" Billboard has released their annual year end charts. Although Celine is taking a step back from the music industry, she's still doing pretty well on the year end chart. First of all, Celine's ATW album is #7 on the 2000 Billboard 200 Album Chart: 1 NO STRINGS ATTACHED 'N Sync Jive 2 SUPERNATURAL Santana Arista 3 THE MARSHALL MATHERS LP Eminem Web/Aftermath/Interscope 4 OOPS!...I DID IT AGAIN Britney Spears Jive 5 DR. DRE -- 2001 Dr. Dre Aftermath/Interscope 6 HUMAN CLAY Creed Wind-up 7 ALL THE WAY... A DECADE OF SONG Celine Dion 550 Music/Epic 8 CHRISTINA AGUILERA Christina Aguilera RCA 9 MILLENNIUM Backstreet Boys Jive 10 ...AND THEN THERE WAS X DMX Ruff Ryders/Def Jam/IDJMG On the 2000 Hot 100 (Single) Chart, "That's the way it is" is #28. On the 2000 Adult Contemporary Chart, TTWII is #3. 1 I KNEW I LOVED YOU Savage Garden Columbia 2 AMAZED Lonestar BNA 3 THAT'S THE WAY IT IS Celine Dion 550 Music/550-Work 4 BREATHE Faith Hill Warner Bros. 5 YOU SANG TO ME Marc Anthony Columbia 6 SHOW ME THE MEANING OF BEING LONELY Backstreet Boys Jive 7 BACK AT ONE Brian McKnight Motown/Universal 8 YOU'LL BE IN MY HEART Phil Collins Walt Disney/Hollywood 9 I NEED YOU LeAnn Rimes Sparrow/Capitol/Curb 10 TAKING YOU HOME Don Henley Warner Bros. Celine is also the #1 female adult contemporary artist of the year! (So I guess Celine has just won another Billboard Award.) On the Pop Catelog Chart (Pop catelog chart ranks albums which have been released for more than 2 years), surprisingly, Celine's "These Are Special Times" ranks #3, despite the fact that it's a seasonal album. On top of that, Celine is the only female artist on Top 10 Pop Catelog Artist list. Celine is #5!(her lucky number) So that's it for the Year 2000 Billboard Charts. (Updated on Dec 13) Found two different Celine article on the net today!! One is from Jam!Music, and one is from Montreal Gazette (Montreal's English newspaper). We get few different info from these article. It's confirmed that Celine will deliver her son in Florida. In the interview which will be air on Dec 17th on TVA, Celine will talks about her pregnancy in detail, and what she had to go through. What is more exciting is that, if you don't understand French as me, don't worry, because Celine and Rene will also grant exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey!! No date has been announced yet. Here are the articles: JamMusic article Montreal Gazette's article (Updated on Dec 12) Celine's on the cover of Jan 2001 issue of McCall's Magazine. Similar to last People magazine, it has excerpt from Celine's "My story, my dream". On the S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site, at the news section, you'll find few pregnant Celine pics from a magazine. You can also find an excerpt from a French TV Guide Magazine (I believe), telling some info about the exclusive interview Celine gave to Michel Jasmin. If you don't understand French, you may want to use the AltaVista Translator. (Updated on Dec 11) This is the cover of a collection CD in Brazil. It contains hits of the 21st century. Thank you Estevam, the site owner of for sending me the pic! =) And thank you Tatiana for telling me the info! =) If all the reports are true, then the ATW VHS/DVD will hit stores tomorrow. Some reliable sources (, say that it'll hit stores tomorrow, but some other reliable sources (, say that it'll hit stores on Jan 9th. Let's hope we'll be able to get it tomorrow! (Updated on Dec 8) Found few old pics of Celine taken from her visit to Hong Kong in Jan, 1999. The first one was taken at the TVB Music Award, where Celine presented the award for "Favourite Male Artist". The couple in the 4th pic, made a big headline story in Hong Kong. The woman is a famous Millionair in Hong Kong, and the guy on the right was a disc jokey, and that woman's ex-boyfriend (he's a very weird person). Anyway, you won't be interested in their story, and I guess Celine probably didn't who they were anyway. Retired Russian President Boris Yeltsin said in an interview that right now he has a new passion, which is watching music concert on DVD. He said, "I love classical and contemporary music. Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven, Rakhmaninov, Shostakovich. I watch concerts of Western performers on DVD: Sting, George Michael, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, there are too many to list." (Updated on Dec 7) According to US Soundscan, ATW is Sony's 3rd biggest selling album this year, selling 2.59 million copies in the US. The first two for Sony are Destiny's Child, "Writing's on the Wall" (3.39 million) and Dixie Chicks, "Fly" (2.96 million). As you may know, this year's biggest selling album in the US is NSync's "No Strings Attached" (9.04 million). ATW is tying with Faith Hill's "Breathe" at #10. (Updated on Dec 5) Here's an article from saying that the ATW Video/DVD will be available in stores on Dec 12th. Click here to read it. (Updated on Dec 4) A release date for "All The Way" VHS/DVD seems to be a mystery. Sony has pulled away the title from it's release schedule. It originally listed as a release of DVD audio on Dec 5th. However, right now the title is no where to be found. On, it listed that the VHS/DVD will come out on Jan 1st, 2001. A fan said that he/she asked 5 Sony Music Headquaters around the world regarding the rumor of postponing the release of the product, and the answer he/she got was because a master copy of "All The Way", which sent to various countries for manufacturing, was found that it's a bad copy, so they pulled out all the production and need to produce again. The release date they're trying to meet, is near Christmas time. On the Christina Aguilera's "What A Girl Wants" special, they polled the audience which singer they would turn to for advice, and Jessica Simpson was on the 1st place with 38%, and the 2nd place was........ Celine, with 36%! Cool, aye! (Updated on Nov 29) Two more pregnant Celine pics! Thank you Tatiana for sending me these pics! Celine is sunbathing beside the pool in Las Vegas's Caesars Palace. Huge tummy, Celine! Celine holds on to the "Biggest one/first week sales" records in Canada. Backstreet Boy's "Black & Blue" sold 156,307 copies in its first week, in Canada, not enough to beat Celine's record of 230,000 copies. (Updated on Nov 28) Got this pic from the S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site. It has few more there. I find this pic pretty funny! It looks more like Rene it's the one who is pregnant! Wondering in Februrary, which tummy will be bigger? Celine's or Rene's? (I'm just kidding, Rene! Don't ge mad, incase you see this!) A Celine fan who works in an UK music store sent me this pic of a poster which the store received, saying that the product will release in UK on Jan 23rd, on VHS, DVD and CD.(don't know why the poster says Jan 12) It looks like that Sony UK is going to release some products on Celine's Millennium concert. Let's wait to hear some official confirmation from Sony. Thank you Petter for sending me the pic and info! =) (Updated on Nov 27) To be specific, the one hour Celine interview with Michel Jasmin will air on Dec 17th at 7:00pm on TVA. The interview will takes place in Celine's mansion in Florida, and they'll talk about the baby, and Celine's future plan. It will be very interesting! Also, a fellow Celine fan, Angele, told me that actually Celine has said in the bio that she has decided to have the baby born in Florida. Guess I have much reading to catch up! Thank you Angele for the info! =) (Updated on Nov 26) According to Sony has released a mobile phone cover with Celine's logo on it. (Updated on Nov 25) A fan posted on the newsgroup saying "Journal De Montreal" stated that a one hour Celine interview with Michel Jasmin will be aired in Canada on Dec 17th to promote the autobiography. An interview for France is still unconfirmed but Michel Drucker will probably be the one, and one for the US is still being considered. (Updated on Nov 24) Here's a 5 month pregnant Celine on a vacation at bahamas with Rene. This pic was published on a swedish paper. Thank you L.Brown and Cindy for sending me this new pic! =) I guess Celine must really have to decide right now whether she's going to have her baby born in Montreal or Florida, cuz her tummy is already pretty big, and if I'm right, when a mother is close to deliver, airlines don't allow the mother to fly on a plane. Oh wait, Celine has her own private jet. Forget it then. (Updated on Nov 23) The Backstreet Boys released their new album on Tuesday. Will they able to beat Celine's record for the most copies of album sold in one week in Canada? Celine set the record in Canada in 1997, when LTAL came out. It sold 230,000 copies in its first week, the biggest up to date. Backstreet Boys's last album "Millennium" was second behind Celine by selling 192,000 copies. Everyone is anxious to know whether they can beat NSync's record in the US, for me, I'm more anxious to know if they can beat Celine's in Canada. We'll find out in a few days. (Updated on Nov 20) Tout En Amour reaches #1 on France's compilation chart! It's its second week on the chart, last week it was #4. (Updated on Nov 19) National Enquirer published this apology statement to Celine and Rene, which the court ruled. (Updated on Nov 18) Here are the top 5 Entertaintment titles(books) for this week: #1 The Beatles Anthology (3832 copies sold) #2 My father's daughter-Tina Sinatra, Jeff Coplon (1688 copies sold) #3 Leonard Maltin's Movie & Video Guide 2001 (741 copies sold) #4 Celine Dion-Celine Dion (580 copies sold) #5 Natural Blond-Liz Smith (465 copies sold) (Updated on Nov 16) Incase you're interested, Garou's album Seul which contains the duet with Celine "Sous Le Vent", was #1 in Quebec, and #2 in Canada, selling 22,000 copies last week. It holds the record for biggest first week sales in Quebec this year. The album is #3 in France. (Updated on Nov 15) Right now Celineonline, and Sympatico is launching a CelineOnline TV, featuring 34 mins of Celine's videos thru real-player and Window media. The videos are (in order of playing) Falling into you, All by myself, Pour que tu m'aimes encore, Only one road, That's the way it is, Ziggy, The power of the dream(from live in memphis), and Whese does my heart beat now(concert version). Click here to go to the page where you'll find the file. (Updated on Nov 14) A Celine fan, Tatiana, sent me this pic, which she got altogether from other newspaper/magazine clippings. Anyone know where/when did Celine take this pic? Maybe that's not Celine, but a model who dresses so much like her! Who knows! Thank you Tatiana! =) (Updated on Nov 13) Celine has received two nominations from the American Music Awards!! Winner will be revealed during the ceremony at the Shrine Auditorium on January 8th. Her two nominations are: Favourite Pop/rock female artist: Celine Dion, Faith Hill, Christina Aguilera, and Britney Spears. Favourite Adult Contemporary Artist: Marc Anthony, Celine Dion, and Faith Hill. According to Sony Music US, on Nov 21st, they're going to release the mini disc for the "Collector's Series Vol I", and on Dec 5th, they're going to release the long awaited "All The Way~ A Decade Of Song" DVD Audio. Now, I'm not sure what's the difference between DVD and DVD Audio. On, it lists the DVD and VHS for "All The Way" will come out on Dec 12th in the US and Canada. On, it lists that the product will come out on Nov 28th in France. According to Celine Live, base a source from the International Fan Club, here's the tracklisting for the VHS of ATW: 1. The power of love 2. If you asked me to 3. Misled 4. Beauty and the beast (Live in Memphis, 1997) 5. Because you loved me (Live in Memphis, 1997) 6. It's all coming back to me now (single version) 7. Love can move mountains 8. To love you more (Live in Memphis, 1997) 9. My heart will go on (Au coeur du stade, Paris 1999) 10. I'm your angel 11. That's the way it is 12. If walls could talk 13. The first time ever I saw your face (ATW Special, 1999) 14. All the way (ATW Special, 1999) 15. Then you look at me 16. I want you to need me 17. Live for the one I love 18. All by myself The DVD of ATW includes one more exclusive video which is "It's all coming back to me now"(stear mix long version). (Updated on Nov 12) As some of you may've already known, Christina Aguilera has covered Celine's "These are special times" on her new Christmas album. You can go to here to hear the real-audio clips of the song! Thank you Sophoan, the site owner of Celine Corner for the info! =) (Updated on Nov 11) This is an ad for Celine's eye glasses. Thank you Estevam, the site owner of Celine Fall! for the pic! =) I've bought "My Story, My Dream" yesterday at Costco for $19.69 plus tax. It has a total of 293 pages. Around the middle of the book, there are 16 pages with pictures, 32 pictures in total, excluing the cover pic, and back cover pics. Some pictures are new(unseen before), while some have been published before. Here are some of the pics I've scanned from the book. The first one is the back cover of the book. (Click on them for original size) (Updated on Nov 8) Now, you can find the mp3 on Napster. Search under Artist name:Garou, and Song Title: Sous le vent. You'll find around 10 files, and some are clips, some are full-length. The collector's series album debuted at #30 in UK, #46 in Belgium, and #27 in New Zealand and #21 in Netherlands, while "Tout En Amour" debuted at #4 on France's compilation chart. (Updated on Nov 6) A new rose is going to be named "Celine Dion"!! Click here to go to article from National Post for the whole story. Thank you Peter for telling me the news! =) (Updated on Nov 5) The ADISQ Gala(Quebec's Grammy) was tonight. Celine was nominated for "Female singer of the year", "Concert of the year"(for her Millennium concert), and "The Quebec artist most successful outside Quebec". If I didn't get incorrectly, Celine didn't win any of the award. Female singer of the year went to Isabelle Boulay; Quebec artist most successful outside Quebec went to Linda Lemay; Concert of the year went to Notre Dame de Paris. This is the cover of the French version of "My Story, My Dream". It's now on sale on Ebay for $9.99 US dollars. Thank you Kirstin for the pic and info! =) (Updated on Nov 4) Few chart positions for "Collector's Series Vol 1". Canada: 4 Switzerland: 12 Japan: 13 Austria: 26 US:28 Germany: 30 So not too bad for an album without much promotion and new songs. Some fans said that Georges H¨¦bert-Germain was being interviewed on TV, and he admitted that indeed he wrote the book (My Story, My Dream) himself, after having long long interviews with Celine. After that, Celine read what he wrote, and edited it. Celine's on the cover of the 7 Jours magazine. (Updated on Nov 3) These are the pics from the Tout En Amour album. The first two are the cover, and back cover pics. The pics below are the 12 postcards included inside the album. At the back of each postcard, it has the name of the photographer, and also a sentence of lyrics taken from the songs on the album. Thank you very much Ralf for scanning these pics for me!! =) According to E Online!, Celine has confirmed the gender of the her baby in her autobiography. Incase some of you don't wanna know the gender before you buy the book or before the baby is born, I'm not writing the answer here, but if you wanna know, click here to find out. This link brings you to the article of E Online! about the lawsuit of Celine with the National Enquirer, and a bit about her autobiography. (Updated Nov 2) A fan said that Entertainment Tonight had a little follow-up on the lawsuit filed by Rene and Celine, against the National Enquirer for their false story on Celine's pregnancy in January. The National Enquirer is to publish an apology statment to Celine and Rene. Another fan said that according to Access Hollywood, National Enquirer will also make a donation to the Cancer society. If you can read French, you can go to There's an article on Celine's autobiography. (Updated Nov 1) The "Collector'es Series" album will debut on Billboard album chart at #28 tomorrow, selling 36,000 copies in the US last week. Not bad for an album with not much promotion and no new material. In Japan, the "Collector's Series" album sold 26,930 copies in its first week. In Canada, it'll debut at #4, selling 8407 units. According to, now the release of ATW DVD/VHS has been postponed to Nov 28th for France. A fan said that he called "Tower records" and found out that the product won't hit stores in the US until Dec 13th. I've emailed, and here's what they say: "We have contacted our suppliers and they have informed us that the video set will be available sometime early next year, unfortunately we have not been provided with a release date." So it seems that everything is still unconfirmed.... (Updated on Oct 31) Happy HALLOWEEN!!! A Celine fan, Angele, told me that that Michel Jasmin( a Quebec's TV host) will be going to interview CŽÊine at her mansion in florida, in the near future. The interview will broadcast on TVA. Celine will be doing some more interviews for other countries, for example, for the USA with Michel Drucker. Thank you Angele! =) There's an article on Rene in the Echo Magazine. It talks about the possibility that Rene will be part-owner of the Molson Center in Montreal. "Celine Screen" sits has the article in English, click here to read it. (Updated on Oct 30) On Sony's official site, on Nov 21st, the mini disc of the "Collector's Series" album will come out that day. (Updated on Oct 29) As some of you may already know, a huge Canada's bookstore called Chapters is putting Celine's new autobiography "My Story" on sale! It's 30% off right now! The original price is $35, and now you can get it for only $24.50 thru Chapters. You may click here for more information! (Updated on Oct 28) Today, the "Collector Series" album hits the Top 10 on Japan's Oricon daily ranking chart at #10, the highest position for the album to date. Found a mp3 sound clip from this Garou Site for the song Sous Le Vent, a duet Celine recorded with Garou during her break. The album will came out on Oct 24 in France. Here's the mp3 clip: Sous le vent Thank you Estevam for the pic! =) (Updated on Oct 27) Sony Japan has some info about Celine's recent life. Right now, she's staying in her mansion in Florida. She came back from a trip to Montreal and Miami sometime ago. Recently, she went to Montreal by her private jet to (guess what?) shop, and she bought some cologne. She also looked at some interior stuff. Right now the ATW sales figure hits 2 million mark in Japan. Last year, ATW was also called "The very best", and this year, "The collector's series vol 1" is also called "Special best" in Japan. It was released on Oct 25th, and debuted on Japan's Oricon's daily chart at #18, and so far, the highest position is #11. Today, it moves back down to #13. Sony Japan has renewed their Japanese Celine Site to celebrate the release of the "Collector's Series album". Click here to go to the page According to the "Queen Celine Site", Sony is planning to release the VHS and DVD of the ATW Video Compilation next month in Australia on Nov 8th, and in the US on Nov 21st. It will contain 11 music videos, and 6 live performances. For more detail, go the Queen Celine News Section (Updated on Oct 26) If you go to Celine Live! you'll find a small cover pic of the "Tout En Amour" album. It's basically the same cover pic for the Collector's album, but with different title, and without the Collector logo. (Updated on Oct 25) The Site owner of "Celine Live!" has put on a voting booth for "Celine Dion-Best Website of the year." You can go there to vote for your favourite Celine site. If your favourite site is not listed there, you can add it in at the bottom. Today on VH1's program "The List", they're voting on who has the best voice, and Celine is on the list. Go to here to vote! So far, Celine is leading, but I don't know by how much. Today, while I was studying infront of the TV, I caught the TV commercial for the Collector's Series album. In the commercial, on the borders of the left and right side of the screen, it showed various clips of Celine's performances and videos. There were some new video clips which I've never seen before. I guess those maybe the clips taken from the "If walls could talk" video. I remember some Celine fans, who were so lucky that Sony selected them to go to a videos premiere party last year, said that it's definitely one of the most beautiful Celine videos ever made. Let's hope the video will come out soon! =) The 7 tracks which will be featured on that Apple "Quick Time" videos collection are: Where Does My Heart Beat Now/ Falling into you/ Pour Que Tu M'Aimes Encore/ Ziggy/ All By Myself(Spanish)/ Only One Road/ That's The Way It Is/ The Power Of The Dream. (Updated on Oct 24) Received this from TeamCeline today: ------------------------------------ When you joined TeamCeline, we told you we'd bring you news and special features first. Recently, we brought you the video for "All By Myself" for the first time online at Then it was the online premiere of "Power Of The Dream" at And now, there's yet another exciting online first! Starting tomorrow, will be presenting the Celine Online TV channel. This Exclusive will bring you Quick Time Celine videos like "Ziggy," "Only One Road," "That's The Way It Is," and more from 'Celine Dion... The Collector's Series Volume One.' That's not all! We have one more special gift for a lucky TeamCeline member. If you didn't win the last autographed photo. you still have a chance to grab one in our latest contest. Just send your full name and mailing address to Please see for full contest details. If you haven't been to Celine Conversations recently, head over not and take a look. It's a brand new message board with a ton of great new features to make your community experience even better. Register now and you can find out how you can get a Celine Dion prize pack featuring a 'Celine Dion... The Collector's Series Volume One' poster and more. 'til next time, --------------------------------------- (Updated on Oct 23) Recently, someone on the newsgroup has announced that Sony is going to release "Then you look at me" in mid-December in the US, while the rest of the countries will be having "If walls could talk". The video of the song will also come out at that time, and Sony is planning to make the video on MTV's "The making of the video" program. I have no prove to tell you whether this person is lying or he really has a connection with Sony, but personally, I doubt this news, especially after seeing the "Then you look at me" cover pic he asked "his nephew" to put up on his "Celine site". If you're interested, you can go to this page to see the cover pic. To me, I even doubt whether this site is really made by his nephew. There are just too many things that make me not to believe this person. I apologize in advance to this person if my doubts are wrong, but I just don't want to see some Celine fans believing a fake news, and then be disappointed later on, that's why I'm writing this up. So now, it depends on you whether to believe him or not. If you choose to believe, remember don't take it so seriously until we really hear something official from Sony. On Estevam's Celine site, you can see another cover pic of the Celine's autobiography. I'm not sure what version is that, and whether that's really an official release. I only think that the black one which we've been seeing is much better. (Updated on Oct 21) According to Sony Japan, Japanese version of the Collectors Vol 1 album has 17 tracks. The extra bonus track is "When I fall in love". The album will come out on Oct 25th in Japan. (Updated on Oct 19) Today on AOL, Celine was on the welcome screen. It had a picture of her with longer hair, and there was a link to the People article. Thank you Ashley! =) (Updated on Oct 18) Celine is on the cover of today's National Post. It talks about the new biography. The article is pretty similar to the one in People, but shorter. Click here to read it. "The power of the dream" is the next video to be premiere online. This time, Celineonline is doing it with You can now go to this page to watch the video. It's the performance of that song from "Live in Memphis". (Updated on Oct 16) Celine's on the cover of the Hello Magazine! Thank you Estevam for sending me the pic! =) A correction for an old news. If you remember, in around April or May, when the World Music Awards was held,I said it looked like Celine didn't win any award. Actually, Celine won the award for "Best Selling Canadian Artist". Thank you Ty~Tho for this info! =) (Updated on Oct 13) Right now, you can go to to watch the Spanish version of the All By Myself Video. It's a mixture of the two English versions of the ABM video, and some recording session footages. Incase you don't know, there were 2 ABM videos. One was basically a live version, with Celine singing in her Falling Into You concert. The other was more professionally done, with some Live A Paris footages, plus some new footages of Celine singing/posing in a studio. This spanish video is a mixture of those two, plus some recording footages. You can also click here to go to the page where you can watch the video! Celine's on the cover of the People Magazine. You can find them in stores right now. Go to to read the article now! (Updated on Oct 12) Celine will be on the cover of the next issue's People magazine! Click here to read about the issue! Thank you Clare! Starting tomorrow (Oct 13th), will have the online video premiere of "All By Myself"(Spanish version). This exclusive footage will only be available for one week! Right now there are two teamCeline contests running, giving away an autographed Celine pic, Celine album...etc. Go to for more infomation. (Updated on Oct 11) The English version of the Celineonline has finally mentioned about the Collector Series album. You can find a large pic of the album cover there. It looks like that Celineonline will have some up-coming events to promote this album. (Updated on Oct 9) According to Andre, someone on the newsgroup, the new song Celine recorded with Garou a few weeks ago is called "Sous Le Vent" (under the wind). The album "Seul" (alone) will be released on November 7 in Canada and France. On the News section (Actualite) of the S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site, you can find a real-video file of the 10 seconds ET footages. The file is 40 seconds long, but only 10 seconds of the file is the footage, the other parts are a French host talking about the footage. (Updated on Oct 8) These are the two pics from the ET footage. Thank you Penny for sending these pics! =) This is Penny's site: Real Celine... Real Emotion! (Updated on Oct 6) Celine was on ET yesterday night. They showed a footage of Celine and Rene at Anne-Marie's wedding, from a similar angle as the pic from the Star Magazine, but of course much more clear. Celine put her hand on her belly, and move around it often(as what most of the pregnant women do.) At one shot, Celine patted her chest, looked kinda like that she feels like throwing up, or burp, which is common for pregnant mother. The whole clip was just around 10 seconds long. (Updated on Oct 5) On Celineonline's "European news" section, there are something new. First of all, as mentioned before, a video box set for ACDS and ATW will be available before the end of the year. Second, base on what it says, the "Tout En Amour" album isn't the French compilation we thought it would be. It's in limited numbers, it contains 12 postcards which you can cut out and sent out to your friends. It also has a new photograph of Celine, and some lyrics from Celine's songs on the back. It has 16 tracks, including the duet with Barbra Streisand, and Andrea Bocelli. The release date is Oct 31. Finally, the ATW DVD and VHS will also come out on Oct 31. The video will include videos of Celine's hits, and some great international performances by Celine in the last 10 years. Thank you Philip for the news! =) Reminder: Catch Celine on ET tongith. (Updated on Oct 4) A Celine fan on the newsgroup said that he/she was watching "Entertainment Tonight", and it was about talking what will be in tomorrow's program. The pregnant Celine pic from the Star Magazine pop up on the screen, and saying "The first footage of Celine Dion's pregnancy". So, stay tune to the program tomorrow! (Updated on Oct 1) On the French version of Celineonline, it says that before the end of the year, video box of Au Coeur Du Stade and All The Way will be available!! There are rumors saying that the title for the French Compilation will be "Tour En Amour"(All In Love). (Updated on Sep 29) This is probably the cover of the Collector Series Volume 1, which will come out in October. Thank you Suus, and Ralf for sending me this pic! =) (Updated on Sep 27) You go, girl! Celine has once again received nominations from ADISQ (Quebec's Grammy). This time, she has three nominations, one for "Female singer of the year", and one for "Best concert of the year" for her farewell concert, "The last of Celine" and another one for "Most Successful Artist outside Quebec". Good luck, Celine! Thank you Mathieu for the info! =) (Updated on Sep 26) A fan called Mathieu posted two pretty interesting articles taken from National Post(Canada's Newspaper) on the newsgroup. The title of the first one is called China's special requesst: Send us Celine Dion, dated Sep 26th, 2000(today). The second one is an older article, dated Aug 3rd, 2000. The title is "Celine: The more schmaltz, the better" I find this one pretty funny! =) (Updated on Sep 25) Here's a pic from the Star Magazine(tabloid). You can clearly see Celine's belly!! =) If you wanna read the article, you may go to S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site. There's also one more pic there. Just click on the link above, and then click on "Actualite", which means "News" in French. (Updated on Sep 23) Here's a larger version pic of the "My story"'s cover. You can click on it for a larger view. According to a Celine fan from the newsgroup, there's an article on Celine on the "Star Magazine"(US tabloid). It talks about Celine letting Rene to go to Las Vegas and gamble, because she knows that it'll be very busy for Rene when the baby is born. So she wants to let Rene to have some fun now. Remember, "Star Magazine" is a tabloid. (Updated on Sept 21) Celine didn't win the "MuchMoreMusic Award" at the MuchMusic Video Awards. The award went to Shania Twain's "Man! I feel like a woman." A Celine fan, Ashley, sent me an email telling me that a friend saw a pic of Celine and Rene kissing in the time magazine, and it says "For Dion, family comes first!" Thank you Ashley! =) Yesterday night, when I was watching the Olympic with my sister, she asked me what was that "feel the flame forever burn..." song for? I told her that was the anthem for the 1996 Olympic's opening ceremony. Just right after I told her this, the TV started playing "The power of the dream", with some memorable footages of this year's Olympic. What a timing! This news came out last week, quebec newspaper, and radio stations reported that Celine recorded a duet with Garou(who signed to Rene earlier this year)last week, for his upcoming album. This song will be the only song for Celine to record during her pregnancy. Thank you Angele for giving me info on this! =) A follow up about the online poll by the Singapore Magazine. The poll actually ended yesterday, and they have a new online poll today. So if you visit the page today, you won't be able to find that poll anymore. (Updated on Sept 20) This is the cover pic of the Gala magazine, which Celine and Rene were on the cover. Thank you Kirstin once again, for sending me this pic! =) One of the most widely-circulated Singaporean entertainment magazine, 8-Days Magazine, is running an online poll for "The greatest diva of all time." The diva included in this poll are Celine, Madonna, Mariah, Barbra, Whitney, and Aretha. If you wanna help Celine to win this poll, you may click here to vote! Right now, Celine ranks 4th, with 1.7% of the votes. Madonna is leading with 42.9%, while Mariah is 2nd with 38.6%. Btw, this poll isn't scientific. You can click on the "enter" botton as many times as you want. Thank you Laurence for telling me about this online poll. (Updated on Sept 18) This is the cover pic of the book called "Celine Dion: My Story", which will come out in Oct in the US this year. Isn't the pic beautiful and classy! You can place an advance order for the book right now at Barns& Thank you Suus and Kayla for sending me this pic! => (Updated on Sept 17) MSNBC will re-air "Headliners and Legends" on Sept 20 (Wednesday) at 11:00pm. Base on the comments from other fans, this is a pretty good program to watch. If you missed it when it first aired, then don't miss the repeat! Celine is one of the artists who support fighting racism. Right now, the charity is putting 2 Celine's autographed photo on Ebay for bid. All the proceed will go to help ends racism. If you wanna know more or take a look at those autographed photo, you can go to CelineOnline, and then go to the "News" section. (Updated on Sept 13th) As you can see on the pic on the left above, Celine is on the cover of "FRANCE DIMANCHE". It talks about the risks Celine's baby faces with the run of disease in her family. The pic on the right hand side is a pic of Celine's 2001 Calendar. You can find this product on Ebay now for $14.99 Thank you Kirstin for sending me these pics, and these info! A Celine fan called Liz, who works at Sam Goody found out these info and sent them to me! Liz found out that a new Celine biography called "Celine Dion: My Story" is set to release on Oct 31st, 2000 in the US. Also, a cd called "Celine Dion/Collector's Series Volume I", will also come out October 31 as well. Thank you Liz! (Updated on Sept 8th) Celine's having a boy?! There are rumors saying that Celine's having a boy. A journalist called Renée-Claude Brazeau, claims that Celine took a examination with "echograph"(I guess it's something similar to memogram), and found out that she's having a baby boy. The journalist also claims that Celine and Rene will issue an official statement about this news soon. (Updated on Sept 5th) There are rumors that the ATW video will come out in France on Oct 24th. It's not the first time we hear something like this, let's hope it's true this time! (Updated on Sept 3rd) Here's another pic I got from Tatiana(Thank you!). As you can see at the bottom of the pic, and base on the French I've learnt basically from Celine's french songs, I believe this pic was scanned by someone called Laulie, for the S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site. If Laulie, or the site-owner of S'il Suffisait D'aimer would not want me to post this pic here, please feel free to tell me! =) Here's a pic of Celine taken from Anne Marie's wedding, which can be found in this issue of People Magazine. Thank you Tatiana, Jimmy (the site owner of, and Kirstin for sending this new Celine pic! =)
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