(Updated on Jan 16 2002)
 Happy Birthday to Rene!!!!! =)  

 You can find more scans from the Gala Magazine on Celine, Star Planetaire Site.
 MuchMoreMusic is going to re-air Celine's Behind the music on Jan 19th
 at 7:00pm (ET), 4:00pm (PT) and on Jan 20th at 3pm (ET), 12pm (PT) again.

 On Austria's Sony Music site, their release schedule states the following 
 25.02.2002 - A New Day Has Come / COL 672393-2
 11.03.2002 - A New Day Has Come / COL 506226-2
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) for the info! =)

 Celine's on the cover of the current issue of the Gala magazine.

 Yesterday I said that you don't need to be VIP to see those behind-the-
 scene pics, actually I was wrong.  I haven't paid $25, but somehow I
 was able to log-on to that page, and saw those pics, and the calendar
 and the "exclusive" wall-paper.  But today when I tried to log-in again,
 they didn't let me in.  So, I guess you have to pay $25 or more to go
 to that page.  hmm...I don't really like that...

 Found the following news on S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site, on the Match TV, 
 a channel carried by CanalSatellite, the host Linda Lacoste announced
 that Celine will be performing at the Grammy Awards, which will be held
 on Feb 27 at the Staples Center in L.A.  Let's hope that's true.  Grammy's
 official site has only announced today that Jon Stewart will be back
 to host the show again this year.

 By the way, the issue of Billboard Magazine that contains the Celine
 interview should be coming out today.  

(Updated on Jan 15 2002)
 This week on Switzerland's chart, weird but great thing is happening too.
 Sous Le Vent shoots back up from #14 to #3.  It is the highest charted
 single for Garou on Swizz chart, and also for Celine since MHWGO. Her
 last top 5 hit was 1999 when That's the way it is came out.  TTWII
 peaked at #5, while MHWGO spent 15 weeks on top of the chart between
 Feb and May in 1998.
 In France, the single drops down to #8 from #4 this week.  In Netherlands,
 it remains at the 80s level at #82. In Belgium, it's at #2 on both Top 40
 single chart, and Top 20 French single chart.
(Updated on Jan 14 2002)
 If you go to the official site, you'll know that they've put up some
 behind the scenes pictures for the dance audition that took place last
 summer in Montreal.  And I've just found out that you don't need to be
 the VIP in order to get access to that page.  As long as you're a teamceline
 member, you can get in!

 You can find some funny Celine games on this page!
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) =)

 In the 7 Jours magazine, Annie Horth (Celine's stylist) says that the
 shooting of the video for "A New Day Has Come" will be taking place
 in a couple of week in Florida.  She also says that Celine will not have
 a major change in her image, and her hair length should probably be 
 the same length as when she was doing the Millennium concert.  Annie
 has also went to the photograph studio with few other specialists to
 pick photos to use for the new album and the marketing campaign.
 The article in the magazine has also suggested that Celine may appear
 on Garou's concert at Molson Center on May 25th to perform Sous Le Vent
 Found these above info from the A New Day Has Come site.

 Found the following info from the International Forum (link on the left
 side or below).  On, it says that Celine's new single
 "A new day has come" will hit radios on Feb 5th. 
(Updated on Jan 12 2002)
 Found this following news on the Sweet Celine Website.
 On, today it has an article regarding the lawsuite
 Celine and Rene filed last year against France Dimanche, and Ici Paris.
 The article says on Jan 8th, the couple has won the lawsuite, and the
 magazines have to pay 11,000 Euros to each member of the couple for the
 damages that have done to their private life and their images. These 
 tabloids published a story saying that the couple found out the baby
 that Celine is carrying, (Celine was then around 4 months pregnant) 
 has a "atrocious disease", and Rene was shocked to tears.  
 To read the article in French, click here!

(Updated on Jan 11 2002)
 According to Japan's HMV, a MAXI single will come out on Feb 20th in
 Japan.  The title is not yet announced.  You can pre-order it at this page!

 Here's a larger size of the Derniere Heure Magazine cover. 
 Thanks Lorena (Sweet Celine Website)for the pic! =)

 Here's a pic of how The Colosseum will look like after the construction.
 You can find the pic at this page!
 Thanks Lorena (Sweet Celine Website) and Estevam (Celine Fall! for the info
 and pic!

 You can also find Celine and both Rene on the current issue of the 7 Jours
 Magazine.  The article is about babies.
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall! again! =)
(Updated on Jan 10 2002)
 Something weird happens on Canada's single chart this week.  Elton John's
 "Candle in the wind" suddenly re-enters the chart at #1, and Celine's
 TTWII re-enters at #86, while Sous Le Vent drops to #100 from #27.

 According to Cyberpresse, Tele-Quebec is going to answer the
 question "who are the people that marked Quebec in the 20th century?"
 with a 25 episodes program, starting this fall.  It is known already
 that the cardinal Paul-Emile Leger, the Andr?brother, Céline Dion
 and Maurice Richard will be listed.  It will be a production of the 
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) for the link! =)

(Updated on Jan 9 2002)
 Celine and Rene-Charles among other new mothers/babies of 2001 are 
 featured in the current issue of Hello Magazine.  
 You can to see!
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) for the pic! =)

(Updated on Jan 8 2002)
 It's probably too late, but I just found out that MTV Canada will be
 airing Celine's "Diary" tonight.  They've just finished airing at 7:30-
 8:00pm, but they'll be airing the show again later tonight at 11:30pm
 to 12:00am (PT).  Please check your local listing.

(Updated on Jan 7 2002)
 Despite the fact that Sony said offical press release will come out
 today about the new album, nothing yet has posted.  I'm not feeling well
 right now, maybe a flue, so I can't promise whether I'll keep on checking
 later tonight.  I'll come back and post up whatever news come out once
 they're out, and I'm capable. See ya!
 Here's a clearer pic of Celine's house decoration.
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) for the pic! =)

(Updated on Jan 6 2002)
 According to Queen Celine, Radio-Energie asked their listeners to vote
 for Best songs of 2001, and Sous Le Vent received the most votes. So it
 took the honor of "French song of the year"!

 This is the cover of the current issue of Derniere Heure.  The huge
 mansion you see on the cover is the house that Celine's parents, Th¨¦r¨¨se
 and Adh¨¦mar have bought. 
 Thanks Lorena (Sweet Celine Website), and Marc (Sa vie, Mon reve...)
 for the pic and info! =)

 On Friday, January 11, 2002, E! Entertainment Television will have a
 show called "Women of Vegas." Celine will be featured in that show,
 along with boxer Laila Ali, comedian Rita Rudner, & "Coyote Ugly" bar
 owner Jennifer Worthington and others. They will also talk about Cirque
 du Soleil and what will be in store for Celine when she performs in the
 custom-made theater on the Vegas strip.  
 It will be showned at 10:00pm -11:00pm Eastern Time (US).
 Please check your local listing!
 Thanks Sophoan CELINEbeat for the info! =)

 On the Passion Site, the webmaster has put up some info that he gathered
 through his various contacts about the new album.  He says there are few
 songs that he's pretty sure it'll be on the album, and they are A New
 Day Has Come, At Last, Nature Boy, Surrender and I'm Alive.  Nature Boy
 was written by Ahbez Eden, and it has been recorded by various singers
 including Nat King Cole, Natalie Cole, Frank Sinatra and others.  You can
 hear a sound clip of Natalie's version by Celine, Star Planetaire Site has put up a 36 secs real-video footage of the 
 shooting for the Sous Le Vent video.  Click on the above link to the 
 page, and go to the "Actualite" section.  You'll find it there!
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) for the info! =)

 Found this "Top 20 bestselling albums worldwide of all time" from Dotmusic's
 forum. (numbers in brackets mean numbers of million copies it sold)
 1 Thriller, Michael Jackson (47)
 2 Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975, The Eagles (40)
 3 The Bodyguard, Film Soundtrack (36)
 4 Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Beatles (32)
 5 Come On Over, Shania Twain (32)
 6 The Dark Side Of The Moon, Pink Floyd (30)
 7 Led Zeppelin IV, Led Zeppelin (30)
 8 Saturday Night Fever, Film Soundtrack (30)
 9 Dirty Dancing, Film Soundtrack (30)
 10 Jagged Little Pill, Alanis Morissette (30)
 11 Falling Into You, Celine Dion (30)
 12 Let's Talk About Love, Celine Dion (30)
 13 Millennium, Backstreet Boys (30)
 14 Bat Out Of Hell, Meat Loaf (29)
 15 Abbey Road, The Beatles (28)
 16 Titanic, Film Soundtrack (28)
 17 ...Baby One More Time, Britney Spears (28)
 18 Rumours, Fleetwood Mac (27)
 19 Music Box, Mariah Carey (26)
 20 Bad, Michael Jackson (25) 
 Please note that this chart wasn't compiled by any organization in the
 music industry.  This chart was compiled by someone who collected all
 the information from various sources on the internet.

 While I was looking at other topics in the forum, Celine has been mentioned
 quite a few times.  It's always interesting to read posts on forums
 that were posted by people who are not Celine fans and read what they
 have to say about Celine.  Some people posted up topics such as "2002
 comebacks" and "2002 predictions", and ask people to say what they predict.
 As I said Celine has been mentioned quite a lot, and I'm surprise/happy
 to see that many people think Celine will make a big comeback. 
 What many of them said are something like for sure she'll have a #1
 album, and few top 10 singles.  Although she may not get as huge as where
 she was, she will still be big.  A reason is because there isn't any
 singer that sings the same type of song she delivers, and as well. So
 far, I only read about 2 posts that have doubt on whether she will be
 able to have a big comeback.  It's also interesting to see quite a few
 have predicted that the first single of Celine will probably be top 5 at least,
 and then the singles that come after will not be big.  I guess the reason
 why they have this idea is probably because that's what had happened in
 UK for the past few albums.  
 Geez...I really wonder what type of songs will Celine have in her new
 album.  I also wonder what kind of image will Celine have.  Will it be
 a more mature/motherly image, or a young refreshing image?  I personally
 prefer the latter one, or maybe a young refreshing mother image.  Anyway,
 hope we'll have all these info by Monday.  Someone said on the "International
 forum" that there MAY be a press conference on Sunday or Monday.

(Updated on Jan 4 2002)
 SoundScan has released its latest version of the Top 10 Best-selling
 album in the Soundscan era.  In the latest edition, Shania Twain has
 replaced Alanis Morissette's "Jagged Little Pill" (13.8 million) with
 her "Come on Over" (14 million).  Celine's "Falling into You" is at
 #9 (10.4 million).  
 Here's the list:
  1) Come on Over~Shania Twain (14 million)
  2) Japped Little Pill~Alanis Morissette (13.8 million)
  3) Metallica~Metallica (12.9 million)
  4) Millennium~ Backstreet Boys (11.9 million)
  5) The Bodyguard Soundtrack (11.6 million)
  6) Supernatural~Santana (10.9 million)
  7) No Strings Attached~N Sync (10.8 million)
  8) Human Clay~Creed's (10.49 million)
  9) Falling Into You~Celine Dion (10.4 million)
 10) ...Baby One More Time~Britney Spears (10.2 million)
 The number figures in the brackets mean the number of copies the album
 has been sold in the U.S. alone.  Please note that this list is the top
 10 best-selling album in the Soundscan era, which started in 1991.  Therefore,
 album that were released before this time aren't included. 
 For more info, click here!

(Updated on Jan 3 2002)
 Celine is once again on the cover of "France Dimanche".
 Thanks Lorena (Sweet Celine Website) for the pic! =)

 On Hong Kong's Sun Newspaper (Jan 4th issue), it has an article refering
 to another article published by the "Star" tabloid.  The article in the
 newspaper says according to "Star", although Celine is very very rich,
 her husband loves gambling a lot, and over the year, he has lost over 
 $70 million.  The article has more in-depth details such as how many
 hours Rene has spent on the black Jack table in 1997...etc.  But I think
 there's no need to go to all these details.  It also says the real reason
 Celine's coming back to the music scene is because she needs to earn
 money for Rene to gamble.  Oh well, we all know what tabloids are...
 But it is even more disappointing for a non-tabloid newspaper to carry
 a story published by a tabloid.  This can really mislead readers into
 thinking these stories may be real.
 For those who really want to read the article in Chinese that is in
 the Sun Newspaper, here's the link!

(Updated on Jan 02 2002)
 It's time to vote again for Celine on Hello Magazine Site for "Most
 elegant woman for the year 2001"!  Click here to vote!
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) for the info! =)
 Celine's new album will be titled "A new day has come", and it will
 come out on March 11th.  A week before the release, there will be a
 musical TV special.  And the first single will come out in late January.
 It will be a ballad written by Aldo Nova and Stephan Moccio and produced
 by Afanasieff.  For more info, go to this Billboard's page!
 Thanks Marc ( and "The5thcorr" (sorry, I don't know your
 name) for the info! =)

(Updated on Jan 01 2002)
 Happy New Year everyone!!!
 TF1 will be airing Celine's Au Coeur Du Stade concert on Jan 2nd, at
 23h50.  Stay tune.  For more info, click here!
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) for the info! =)

 It also looks like TF1 is running a poll for favourite 80s songs, and
 Celine's "Ne Partez pas sans moi" is one of the choices.  You can see
 it on the right lower column of this page!
 You can also watch a live performance of that song too.  Just simply
 click on the song title.

 Hello Magazine did some end of year polls for various categories, such as
 "Most romantic wedding", "most attractive new couple" and in the "cutest
 baby" contest, Rene-Charles came in at the third place only 2 points behind
 the son of Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi.
 Cindy Crawford's daughter Kaia Jordan was #1 with 37% of the votes, while
 Jaden Gil, the son of Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi£r got 26% of the votes.
(Updated on Dec 31 2001)
 It's this time of the year again!  Two years ago of today, we saw Celine 
 stepping back from the music scene.  On one hand, we were happy that she
 was finally taking her much-needed break, and starting a new life.  On 
 the other hand, we were worried of how long will we have to wait to see
 Celine again, and to hear new songs from her.  Two years after, Celine
 has finally realized her dream of becoming a mom, and we are now anxiously
 waiting for a brand new Celine album coming out this March.  In 2001,
 no touring, no hands-full of awards, no string of big records, but it 
 surely must be a memorable year for Celine.  Let's see some of the highlights.
 Jan  3: Received Grammy nomination for "Pop Collaboration with Vocals"
         for the duet "All The Way".
 Jan  9: Won the award for "Favourite Adult Contemporary Artist" at the
         American Music Award.
 Jan 21: Her exclusive interview with Michel Drucker aired in France,
         drew 4.8 million of viewers.
 Jan 25: Celine gave birth to Rene-Charles at 1:00am in Florida.
 Feb 20: The long awaited ATW video finally released in North America. 
 Feb 25: Hello Magazine published exclusive Rene-Charles photos which
         were taken in Celine's Florida's mansion.
 May 18: Official press release on Celine's return in Las Vegas came out.
 Jul 25: Rene Charles baptism took place in Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal,
         the event attracted hundreds of reporters, fans, pedestrians
         gathering outside the church.  This new and new pics were again
         spreaded around the world by storm.
 Aug 22: News came out that Celine and Rene are sueing Allo-Vedette and
         a columnist, Michel Girouard, for publishing a false story on
         the couple.  This news was a much-controversial topic in Quebec
        you can see Celine
 singing with Gloria at the 1999 CBS Radio Music Hall special.  Stay tune!
 Thanks Leila (Celiniana Site) for the info! =)

(Updated on Dec 27 2001)
 If you wanna hear the live version of Celine's God Belss America that
 appears on the "Tribute to Heroes" album, you can go to this page,
 then click enter, and then click on "Celine Dion".

(Updated on Dec 26 2001)
 Happy Boxing Day! 

 Many of Celine's songs have been covered by various singers around the
 world, and as far as I know "Just walk away" has been at least covered
 by 2 Hong Kong singers separately (one female and one male).  The latest
 cover of this song has been done by Josh Groban, the one who've also
 covered "The Prayer" with Charlotte Church, and if you remember, he's
 also the one who stepped in for Andrea at the Grammy rehearsal, singing
 with Celine.  The song now is called Alejate, and you can click here to hear
 the song in real-audio format.  You can also read more about him or
 his rehearsal experience with Celine at his official website
 You can also hear the full-length version of "The Prayer" there.

 For fans in France, the 1999 CBS All The Way special will be air in France
 on Dec 30th, on the TF1 channel.
 Please check your local listing.
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) for the info! =)
 A fan from Netherlands called Laura, sent me this drawing of Celine drew
 by her friends Jesse.  Since this is so beautiful, Laura wants to share 
 this picture with as many Celine fans around the world as possible, so
 that more people can enjoy this masterpiece. =)

(Updated on Dec 25 2001)
 Merry Christmas!
 According to the S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site, Michel Drucker said
 on his show that they will have a special in March on Celine for her
 return, and he even said that "she will come to see us", indicating that
 Celine may visit France in March too.

(Updated on Dec 24 2001)
 Celine among other new Hollywood moms and their babies will be featured
 tonight on ET.  Stay tune! 
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) for the info! =)

 It's Christmas Eve today!! It's the best day to listen to "Christmas Eve"
 -Walking with you in the winter snow...- and "I Met An Angel On Christmas
 Day"-24th of December, it was a cold & snowy night...- don't you think?! =)
 Celine, and both Rene will be having a great party tonight with their
 family at their Le Mirage Golf club.  And hope all of you will also 
 have a wonderful Christmas too! =)  Merry Christmas!

(Updated on Dec 23 2001)
 Wanna spend your Christmas with Celine?  You can do so by watching her
 on TV. 
 For UK:
 Carole King: Tapestry Revisited  
 Date: Dec 24 (Monday)  Time: 3:00am  Channel: Performance Channel

 This is Celine Dion
 Date: Dec 26 (Wednesday)  Time: 3:00am  Channel: Carlton & LWT

 For Canada:
 Behind the Music: Celine Dion
 Date: Dec 26 (Wednesday)  Time: 12:00pm and 8:00pm  Channel: MuchMoreMusic

(Updated on Dec 22 2001)
 Charlotte Church has covered "The Prayer" with Josh Groban on her latest
 release "Enchantment".  You can click here to hear a clip!

(Updated on Dec 21 2001)
 On the current issue of 7 Jours, its cover story talks about horoscope
 of 12 different stars in 2002, and Celine is one of them.
 Thanks Leila (Celiniana Site) and Estevam (Celine Fall!) for the info! =)
 According to the official site, the employees and business associates
 of Celine and Rene had a wonderful Christmas party last night given
 by the Angelils! 

(Updated on Dec 20 2001)
 On the current issue of the People Magazine, they've picked out the
 Most intriguing 2001 people, moments, couples, hairdos, outfits...etc.
 The birth of Rene-Charles has made the list of the Most intriguing
 Moments of 2001.  Click here to see!
 We've just found out Celine has just finished her photo shoot with the
 renowned photographer Melvin Sokolsky, and someone on the Destin newsgroup
 sent out a link to Melvin's website.  In his website, you can see some
 of his works. Click here to see!

 The new official site is really keeping us updated with all of Celine's 
 latest info!!  Love it!  The site's newest update tells us that Celine
 has completed a photo shoot for her new album.  The shoot took place
 in Montreal, with a well-renowned photographer Melvin Sokolsky.  For
 more info about the photographer, head to the official site now.
 I wonder after the Christmas holiday, will the official site even post
 up some pics the Dion family took during the party if they don't mind. haha~

 Cristie, the webmaster of Let's Talk About Celine, told me that she bought a
 pair of Celine Dion Eye-glasses in the US.  There were about 10 different
 frames for her to choose, and they were all prices around $250 to $300.
 The store also had some displays which we've seen in pics before, such
 as wooden box or mirror that has Celine's logo on.
 Thanks Cristie for the info! =)
(Updated on Dec 19 2001)
 It's Gala's 2001 Year In Review in pictures.  
 Thanks Lorena (Sweet Celine Website) for the pic! =)

(Updated on Dec 18 2001)
 The official site stated that on Jan 7th (Monday), there will be an 
 official press announcement for more details on Celine's new album.

 On Cyberpress, there's an article on J.J Goldman and he was asked who
 is his favourite singer, and he didn't hesitate to say Celine.  He said
 after working with such a phenomenon, he doesn't really want to work
 with any others, cuz it's difficult.  Then he was asked will you work
 with Celine on another album.  He said of course, but he doesn't believe 
 that he has the "fertility" to write her another complete album.  If
 they ask him for some songs, he however would surely do them with
 pleasures, and he will definitely not write them songs just to fill up
 the album.  He will write songs that are appropriate for her as always.
 Here's the original article in French.
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) for the article! =)
(Updated on Dec 17 2001)
 First of all, the webmaster of Celine Fall! wants me to tell his visitors
 here that his site has unfortunately been down again because the hoster
 is doing some technical maintenances.  

 I have also notice my tripod's server has been down few times a day
 in the past few days.  Hope that they'll be working perfect soon again.
 Anyway, on the official site, it says that in Caesar's Palace, there
 will be a Celine Dion boutique where 100 different merchandise items
 will be available, including some show-related souvenirs as well as
 rare collectibles.

 And finally, happy wedding anniversary to Rene and Celine!!!! =)

(Updated on Dec 14 2001)
 TAST is #9 this week on Billboard's Top Holidays album chart, and #4
 on Top Pop Catelogue.

(Updated on Dec 13 2001)
 Sous Le Vent is #14 this week on Canada's single chart.  Last week, it 
 debuted at #22.

(Updated on Dec 12 2001)
 The "Tribute to Heroes" album debutes at #17 on Billboard Album chart
 this week, with more than 126,000 copies sold during last week.  It is
 also the highest debute of this week.

 The official site says that Celine is planning to do a TV special in
 March of 2002.  It will be the first national television appearance for
 her aside from the Tribute to Heroes appearance. 
 The site also says that in the future, we'll be able to see behind- the-
 -scene look at the creation of the Vegas show, including rehearsals,
 production, and the genius of Franco Dragone, and much more! 

(Updated on Dec 11 2001)
 On Jam! Music 2001 yearend pollings, one of the pollings is about the
 best song to comfort people from the Sept 11 attack, and Celine's "God
 Bless America" is one of the selection.  
 You can click here to vote or see result!

 According to the Queen Celine site, and Sweet Celine Website,
 a Montreal newspaper, Journal De Montreal, stated that the new single
 of Celine will be released to radio stations at the beginning of 2002.

 "Falling into you" has been certified 11 times platinum by RIAA in the
 U.S. It means 11 million copies of the album has been shifted to record
 stores. It is the highest certified album for Celine, followed by LTAL
 (10 x platinum.)  
 For the entire list of certification of RIAA in November, click here.
 Just scroll down to the bottom of that page, and you'll find a pdf file

(Updated on Dec 10 2001)
 Sous Le Vent Chart updates:
 Netherlands: 79   France: 3   Swiss:  12

 I'm really happy that has replaced its previous style
 of lack of updates to constant updates.  It seems that this time they
 really do have people working closing for the site, instead of only
 making updates whenever Sony announces any confirmed news of Celine.
 Hope they can maintain this from now on! =)  Good job, Sony or Feelings,
 whoever is running the site.
 From today's update of the site, we get to know it's Celine's sister 
 and godmother, Claudette's birthday today!  Happy Birthday Claudette! =)

(Updated on Dec 9 2001)
 According to an article from, Celine will cover a song
 of Mike Brant, "Laisse Moi T'aimer" (Let me love you), which was written
 by Jean Renard. Renard, the 68 years old famous French song writer
 announced the news yesterday when he received "Paris le Grand Prix de
 la Sacem 2001 (Sociét?des auteurs compositeurs interprètes)". Since
 1960, he has now sold more than 60 million of albums.  For the original
 article in French, click here!
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) for the article! =)

 Laisse Moi T'aimer is a song from 1970.  You can hear the song when you
 visit Mike Brant official site.  The song will be played at the back.
 Go to now!

(Updated on Dec 8 2001)
 So far, seems have changed its previous "lack of updates"
 style.  Yesterday, it had an "On this day" update, telling in 1998 of
 yesterday, Celine won some Billboard Awards.  Then today, it has an
 update about the construction of the theatre at Caesar's Palace.  Here's
 what it says: "The foundation and steel is being erected onsite at Caesar’s
 Palace for the 4000 seat Coliseum where Céline will be performing in
 March 2003. The spectacular theatrical presentation has been created
 by Franco Dragone."

(Updated on Dec 7 2001)
 Celine is again on the cover of France Dimanche.  Rene also has a small 
 pic on the cover of Echos Vedettes.  It's about Rene becoming a grandfather
 again.  Patrick has just become a father too.  Wow, this year surely 
 is a baby year for the Angelil family.  A total of 3 baby members added
 to the family this year.  Also a baby year for the music industry too,
 besides Celine, Shania Twain, Toni Braxton, and Faith Hill have all gave
 birth this year, and the latter two just gave birth in this week!
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall! Site) and Lorena (Sweet Celine Website) for the pic! =)

 On Billboard this week, "These are special times" is #8 on Top Holiday
 albums chart, and it's on #3 on Pop Catelogue chart.

 On TV5's "Song of the year" polling, the list has now been narrow down
 to 4 songs, and "Sous Le Vent" is in the list.  You can continue to
 vote at this page!
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall! Site) and Lorena (Sweet Celine Website) for the info! =)

(Updated on Dec 5 2001) 
 The new has been launched today!  
 On Jam! Music, the polling question of today is "Celine is making her
 return to the music scene, and releasing an album in March of next year.
 What do you think of this?"  So far, 991 responded to the question,
 and here's the result at the moment. 
 a)Great, I can't wait. (30%)
 b)Celine, please stay away. (44%)
 c)I really don't care either way. (26%)

(Updated on Dec 4 2001)
 There's another article on Jam! Music on Celine's return.  This article
 is even more in-depth with comments from various industry insiders
 commenting whether Celine's disapprearance from the music scene and choice
 of abandoning tour would actually help or hurt Celine's career.
 Click here to read!
 A revision on Dec 1st's news update.  Changes are in "Italics". has an article on Celine's return.  It says Celine's new disc
 will come out on March 5th, 2002.  Sony Canada has confirmed the new
 disc will come out next Spring, and the title is still not yet determined.
 In Canada alone, All The Way has already sold more than 782,000 copies,
 while LTAL has sold 1.4 million.  Here's the original article in French.

 It's a pic inside the 7 Jours Magazine.  It's a pic taken from Garou's
 concert, which Celine has suddenly been asked to sing with Garou during
 the concert. 
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) for the pic! =)
 According to Teamceline, Celine's new website will be launched on Dec
 5th, 5:00pm. EST.

(Updated on Dec 3 2001)
 Chart updates:
 In France, Sous Le Vent drops down 1 spot to #2, exchanging position
 with Kylie Minogue's "Can't get you out of my head".  In Belgium, it's
 #3 on Top 40 singles, and #2 on Top 20 French Singles.  In Swiss, it
 drops down one spot to #11.
 On Billboard Top Pop Catelogue Chart, "These are special times" is at
 The VHS and DVD of All The Way have finally come out in the UK.  They
 should be available in stores now!
 Thanks James, Pandora, and Tom for the info! =)

 Members of the official Celine Dion International Fan Club have been
 receiving letters from the club telling them about the transformation
 of the official Fan Club to Team Celine.  Current members of the club
 will automatically be transfered as member of Team Celine.  More special 
 offeres will be available to members too.  The letter also says that
 the new will be launched in between Dec 5th to Dec 20th.
 To read the entire letter, please go to the On Tour With Celine site.  
 Thanks Cindy (On Tour With Celine)for the info! =)

(Updated on Dec 1 2001)
 Celine will be having a big Christmas party this year.  She and Rene
 will be celebrating with 105 people for the midnight super at Mirage
 golf club.  It will be the first time in 4 years all the family members
 get together.  Celine will have a chef to prepare the refreshments.
 You can read the original French article here!
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) for the info! =)
(Updated on Nov 29 2001)
 Let's not forget to vote for Sous Le Vent for TV5's Song Of The Year.
 Click here to vote!
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) for the reminder! =)

(Updated on Nov 28 2001)
 One of the rumours on Celine's new album going around on the net is that
 Max Martin has completed a new song for Celine called "Sorry for your
 love".  Today, I finally found out for sure the source of this rumour.
 Indeed this info has been published on Billboard Magazine 11/24/2001,
 Vol. 113 Issue 47. inside the article "Teaming Up & Making Hits" that
 appears on P.54.  This article talks about how Stockholm has been a
 hotbed of pop songwriting and producing in recent years.  One of the
 section in the article talks about Murlyn Music Group (the company that
 has 38 writers and producers, including Max Martin.)  And here's what
 it says at the end of that section:
 "Work has recently been done for Celine Dion's 'Sorry for Your Love', 
 as well as for TLC's next album."
 So from this article, we know that the Murlyn Music Group has completed
 work with Celine on "Sorry for your love", but it didn't say who wrote
 that song.  Aside from Max Martin, the song could also be written by
 Christian Wohlberg or Anders Bagge who are also in the Murlyn Music
 Group.  That's because on June 19th this year,
 had an article saying Christian Wohlberg and Anders Bagge were on call
 to write new songs for Celine Dion, Sheryl Crow, No Doubt, Jay-Z, Ricky
 Martin and Whitney Houston.  So, "Sorry for you love" may be the result.
 Since Billboard Magazine is a reliable source, we can definitely count
 on this info.  

 For Celine or Garou fans in France, turn to France 2 on Dec 2nd for the
 Vivement Dimanche program.  Celine and Garou will be appearing in the
 program, among other guests. 
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) and Leila (Celiniana) for the info! =)

(Updated on Nov 26 2001)
 Chart update:
 In the 47th week of the year, Sous Le Vent remains at #10 in Switzerland.
 In Belgium, the single also remains at #1 on Top 20 French single chart,
 and #2 on Top 40 single chart.  In Netherlands, the single rises from
 #86 to #82.
 On the Quebec radio station, Rock-Detente, the song finally rises
 up to #1 from #3.  On Radio Energie's chart, the song drops down to #2
 from #1. 

(Updated on Nov 25 2001)
 On Sony Music Wireless Media page, you can find two ringtones of Celine's
 songs: Did you give enough love, and Where does my heart beat now.
 They sound weird, but you can listen to them here. Click here!

 A Celine fan from the UK sent me the above article from the newspaper
 "The Sunday Post".  It's a competition currently held by the newspaper,
 and the weird thing is ATW DVD/VHS haven't been released in the UK yet.
 However, the article says that they have just been released.  So, it
 may suggests that SMV may release them in the UK soon.
 Thanks Tom for the pic and info! =)
 A Celine fan, Darren, sent me an email telling me that he has some second hand
 but in good condition LPs that he would want to sell.  The LPs that
 he offers are:
 1. La Voix Du Bon Dieu
 2. Céline Dion Chante Noel
 3. Les Chemins De Ma Maison
 4. Mélanie
 5. En Concert
 6. Tellement J'ai D'amour
 7. Chants Et Contes De Noel
 8. Les Plus Grands Succés De Céline Dion
 9. C'est Pour Toi
 He's willing to sell the entire collection for ?50.
 If you are interested or want more info, you can email him:
 Please note that I'm not related to Darren in anyway.

(Updated on Nov 23 2001)
 Few Celine fans have sent me emails, explained to me how the news of
 the new release date of the new album came out.  The news actually came
 out from the Dutch Celine Dion Fanclub, and a person from the fanclub
 contacted with the product manager of Sony Music Netherland/Holland,
 and the manager said that the release date of Celine's new album will
 push back to April 2002.
 Thanks Cindy (On Tour With Celine), Kurt (Celine Dion Informatie Punt
 BelgiENederland), and Dennis for the info! =)
 Sony Music Holland has confirmed thet the All the Way DVD will be
 released on december 10th 2001.  Click here for more info!
 Thanks Dennis again for the info! =)

(Updated on Nov 22 2001)
 In the past few days, there are many rumours going around, such as songs
 that may appear on the new album, the title of the new album,  release
 date of the new album, date of the premiere of Celine's new official
 site, another collector series album...etc.  However, none of these
 rumours have a reliable source.  Indeed, no source were even given.
 Only one rumour claimed that the source is from Netherlands's Sony
 Music Site.  However, when I went to that site, I couldn't find those
 rumours mentioned anywhere.  I am not shutting down all the possibilities
 of any of these rumours being true, but I rather not post any of these
 rumour here for now since they are not from any reliable source.
 Cuz with the past experience, I know if I post them here even when I
 emphasize that it's just a rumour, some people will still spread out
 the rumour as a fact.  Then some people will ended up being disappointed
 when none of these are true.  

 So now, let's get back to some Celine news that are 100% true.
 Celine has a small pic on the cover of 7 Jours Magazine again.
 Thanks Marc for the pic! =)

 As mentioned before the Tribute to Heroes CD, DVD and VHS will come out
 on Dec 4th.  You can now order them on
 Thanks Lorena (Sweet Celine Website) and Estevam (Celine Fall!) for the info! =)

(Updated on Nov 21 2001)
 The Au Coeur Du Stade DVD is finally coming out today in Canada.

 On France Single chart, Sous Le Vent remains at #1 for the third week!

(Updated on Nov 20 2001)
 According to the Queen Celine Site, the compilation that I mentioned yesterday
 will be available in all Canadian Tires Stores in Canada, and $2 from
 each album sold will be donated to 2 non-profit organization helping
 family in poverty.  So far, 10 000 copies has been manufactured.
 Also, Celine will be spending her Christmas in Montreal with her family
 this year, and a reunion will take place at the Mirage golf course
 which is owned by Celine and Rene.  
 Mirage golf course seems to have become the partying place for the Dion
 family cuz I think this is not the first time they've party there. 

 A correction for Sous Le Vent Belgium's chart position.  On Belgium's
 Top 20 French single chart, the song rises to #1 from #4.
 On the Top 40 chart for Southern region of Belgium (where people speak
 French), the song rises from #12 to #2.
 Thanks Andre (Queen Celine Site) for the info and pointing out the mistake to me! =)

(Updated on Nov 19 2001)
 A bit of a chart update, on Rock-Detente's chart, Sous Le Vent remains
 at #3 this week, while on Radio Energie's chart, the song drops to #2 
 from #1 this week.  As mentioned few days ago, Sous Le Vent has rises
 to #10 from #16.  This song then becomes Celine's 8th Swiss top 10 hit,
 and this ranks Celine in #15 with the most top 10 hits on Swiss chart, 
 tieing with Eros Ramazzotti, U2 and Whitney Houston.

 The "Fondation Achille-Tanguay" (the foundation organized by Maman Dion,
 and named after her father) is going to release a compilation album
 with songs performed by the Dion Family, Marie Michèle Desrosiers,
 Johanne Blouin, Andr?Gagnon, Renée Martel, Patrick Normand, les Choeurs
 de l'Armée Rouge, Pierre Lalonde, Les Classels, Les B.B., Mitsou, La
 Bolduc and le Boum Ding Band.  For more info in French, please click here! 
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) for the info! =)

(Updated on Nov 17 2001)
 If you missed ET's premier of the making of "What more can I give", you
 can now watch it on the S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site!
 Thanks Sebastien (S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site), and Estevam (Celine Fall!)
 for the info!
(Updated on Nov 16 2001)
 On Belgium French single chart, Sous Le Vent rises from #4 to #2 this week.
 On Swiss Single chart, Sous Le Vent jumps to #10 from #16! 

 ET will have the world premier of "What More Can I Give" video tonight.
 Don't miss it!

 Celine has made another surprise performance last night.  Celine and
 Rene attended Garou's concert at St-Denis Theatre last night, and when
 the couple walked into their seats, the crowd in the audience already
 gave them a standing ovation.  During the concert, Garou asked Celine
 if she could come on stage and sing "Sous Le Vent" with him.  The crowd
 cheered, and people who were accompanying Celine encouraged Celine to 
 go up the stage, and Celine finally did, and performed "Sous Le Vent"
 with Garou again.
 For the original French article, Click here to read!

(Updated on Nov 15 2001)
 If you've watched ET tonight, you must've been moved by Celine's appearance.
 A tearful Celine said this in a choking voice "When something like this 
 happens...I'm sorry (putting her hand on the chest) think of
 your children........and you come you bring children into
 this it gonna be the end? (wiping a tear)"
 Tomorrow on ET, the video of recording "What More Can I Give" will be

 On Gavin's AC airplay chart this week, GBA drops down to #20 from #17.
 Reports:87  Adds:2  Spins:771 Trend:-71

 On, they've put a video file of Celine's conversation
 with Michael on the phone about the "What More Can I Give" project.
 Click here to see!  I bet a longer clip will be shown tonight on 
 the show.  At the end of the clip, you can hear someone praises Celine. =)
 Thanks James ( for the info1 =) 

 Celine and both Rene are on the cover of Echos Vedettes again.  The title 
 says something like Celine and Rene accompany baby Rene to a hockey
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) and Lorena  (Sweet Celine Website) for the pic! =)
(Updated on Nov 14 2001)
 On TV5's voting of "Song of the Year", Celine and Garou's Sous Le Vent
 will be matching with Lara Fabian's Immortelle on Nov. 16 and 17.
 For more info, click here!

 Amazon also has the new edition of "My Story, My Dream" in their catelogue.
 Click here to see!
 Thanks Tatiana for the info! =)

 It seems like a new addition of "My Story, My Dream" has been released
 with the addition of the birth of Rene-Charles.  
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) for the pic and info! =)

(Updated on Nov 13 2001)
 Sous Le Vent remains at #1 this week on France National Single Chart.

(Updated on Nov 12 2001)
 Here's an article on ET's tonight feature story.  Click here to read!
 Let's hope Celine will be in the footage too. 
 Thanks Tatiana for the info! =)

(Updated on Nov 11 2001)
 Chart Updates:
 Radio Energie Chart: Sous Le Vent is #1
 Rock Detente Chart: Sous Le Vent is #3
 On Belgium French single Chart:  Sous Le Vent debutes at #4
 On Swiss's single Chart: Sous Le Vent debutes at #16.  It's the highest
 charting French song this week.  This single also becomes Celine's 15th
 Swiss hits on the single chart.

 In tomorrow's ET, they'll show a special footage of the recording of
 "What More Can I Give" featuring Michael Jackson and guest stars.  But
 not sure if Celine will be included in the footage.
(Updated on Nov 10 2001)
 Here's a link to an article that makes fun of Celine, titled "Celine
 Dion Records New Album To Celebrate Retirement."  So don't take it
 seriously when you read it. Click here to read!
 Thanks Tom for the link! =)

 Found the following info from Jam! Music chart talk column:
 Canadian artists Celine Dion and Garou collect yet another No. 1 this
 week on the French singles chart, a duet entitled 'Sous Le Vent'. In
 doing so, both artists confirm they are among the most successful
 charting acts ever! Celine Dion is now tied with Elton John in the tally
 of the artists with most No. 1's. They both lead this tally with four
 No. 1's each. Garou is following close behind with three No. 1's. He
 is tied with Michael Jackson, Francois Feldman and Mylene Farmer. In
 addition to this, Celine Dion and Garou both maintain their lead in the
 tally for artists with most weeks at the top: 33 weeks for Celine, 30
 for Garou. 

 With 'Sous Le Vent' on top of the French charts, Canadian acts now break
 the tie they had with Italian acts, in the tally of the nationality with
 the most No. 1's. Canada now ranks fourth (with eight No. 1's), behind
 the UK (14), the US (27) and France (55). 

 Finally, 'Sous Le Vent' is the ninth single to enter straight at No. 1,
 in the history of the French charts. It dislodges Michael Jackson's
 'You Rock My World', which itself started its chart life at No. 1! 

 All of these new records are set the same week as the French singles
 chart is celebrating its 17th birthday: the first French chart was
 published on November 4th, 1984. 

 Celine Dion's No. 1's are "Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore," "Je Sais Pas,"
 "My Heart Will Go On" and "Sous Le Vent." Garou's No. 1's are 'Belle',
 'Seul' and 'Sous Le Vent'. 

(Updated on Nov 9 2001)
 A news media "La Dernière Heure" has an article on Celine's next year
 plan.  She will be heading to Belgium in September, and stay there til
 October for the rehearsal of her Vegas concert.  Then the entire crew
 will move to Las Vegas where the rest of the show will be developed.
 Recently, Franco Dragone has met with the executives of Sony, and they've
 decided to use the new songs that will appear on Celine's upcoming 
 album as a main part of the concert.  (hmm...are they going to make a 
 story out from those songs?)  Right now, they are also working things
 to with two major American network for two television boardcast.  If 
 things gonna work out, the concert will be broadcasted before 40 million
 viewers around the world, before being adapted to DVD/VHS and audio.
 Click here to the original article in French!
 Thanks On Tour With Celine and  Estevam (Celine Fall!)for the info!

 GBA album drops down to #7 this week on Billboard Top 200 Albums chart.
 On Gavin's AC chart, the song also drops down 2 spots to #17 this week.
 Reports: 85  Adds: 1  Spins: 842  Trend: -55 

(Updated on Nov 8 2001)
 Click here to see a scan of a sheet music which you can bid on,
 and the proceeds will benefits the City of Hope.  It's an autographed
 TTWII sheet music.
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) for the info! =)

(Updated on Nov 7 2001)
 The CD, VHS, and DVD of "Tribute to Heroes" is set to come out on Dec
 4th.  To find out the tracklisting, click here!

 Someone sent me a link to a page about the Sept 11th attack last night,
 and you can click here, to take a took.  It takes time to load, but 
 I think it's worth the wait. =)
(Updated on Nov 6 2001)
 Here's a chart update!  "Sous Le Vent" has successfully debuted at #1
 this week on France's Top Single Chart.  On Rock-detente Weekly chart,
 it rises one spot to #5.  On Radio & Record AC chart, GBA drops down one
 spot to #15.

(Updated on Nov 5 2001)
 Found this news on the S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site.
 On the day of Halloween, Radio-Canada's TV program "Information Emission",
 they sent out children with hidden cameras to well-known people in Quebec
 to see if they are generous in giving candies.  People's homes they went
 included the mayor of Montreal, the opposite party team leader, a children
 songs' singer...etc.  If candies were given out, then the word "Generous"
 would pop up on the screen, and if candies were given out, while there
 was light inside the house, the word "not generous" would pop up.  When
 the children went to Celine's mansion on Gagnon Island, 40 pumpkin was
 lit and a security guard gave out candies bags to children.  Each candies
 bag worths around $5.  Then the screen pops up "full débile généreuse".
 When I translate that into English with the translator, it comes up with
 "Full Weak Generous".  I'm not sure what it means, but I guess it means
 very generous.  Interesting aye?!

 Did you know that if you go to or or or, they'll all bring you to Celine's
 official website.  Sony and Celine has the right of 10 different domain
 names, and above are just few of them.  I didn't know this until I read
 a complaint report about Celine and Sony trying to get back
 from a person who bought it and used it to promote his Celebrity 1000
 website.  We all have heard about this story when it happened, but we 
 didn't know that they've even got the rights for all these domain names.
 This report was brought up by a fan on the newsgroup.  Here's a link
 to that report: Click here!

(Updated on Nov 2 2001)
 When you go to, a window will
 pop up, and it's a contest for winning a Sous Le Vent single.  However,
 this contest is only open for people living in France.
 If you want to order the single online, you may visit the following
 Belgium site:  This site is in English, French, and Dutch.  
 It has both the normal single, and maxi single.  For tracklisting, you
 may go to the Queen Celine Site.  It's in the OCT News section.
 Thanks Andre (Queen Celine Site)for the above info! =)

 The webmaster of Celine Fall! wants me to inform the visitors that his
 site is temporarily closed due to technical problems.  And it should
 be open again soon.

 On, there are already quite many people put up the single for
 bidding.  You may go and take a look! 
 Celine is in the 7Jours magazine.

(Updated on Nov 1 2001)
 Celine's on the cover of Echos Vedette magazine.  It talks about Celine's
 suprise appearance at ADISQ.  
 Thanks Lorena (Sweet Celine Website) for the pic! =)

 The GBA album will drop to #4 this week on Billboard 200 Album chart.
 This week on Gavin's Top 40 AC chart, GBA remains at #15.
 Reports: 86  Adds: 8  Spins: 897  Trend: +84

(Updated on Oct 31 2001)
 Happy Halloween!
 According to the article here, Celine has just been
 inducted to the Music Star Category of Canadian Broadcast Hall Of Fame
 Tuesday evening.  However, base on what I found from Canadian Association
 of Broadcaster Site, it seems that Celine has already been inducted
 before.  If you read this article here, you'll know what I mean.

 Although GBA album debuted at #1 in the US last week, the album will 
 only debute at #22 this week on Canada's album chart. 

 According to the S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site, Rene and Celine had planned
 her appearance at ADISQ back in August.  The organizer really did a
 good job in keeping this secret.

(Updated on Oct 30 2001)
 According to an article from Yahoo, "'What More Can I Give' will be
 available at participating McDonald's fast-food restaurants in both
 English and Spanish formats for $2.99."
 Click here for the original article!

 Michel Drucker has received the "Order of Quebec"in recognizing his
 contribution to the Quebec culture.  The ceremoney took place at the
 residence of the general delegate from Quebec in Paris.  Celine has
 also recorded a special video message to Michel for the occasion.
(Updated on Oct 29 2001)
 These pics are provided by
 Thanks Karla (Falling into Celine) for the link! =)

 You can now find a video and mp3 file of the ADISQ performance on now!  
 Thanks Marc! =)
 To me, this performance is really the "real return" of Celine, unlike
 the previous 2 performances where she came out and sang for a cause.
 With a new website coming out, new album coming out next year, things
 are really heating up.

 Here's a news footage from Infinit about last night's gala, and there's
 a small clip showing Celine coming out singing the song, and the crowd
 cheered. Click here to watch!

 On the Queen Celine Site, you can find 15 video captures of last night
 performance.  Go and see!

 The Sous Le Vent single should be coming out today in Europe.  
 Thanks Davey for the pic! =)

 Celine gave a suprise performance last night at the ADISQ Music Awards
 in Quebec.  She performed "Sous Le Vent" with Garou.  Garou was the
 big winner last night, winning 4 awards, including male singer of the
 year.  Oh, why didn't I watch the show?!!

(Updated on Oct 28 2001)
 This week on Radio & Record AC chart, "God Bless America" rises one spot
 to #14 from #15.

(Updated on Oct 26 2001)
 I've finally got my copy of "God bless America" album today, and the
 song "God Bless America" really does remind me of the arrangement of
 the songs on "These are special times" such as "O Come all Ye Faithful".
 One thing I'm not too happy with the album version is that I find Celine's
 voice not loud enough, cuz the choir and the orchestra are very loud.
 Don't know why, I still kinda prefer the way how Celine sang the song 
 on the telethon.
 It's confirmed that works for the charity single "What More Can I Give"
 has completed.  However, no release date yet.  Here's an article about
 the single.  Click here to read!

 TV5 is having a poll on "Song of the year".  It has pre-selected 52 songs,
 and the first round of voting will end on Nov 12th.  Then the top 16 
 voted songs will be in the 2nd round of voting, and it'll end on Dec
 16th.  The song with the most votes will become "Song of the year".
 Celine and Garou's duet "Sous Le Vent" has been selected as one of the
 52 songs.  Go and vote for it now! Click here!
 Thanks Lorena (Sweet Celine website) for the info! =)

(Updated on Oct 25 2001) announces that a brand new official Celine Site will
 be coming soon.  In the meantime, we can still visit the current one.  

 This week, "God Bless America" drops down 1 spot to #15 on Gavin's A/C
 chart.  Reports:80  Add:4  Spin:813  Trend:-73

 Celine's on the cover of Echos Vedette.  The title says: "After at Florida 
 and Laval, Celine and Rene are using $5 millions building another mansion
 in Las Vegas.
 Thanks Leila ( for the pic! =)

 There are reports saying that Celine has help increase the number of
 in-vitro fertilization significantly.  Since after Celine succeed getting
 pregnant with this method, and the much mediatized baptism of Rene-Charles,
 there has been a spectacular increase in the requests for this procedure.
 Thanks Cindy (On Tour With Celine) for this info! =)

(Updated on Oct 24 2001)
 "God Bless America" album will debut at #1 tomorrow on Billboard's
 Top 200 Album chart.  It sold 180,984 copies during last week. 
 Click here for more info!

(Updated on Oct 23 2001)
 Here's another article on the "What More Can I Give" project from
 It says that Celine among others is also participating in the spanish
 version.  It also says that the single should come out in the next
 couple of weeks. Click here to read!

 Here's a link to a audio file of the song "What More Can I Give" provided
 It's taken from the performance they've just did in the weekend at the
 charity concert called "United we stand-What more can I give".  Maybe
 there were some microphone problems, so it sounds a bit weird at the
 beginning.  Also, you won't be able to hear Celine's voice in this file,
 cuz she wasn't at the concert.  Click here to hear!
 According, the group Nsync has just finished recording their 
 part on the charity single "What More Can I Give" on Oct 20th, and
 the production of the single will be finished by the end of this week.
 Let's hope it'll come out very soon.

(Updated on Oct 22 2001)
 According to, Au Coeur Du Stade DVD will come out in Canada on
 Nov 20, 2001.  However, there is no information which version of the
 DVD will be release.  
 Thanks Marc ( for the info! =)

 More info on the Christian group Avalon.  Actually, one of the members,
 Cherie Paliotta, is a huge fan of Celine.  Here's what she wrote on
 their official page:
 "Dream duet…[with] Celine Dion. I saw her live at Nashville Arena.
 It was the most amazing performance I have ever seen. Besides her
 incredible voice, she has a great personality with the crowd."
 "Song I wish I’d written?Because You Love Me.' When I sing that song,
 I think about how Jesus has done all those things for me–my strength
 when I was weak, my voice when I couldn't speak, my eyes when I couldn't
 see–only Christ can be all those things to me."
 You visit their official website at
 Thanks Sophoan CELINEbeat for the info!=)

(Updated on Oct 21 2001)
 "God bless America" rises up from #18 to #15 this week on Radio & Record
 AC charts.
(Updated on Oct 20 2001)
 Here's a link to a report in French about the person sending letters
 with white powders to Canada's PM, Finance Minister, and Celine.  On 
 that page it also has a video file with footages of arresting that 
 person.  Click here to see.
 Thanks Leila, for this info! =)

 An old news here.  A Christian music group, Avalon, has covered Celine's
 "Don't Save It All For Christmas Day" on their Christmas album "Joy"
 last year.  The song peaked at #2 on Christian AC chart.
 Here's a sound clip from Click here!
 Thanks Kervin for the info! =)

(Updated on Oct 19 2001)
 For some unknown reasons, "God Bless America" video has been pulled off
 from MMM top 5 voting list.  I've sent an email to MMM regarding this,
 and hope they'll give me an answer soon.

 MONTMAGNY, Que. (CP) -- A man has been charged with uttering death 
 threats against Prime Minister Jean Chretien, Finance Minister Paul
 Martin and singer Celine Dion after letters containing a white powder
 were addressed to the three public figures. 

 The letters for Chretien and Martin never left Montmagny, located
 about 50 kilometres northeast of Quebec City. Postal employees alerted
 police after seeing white powder spilling out of one envelope. Quebec 
 provincial police said they know a letter was sent to Dion but not
 whether she received it. 

 Paul Couture, 57, of Montmagny, was arraigned Thursday on charges of
 threatening to injure or kill Chretien, Martin and Dion. Couture, who
 has also been charged with mischief and bail violation, was arrested
 Wednesday. He will stay in prison at least until his next scheduled
 court appearance in November. The letters to Dion, Chretien and Martin
 were all handled by the same post office in Montmagny. 

 The envelopes contained salt and powder likely intended to resemble
 anthrax, police said. Provincial police Const. Richard Gagne said
 police searched an apartment and found a list of names that they allege
 was part of a plan to target about a dozen politicians and celebrities
 with similar letters, Gagne refused to speculate on what was behind
 the letter-writer's actions. "We have a good idea what his motive was
 but we'll save it for the courtroom," he said. 

 Couture, who addressed reporters as he was led in handcuffs to a waiting
 police car on Wednesday, said he wanted to make people "think about
 Quebec." In the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in the United
 States, police forces have been dealing with many reports of envelopes
 containing what has been feared to be anthrax but none has been found
 in Canada.
 Thanks, Cindy On Tour With Celine Website for this news! =)

(Updated on Oct 18 2001)
 "God Bless America" continues to rise on Gavin's AC airplay chart. This
 week it rises from #19 to #14.  Reports:84  Adds:11  Spins:886  Trend:+246

 Now you listen to the full-length studio version of "God Bless America"
 at The Colour Of My Love Website!
 Thanks Matt for the info! =)

(Updated on Oct 17 2001)
 After 3 days at #1 on MMM Top 5, "God Bless America" video has also 
 been at #3 for 3 days already.  It is behind two of The Corrs' videos
 "Would you be happier" and "All the love in the world."
 Click here to vote!
 Another new song with Celine coming out soon!!!!
 Micheal Jackson has finished recording his new star-studded benefit
 single "What more can I give."  He has been crisscrossing the country
 to collaborate with singers on this single, including Celine, Ricky
 Martin, Santana, Mariah Carey, Tom Petty, Destiny's Child's Beyonce
 Knowles, the Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter, Aaron Carter, Mya, Luis Miguel,
 Ziggy Marley, Gloria Estefan, Boyz II Men's Shawn Stockman, Skakira and
 others.  Click here for more info!
 The Montreal Molson center benefit concert Celine participated raised
 $515,000.  They will donate the money to Red Cross.
(Updated on Oct 15 2001)
 "God Bless America" video drops to #3 today on MMM's Top 5 program.
 MMM's Top 5 page

 "Dr. Niels Lauersen, the celebrity gynecologist whose clients included
 Liv Ullman, Celine Dion and Geraldo Rivera's wife, was sentenced Monday
 to seven years and three months in prison for duping insurance companies
 into paying for uncovered fertility treatments."
 This is not the doctor who helped deliver Rene-Charles, maybe he helped
 out in the in vitro-fertilization stage, I'm not sure.  The doctors
 who helped deliver Rene-Charles were Dr. Ackerman and Dr. Pliskow.
 If you want more info about this news, click here!

(Updated on Oct 14 2001)
 I was searching on the net for something, and accidentally found a press
 release which was given out to the media on Aug 28, 2001.  It's the 
 result of a very large poll which was conducted in Australia by Roy Morgan
 Research to find out Australian's favourite male, female and group
 performers.  In the female performer category, Celine was #1 with more
 than 1 million people naming her as their favourite female performer.
 Shania Twain was second with 695,000 people voting for her.  To see all
 of the results, click here!

(Updated on Oct 13 2001)
 You can find a small pic of Celine on the cover and inside the "National
 Enquirer" (US tabloid).  It's about the US telethon.  You may find a
 scanned pic of the tabloid on Celine Fall! site, or Celine, Star Planetaire site.
 Thanks Estevam for this info! =)

(Updated on Oct 12 2001)
 Three days in a row, "God Bless America" remains at #1 on MMM's top 5
 program! Click here to vote!

 On Radio and Records AC chart, "God Bless America" rises 3 spot from
 #21 to #18 this week.

(Updated on Oct 11 2001)
 "God Bless America" has rised to #19 from #20 this week on Gavin's A/C
 chart.  It has 72 reports (# of stations reported about the track),
 5 added (# of stations added the song to their playlist during last week),
 640 spins (# of the times the song was played last week by all of the
 stations), and +57 for trend (song was played 57 more times than the
 week before.)

(Updated on Oct 10 2001)
 Please note that I've changed my email address to
 The old one ( won't be working soon. Thanks!

 "God Bless America" is #1 today on MMM's top 5 program!! =)

 The site has added a file of the full-length video
 for "God Bless America".  Go and watch it now!

 Beegees is going to release a collection of hits on a double CD album.
 In this album, there will be 4 newly recorded versions of songs the
 group wrote for other artists: "Emotion" (Samantha Sang), "Heartbreaker"
 (Dionne Warwick), "Islands In The Stream" (Kenny Rogers with Dolly
 Parton), and "Immortality" (Celine Dion).
 For more info, click here!

 Jam! Music question of the day:
 The benefit record "God Bless America: A Collection Of Songs Of Hope,
 Freedom & Inspiration For The Benefit Of The Twin Towers Fund," which 
 features Celine Dion's "God Bless America," is scheduled for release
 on Oct. 23. Will you be buying a copy? 
 Total Votes for this Question: 620 
 So far, 19%  have voted for Yes
 So far, 71%  have voted for No
 So far, 9%  have voted for Not sure
 Click here to vote.  (At the bottom of the right column.)

(Updated on Oct 9 2001)
 You can now view a 35 secs clip of the "God Bless America" video on
 Celineonline! Click here!

 Vote for GBA on MMM!!
 Vote for Sous Le Vent on Musiqueplus!!
 Alright, "God Bless America" video is at #5 today on MMM's Top 5 program.
 Incase you missed it, the program will re-air later tonight at 11:00pm(ET)/

 I happened to catch the "God Bless America" video last night on MMM.
 We do not get to see lots of Celine in the video.  The video mainly 
 contains footages of the rescue crew members (police, fire-fighter, 
 army...etc) rescuing people in the scene, public mourning, USA flag
 waving...etc.  Close-up of Celine's face comes up for 3-4 times in the
 video.  I can't hear much difference in the orchestra arrangement from
 the telethon version, maybe in this one, the choir sounds a bit fuller.
 And Celine also sings a little bit different in some places, such as
 hitting a different note for a word, hold notes longer, which are very 
 common.  Maybe because I've heard the telethon version for quite some 
 times now, I prefer how Celine sings in the telethon a bit more.  
 Anyway, don't forget to vote for the song on MMM top 5 program.
 Click here to vote!!

(Updated on Oct 8 2001)
 Celine's "God Bless America" video wasn't on MMM's top 5 program today.
 Let's vote for it again, and hope it'll gather enough votes to be on
 the top 5 tomorrow. Click here to vote!!

 Happy Thanksgiving Day to all the Canadians! =)
 Sony has put up a page specially for the release of the album "God
 Bless America".  It's actually pretty cool!! Click here to go to the page!

(Updated on Oct 7 2001)
 An article of a David Foster interview was published on Ottawa Sun 
 and the interview took place after the telethon.  The Celine LIVE! site 
 has put this article on to the site. Click here to read!
 In this article, you may find how Tommy Mottola, Sony's president, values
 Celine in an important position.

 Watch out for Celine's "God Bless America" video!!!  The video combines
 footages of the Sept 11 attack, and specially recorded footage of Celine
 singing this song.  Remember reports said that Celine at first wanted
 to record her performance (both audio and video) and have that recorded
 performance to be played in the telethon, so that she wouldn't have to
 be there in person.  Later they found out that the producer of the show
 indeed wants every performance to be live, so Celine agreed to fly to
 New York.  So I'm guessing that those specially recorded Celine footage
 are the ones we would have seen if Celine didn't have to fly to New York.
 Anyway, music video stations should start playing this video in these
 few days, especially since the war has just been started officially. =(
 Well, Gob bless the world!

 You can also vote for this video on MuchMoreMusic's Top5 video site.
 This song is already listed there on their list of selection.  They
 will play the winners everyday at 8:00pm(ET)/5:00pm(PT) Monday to 
 Friday.  Let's vote for it now. Click here!
 Thanks Clare for this info! =)

 You may also vote for Celine and Garou's "Sous Le Vent" on MusiquePlus
 Top 5 program.  "Sous Le Vent" is also listed there as one of the selection.
 Click here to vote!

 The siteowner of Celine Fall!, Estevam, has just visited Montreal last
 week with few other Celine fans just to see Celine's performance at
 the benefit concert.  They've put up there story in Montreal with some
 pics! =)  Click here to see!  It's pretty interesting!! 

 Here's the pic for UK's version of "My Story, My Dream."
 Thanks Estevam, Celine Fall!, for the pic! =)

(Updated on Oct 6 2001)
 Celine is on the cover of the 7Jours magazine, and a French tabloid,
 France dimanche.
 Thanks Estevam, Celine Fall! for this info! =)

(Updated on Oct 5 2001)
 On Radio and Records National Airplay Chart, Celine's "God Bless America"
 debutes at #21 this week, which is also this week's highest debute.
 On Gavin's A/C chart, this song rises to #20 from #25.

 The "Tribute to Heroes" album finally gets a release date!  It's be
 distributed by Universal Music in Canada, and come out on Nov 13 both
 in the US and Canada.  For more info, click here!

(Updated on Oct 4 2001)
 Here's a translation of the Celine's phone conversation with the fake
 Jean-Chretien done by another webmaster.
 C¨¦line and the 'PM' say hello and ask each other how they are, then
 (I didn't understand the next bit very well but I think this is what
 was said:) the 'PM' says he supposes C¨¦line is tired after the performace.
 He then says he's happy C¨¦line is in Canada and that Ren¨¦ and Celine
 are great ambassadors for Canada.  They talk about the weekend and 
 C¨¦line invites him tho her home (in Florida??) and something about
 playing golf is said. He then says something about arranging her taxes
 and she puts the phone down (she noticed it wasn't the real PM).
 Thanks Phil, Phil's Celine Site, for the translation! =)

 According to (Garou's official site), the single "Sous
 le vent" will come out on Oct 30th.

(Updated on Oct 3 2001)
 The TV rating is out for last Friday Montreal's benefit concert which
 was broadcasted on TQS.  There was an average 900,000 viewers for the
 entire broadcast.  At the time of around 8:30, when Celine performs,
 it peaks at 943,000 viewers.
 You may read the small article on this in French on Click here!
 Thanks Lorena, Sweet Celine Website for this info! =)

(Updated on Oct 2 2001)
 According to the Queen Celine Site, shortly after Celine's performance
 at the Molson Center last Friday, a radio host of CKFM gave Celine a
 call trying to convinced her that she's talking with Jean Chretien, the
 Prime Minister of Canada. Celine did really think she was talking to
 the Prime Minister for about one and a half minute in the conversation.
 She later discovered that she has been tricked.  Her conversation will
 be broadcast on air in the following time on the radio station/internet 
 of CKFM:
 During the show LES GRANDES GUEULES:  16h40 (ET)
 Or you can just simply click on the following link to the show's site,
 and click on the link "Entrevue exclusive avec Celine Dion" to hear
 the audio file provided by the station. Click here!
 Since I don't understand French, it would be nice if someone could 
 translate what's the conversation is about into English, so that I can
 put it up here for others who also don't speak French.  Thank you in 
 advance! =)
 Thanks Jimena for forwarding the info! =)

 The benefit album release by Sony will also be available on Oct 16th
 Thanks Alison for the info! =) 

 Celine will also appear on a Christmas album with her "Don't save it
 all for Christmas day".  The album is called "Now That's What I Call 
 Christmas", and due Oct 23rd.  This album is assembled through the
 combined efforts of Universal Music Group, the EMI Group, Sony Music,
 and Zomba Music.  Therefore, it will include songs from wide variety
 of artists, and it's a double cd with 36 songs.  More more info and
 complete tracklisting, click here!

(Updated on Oct 1 2001)
 Last night, Quebec's annual television awards were handed out, and here's
 a pic of the host, Norman Brathwaite, trying to make some fun by 
 imitating Celine. haha~ =)

 A celine fan, Marc, says he received an email from a store in the USA
 that the CD of America: Tributes to Heroes, which is a double CD, will 
 come out on Nov 15th, and the DVD will come out early 2002.  But the
 details are sketchy at the moment.
 In my own opinion, I think the sooner they release the CD or DVD, the
 better it is.  To me, I think November and early 2002 are too late.
 Thanks Marc, for this info! =)

 As we expected, Celine has won the monthly polling of "Most elegant woman"
 on Hello Magazine site for the month of August!  Alright!  

 On the current issue of People Magazine, there's a small picture and
 a small article on Celine's performance on the US telethon.  
 Thanks Cristie, Let's talk about Celine, for this info! =)

(Updated on Sept 30 2001)
 The webmaster of the S'il Suffisait D'aimer site says that he also has
 just found out that the email address actually isn't
 working.  So, we don't need to send anymore email to that address for now.
 He's transfered his index page to for now, and he's
 currently finding a new server where he could upload his entire site
 to there.

 I got this info from a Celine fan in the UK.  
 I was watching a program called 'So Graham Norton' on an British T.V.
 channel. It's a comedy show. The host, decided that he would bring out
 animals that best describe perticular celebs. I was shocked to see that
 some one brought out a dog, with long brownish fur all around it's body
 (not sure what breed) and was claimed to look like Celine Dion. And
 everyone had a laugh out of it. But I think it's nasty.
 I thought you might want to know.
 Thanks Wahaj for this info! =)

 On this page, Celine HTML, you may download the Celine's Molson Center
 performance and some other performances!
 Thanks Matt for this info! =)

(Updated on Sept 29 2001) 
 I've just received an email from the webmaster of S'il Suffisait D'aimer
 Site saying that the site got closed by the provider because there were
 too much traffics (visitors).  And now the webmaster need our help to
 have the site re-open.  What we need to do is to send an email to and tell them that we would want the site to re-open.
 We all know that it's a very good site, and let's help this site out!
 Thank you!

 On the Hello Magazine site, it also has an article about Celine's
 participation in the Montreal's benefit concert. Click here to read!
 Thanks Steph for this info! =)

 On the S'il Suffisait D'aimer site, it has real-video file, photo captures 
 and mp3 file of Celine's performance last night at the benefit concert.
 Click here to see!

(Updated on Sept 28 2001)
 A surprising news.  When Celine left the music scene 2 years ago, have
 I've never thought that her next single to appear on the chart would
 be this one.  Celine's "God Bless America" has debuted on Gavin's
 top 40 A/C airplay chart at #25.  It's also this week's highest debut.
 Thanks Kervin for this info! =)

 Celine performed at the "Quebec/New York in Montreal" benefit concert.
 Here's an article from Jam! Celine Dion sings in Red Cross benefit

 Tonight concert will also broadcasted by the Montreal radio station
 107.3 FM CITE rock detente.  You may listen the broadcast online at
 Thanks Jimena for the info! =)

 The webmaster of CELINEbeat has emailed Sony and found out that the 
 "God Bless America" album which was mentioned yesterday, has nothing
 to do with the telethon album.  It's basically another benefit album
 released by Sony.  No wonder why songs such as Gloria's "Coming out
 of the dark", and "The Star-Spangled Banner" are on the album, while
 some other songs that were on the special aren't.
 Thanks Sophoan, CELINEbeat, for this info! =)

(Updated on Sept 27 2001)
 Here's a pic that can be the cover of the telethon benefit album.
 The tracklisting is as the following:
 1)God Bless America - Celine Dion
 2)We Shall Overcome (Or Land Of Hope And Dreams) - Bruce Springsteen
 3)Hero - Mariah Carey
 4)Amazing Grace - Tramaine Hawkins
 5)Blowing In The Wind - Bob Dylan
 6)Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkel
 7)Peaceful World - John Mellencamp
 8)There's A Hero - Billy Gilman
 9)America The Beautiful - Frank Sinatra
10)God Bless The U.S.A - Lee Greenwood
11)This Land Is Your Land - Pete Seeger
12)Coming Out Of The Dark - Gloria Estefan
13)My Country 'Tis Of Thee - Mahalia Jackson
14)The Star-Spangled Banner - The Mormon Tabernacle Choir
15)Lean On Me - Bill Withers

 Celine is on the cover of the 7Jours Magazine.
 Thanks Marc,, for the above pic and the pic and 
 info of the benefit CD. =)

 Celine was mentioned on Access Hollywood today on the news of the benefit
 CD.  Her name was also mentioned on CNN last night on the news of the
 Quebec benefit concert which will be held tomorrow and broadcasted
 across Canada on TQS channel.
 Thanks Ashley for the info! =)

(Updated on Sept 26 2001)
 On Sony's release schedule, it says that a CD/Cassette named "God Bless
 America" will come out on Oct 16th.  However, I am not sure if this will
 be the telethon benefit CD.  

(Updated on Sept 25 2001)
 According to a Celine fan, Sophoan, who has listened Celine's "God Bless
 America" on the radio, he finds the version being played on the radio,
 and the performance Celine did on the telethon are different.  Therefore,
 he guess that the version being played on the radio may be the recorded 
 version Celine did in Montreal with David Foster, the day before the 
 Thanks Sophoan, CelineCorner, for this info! =)

 According to another Celine fan, Cristie, Celine Dion Eyes glasses are
 available in part of the US now.
 Thanks Cristie! =)

 Celine will be singing "L'amour existe encore" on Friday's benefit
 concert.  To read more about this concert, here's an  English article.

 As mention before, there are plans for a CD release of the telethon on
 last Friday.  Here's an article which has more info on it! Click here!

 A Celine fan, Marc, has sent an email to Sony asking about the DVD release
 of Celine 99 CBS special, and here's that Sony has replied:
 "We are working on this title at the moment.  We hope to have it out
 before Christmas, no date yet announced, but keep posted to
 for the latest details."
 Thanks Marc, for this info! =)

(Updated on Sept 24 2001)
 Celine has accepted the invitation to this Friday's benefit concert for 
 the US which will be held in Molson Center, Montreal.  Part of the 6
 hour show will be shown online and on the TQS station.
 You may read a French article on this by clicking here!

 According to the media, in the 2 hrs telethon, it has raised around
 200 million US dollars.  Well done!  There are also plans to release
 the special in DVD and CD, but it's not confirmed yet. 
 According to some fans in the US, some radio stations are playing Celine's
 "God Bless America"

(Updated on Sept 23 2001)
 The interview aired tonight, and a Celine fan on the newsgroup has 
 done a very good job writing what has been talked about on the interview
 in English.  Therefore, for those of us who don't understand French,
 this is very helpful.  Indeed, the interview is pretty interesting too.
 Few interesting subjects that were discussed on are: Dropping the lawsuit
 against Allo-vedette; Celine's next album; how they're going to raise
 Rene-Charles and where; the much-criticized 2nd wedding in L.V; how
 and why Celine was asked to sing "God Bless America"...etc.
 Click here to read the report done by the fan, Pierre.

 Here's an article from Jam! on the news of Celine and Rene dropping
 the lawsuit.  Click here to read!

 Further on the info from the article I linked yesterday on Rene's interview,
 the interview will be air tonight on TVA at 8:00pm (ET).  Rene had 
 originally recorded the interview on Sept 8 and talked about how he 
 will go on with the suit.  On Sept 11, after the attack, Rene called
 the reporter and asked him if he could re-do the interview.  The interview
 was recorded yesterday, and they will show a combination of the two 
 interviews tonight.
 Thanks Jimena for these info! =)

(Updated on Sept 22 2001)
 Nielsen Media Research said today that 59.3 million viewers in the US
 has watched the special America: Tribute to Heroes.  Nielsen also estimated
 that about 89 million people watched at least a little of the benefit.
 The 59.3 million figure is Nielsen's estimate of who was watching during
 an average minute of the two-hour show. 
 In comparison, around 80 million watched the Superbowl, or the news
 coverage on the day of the attack.  51 million people watched the final
 "Suvivor" in the summer of 2000.
 We won't know how much they've raised until early next week.

 You can find a mp3 file of Celine's performance of "God Bless America"
 at  Or you may simply click here!
 It may be removed soon.

 The terroist attack has changed many people's view to the world, including
 Rene Angelil.  He was so affected emotionally by the attack, and he has
 decided to drop the suit as Allo-Vedette and the columnist who reported
 falsely that the couple sunbath naked in the Las Vegas hotel.  Rene
 was being interviewed right on the day when the attack happened.  The
 interview will be air soon.  For more info, you may read this article. (in French)
 Thanks Celiniana for this article! =)

 The S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site has put up a video file of Celine's
 "God Bless America" performance on the site.  If you haven't watch it 
 yet, you may go to the site, or simply click here!
 The site owner of SSD has also made few photo captures of the performance.
 It's in the reportage section.  You simply go to the main page of that
 site, and scroll down a bit, you'll see "reportage" there. 
(Updated on Sept 21 2001)
 Celine has just finished performing "God Bless America" about 10 mins
 ago.  She was the 2nd last performance.  Right after her, there was 
 the finale of a performance by all of the celebrities in the L.A studio.
 The entire show basically were shooting in L.A and New York, and one
 performance (U2's performance) took place in London.  Celine wore a 
 black shirt, with a black pant.  David Foster accompanied her by the
 piano, with a choir of around 20-30 people at the back.  Of course,
 Celine did a great performance.  Her hair is a bit longer than the look
 she had in Sous Le Vent video.  If your place haven't air the show yet, 
 she performs at around one hour and 50 mins into the show.  What I mean 
 is that if the show starts at 9:00pm, she performs at around 10:50.
 I'm sure a real-video footage of the performance will be up on the net
 soon, once I know where you can find one, I'll tell you here.
 Let's hope they've raised a lot money in the telethon.  Remember to keep 
 calling and donating.  The website and calling center remains open after
 the show.
 Here's another article on Celline's appearance.
 Celine to sing on telethon tonight
 This article talks about Sony's representative confirming Celine's appearance,
 but he denies to say what song she'll be performing, but he says it's
 definitely not My Heart Will Go On.  He also says that Celine was in
 Montreal yesterday with David Foster to do some arrangements for the
 song that Celine will be singing tonight.  
 However, the media has already reported that Celine will perform "God
 bless America" tonight.
 As far as I know, countries/cities such as France, Germany, Brazil, and
 Hong Kong will broadcast the telethon live.  So please check your local 
 listing.  Online broadcast will also be available at 
 For North America, the show will air tonight at 9:00pm(PT/ET).

(Updated on Sept 20 2001)
 Official Site for America: A Tribute to Heroes: (Launch Friday)
 All donation methods, and online broadcast of the program will be there.
 For now, you may go to ABC's special page for more info: Click here!
 Here's a real-video report from CTV News on tomorrow's telethon, and
 Celine's performance: Click here to watch!

 It has just been reported in the media that Celine will perform "God
 bless America" tomorrow live in New York, as what the columnist Army
 Archerd wrote.  Here are three articles about this, and each has some
 different info from others:
 Hollywood on Alert: 
 Besides Celine's appearance, this article mainly talks about that the 
 FBI has received an unverified report threatening Hollywood film studios.
 Celine Dion to sing God Bless America on U.S. telethon for terrorism victims:
 This article also talks about the event, and some other future fundraiser
 events organized by Canadians.  It also says that all of the guests to
 tomorrow TV telethon are asked not to bring make-up artists and hairdressers
 with them, and to dress casual.
 CŽÊine sort de l'ombre: (In French)
 This article from says that Selon Mario Lefebvre of the
 Feelings Production has confirmed that Celine will be performing "God
 Bless America" written by Irving Berlin.  Since I don't understand French,
 I translated the article into English, and in the english translation,
 it says that Celine will be performing the song "in any beginning of the 
 emission".  So I'm guessing it means Celine will be performing the song
 at the beginning of the program.  This article also mentions that Celine
 has also received invitation for the Quebec fundraiser concert for the
 US victims which will be held on Sept 28th, at Molson Center in Montreal. 

 On, the columnist Army Archerd has mentioned that "Wednesday
 night at Sony Studios in Culver City, Celine Dion, backed by 100 top
 recording musicians conducted by David Foster, recorded 'God Bless
 America' for Friday's multi-net benefit. Everyone waived their fees.
 The same musicians will record Dion's Christmas album."
 I can't confirm whether what the columnist wrote is true, but you may
 read it yourself by clicking here!
 It's at the bottom of the first article named "Good morning".

(Updated on Sept 19 2001)
 This is posted on Celineonline!!!
 Members of the entertainment industry are joining forces for a
 TV Special, 'America: A Tribute To Heroes.' The commercial-free telethon
 will air live on Friday, September 21 at 9:00 p.m. (Eastern and Central
 time zones). The four major US networks - ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC - are
 broadcasting the show and also very generously bearing the costs for the
 program. The special will be broadcast on tape delay in the Mountain and
 Pacific time zones and will be video streamed on the Internet as well
 as simulcast on radio stations. Cable networks and along with all of
 the other broadcast networks are also being invited to participate.

 Pledges will be taken during the telethon to raise funds for the thousands
 of people who suffered losses as a result of the tragic events on September
 11 in America.

 The telethon will feature appearances and performances by the following
 entertainers, among others: Bon Jovi, Amy Brenneman, Jim Carrey, George
 Clooney, Sheryl Crow, Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Celine Dion, The Dixie
 Chicks, Robert De Niro, Clint Eastwood, Calista Flockhart, Dennis Franz,
 Kelsey Grammer, Tom Hanks, Faith Hill, Billy Joel, Alicia Keys, Conan
 O'Brien, Tom Petty, Ray Romano, Julia Roberts, Paul Simon, Will Smith,
 Bruce Springsteen, Sela Ward, Robin Williams, Steve Wonder, Neil Young.

 All performers are donating their time.
 So, we'll be able to see Celine live on TV on Friday, the first time
 since her break (except the baptism).  Nice to see Celine coming back
 for a great cause.

 Thanks Ivan very much for making me this beautiful wallpaper! =)

(Updated on Sept 15 2001)
 Found out a funny thing, but it has nothing related to Celine.  Today,
 I accidentally found out that someone is using "rhapsodion" as his/her
 user name on the discussion forum.  Can't imagaine someone
 would pick this awkward name! =)  Anyway, just wanna point out that whatever
 comments/discussion that person makes on the forum has nothing to do 
 with me or this site.

(Updated on Sept 14 2001)
 Not much news recently on Celine, besides Celine is winning by a huge 
 margin at the "Most Elegant Woman" (monthly poll) on Hello Magazine site.
 The polling is still on.
 Also, a Quebec magazine reported that Celine will delay her move-in
 for the new mansion on laval island, because some of the furnitures and
 constructions are delivered or ready yet.

 I thought I would mention this here, if you want to help out on the
 Tuesday's 911(Sept 11th) attack, one of the things that you may do is
 to donate blood.  For American, you may visit for more info.
 For people outside the US, you may visit
 You may also call 1-800-GIVE LIFE.

(Updated on Sept 11 2001)
 I would want to express my anger to the ones who committed/organized
 the terrifying, outrageous attack to the US.  I believe on the judgement
 day, every single one of these people will pay for this.
 I would also want to express my deep sorrow for all of the victims in
 this tragedy.  We are with you.
 At this moment, I just don't know what I can do, what I should say but
 asking "Why?".

 La vie n'est pas étanche, mon île est sous le vent
 Les portes laissent entrer les cris même en fermant
     (Life isn't waterproof, my island is under the wind 
      Doors still let shouts come in even when shutting them off)

 Dans un jardin l'enfant, sur un balcon des fleurs
 Ma vie paisible où j'entends battre tous les coeurs
 Quand les nuages foncent, présages des malheurs 
 Quelles armes répondent aux pays de nos peurs?

     (In a garden, the child is on a balcony with flowers around 
      My peaceful life where I can hear every heart beating 
      When the clouds are getting darker, it's a sign of bad times 
      Which weapons reply to the countries of our fears?)
 Je ferais de ce monde un rêve, une éternité - S'il Suffisait D'aimer
     (I would make this world a dream, an eternity)- If loving was enough.

 The S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site now has a real-video file of the full-length
 Sous Le Vent video.  Although the sound and picture quality of that
 file isn't that good, you can still get to see how the entire video 
 looks like.

News    Archive

(Updated on Sept 7 2001)
 The show Tapis Rouge will have a special called "The best moments" soon, 
 and Celine among other stars will be featured.  For Canadian fans, the
 show will air on Canada's TV5 on Sept 15, and repeat on Sept 16.  You
 may check your local airing time by clicking here!

 The S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site has another 1 min 30 secs clip of 
 the Sous Le Vent video.  Click here to see!
 In the captions in this clip, it seems that Celine will appear in a 
 Garou TV special very soon.  

(Updated on Sept 6 2001)
 The S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site has put up a new 1 minute clip of the
 Sous le vent video in Real-video format.  Click here to download the file!

 Why don't we help to make this Celine's semi-return more beautiful by 
 voting the song, Sous le Vent on the radio station's top
 6 at 6 program.  Click here to vote!
 You may want to know what some of these words mean if you don't understand
 French before you go to the voting site.
 Nom=Name   Ville=City   Masculin=male   Feminin=female   
 Courrier ¨¦lectronique=email address

(Updated on Sept 5 2001)
 The video of "Sous le Vent" premiered today in Quebec.  The video was
 shot in August. TVA also showed a little clip of the video in their news
 program today.  Below is a real-video file of a few seconds clip of the
 video provided by  Click on the pic to see.

 Here are some info on making of the video which I found from the S'il Suffisait
 D'aimer Site.  They shot the video on Aug 9th with Istan Rozumny,
 the director.  Rene-Charles was also at the studio by her mother side.
 It had been sometimes for Celine shooting a video, so she was nervous. 
 So was the director, the director admitted at the end that he could
 hardly have a good sleep 6 weeks before the shooting.  He was very impressed
 with the experience he had with the two huge stars, whom were so professional.  
 The shooting didn't go so smoothly too, because at the beginning of the
 shooting, when Celine and Garou looked at each other, they couldn't
 help but burst out laughing, so they had to shoot it all over again.

(Updated on Sept 4 2001)
 Journal de Montreal reports that Celine is recording a new English
 and a new French album.  Both of these albums will be release before
 her Vegas show, and they should come out few months apart from each 
 other.  She has been visiting various cities in the US, and meeting
 various producers for the recording.
 Source: S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site

 A Celine fan on the newsgroup has bought a magazine in Sweden, and there
 are some exclusive pics from the baptism which some of us have never
 seen before.  This fan has also scanned and posted the pics on to a
 page.  Here's the link!

(Updated on Sept 3 2001)
 It's now time to vote for Celine again.  Last time, Celine won the weekly 
 voting of "Most elegant woman" at  Now, she's in the
 monthly vote for the same category.  Let's make her to be the winner
 again! Click here to vote!

(Updated on Sept 1 2001)
 A new forum will now be added to this site.  Various Celine sites have team 
 up together and start a new Celine forum for fans around the world to 
 meet up and chat together.  You may click on the above banner to enter
 the forum.
 Carole King will release a new album very soon, and in the album, she
 has recorded a new version of "The Reason" with Celine doing the backing
 vocal.  The Re: Celine Site has put up a real-audio file of the song.
 Click here to listen!  You can also find a MP3 file of song on the
 S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site now!

(Updated on Aug 30 2001)
 You can go to the Celine Fall! Site to see some interesting pics, 
 which were sent from a Celine fan.  She visited New York and Quebec
 few weeks ago, and found the Celine Globe, and a huge People Magazine
 billboard which has a pic of Celine and Rene in it! 

 Jim Steinman is working on a new boardway show, and the style of the
 show is pop/rock opera.  Before the show starts playing, an album 
 containing songs from the show will release under Sony records.  It will
 be an all-stars album, and Celine will be collaborating with Jim again
 on a new song.

(Updated on Aug 29 2001)
 Here's another article in French which has more info about the TV series.
 Click here to read!
 source: S'il suffisait d'aimer site
 You can use AltaVista's Translator to translate the article.

 Rene will be acting in a Quebec TV comedy soon!!!  His role will be a
 person who negotiates between the boss and the employees.  It will be
 a production of Julie Snyder.  Click here to read an article from TVA.
 Thanks Estevam (Celine's Fall!), and Philip (Phil's Celine Dion site)

(Updated on Aug 27 2001)
 The columnist Michel Girouard, who is being sue by Celine and Rene,
 granted an interview to the New York Post.  After reading this article,
 you'll know what kind of person he is and who's the only person having
 a problem in this entire story. Click here to read the article!

(Updated on Aug 25 2001)
 Thanks Leila and Estevam for these pics! =)

 Celine and Rene has posted a new pic of them on Celineonline.  
 Click here to see!

 Here are some more new pics of Celine, Rene and Rene Charles.
 Thanks Estevam for these pics! =)

(Updated on Aug 24 2001)
 Here's another article in English from Montreal Gazette that explains
 the suite story more clearly. Click here!
 While surfing the net, I found two Hong Kong news media reported this
 story falsely.  They stated that Celine and Rene are sueing the tabloid
 because it published naked pictures of Celine and Rene, which isn't
 the truth.

(Updated on Aug 23 2001)
 The radio station, Rock Detente, had poll with 507 adults over 18 in
 1999 on which songs are most significant in your life, and the results
 are finally out. (wonder what took them so long, maybe I misunderstood
 something.)  And they've come out with Top 107 songs, and Celine's 
 "Let's talk about love" is on #58, "The Power of Love" is on #9, and
 "My heart will go on" is at #1!  Here's the top 10:
 1. My heart will go on~Celine Dion
 2. Hotel california~The Eagles
 3. Stairway to heaven~Led Zeppelin
 4. Prendre un enfant~Yves Duteil
 5. Yesterday~Beatles
 6. Quand les hommes vivront d'amour~Raymond Lí­esque
 7. Ne me quitte pas~Jacques Brel
 8. Another brick in the wall~Pink Floyd
 9. The power of love~CŽÊine Dion 
10. Hey jude~Beatles

 Here's another article in French from about the story of
 Celine and Rene sueing Allo-Vedette.  Click here!  
 In that page, there's another link for a video reportage in French.
 Michel Girouard, the columnist of Allo-Vedette, who is also being sue
 argues that this incident is another evident of how Rene is trying to
 control the media. 
 On the infinit's polling, 81% of the respondents think that Celine and
 Rene have gone too far with the suite. Click here to see and vote!
 To me, I personally think Celine and Rene are doing the right thing.
 They have to protect their images, and cannot let the media/tabloids
 to make-up or report whatever false story about them, especially since
 now they have a child, and anything like that can more or less have some
 effects on the children.

 According to, Celine went to "City of Cinema" on August 7th
 to shoot a video with Garou for their new duet single, "Sous le vent".
 Wonder what kind of video will it be!  Hope it won't be another video
 simply shooting Celine and Garou singing in a studio.
 This is the article from Showbizz which mentions about this info: Click here!
(Updated on Aug 22 2001)
 Celine and Rene are sueing a Quebec's magazine, Allo-Vedette, for 5 million
 for publishing a false story of reporting Celine paying Caesars Palace
 $5000 a day to rent the entire swimming pool, so that she could swim
 and sunbath topless.  If you can still remember, sometimes ago, the
 National Post columnist published an apology article for reporting the
 same story on his column.  Maybe that's why National Post didn't get
 into this suite.  Besides the 5 million compensation, Celine and Rene
 also demand Allo-Vedette to report the judgment on its front page if 
 the court rules in favour of Celine and Rene.
 To read more about this story, click here!
 On site, they are running a poll on if Celine and Rene are
 going too far with this suite.  Click here to see!

 Celine's friend, Shania Twain, has gave birth to her first baby with 
 her husband Mutt Lange on Aug 12th.  The baby name is Eja.  Congratulations!!!

(Updated on Aug 20 2001)
 Rene's daughter, Anne-Marie has just gave birth to a baby boy!  
 Thanks Estevam for the good news! =)

(Updated on Aug 16 2001)
 Celine's duet with Carole King, "The reason", will appear on Carole's new
 album which will be release soon.

(Updated on Aug 15 2001)
 My internet server is finally up and working again.  These problems 
 probably won't happen again when I'm back home from my vacation.  Anyway,
 here are some news update for Celine.
 According to, the duet Garou did with Celine, Sous
 le vent (Under the wind) will be the 3rd single of Garou's album, and
 it will release to radio stations on Aug 20th.  Let's hope this song will
 do good on the charts.

 This is a pic taken at Celine's new mansion on Gagnon island.  Rene-Charles
 already has a mary-g0-round waiting for him to play. 
 Thanks Estevam for the pic! =)

(Updated on Aug 10 2001)
 My internet server is having some problems again, so I couldn't update
 the site or reply emails for the last few days.  I'm now borrowing my
 friends internet access.  Hope my internet connection will be working
 tonight.  Btw, Celine won the voting of Most Elegant Woman in Hello!
 Magazine last week's polling.  We'll have to vote for Celine again at the
 end of this month, so that she'll be able to be the winner of the month! 

(Updated on Aug 5 2001)
 You can find some more pics that were taken at the baptism by various
 magazines at the S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site, and the Queen Celine Site.  
 You can also find a pic that was taken at the reception after the baptism
 by the 7 Jours magazine at the Celine Fall! site.
 Have fun! =)

(Updated on Aug 4 2001)
 Let's go and vote for Celine at the Hello Magazine site!  They are running
 a poll for "Most elegant woman of the week", and Celine is nominated.
 The winner of this poll will be included in the Monthly poll of "Most
 elegant woman of the month" at the end of this month.  
 Click here to vote!

 This is an article from the Brazilian Mag called Quem.
 Thanks Estevam! =)

(Updated on Aug 3 2001)
 Here's an article from the Brazilian magazine called Caras.  
 Thanks Tatiana for the pic! =)

(Updated on Aug 2 2001)
 Rene is being featured on Lundi's magazine 25th anniversary celebration
 Thanks Estevam for the pic! =)

 Immortality Celine Site has put up the pics that are published in 
 the Oh La! Magazine.  Click on the above link to see the pics!

(Updated on Aug 1 2001)
 After appearing on Hello Magazine, and its' Spanish version, Hola! magazine,
 now Celine and both Rene are on the cover of the French version, OH La!
 magazine. Click here to see!
 Thanks Estevam! =)
(Updated on July 30 2001)
 Celine and both Rene are also on the cover of tghe french-canadian mag
 "Derni¡¦re Heure".  Click here to see a pic of the cover.
 Thanks Leila! =)

 The Angelil family is again on the cover of the 7 Jour Magazine.  It has
 13 pages of photo inside.  As you can also see on the cover pic, Rene's
 daughter is very pregnant by now. =)
 Thanks Estevam for the pic! =)

(Updated on July 29 2001)
 There's a photo slide gallery from Cyberpress of Rene-Charles's baptism.
 Click here!

(Updated on July 28 2001)
 Celine is in the current issue of Hola! magazine.  You can find few
 pics on their site, including a pic of Celine's new mansion shooting
 from above. Click here! Click here for Eng version.

 If you go to the "London Features International" site, after you registered,
 you may find few new Celine pics taken from the baptism.  You can also
 find few pics of the family members, and cast. Click here!

 Here's another TV coverage from the Global TV: Click here to watch!
 Here's one more TV coverage on the baptism from Pulse24, a Toronto TV
 station: 52K High speed
 In this video footage, the reporter mentions that Celine has ALREADY
 recorded an English album which is set to come out this November, and
 a new French album will come out in around 2003.  I wonder where did
 the reporter get these interesting info. =)  But we better not be too
 happy until we hear an official announcement.

 Here are two articles in Chinese about the baptism from two different
 Chinese newspapers in Hong Kong.  Amost all of the Chinese newspapers
 in HK have an article about the event, and some of the articles are
 pretty large too with some pictures.  Article 1  Article 2
 Today, I also heard on the radio that the DJs were saying how cute and
 mature Rene-Charles looks.  They were also discussing whether the baby
 looks more like Celine or Rene.  They were joking that the head of 
 baby-Rene sure looks more like Rene, cuz it's so rounded and doesn't
 have much hair. =)
 It has been mentioned on various articles that were published these
 few days that Celine has just been named "Best selling female singer".
 However, we haven't heard anything when and how and by whom has she
 been named with that title.  Finally, on "Article 2" above, it explains
 that recently, a statistic confirms that in the 90s alone, Celine has
 sold more than 125 million copies of albums world wide, and that's how
 the title came.  However, the article didn't mention when was this
 firstly announced.  If anyone has anymore info about this, please email
(Updated on July 27 2001)
 Here's an article from the National Post, which is quite interesting.
 Click here to read!

 Here's another article from Jam! Music about the event: Click here!
 When I watched the CBC real video coverage, the cheering of the crowd
 blew me away.  It really does look like a royal event!  Too bad that
 I'm now spending my summer vacation in Hong Kong, otherwise, I would
 be able to watch the live telecast of the event! =)

(Updated on July 26 2001)
 These are the pics taken from Rene-Charles baptism.

 Here's an article about the event: Click here!

 Here's a video report in French by TVA: Click here!
 You can see the streets were packed with people!
 Here's a video report in English by CBC: Click here!
(Updated on July 23 2001)
 "Variety" reports that Celine is ready to head back to the studio to
 record a new album with her usual producer, David Foster.

 There's an article from Montreal Gazette talking about the regulation
 and usual custom of a Greek Melkite Catholic baptism such as the one
 that Rene Charles will be having this Wednesday.
 Click here to read the article.

(Updated on July 22 2001)
 For those fans in Asia who receive Channel V, on July 24th (Tuesday)
 10:30pm, the music video station will air a Celine concert for their
 1-hour concert program.  On the commercial for that program, they show
 a clip from Live A Paris where Celine sings "Destin", but I'm not sure
 if "Live A Paris" will be the concert they'll show.
 Please check your own time-zone listing at Channel V site.

(Updated on July 20 2001)
 A Celine fan, Deborah, is organizing a project called "Project LV".  
 What the event is about is to gather Celine fans around the world, and
 to watch Celine's Vegas show together when it begins in March, 2003.
 If you are interested, you may click on the above link to find more
(Updated on July 19 2001)
 Finally, there are some confirmed info about the baptism of Rene-Charles.
 It'll take place on July 25th (Wednesday) at the Notre Dame Basilica, the same 
 place where Rene and Celine were married in 1994.  Celine, Rene, the Gadparents, 
 and the nanny of Rene Charles, and baby Rene visited the church yesterday
 for preparation.  The event will start at 10:00am.
 Here's an video report of TVA on the event in Real-video format: Click here!
 Here's the French article on this news from TVA: Click here.

(Updated on July 11 2001)
 Here are some more info about the "huge concert" which will be held
 next month in China as the openning for a boxing event.  Today, a Chinese 
 Online news site,, has an article about the event.  
 It says that they've got contact with the organizer and all the news
 were spread about inviting acts such as Celine, Micheal and Janet Jackson
 are untrue.  Indeed, they've cancelled the concert, instead planning
 to have a concert after the boxing event.  The organizer says that they
 are cancelling the concert because there isn't enough time for preparation,
 and preventing people to put all their attention on to the concert, instead
 of the boxing event.  
 After all, sadly it's just another fake rumor. 

 According to the Celine Fall! Site, Franco Dragone has been interviewed
 at Brussels while he was presenting his new concert "Europe" Cap there,
 and here are some of the questions which are related to Celine:
 How is your work with Celine Dion going?
 "We meet each other every six weeks. From the autumn, we will tighten
 our schedule because there will be a new album to prepare.  Celine will
 present all her songs to me.  In addition, I will shoot for her first
 video. It is really much of a job, but it's worthy when one works with
 people who have a professionalism and uncomparable talent." 

 Will she come to repeat in Louvi¡¦e? 
 "Yes, I will work here for six months with this current spectacle. She
 will be here for only one month and half. On the other hand, we will
 work for four months with Las Vegas."
 You can also find this news on the Celine Planetary Star Site.
 Thanks Estevam and Leila! =)

(Updated on July 9 2001)
 Few weeks ago, we found out that a member of the Bran Van 3000, James 
 Di Salvio, once made a video for Celine, and the video ended up having
 no chance to appear to the public because Celine and her management
 found the video not going with the flow of her marketing strategy. We
 have guessed what video could that be.  Today, a Celine fan posted
 on the newsgroup that there's another article recently published by
 the "Times" newspaper that has more about that story.  Here's what it
 Di Salvio's DJ sets led to remix work and, because he was at film school,
 offers to make music videos. Within two years, he was the hottest director 
 in town. When Celine Dion saw a video he had made for Branford Marsalis, 
 she insisted he work with her.
 "I made a really bizarre video for one of her French language songs,"
 he says. "It was an Italian guy serenading his car, intercut with scenes
 of a Jacques Villeneuve crash. It never got used."
(Updated on July 8 2001)
 You can find a pic of Celine's new mansion in Quebec's Laval island at 
 the Celine Fall! site.  The pic was published in Voici magazine. 
 Thanks Estevam! =)

 A Hong Kong's English newspaper "Sout China Morning post" has another
 article about the huge concert which will be held in Beijing next month.
 Here's a quote from the article:
 "The King of Pop, Micheal Jackson, and a host of international stars
 will rock Beijing ahead of a historic heavyweight boxing match, the
 Beijing Evening News reported yesterday.
 His pop-star sister, Janet Jackson, the Backstreet Boys, film-maker
 Steven Spielberg and actor Micheal Douglas will join a cast of Asian
 stars at the cultural event to be held at the Great Hall of the People
 in Beijing..."
 Unlike the previous article from "Jiang Nan Newspaper", this article
 didn't mention whether Celine has accepted the invitation.
(Updated on July 7 2001)
 Sony Music announced today on Celineonline's European News section
 that the DVD of ATW will come out in Holland on July 23rd.  
 Thank you Dennis for this info! =)

 Here are two side Celine-related news.  Celine has done a golf commercial
 few years ago for "Callaway"  The founder of Callaway, Ely Callaway,
 had died of cancer.  Callaway died 10 weeks after a tumor was found
 on his pancreas during surgery to remove his gall bladder.  He was 82.
 To read more about this news: Click here

 A new India singer, Arie, is going to make her album debut very soon.
 This is how she mentioned about Celine during an interview:
 "The career she'd most like to have is ``something like Celine Dion's,''
 she says. ``I wouldn't want to be that big, but I'd like to have a
 person attached to my destiny the way her husband is to hers.''"
 To read a bit more about her, click here.

(Updated on July 3 2001)
 In the past, we've heard a few times that China has been wanting to
 invite Celine to perform there.  Now, will this dream of China be realized
 in this coming August?  On June 29th edition of China's Nan Jing Newspaper,
 it has an article about a big concert which will be held in this August.
 It's a concert that opens for a huge boxing game in Beijing.  The entire
 event is organized by a famous Chinese movie director, Tang Ji Li.
 The boxing game will be held on August 5th, while the concert will be
 held on both August 3rd and 4th. 
 The production company announced that "there shouldn't be a problem
 to have Celine coming over here this time."  They are also making arrangement
 with both Micheal and Janet Jackson.  However, they still couldn't confirm
 whether both of them will be able to come.  Other singers on their
 invitation list includes Ricky Martin, Mariah Carey, Micheal Bolton,
 and Whitney Houston, and other famous singers in Asia.  
 Here's the article in Chinese from that newspaper: Click here!
 I would be very suprised if Celine will really accept this invitation
 to perform there in this August, but that newspaper isn't a Chinese
 tabloid.  So we'll just have to wait and see.  

(Updated on July 1 2001)
 Happy Canada Day!

(Updated on June 30 2001)
 Do you know that "Celine Dion Eyes" collection has it own official
 website?  It's
 It's quite interesting to browse through that site!
 The collection also had its debut in Canada in March 2001 at a Vision
 Expos.  Here's an article talking about the new collection.  It seems
 that the manufacturer are very serious about this line.  It also mentions
 that there are also plans for a line of Celine Dion Sunwear!
 Click here to read the article!

 Here's a pic of the current issue of the Lundi magazine!
 Thanks Tatiana and Estevam! =)

(Updated on June 29 2001) 
 In the past few days, both S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site and The heart of
 Celine Site have some exclusive news info about Celine's up-coming
 album.  Both sites claiming the news is contributed by a reliable
 source/person.  Here are their info.

 S'il Suffisait Site's info:
 The new album is coming to a finishing state, and it will show a more
 different Celine from the past with some pop songs such as TTWII, while
 there will still be some Dion-famous ballads.  The product will be
 quite diversified.  It should also come out in November of this year.
 As mentioned in previous press release, Celine's return will take place
 at Las Vegas in March 2003.  While the show will be in English, Celine
 does want to make a French version of the show, so that she will be
 able to carry the show to other cities, such as Quebec, France, Belgium,
 In addition, a new French album collaborating with Jean-Jacque Goldman
 will come out next year.
 --------------------The end of SSD site info----------------------
 The Heart of Celine Site's info:
 According to a person who works at Sony, the new Celine album will come
 out a year and a half from now, most likely a holiday-release.  The 
 rumors of Celine having a heavy pop-feel in the new album is untrue.
 There will be 2-3 pop songs that are "better than TTWII".  Celine is 
 also looking forward to record Enya's type of music since she's a fan
 of her music too.
 ---------------The end of The Heart of Celine Site info------------

 Apparently, these info from the two sites are quite contradicting at
 some points.  So now it leaves to you to decide which one you would
 want to believe, or not to believe any of them.  
 Base on what I read from the newspaper few weeks ago, Celine's deal with
 the Vegas show does not allow her to do any other concerts at any other
 occasion. Therefore, if SSD's site is true that Celine's want to do a
 French version of the show, then she'll have to do it after she has
 completed the 3 years Vegas contract.
 Since The Heart of Celine Site mentions about the rumor of Celine
 "adding a heavy pop feel to her new album" rumor, I would like to add
 some of my personal views about how this rumor appeared.  Base on what
 I saw, the head of rumor came from the Hollywood reporter's report about
 two songwriters who has worked with acts such as Jennifer Lopez and 98
 degrees (you can refer to my June 22 news update) are on calls to
 write songs for various singers including Celine.  Some fans then interpreted
 this report as Celine will be adding a "heavy" pop feel to her new album.
 Indeed, the report says nothing about that, and if we look at Celine's
 previous albums, Celine does like to have 2 to 3 up-tempo songs in her
 album.  Therefore, asking these two songwriters to write songs for Celine's
 new album doesn't mean that the entire album will have a "pop feel".
 Of course, we still can't shut down this possibility at this moment
 since none of the "official" reports say so or not.
 I've also re-read my June 22nd news update, and my wording does sound
 a bit misleading (leading people to think that it'll have a heavy pop
 feel).  Therefore, I apologize here to the people who've misled by my
 news update.

 Today's National Post also has a report confirming Celine isn't in the
 Harry Potter project:
 "Celine Dion does not have anything going on with Harry Potter.
 Warner Bros. has confirmed, despite the rumours raging on the Web,
 that Dion hasn't been recruited to record the soundtrack to Harry
 Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone."

(Updated on June 28 2001)
 A Quebec music news site ( states that few weeks 
 after the rumour of Celine singing Harry Potter's theme song appeared,
 the film director has now denied the rumour.  Celine will not be singing
 the theme song for the movie.

(Updated on June 24 2001)
 According to the S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site, a Quebec's newspaper
 (La Presse) had a poll on "Who is the best artist of Quebec today?" and
 "Which artist is the best representative for Quebec?"  And here are the
 Who is the best artist of Quebec today?
 - Celine Dion 26.6%
 - Isabelle Boulay 16.1%
 - Ricahrds Desjardin 11.4%
 - Kevin Parent 9.2%
 - Garou 8.8%
 - Luc Plamondon 6.5%
 - Lynda Lemay 6.1%
 - Jean Leloup 5.6%
 - Robert Lepage 3.1%
 - Other 1.7%
 - Nsp/nrp 4.9%

 Which artist is the best representative for Quebec?
 - Celine Dion 53.5%
 - Isabelle Boulay 11.4%
 - Luc Plamondon 10.7%
 - Lynda Lemay 6.4%
 - Garou 5.0%
 - Robert Lepage 3.8%
 - Jean Leloup 2.0%
 - Richard Desjardins 1.9%
 - Kevin Parent 0.0%
 - Other 0.5%
 - Nsp/nrp 3.8%

(Updated on June 22 2001)
 Recently, there are many rumours for the baptism of Rene-Charles.  On
 the Montreal Gazette yesterday, it has another article speculating about
 the baptism.  It says despite of the article from Journal de Montreal's
 article quotting an unnamed Dion family member saying that the baptism
 will probably take place at the Notre Dame Basilica at the end of July,
 Celine's spokeperson says yesterday that "Celine will baptize the baby,
 but it will strictly be for her family, it will be a private ceremony.
 That's what the family wants and we have to respect their wishes."
 Church administrator also says that they have not received any request
 from the family for a booking.
 Here's the original article: Click here!

 These are the pics taken when Celine was named Artist of UNESCO for 
 Peace in an ceremoney in 1999, before the official press conference
 which was held later in Quebec.  
 Here's the page provided by UNESCO's Quebec site about this event: Click here!
 Thanks Karla for telling me about this page! =)

 On June 19th, had an article about Christian
 Wahlberg and Anders Bagge, two Sweden musician who has written and
 produced hits for acts such as Jennifer Lopez and 98 degrees.  It says
 that they are currently on call to write new songs for Celine Dion,
 Sheryl Crow, No Doubt, Jay-Z, Ricky Martin and Whitney Houston.  
 Here's the original article: Click here!
 It seems that Celine wants to add some more funky/youth-pop of music
 styles into her music.  Maybe she had so much fun with TTWII. =)
 Thanks Karla again! =)

(Updated on June 19 2001)
 Sometimes ago, an US tabloid had an article talking about Celine paying
 to Caesars Palace US$5,000 a day to rent a private pool, so that Celine
 can swim naked during her vacation.  A columnist of National Post (Canada's
 national newspaper) also mentioned about this new in his/her column.
 And here's what that columnist wrote regarding that article few days
 ago on the June 14th edition of the National Post:
 Dish column published in the National Post on May 17, 2001, I mentioned
 information pertaining to singer Celine Dion and her husband, Ren? Angélil.
 That information stated that Ms. Dion has a thing for going
 au naturel by the pool at her Florida mansion, and that she "took the
 show on the road" when she stayed recently at Caesars Palace in Las
 Vegas, and that both Ms. Dion and Mr. Angélil wanted some privacy and
 paid US$5,000 a day to rent a private pool where they could disrobe in
 peace, although the hotel allows topless sunbathing. The information
 published regarding Ms. Dion and Mr. Angélil is totally inaccurate and
 incorrect. The National Post apologizes to Ms. Dion and Mr. Angélil for
 the inconvenience that the publication of this information may have
 caused them."

 Two fans posted two news messages about the vegas show audition separately.
 Here are the info I gather from their messages.  A Quebec TV program
 called Flash reported that Celine's Las Vegas show is auditioning
 for the dancers.  They will not accept anymore dancers from Quebec
 because of too many candidates.  However, they will continue to hold
 audition in New York and Europe.  What they're looking for are technique,
 personality and originality.  A concept of the Vegas show is to have
 all these dancers dancing around Celine.
 According to the Celine Fall! Site and S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site,
 a Quebec's newspaper(Journal de Montreal) says that Celine is currently
 in Montreal right now.  She'll be staying there for a week, and later
 she'll spend the summer season there too.  Rene Charles's baptism will
 be held in July.
 Here's a pic of an ad of the Celine Dion Eyes eye-glasses.
 Thanks Estevam! =)

(Updated on June 13 2001)
 According to, Celine's upcoming album will be in English,
 and the preparation has already begun.  It should come out before 
 Celine's Las Vegas shows which will begin in March, 2003.
 Here's the original article in French: Click here

(Updated on June 12 2001)
 There's a rumour that Celine may record the theme song for the movie
 version of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone".  The song is called
 "The Boy Who Lived" and written by James Horner and Will Jennings. who posted this rumour also said that John Williams who
 is behind this project makes a doubt to this rumour.  Since the article
 is in French, I couldn't understand the part of John Williams.  
 Here's the original French article from Showbizz:  Click here!

(Updated on June 10 2001)
 We know that Celine and Rene has bought an island to build their new
 house in Quebec and they even demolished the old castle on the island.
 Now the new building has built up and you can see a pic on the Celine Fall! Site
(Updated on June 7 2001)
 Celine was voted favorite female singer by the US. Hispanics!  The 
 Spanish version of People Magazine surveyed 1600 U.S. Hispanics about
 their favorite stars and they voted Celine as their favorite female
 singer, while Marc Anthony is their favorite male singer.
 It seems Celine's absence from the music-scene doesn't hurt her popularity
 that much!! =)

(Updated on June 5 2001)
 Found this Celine-related news on the newsgroup.  On Gloria Estevan's
 new greatest hits album, she wrote a side-notes for each of the songs,
 and for the song "Heaven's what I feel", she wrote "this song was
 originally written for and recorded by Celine Dion...Celine decided not
 to include it on her album".  
 "Heaven's what I feel" is an up-tempo song which Gloria released about
 two years ago.  I'm a bit suprised that Celine decided not to include
 this song on her album, but she must've had her reason. 

 A small wedding pic of Celine is on the cover of the curren issue of
 an US tabloid (National Enquirer).  The title of the story is "Hollywood
 Fantastic Weddings".

(Updated on May 30 2001)
 A fan on the newsgroup posted this:
 Friday's edition of the "Independent" newspaper in the UK had an interview
 with James Di Salvio from the Canadian pop group Bran Van 3000. It
 seems that Di Salvio used to direct pop videoclips and he had this to say:
 "I did one for Branford Marsalis, one for Sarah McLachlan and another
 for Celine Dion. My film for Celine never got released, because it was
 too bizarre. We shot her at 100 frames per second - we made her look
 like Nico in her last days - and intercut it with pictures from a motor-
 racing crash. Celine felt it was too eerie; it just wasn't part of her
 marketing strategy."
 Interesting aye?!

(Updated on May 29 2001)
 If you can remember, Montreal made an "earth-like" sphere dedicated
 to Celine, right across from the city hall.  According to S'il Suffisait 
 D'aimer Site, Celine's home town Charlemagne is also building a 
 similar figure dedicated to Celine.
 Thanks Estevam for the info! =)

(Updated on May 24 2001)
 At the 18th annual American Society Of Composers, Authors, And Publishers
 (ASCAP) Pop Music Awards on Tuesday (May 22) in Los Angeles, the song-
 writer of "That's the way it is", Max Martin and Andreas Carlsson 
 shared the award "Songwriter of the year."  TTWII was also one of the
 award winning songs.

 Pictures of Celine and Rene-Charles can be found in the current issue
 of German InStyle magazine.
 Thanks Ralf for the info! =)

(Updated on May 23 2001)
 7 Jour magazine has an article on Mama Dion, and it also talks about
 how Celine celebrated her first mother's day.  On that day, she stayed
 home with both Rene, Linda and Manon.  The cook also made a cake for
 the ocassion.  Of course, Celine also called her mom on that day, while
 holding Rene-Charles in her hand.  Mama Dion said that when she had
 Celine when she was 41 years old, she thought she'll never be able to
 see Celine's child, and now they're celebrating mother's day together.

 I forgot to post this yesterday, two days ago, while I was watching a
 Chinese TV program, suprisingly, I heard the song "Run Like a River"
 (the one which we got to download in mp3 format few months ago) being
 play at the back for around 10-15 seconds.  So I start to wonder why
 this song is on the program, and can this song really be the one Dianne 
 Warren wrote for Celine?

(Updated on May 22 2001)
 Here's an article from and it has a bit more info about
 the terms of the contract, such as Celine won't be able to perform
 any other concert during that period.  It also says that an album will
 come out 1 year prior to the show.
 Click here to read it!
 Thanks Dennis for the article! =)

(Updated on May 21 2001)
 Some articles on Celine's return brought up some interesting questions.
 How can Celine pack a 4000 seats theatre 200 nights a year in the same
 place?  Some also question the price of the tickets may be a bit high.
 Anyway, we'll get more information about the show on May 22nd according
 to Celineonline.
 There are also some rumors spreaded on the newsgroup saying Celine
 will release an album one year prior to the show.  It also says that
 the album will have around 12 new songs, heavily in pop genre, such 
 as "That's the way it is" type of song, and some ballads.  It also says
 that there will be 2 Dianne Warren songs which were shortlisted from
 All The Way.  However, the person who posted these info didn't post
 the sources, so I doubt these are true.  I really don't think they've
 already chosen what songs to be put on the new album at this moment.
(Updated on May 19 2001)
 There is another article about Celine's return from "Hollywood reporter."
 Dion will go on at Caesars, has album in works
 The article says that Celine not only has accepted a 3 year contract,
 she's also in studio recording a new album!   It also says that Celine
  is expected to net more than $100 million.
 What an exciting week this is?!! =)

(Updated on May 18 2001)
 Finally, we have official statement about Celine's return in Vegas.  The statement
 says that Celine will return in 2003.  You can find the entire official press
 release at Celineonline.  Click here to read it!
 It also says that Celine has recently be named the "world's best selling female
 artist", selling more than 125 million copies of albums in the past decade.  Alright!!
 There are few more articles from various news media:
 Celine Dion to make comeback in 2003
 Celine Dion to return with 600 vegas shows
 Celine Dion to headline in Las Vegas
 Celine coming back--Elvis-style.

(Updated on May 17 2001)
 Not too long ago, Celine has just won back the domain name of
 Now, when you click in that address, it will bring you to celineonline.

 Yesterday, South China Morning Post had an article about Celine's return
 concert series in Las Vegas.  The article said, according to Las Vegas
 Review-Journal columnist Norm Clarke, it is the highest-known pay package
 for a performer on the famour strip.  The deal is estimated to be between
 US $40-$50 million.  Caesar's Palace is building a new, 4000-seat theatre
 with a coliseum theme in readiness for her shows.

(Updated on May 14 2001)
 An anti-Stockwell Day (a party leader in Canada) site is using Celine's
 MHWGO to mock Stockwell Day.  When you go to, Celine's MHWGO
 will be playing in the background, with pics and words making fun of
 the party leader.
 Sony has issued a letter telling the web-site masters that they are
 infringing on Celine's copyright.  Shuv Majumdar, the 21 year old 
 university student, who started the site with few of his friends said
 that they'll take down the song as soon as they receive the letter from 
 Sony.  At this moment, you can still hear that song when you visit the site.
(Updated on May 13 2001)
 Happy Mother's Day everyone!  May all the mothers be respected and happy
 around the world.  Of course, not only today!
 Celine's on another magazine cover, and this time is France's Dimanche 
 You can see a pic at Estevam's site news section:  click here!
 Thanks Estevam! =)

(Updated on May 11 2001)
 Lycos has just announced 50 most popular celebrity moms on the Internet.
 The ranking is based on the most-searched celebrity moms in the month
 of April, and our Celine is at #11.  A pretty good position, don't you think?!
 Click here to read more about it!

(Updated on May 9 2001)
 Hi people, I'm back.
 Yesterday, reported that Gala magazine, which had a chance
 to meet Celine in Florida, confirms that Celine will be returning to
 ShowBizz on Dec 31 2002, in Las Vegas.  She'll be giving concerts in 
 Las Vegas at a specially designed theatre for 2 years.  The director
 of the project is Franco Dragone and the theatre will be in Ceasar's
 Palace.  Celine, Rene and baby Rene will move to Las Vegas for those
 two years.  Now, Celine will be continue enjoying her break in Florida,
 and will go back to Montreal in sometimes around July, when the baby's
 baptize will also take place.  She may be also visiting Paris in Autumn.
 According to Sony Music DVD page, Sony is planning to release Celine's
 CBS 1999 special into DVD.

 Found this interesting quote in National Post:
 More than 2.3 million Americans visited Quebec last year, helping the
 province to its most successful tourism year, according to figures
 released yesterday. The number of Americans who visited Quebec climbed
 4.5% last year. The performance is being attributed to local festivals
 and a picture of singer Celine Dion used in brochures abroad.
(Updated on May 2 2001)
 I won't have internet access for a week starting today, and I should
 be back after May 8th.  Let me leave you guys with some pics from the
 US tabloid.  I think Rene-Charles' chin looks so much like Celine's. =)
(Updated on April 30 2001)
 A fellow Celine fan, Gina Cloe, has sent me a humourous version of "To
 Love You More" lyrics, and it's called "To buy new clothes".  
 Click here to read the lyric!
 Thanks Gina! =)
(Updated on April 28 2001)
 Celine, Rene and baby Rene is on the cover of another magazine. This
 time is the Belgian's "Dag Allemaal".
 Thanks Estevam and Michiel for the pic and info correction! 

 Celine is on the cover of the "Globe" magazine (US tabloid).  It has
 similar pics of those pics shown in the Voici, Echos Vedettes...etc.

(Updated on April 27 2001)
 Celine is on the cover of "Echos Vedettes" again.  This time, it talks
 about baby Rene's baptism and his nationality.  It seems that French
 tabloids do like to talk about Celine and her baby a lot.
 Thanks Estevam for the info! =)

 In the mean time, let's not forget to vote for Celine.
 Quebec's diva vote: Click here to vote!
 VH1's Diva vote: Click here to vote!

(Updated on April 25 2001)
 Here's the pic of the Gala cover.  
 Thanks Estevam! =)

(Updated on April 24 2001)
 There is a 8 mins real-video file showing what's happening at the
 backstage or the "under-stage" to be more correctly, during the Millennium
 concert.  Showing how the technicians control the stage, lighting...etc.
 Click here to watch!
 Thank you Patrick  Immortality Celine for this info! =) 

 There are few much larger and clearer pics of those few Celine and baby
 Rene pics on the news(Actualite) section of theS'il Suffisait D'aimer
 Site!  Baby Rene is so cute, and the shape of his head looks much like
 his Dad, Rene Angelil.  I think that Celine's casual wear, or the clothes
 that she wear off stage, off screen such as going to shopping...etc
 look so cool.  And sometimes in my opinion that they even look better
 than the clothes she wears on stage or TV appearances.  So from these
 pics, maybe we can predict the circles are coming back to the fashion
 trend. =)

 I was searching through Montreal Gazette Newspaper News archive, and
 found a few mentions of Celine in various articles which are a bit 
 An article dated March 28 2001:  Charlotte Church said in the article
 that she has met Celine twice, and "she's really nice, really sweet."

 An article dated March 13 2001:  Ursula Babiarz, a boutique owner in 
 Quebec, visited Milan to buy new clothes for her store.  She was asked
 " Who will buy a striped cotton blouse with applique flowers for $1,200
 in Montreal?" and she said "3 women".  Then she added "'A few pieces
 will go to Celine (Dion) - the white pony coat, probably,' Babiarz said. 
 'And I'm sure she'll get the little rabbit fur to wear in Florida in
 the winter when she's with the baby.' The white ponyskin coat was a
 dramatic piece, soft and feminine yet tough, with a standup military
 collar and snap cuffs. It's not exactly the thing for running over to
 the store for some milk on a slushy day."

 An article dated Feb 17th 2001: This article talks about the business
 environment in Canada for the Canadian songwriters.  Writers that mentioned
 included Aldo Nova, Diane Warren, Carole King, Dan Hill, Luc Plamondon..etc.
 Part of the article says how much money a songwriter can earn if the
 song is recorded by a huge star on a best-selling album.  In Aldo Nova's
 case, he has penned 3 songs on Falling into you.  "Falling Into You
 sold 28 million copies and earned each of its songwriters $1 million
 or more per song. With his three songs, Nova, 41, is rumoured to have
 earned $4 million from record sales. He would not confirm or deny the
 rumour, although he did admit, 'that was the first time I made some
 decent money from songwriting.' 
 Dan Hill also had a song on Dion's Falling Into You: Seduces Me. Since
 then, a wide range of performers have recorded Hill's songs."
 Aldo Nova also said that he was invited to submit songs for Celine's
 Let's Talk About Love and All The Way album, but "writer's block"
 prevented him from complying. "You can't force songs out," he said,
 adding he once went an entire year without writing anything. 
 An article dated Feb 10, 2001: Aldo Giampaolo is the head of entertainment
 activities at the Molson Centre in Montreal.  "'Celine (Dion) was my 
 NBA franchise,' Giampaolo noted wistfully. The Quebec diva has headlined
 a mind-boggling 23 sold-out shows at the Molson Centre, including the
 Dec. 31, 1999 blow-out, which - thanks to $400 tickets - grossed $4
 Dion also performed 14 gigs at the Forum before the Molson Centre opened,
 once Giampaolo convinced Dion and her manager-husband Rene Angelil to
 inaugurate the venue's smaller Theatre du Forum configuration in 1993. 
 Dion and Angelil are close friends of Giampaolo's, so he couldn't be
 happier about the recent arrival of the couple's first baby. Angelil
 sent Giampaolo, a noted stogie buff, a selection of fine cigars after
 the birth. Giampaolo and the Canadiens responded by sending young Rene
 Charles a Habs player contract. 
 Dion's temporary retirement means fewer sold-out shows at the Molson
 Centre and, like everyone else, Giampaolo has heard the rumours about
 Dion setting up shop for several months in Las Vegas once she begins
 performing again. All of which spells lost revenue for his rink. 
 'If I'm in New York, she's my Bruce Springsteen. Celine is an exceptional
 thing for us. If she's working again, I'll be phoning Rene,' Giampaolo

(Updated on April 23 2001)
 First of all, I've just received a Celine site award, the Celiniana Award.
 Thanks Celiniana Site for giving me the award! =)

 Celine and baby Rene-Charles is on the cover of this week's Voici!

(Updated on April 21 2001)
 Here's the article of a German newspaper 'Der Bildzeitung'.  Don't
 Celine and Rene-Charles look great?! Wow, the baby grows a lot, and he
 looks totally different from those pics of Hello!.  He must've been 
 eating a lot. And is that a Gucci "baby strap"? Cool!
 Thanks Suus for these pics! =)

(Updated on April 18 2001)
 There's another voting we can help Celine.  It's voting for favourite
 Quebecer singer.  Celine is quite behind from the 1st and 2nd place
 winner.  Click here to vote!
 Thanks Estevam! =)

(Updated on April 17 2001)
 On yesterday's New York Post's Gossip column, it has an article about
 "will Celine come out of retirement?"  It says that Sony is desperately
 wanting Celine to join in a "We are the world" type of compilation
 album with proceeds going to buy AIDS drugs for Africans.  Other artists
 such as Micheal Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Christina Aguilera, Stevie
 Wonder, and Jay-Z were also approached by the label.  However, Micheal
 Jackson's representative has already confirmed that he is not participating.
 Here's a real-video file from CTV reporting about the article.
 Click here to watch!

(Updated on April 14 2001)
 Found a link for downloading the "Sous le vent" video, which was aired
 in the Garou TV special.  Found this link from Sony Taiwan's Celine
 discussion board.  You can see Celine and Garou singing this song in
 the decorated studio.  You can also see Celine's tummy in the early
 stage of the pregnancy.
 Click here to download.

(Updated on April 13 2001)
 Happy Good Friday! =)
 Found a pic of a Celine Nokia phone on S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site

 BlockBuster Awards was held two days ago, and Celine was nominated for
 Favourite female artists (Pop).  Unfortunately, Celine didn't win the
 award.  The award went to Britney Spears.

(Updated on April 11 2001)
 Ashley, a fellow Celine fan, sent me an email telling me that
 is going to release a new Celine album called "Live in Memphis" on April
 17th, 2001.  I've checked on their website, and it doesn't have the
 tracklisting yet, but in the album notes section, it says "Import-
 Chn/Vcd 2 CD Set".  So I'm wondering if it's actually a VCD version of
 the Live in Memphis video or it's a cd version of the concert.  
 You can check it out here!
 I don't find any other online music store carry this title.
 Thanks Ashley for the info! =)

 While I was searching info for the album mentioned above, I found an
 album called "A Tribute to Celine Dion" by "The vocal ballad community."
 It's actually a collection of Celine songs sung by various unnamed 
 vocalists.  Why I mention about this, because they have some sample
 clips.  You can find those samples by clicking here!

 On last weekend, April 7th, Larry King re-aired the interview he did
 with Celine and Rene in 1999, before her break.  At the end of the show,
 Larry added a few comments about the interview, and he said "...we're
 looking forward to talking with the proud momma and poppa very soon."
 For the entire transcript of the interview, and Larry's comments at
 the end, click here! 
 Thanks Candice for the info! =)

(Updated on April 9 2001)
 Celine is on the cover of Australia's Woman's Day magazine.
 16 April 2001 issue, features CELINE DION on the cover and in a 6- page 
 article, with 9 pictures. Two pictures are full page pictures.
 Thanks Kirstin for the pic and info! =)

 A fan, Mathieu, posted on the newsgroup, a link to a game of Celine,
 Rene and baby Rene provided by Cyberpresse.  It isn't a very nice game,
 but if you don't take it seriously, it's kind of hilarious.
 Click here!  After you get to that page, simply click on "Celine and Rene"
 to start the game.

(Updated on April 7 2001)
 Let's vote for Celine!  On Vh1, a poll is running for favourite diva,
 and Celine is one of them.  She's having 10% of the votes at this moment,
 ranking at 4th place, behind Faith Hill, Tina Turner, and Mariah Carey,
 and tieing with the Destiny's Child.
 Click here to vote!

 ET online has two windows media files of Celine chatting with Aretha
 at the backstage of 98 Grammy. 
 Click here to watch a clip of Celine praising Aretha: Click here!
 Click here to watch a clip of Celine singing with Aretha: Click here!
(Updated on April 6 2001)
 Today on ET, they had a segment on Aretha Franklin.  During that segment,
 they showed a clip of Aretha "jamming" with Celine at the backstage of
 the 98 grammy, which Celine performed "My heart will go on".  They looked
 like having a great time! =)

(Updated on April 2 2001)
 Here are two more funny Celine pics!  
 Thanks Sarah for sending me these pics! =)

(Updated on Mar 31 2001)
 Bee Gees are releasing a compilation of songs written by them but
 performed by other artists. Céline's "Immortality" is also one of them.
 The compilation is called "Words: Songs Written By The Bee Gees" and
 the release date is April 2nd. Other featured artists
 include Tina Turner, Dusty Springfield, Al Green, Rod Stewart, Boyzone,
 Robbie Williams, Elton John, Destiny's Child and Barbra Streisand.
 Thanks Ralf for this info!

(Updated on Mar 30 2001)
 Wish you all the BEST!  May all your wishes come true, and everything
 goes as smoothly as you want.  =) Save me a slice of the cake!

(Updated on Mar 29)
 Haven't seen this pic before!  Found it on
 I guess these pics maybe taken from the MTV program Celine appeared 
 before her break.  What a funny and cute pic! =)  Love it!

 Btw, all of you should know what is so special tomorrow.  Celine will
 turn to 33 tomorrow!!!  The first birthday which she'll celebrate with
 her son!!  Happy Birthday Celine!  =)
(Updated on Mar 27)
 Here's a pic from Paris's Ici magazine.  Thanks Suus, the site-owner of
 On tour with Celine for sending me the pic! =)

 To singers, it's crucial how important the record company values each
 singer to the label.  In the Hong Kong music industry as an example, 
 some big name singers avoid to be in the same record company with another
 big name singer in order to get all the attention from the label.  I
 guess many of them must envy Celine's status in Sony.
 reported that the executives of Sony ranks Celine the most important
 singer in the company, even higher than Micheal Jackson.  Here's the
 entire article.  Click here to read!

 Yahoo France has an article on exposure of entertainers through the
 media in the past year.  Celine ranks #3, and she has appeared on 42
 magazines covers in the past year.  Since the article is in French, I'm 
 not really sure what it's about.  If you know French, you can read the
 article by clicking here!

(Updated on Mar 25)
 Today is a big day for the Showbizz world because Oscar will be held
 tonight.  Today on a newspaper, it listed some notable jewels that various
 female stars wore to the Oscar in the past years.  Celine was one of them,
 and "Heart of the ocean" isn't what they're talking about this time.  
 It's the chanel necklace(pic above) Celine wore to the 1997 Oscar, where
 she performed "Because you loved me" and "I've finally found someone."
 There's a little story behind the necklace according to the newspaper.
 It says few days ago, when Celine was deciding what dress to wear, the
 representative of Chanel, Anne Fahey, went to meet Celine with few guards
 in Beverly Hills with few jewels.  Celine was resting her voice that
 day, so she didn't say much.  But once Celine saw that chanel star shape
 necklace, she immediately took it with her to the dress room, and came
 out wearing it with the Chanel V-neck dress(shown above), and putting
 her thumb up.  That necklace has 654 pieces of diamonds and it worths
 around US$550,000. 

 A member of a rock band from Brazil made a very impolite comment on 
 Celine during an interview with MTV Brazil.  You can to go Estevam's
 Celine site for more on this story.

(Updated on Mar 22)
 Since the release of baby Rene's pic, Celine and baby Rene has been on
 the cover of many magazines around the world.  This time, Celine and
 baby Rene is on the cover of a Italian magazine.
 Thanks Paola, the site owner of Celine Maniacs for this pic! =)

 Canoe has been running a poll for "Who's the sexiest Quebec star" since
 January, and it will run for a year.  At this moment, Celine is leading
 by a huge margin.  She grabbes 50% of the votes.  Behind her at 2nd
 is a comedian called Sophie Pregent, and Mitsou at the 3rd.  Other stars
 in the top 10 includes Caroline Neron and Lara Fabian.  You can vote
 Thanks Estevam for the info! =)

 A side news, Celine's friend, Shania Twain is pregnant.  She's now 
 resting in her home in Switzerland, and her publicist have no comments
 on how far has she carried her pregnancy already.  Now, maybe Celine
 can pass some tips to Shania!  Congratulations, Shania! 

(Updated on Mar 21)
 A little follow up of the rumor of baby Rene's baptism.  This rumor
 also started out when two Quebec magazines, Echos vedette and the All
 vedette reported it. These magazines are similar to the tabloids in
 the US.  
 Thank you for this info, Alexandre! =)
 Sometimes ago, we heard about a new rose named after "Celine Dion". 
 In Canada, you'll be able to plant the rose tree into your garden for
 $19.95  For each sale, $1 will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
 In the year to come, there will be only 5000 seedings available, a
 figure which is "far away to certify gold".  However, in 2002, there
 will be around 35,000 to 45,000 seedings available for North America.
 To read this story in French, click on the link to read the Showbizz
 article. Click here to read!

(Updated on Mar 20 evening)
 Estevam, the site owner of Celine Fall! sent me this "rumor" news.
 "According to a contact of mine's, the baby's will take place
 at the Montréal's basilica de Notre-Dame, on June 24th :-)"
 Thanks Estevam for the news! =)

 This week on Celine Dion Rare Videoclips, it shows a clip of
 Celine playing piano.  The footage is taken from the Region 2 DVD of
 "Au Coeur Du Stade".  Base on what the webmaster said, this DVD includes
 a 50 minute special on the studio recording of the Let's Talk About
 Love album, and a 25 minute special on the studio recording of the
 S'il suffisait d'aimer album.  Last week, the site also showed a clip
 of Celine recording the beautiful song "Papillon".  

(Updated on Mar 20)
 Hi guys, as you may have noticed, this site was gone for the last few
 days.  The reason is Tripod removed my site due to technical errors.
 And they've just restored it few minutes ago (12:51am).  I was suprised
 when I found out that they've removed the site, and then I was kinda
 sad, because all of the stuff that I've been working for few years are
 gone.  And suddenly, "it's all coming back to me".  What a relief!!
 One good thing from this little incident is that I've found out how
 much this site means to me.  You know, I even started another account,
 and already published the site, although the site was basically pretty
 empty.  While I was spending more than a hour sending emails telling
 people about the new site address, I received the email from Tripod.
 Anyway, it feels good that everything is alright now.  And I would also 
 like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who've sent me
 emails in the last few days regarding the removal of my site, and for
 offering helps.  I appreciate it sooo much!!  Thank you guys!! =) 
 Okay, so let's get back to Celine's news.
 This news isn't related to Celine directly.  This news is about the
 husband of Anne Marie, Rene's daughter.  Marc Dupre, a comedian, seems
 to be having financial problem. Base on reports on, it
 says that he's owing money to his company, his lawyer, Revenue Canada,
 and Revenue Quebec.  He may have to file for bankruptcy.  The hearing 
 will be held on June 11th. Here's an article in French from
 Click here to read!

(Updated on Mar 17)
 Naspter has been ordered to remove all the unauthorized songs from
 their system, so now, you can't find any Celine song there, if you 
 search under Artist name with "Celine Dion".  However, you can still
 find many Celine's songs there if you just type in "Celine", without
 "Dion".  The reason is many napster users in order to prevent their
 songs got removed, they've changed their file names.  So now, many 
 Celine songs there are listed as sung by "Celine Dione", "Celine 
 Dionne", "Celine Deon"...etc.

(Updated on Mar 12)
 A follow up of Celine's record of biggest first week sales in Canada.
 Few days ago, I posted here that Celine's record was broken by the Dave
 Matthews Band.  Then a fellow fan, Clare, sent me an email asking me
 if I'm sure the band really sold 243,000 copies, because in the article
 from Jam!, it stated as "24,3000" copies.  I thought it was 243,000 because 
 later in the article, the writer of that article wrote that, the band
 sold 700,000 copies in the US, 3 times the popularity in Canada.  However,
 Nanda Lwin, who writes the weekly chart talk column haven't mentioned
 about the record breaking sales figures which is rare.  So, both of us, 
 were questioning if the sales figures should've been 243,000 or 24,300.
 Then I emailed Nanda, and Clare emailed the writer of that article to 
 confirm the sales figure.  Til today, I still haven't received a reply
 from Nanda, but Clare got a reply from the writer, and here's what he
 "SoundScan's data put it at 24,300. Sorry, I went back and checked the
 original story and saw the glitch that added an extra zero (although
 the comma remained in the right spot). Yeah, DMB had a good first week,
 although he'd be laughing if he sold Celine numbers.
 Paul Cantin"
 So afterall, Celine holds that record!  Sorry for confusing you guys! =)

(Updated on Mar 10)
 Last week, RIAA and NEA announced Top 365 Songs of the century, and
 Celine's MHWGO made the list! If you wanna know more about this, and
 want to know how they rank the songs, or if you wanna know if some of
 your favourites are on the list, click here!

(Updated on Mar 9)
 Celine is in the latest issue of People magazine.  You can also see
 some of the pics on  All the pics
 appear there are the ones appeared in last issue of Hello! though.
 Thanks Lauren for the cover pic and info! =)

 HelloMagazine's Part III: New Focus is up online now.  You can go and
 take a look! 

(Updated on Mar 8)
 Here's the cover of the latest 7 Jours issue, which has a 27-page article
 on baby Rene with pictures!
 Thank you Kirstin for the pic and info! =) has put up Part II: Motherhood, online today.
 Basically, the writing are just excerpts from last issue, but there
 are few new pics.  There's even a pic with baby Rene opening his eys! 

(Updated on Mar 7)
 Suprisingly, Celine's record of biggest first week sales in Canada with
 230,000 copies (LTAL) has been broken by the Dave Matthews Band, with
 their new album, which sold 243,000 copies in its first week in Canada.
 Never thought that the record would be broken by this band.  

(Updated on Mar 6)
 As reported on National Post, "entertainment reporter John Moore of
 Montreal's Mix 96/CJAD said that Hello! magazine doled out about $2
 -million for those pics of Celine Dion's little bundle of joy. That
 beats the reported $500,000 the magazine paid for the pics of the
 Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones béb?"  If that's true, and
 if the news about Celine and Rene donating all the money they got from
 the magazine to charities is true, then it will be marvelous!
 On this week, they're having a Celine special for
 today, tomorrow and the day after.  There are total of 3 parts.  Part I
 is pregnancy, part II is motherhood, and part III is Celine's new focus.
 There are also some new pics there!
(Updated on Mar 5)
 A fan on the newsgroup said that the NBC news reported that Hello! 
 Magazine paid a high price to get the exclusive baby Rene's pics, and
 Celine and Rene are donating all that money to charities.  Isn't that
 lovely! =)

(UPdated on Mar 3)
 Coco Lee, an Chinese American singer who is trying to be break through 
 the American market, said during an interview that most of the singers
 in the US take a long time to record, and they would relax and chat
 with the musicians in the studio, and wait for the right mood to arrive
 before they would start recording, and that's why sometimes, some of
 the singers can't even finish record a few lines in one day.  She said,
 she only took 8 hours to finish a recording session, and the people
 who were working with her were suprised how fast it took them, and they
 told her that Celine Dion is the first in terms of recording speed
 and readiness, and she's the second.  In my own opinion, I don't really
 admire Coco's personality, not because she has been called the next
 Celine Dion, or Asia's Mariah Carey, it's just that sometimes, she
 gives me an impression of having a big nose or something.  Indeed, she's
 a talented singer, especially when comparing her with many singers in
 Taiwan or Hong Kong who only have the looks but not the soul of music.
 Anyway, in case you're interested, Coco Lee will be performing at the 
 Oscar with "A love before time", the theme song from "Crouching Tigers,
 Hidden Dragon".

(Updated on Mar 2)
 Quebec's 7 Jour has put Celine and Rene on the cover again.  This time,
 with baby Rene too.  Inside, there is a 2-page article, with 5 different
 magazines covers around the world on Celine and her baby.  Next week,
 they're going to have a 20-page article on Celine too.  So watch out! =)
 Thank you Estevam and Kirstin for the pic and info! =)
 Today, I've received an email from the legal Advisors of HELLO, HOLA
 and OH LA magazines, asking me to remove all those baby Rene pics taken 
 from the magazine due to legal issues.  If I do not take those pictures
 out of the site, they will feel obliged to act legally in order to protect
 their clients' interests.  Therefore, you can't see anymore baby Rene
 pics from that magazine here.  I do respect and understand their reasons
 and copyright issues, and I know that the magazine must've paid a lot
 to get the exclusive pics, but they don't realize that what we are 
 doing is actually advertising for the magazine.  Well, that's the way
 it is, and nothing broken but my heart.(for today)
(Updated on Mar 1)
 ET will show the pics from the Hello! Magazine tonight.  Stay tune!
 I've finally got a copy of the Hello! Magazine today.  These are some
 other pics included in the magazine.  At the end of the 20-page article,
 there are some words in large fonts saying "Next Week, more beautiful
 photos of Celine and Rene and their miracle child, plus the singer 
 reveals her hopes for her baby's future".  So, more pics in next issue?!
 (Pics of baby Rene has been removed from today's news update due to
 legal issues.)

 I've have typed up the entire article. Click here to read it!
 Here's an article from Montreal Gazette, a health professional who has
 assesed with thousands of parents, discusses what she thinks about the
 superstar family. It also has a little bit explaination from Celine's
 publicist why they chose Hello! to present the first photos of baby
 Rene. Montreal Gazette Article
 A fan from the newsgroup said that when she went to buy a copy of the
 Hello! Magazine, the store clerk told her that this magazine is one 
 HOT magazine this week.  They got 30 copies today, and by lunch time,
 half of them are already gone.  The clerk said people are buying them

(Updated on Feb 28)
 (Pics of baby Rene has been removed from today's news update due to
 legal issues.)

 Here's a TVA real-video reports of the premier of baby Rene's pics.
 In the report, it shows some pics from the magazine one by one, with
 MHWGO being played at the back. Click here to watch! currently is also running a poll asking people if they are
 interested in Celine's family life.  So far, there are 10575 respondents,
 and 14% of them say "Yes", while 86% say "No".

 Here's an article from Jam!Music about the magazine, and how some Quebecers
 think about the huge publicity of the baby. Click here to read.

(Updated on Feb 27)
 Here's a real-video of the news report on baby Rene's pic, and Celine
 telling Hello! that she will never go on the road again while she has
 a child to raise.  Click here!

(Updated on Feb 26)
 (Pics of baby Rene has been removed from today's news update due to
 legal issues.)

(Updated on Feb 25)
 Today, a Chinese newspaper reported this: (translated into English)
 "Since the birth of her son, Celine Dion has disappeared.  At this moment,
 besides taking care of her new born child, Celine is also having a
 construction at her house, trying to re-design the interior of the
 house to look much like a casino.  That's because Celine's husband's
 Rene Angelil loves to gamble, so that Rene can have all the fun in his
 own house, instead of going to Las Vegas everytime.  Indeed, Celine then
 can always keep an eye on her husband."
 I doubt the reliability of this news.  First of all, it's so rare to
 read a "new" news of Celine from a Chinese newspaper, before getting
 it from the Western media.  Second, we all know that the part of the
 Florida mansion was already built in the style of Caesars Palace.  Third,
 it doesn't make sense to have a construction in the house at this moment.
 No way, Celine and baby Rene can have a good rest if there's a construction
 in the house.

 Just a reminder, TVA will air the 90 mins Garou special tonight at 7:00pm,
 and there will be a premier performance of Celine and Garou, singing
 "Sous Le Vent".

(Updated on Feb 23)
 Some of you may have tried this before.  When you go to
 you see the homepage of Celebrity 1000 (a polling site), instead of
 a real Celine Dion site.  However, right now when you click to the
 same address, you won't see that page anymore, because Celine has won
 a case, and take back the rights of that address.
 Click here to read the entire story!

(Updated on Feb 21)
 Celine and Frank Sinatra didn't win the Grammy Award for "Best pop
 collaboration with vocals".  The award went to B.B King and Dr. John's
 "Is You Is, Or Is You Ain't (My Baby)".
 You can find a real-video file of IWCT on RE:Celine Site.  It's in the "Sound"
 Thank you Tatiana and Katherine for telling me this! =)
 You can find few video captures of the "IWCT" video on Queen Celine Site.
 Check them out! 

 Just a reminder, the Grammy is on tonight, and Celine is nominated with
 Frank Sinatra for their duet "All The Way" in the "Best vocal collaboration"
 category.  Let's wish them luck!

(Updated on Feb 20)
 The ATW VHS/DVD are already in stores.  You should be able to find it.
 However, I've also heard that some stores may have only order either
 the DVD or VHS.  I went to Music World, and they had both.  "If walls
 could talk" is probably one the most anticipated video for many people.
 I can't make the video into real-video or quick time file because I don't 
 have the equipment to do that.  So now, I try my best to describe
 how the video looks like to those of you who don't have the video.
 There isn't a real plot in the video.  Celine dresses in an "darker-skin"
 colour outfit.  The cutting is kinda irregular, it's pretty low cut
 on the chest section, and it also shows Celine's legs.  She has
 "wet-look" hair style, looks a bit like she has just washed her hair,
 and not entirely dry yet.  In some of the shots, that hair style reminds
 me of the look of the female main character in the movie "Alien".  
 For those of you who caught the TV commercial for the "Collector Series
 Album", few shots appear in the commercial were actually taken from
 this video.  What Celine basically does is standing or sitting in various
 settings in a house which has an oriental atmosphere. And while Celine 
 sings, the setting, with the help of special effects, changes from one
 setting to another. Sometimes, Celine sings in a small room full of
 Japanese style, and then it becomes a hall, and then it changes to a
 place with a human-made ponds with Japanese gold fishes swimming,
 then Celine sings on a bed in a room.  Those interior designs are the
 ones that you can find in some fancy interior design magazines.  The
 main colours of this video are light brown, dark brown, and dark green,
 and the lighting isn't too bright.  Overall, the video looks pretty neat.
 At least, Celine isn't just standing and singing in one particular place.
 Also, the song is shorter than the album version.  When Celine sings
 the chorus for the second time, instead of beginning the chorus with
 "if walls could talk...", it goes right to "If walls had eyes...".
  The video doesn't have any special guest appearing, as some people
 might have hoped.  That's it for now.  If I find any site which has a
 video file of the video, I'll post the link to that site here! 
(Updated on Feb 19)
 Today, just to make sure, I called a local music store to see if the
 ATW video will really release tomorrow.  When I asked, the guy from the
 store said "Oh, you mean the video of Celine Dion, is that what you're
 asking?  Cuz I was thinking there isn't any movie video called "ATW".
 Yes, it'll release tomorrow.  It was suppose to come out in December,
 but Sony pushed back the dates again and again.  Yes, it'll release
 tomorrow."  Finally, we'll be able to get the video!! 

 According to the S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site, 7 Jour magazine says that
 on TVA next Sunday, there will a Garou TV Special, and a video of the
 duet with Celine, "Sous Le Vent" will be air.  It was made few months
 ago, when Celine recorded the duet.

 Here's another pic Rabih has made.  Click here!

(Updated on Feb 17)
 Remember few weeks ago, a fan called Angela, who works in a record store,
 sent an email telling me that the DVD/VHS will release on Feb 20th.
 Today, I've received another email from her telling me that the record
 store has just received the DVD and VHS and they'll start selling on 
 Tuesday.  She took these pics of the DVD at the stores.
 Thank you Angela! =)

(Updated on Feb 15)
 Rabih's Wallpaper
 Above is a wallpaper made by Rabih.  If you remember, Rabih is the one
 who sent me few edited Celine pics which he made by himself.  Right now,
 Rabih's homepage is under construction, and he would want to share this
 wallpaper which he has made yesterday with other fans

(Updated on Feb 13)
 Tomorrow will be Valentine's Day, Rene-Charles original due date.  Do
 you think Celine and Rene will release the pic of baby Rene tomorrow?
 Just a guess. =)  Anyway, wish all of you, no matter you've found your
 love one or not, have a happy and sweet Valentine's Day!

 Thank for Kirstin for sending me these two pics from France Dimanche
 Magazine. =)

 Celine's latest compilation album "The Collector Series~Vol I" has been
 certified Gold in the US, by RIAA, shipment of 500,000 copies.  
 Thank you Peter for this info! =)
(Updated on Feb 10)
 Celine and her mom is on the cover of Lundi magazine.  It has a 6 pages
 article on the birth of little Rene, and it also has a page with a
 recipe from Maman Dion.
 Thank you Kirstin for the pic and info. =)

 In the last few days, Canada has stopped importing Brazil's beef due
 to mad-cow disease suspicion.  Of course, Brazil is very mad about this,
 and declared that if Canada isn't going to take away the ban of Brazil's
 beef, they'll have some action.  Indeed, a radio station in Brazil has
 done something already.  A very popular radio station in Brazil has broken
 all of the Canadian singers' cds.  It was shown that they have broken
 and threw cd such as Celine's promo cd "Make you happy", divas live,
 Shania's "Come on over".  
 Thank you Estevam for this info! =)

(Updated on Feb 5)
 Celine was mentioned on the Rosie O'Donnell show today. Ana Gasteyer
 was the guest on the show(the lady who inmitate Celine on Saturday
 Night Live"), and Rosie asked which character she enjoys inmitates the
 most, and Ana replied that she likes to act as someone who's in control,
 and she loves doing Martha Steward, Celine Dion, and another woman.
 Then Rosie said that some people don't like to be inmitated and made
 fun of, and some people don't mind.  Rosie added Celine thought Ana's
 inmitation of her was so funny, and she loved it.  Then Ana agrees
 that Celine is so cool about it, and she even invited her to appear
 at her concert at Madison Square Garden, and on the Behind the Music.
 And both of them said Celine is a nice person. At the end, Ana gave
 Rosie the dress which she wore when she imitate Celine on SNL, to put
 it up on Ebay.  And both of them congratulated Celine and Rene for
 their little baby Rene.
(Updated on Feb 4)
 There's a book review for "My Story, My Dream" from Jam!, with the 
 title of "Big voice, no soul.  Why Celine Dion deserves our pity."
 As you can see from the title, it's not a very pleasing review, but
 I can't deny that some of his points are true in some ways.  
 Click here to read.

 A fan from England said that not long ago, a quote of Celine was listed
 at the back of "Readers Digest".  The quote is "The only failure is
 not knowing how to be happy".
 Thank you Wahaj for the info! =)
 An excerpt from Jam Music!'s chart talk:
 "Shape Of My Heart" is now the No. 1 on the Adult Contemporary chart
 (as compiled by Broadcast Data Systems and published in The Record)
 for the 14th week breaking the previous record held by Celine Dion's
 "Because You Loved Me" (1996) and Toni Braxton's "Unbreak My Heart"
 (1997). Both titles held the top spot for 13 weeks each."
(Updated on Feb 3)
 These are cover pics of the Gala magazine, and Who magazine (Australia's
 Thank you Kirstin for these pics! =)

 This is the a pic of a box set which includes both the video of ATW
 and "Au coeur du stade", according to   It's will come out
 on Feb 28th.
 Thank you Peter for the info and pic! =)

 Talking about videos, my sis who was working on a project in China said
 that she saw a bootleg VCD of something similar to the ATW video.  It
 has videos of most of the songs of the ATW video such as "That's the 
 way it is", "Live", "I want you to need me", "Beauty and the beast",
 and some others which aren't included in the official ATW video such
 as "Only one road".  However, few videos such as "Beauty and the beast", 
 and "Only one road" are videos from concert performance, while video
 of MHWGO is only footages from the movie Titanic.  It's so funny that
 Sony still hasn't released the video, but China already has some bootlegs
 for sale.   

(Updated on Feb 2 2001)
 A bit more news about Celine's return in Las Vegas.  A Quebec newspaper 
 reported that Celine's spokewoman, Francine Chalout, isn't too happy
 about Franco Dragone announcing the news this early.  She comments the
 report being prematured and incomplete.  She also added that all the 
 details would be officially released soon.
 Here's the article from a Quebec newspaper, La Presse, translated into
 English by Andre, the site-owner of Queen Celine
 The news came out sooner than expected in Belgium: Celine Dion will be
 back on stage December 31 2002 in Las Vegas with an exhuberant show.
 The leak was linked to Belgian stage director, Franco Dragone.

 Three years after her last concert at the Molson Center in Montreal,
 Celine would then get back on stage for a period of 24 months. That is
 what Mr. Dragone announced during a press conference in Belgium. Well
 known for his work with "Le Cirque Du Soleil", he confirmed Celine
 would inaugurate a 4000-seats arena in Las Vegas, that has yet to be
 built. It is to believed that the Ceaser's Palace Hotel and Resort
 will go ahead with the construction plans. There had been rumours
 lately surrounding Celine's "permanent" stay at the luxurious hotel;
 there were no comments given from the famous casino's management  team.

 Mr. Dragone has given his press conference sooner than expected. To
 announce to the media his projects of building a new studio in La
 Louviere is just fine. But to give explicit details regarding  Celine's
 plans to return on satge is a differnet story. Francine Chalout,
 Celine's public relation guru, wasn't happy about the situation. She
 had also received a copy of the Belgian newspaper "Le Soir" reporting
 M.r Dragone's news, which she qualified of being 'prematured and
 incomplete'. Ms. Chalout mentionned that all the details would be
 officially released soon.

 Last January, Celine & Rene saw an incredible show. 'A show that
 changed my life' said Celine Dion on a video that was shown during  the
 press conference Mr. Dragone gave last Wednesday in Namur.

 That is because the couple had recorded a little piece of interview
 for the Belgian public to support Mr. Dragone's projects. It looks
 like there had been confusion on the dates when the video should've
 been used.

 According to Olivier Collot, the 'Le Soir' journalist reporting the
 news, Celine Dion recorded a few words from her home in Florida, just
 before giving birth. He said the singer, who was radiant, only had
 praise towards Dragone 'She told Rene that he was the best director  in
 the world and that she had to work with Dragone. Rene had to work  this
 out', he said from Belgium.

 The stage director will permanently set up his studio in La Louviere
 where he would rehearse all of his shows, including Celine's. 
 There are also reports saying that the show will last around 90 mins,
 and several musicians will be working with Celine on stage too.

 CTV News Network has also reported this news.  Here's a real-video
 of the report. Click here to watch!

 Here are the pics I scanned from the People Magazine.  It has some
 interesting info, although not very much.  We thought 18 hours in labour
 was huge, but when I read another story also in the magazine, the woman
 was in labour for 56 hours!! She also ended up having c-section.  That 
 story is like a miracle story, those people who've also bought and 
 read that story will know what I mean.

 Here's a link to a page where you can find scanns of the RedBook Magazine.
 Thank you Kirstin! =)    

 TVA has released the news about Celine resuming her career in Las Vegas
 as soon as next year.  TVA has an online article in French, saying that
 Celine will start a concert series as soon as Dec 31st, 2002. However,
 this time, Celine chooses stability instead of performing around the
 world.  Thus, she will settle in Las Vegas for 2 years and give out
 concerts there at a theatre specially built for the occasion.  The 
 project will be a collaboration with Franco Dragone.  TVA also suggests
 that official statement about this event should come out next week. 
 If you understand French, you can also watch a real-video report on
 this news.  Click here to watch!
More News Archive will be available later!

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