(April 15 2002 News)
 For Italian fans, Celine will visit Spain tomorrow.  She will first do
 an interview on Los 40 Principales, then she'll go to the taping for
 Musicasi at TVE.  At 4:00pm, she'll have a press conference at Hotel
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall) for the info! =)

 On Celine's Maniacs, you can see some pictures they took with Celine
 when Celine visit Italy.
 Thanks Estevam again for the info! =)

 Results for yesterday's TV rating are out.  In Quebec alone 2,174,000
 viewers watched La Fureur de Celine last night!  That's a very good
 rating, it even surpassed Juno Music Awards' rating.  On the national
 Top 10 result for yesterday (for some reasons, La Fureur isn't eligible
 for this national Top 10 chart), Juno is #1 with 1,323,000 viewers.
 Celine's on the cover of the Next Magazine.
 Thanks Joseph for these scans! =)

 At the moment with 49.74%, Ashanti's album has sold 135,340 copies so
 far in this week, and Celine's album has sold 92,540 copies.  Goo Goo
 Dolls has sold 61,188 copies so far at #3.

 On S'il Suffisait D'aimer, you can download the interview Celine gave
 to Plus Vite Que La Musique.

 On Sweet Celine, you can see the scans of the Us Magazine.

 On Queen Celine, you can now listen to another remix of ANDHC.
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall) for the info! =)

 According to this Billboard article, Celine's album is also #1 on the
 European Top 100 album chart for the second week.

 On this Rock Detente page, you can watch video clips of the La Fureur
 special. It was a great show.  In the TV version, Celine sang ANDHC,
 Sous Le Vent, At Last, Have You Ever Been In Love, Ten Days (with a
 guitar on her body), and she ended the show with Right In Front Of You,
 and this is the only number that she lip-sync.  It was a great show,
 all the people were having fun and Celine was hilarious of course.
 ANDHC album remains at the #1 position in UK for the 3rd consecutive
 week!  And in Poland, the single has also reached #1!

 On this Le Derniere Heure page, you can see an article that has some
 more info about Celine moving to Belgium in fall.  Thanks Lorena for
 translating the info for me and here it is:
 Céline will stay in Brabant Wallon for 1 month and half, in September.
 Franco Dragone was the one who found a house for Céline, which will be
 rented and it was reformed specially for her, they also said that no
 one have never lived in the house. Céline will start rehearsing in La
 Louvière in the Hall de Expositions de La Louvière in June 22th. And
 probably Céline will perform in La Louvière too, but it won't be such
 a big concert like what the rumour has spread out earlier, it'll be
 just for the population of the city.
 Thanks Lorena (Sweet Celine) for the info! =)
 Celine's on the cover of 7 Jours again.  I guess this time it's about
 the "Le Grand" special which will air on TVA next Sunday.  You can see
 the pic on Celine Fall.
 Thanks Estevam! =)

(April 14 2002 News)
 Celine's on the cover of the current issue of Us magazine.  It is the
 article that talks about the bad debt and shoplifting history of the
 Korean woman. 
(April 13 2002 News)
 According to, Celine's new album has been certified platinum
 in Europe in the month of March.  In addition to her previous 33 platinum
 awards, Celine now has 34 in total.

 The La Fureur special will be air tomorrow on SRC channel, and on this
 page for the special, you can find a photo album and also watch the 
 commercial for the special.  
 Click here to watch the commercial.
 According to the official site, the Vivement Dimanche that Celine recorded
 will be air on April 28th on France 2 and other guests will include
 Luc Plamondon and Eddy Marnay.

 On Rosie's next week guest listing, Celine isn't listed for April 16th,
 so I guess USA micro-Celine site has made a mistake on that, and I assume
 Celine will appear on the Rosie show on May 16th as the date Epic has

 You can see an article from OH LA! on Celine Fall.
 Thanks Tatiana! =)

 On Celine, Star, Planetaire, you can download Celine performance on the
 Hit Machine.

 On A Canadian Way of Life, you can pics of Celine playing with RC on
 a playground in Rome.  =)

 Received the following info from Phil (Phil's Celine Site).
  Céline was on the German Top of the Pops today - she sang A new day
 has come (not I'm Alive). When the presenters announced her they
 mentioned that her new album makes the computers crash but then they
 sad that her performance wasn't a crash. Then he said: "Here's Miss
 Hush Hush, here's Céline Dion".
 You can see some screen caps of the performance on his site now too.
 And a video file will be available soon!
 Thanks Phil for the info! =)

 On Celine Dion In Pauline's Eyes, you can see scans of a Polish magazine
 "Na Zywo".
 Thanks Pauline for the info! =)

(April 12 2002 News)
 On Queen Celine, you can now download the CBS special in Windows media 

 On TOTP page, they have a collection of music video clips of many singers, 
 and for Celine, they have video clips of Think Twice and Ne Partez Pas
 Sans Moi.  But the Think Twice video isn't the one that I've seen before.
 The one that I've watched is Celine having a tower wrapped around her
 and arguing with her man, but this one is just another version.
 A reminder for Swedish fan, Celine will be on the TV-show Bingolotto 
 tomorrow (April 13th). 

 Here's an update on the album chart position around the world in the 
 2nd week.  Last week position in brackets:
 # 1: UK(1), Sweden(1), Norway(22), France(1), Belgium French region(47)
 # 2: Finland(1), Denmark(3), Netherland(10), Germany(2), Austria(1), 
     Italy(1), Ireland(1), Belgium(20), US(1), Australia(1), Poland(8)
 # 3: NewZealand(1)
 #15: Japan(24)
 #18: Brazil(23)
 For the single, it is steadily falling in many countries, but in Norway
 the single rises from #5 to #3 this week, in Austria it rises from #14
 to #10, and in Ireland it rises to #12 from #14.  On Billboard Hot 100
 singles, it rises to #27, and remains at #1 on AC chart.  On R&R, it
 climbs back to #1 from #2 this week. On MTV Asia, it jumps from #19 to
 #11.  On MTV European, it falls down 1 spot to #5.  On the European
 chart, the single drops to #6 this week.
 Thanks Kervin, Colin, and Seb for giving me some of the info above! =)
 On this globalCeline page, you can see pics of Celine taken during the
 taping of the Dutch TV show.  
 Thanks Dennis! =)

 According to this Billboard's article, Celine among few others has confirmed
 to perform at the Billboard Latin Awards which will be held on May 9th,
 and air on May 12th on Telemundo.  

(April 11 2002 News)
 You can find Celine or Rene on the cover of the Lundi, Echos Vedettes,
 and 7 Jours.  You can see the cover pics on Celine Fall.  
 Thanks Tatiana for the info! =)

 There is also an article of Rene on Derniere Heure!
 Thanks Leila (Celiniana) for the info! =)

 Thanks Adam (Hungarian Celine Fan Site) for the following European
 TV appearances.
 Celine will again on Top Of The Pops in Germany on Saturday, on RTL
 at 17.45 CET, she will probably sing "I'm Alive" or "A New Day Has Come"
 On this day she will also on French TV: on TF1 Garou's concert from
 Bercy is shown (Sous Les Vent, Ten Days) from 20.50. CET, on M6 from
 20.10: Plus vite que la musique
 Celine will also be a guest on the David Letterman Show on June 4, which
 is also shown on June 11 in Denmark on TV2 Zulu & ZTV in Sweden!!!
 On this page, you can watch an interview of Celine in French and a little
 bit Dutch.  In the interview, you can see some footages of Celine's
 recording session and photo shooting.
 Thanks Kasper for the info! =)

 For Portuguese fans, Celine is in the "TV 7 Dias" magazine!
 Thanks Tatiana (Celine Fall) for the info! =)

 A bit more info about the Divas Vegas show can be found in this Billboard's
 On S'il Suffisait D'aimer, you can download the video of Celine's performance
 on the Celine Dion special that was air in France on TF1 channel.
 It's in the "Emissions de television Speciales Celine Dion (TVSP"
 section of the Multimedia section.

(April 10 2002 News)
 Now you can download Celine's interview with Sonia (Duo Benezra) on
 Queen Celine. The entire interview is in French.

 Jam! also has an article about the Korean woman who is suing Rene.  The
 articles says that woman has a bad debt history, and have been found
 quilty in shoplifting twice.  Click here to read the article.

 Here's what the Infinit's article (updates on Rene's lawsuit) that I
 linked earlier today mainly talks about:
 The news is that the woman sueing René has a lot of debts in Las Vegas
 herself. Her lawyer has refused to take the case to a private arbitrator
 in Los Angeles and also demands the annulation of the arrangement René
 and the woman had come to, two years ago.
 Thanks Phil (Phil's Celine Site) for the translation! =)

 Here are some more info about the Dutch TV I received from Dennis:
 The show was recorded yesterday (April 9th) and will be broadcasted
 April 19. Céline sang two songs, ANDHC and I'm alive. She was verry
 friendly to us (I and many other Celine fans where in the audience)
 Thanks Dennis for the info! =)
 According to Kurt who's in the Destin group, he said they also gave
 Celine a fan book and an Elmo too at the end, and Celine also met and
 hug and took a picture with a girl in the audience who has cystic fibrosis.
 Thanks Kurt! =)

 Here's an article that talks about Celine moving to Belgium for 3 months
 for rehearsing her shows in Vegas.

 In Canada, the album remains at #1 selling 62,900 this week.  #2 is 
 Shakira's album with 10,500 copies sold.  Too see the Top 10, click here!
 Since quite a few countries' 2nd week chart results still haven't come
 out, I think I'll wait for few more days before I put the chart summary
 for the 2nd week up on the site.  By the way, I heard that SoundScan
 US sales figure is a little different from the sales figure compiled
 by Hits.  For Soundscan, it says Tweet's album is #3 instead of #4.
 Anyway, Celine will be #2 this week for sure in the US.

 Here's an article that talk about this year's Divas Las Vegas.  Performers
 that are confirmed to appear are Celine, Mary J Blige, and Cher.  More
 performers will be announced soon.

 Celine appeared on a Dutch TV today, and Celine also received her platinum
 award there for ANDHC.  You can see some pics on Sweet Celine.
 Now on Queen Celine, you can listen to audio files of I'm Alive remix
 and ANDHC remix.
 Thanks Tatiana (Celine Fall) for the info! =)

 According to Epic, Celine will be on David Letterman on June 4th.  That's 
 around the time when "I'm Alive" will hit radio stations in the US.
 Thanks Lorena (Sweet Celine) for the info! =)

 Infinit has an update on Rene's lawsuit, but I'm not sure what it means. 
 Anyway, here's the article: Click here!
 Thanks Tatiana for the link! =)

(April 9 2002 News)
 On S'il Suffisait D'aimer, you can see some cap shots of Celine recording 
 session for the ANDHC album. It's in the April 8th's news update.

 For the ranking of TV rating for the entire week (April 1-7), Celine's
 special ranks #18.  To see the full ranking, click here!

 Now in final, Ashanti will debut on this week's Billboard Top 200 album
 chart at #1 with 503,178 copies sold.  Celine will be #2 with 248,544
 copies sold.  Now Vol 9 will be #3 with 191,618 copies sold.  
 All of the album in the top 50 except 2 albums and all new entries have
 decreased in sales compare to last week.  Celine's sales dropped 55%.
 For Now Vol 9, it has even dropped 61%.  

 Celine's special had the highest rating in Canada for Sunday according
 to Jam! TV.  It attracted 1,635,000 viewers, while the show in the 2nd
 (Parkinson's Enigma) attracted 1, 280,000 viewers.  To see the full
 chart, click here!

 Right now at 84.70%, Ashanti's album is at #1 with 468,645 copies sold,
 while Celine's ANDHC is at #2 with 207,783 copies sold.  #3 is Now Vol9
 with 156,071 copies sold.

 7 Jours has Garou on the cover this week, and in this article, of course
 Celine and Rene are also mentioned.  Click here to read the report in
 Thanks Estevam and Tatiana (Celine Fall) for the info! =)

(April 8 2002 News)
 On April 21th, World Music Awards which was held earlier will be air.
 During this year's presentation, they had a "restrospective look" back
 at some of the best performances of the past and a footage of Celine's
 past performance would be included.  
 Thanks Leif for the info! =)  
 Here's an article that talks about US's rating.

 Now at 67.52%, Ashanti's album is still #1 with 423,795 copies sold,
 Celine's album moves up to #2 with 140,029 copies sold while Tweet's
 album moves down one spot to #2 with 130,020 copies sold.  Base on these
 results, Ashanti's album maybe able to break Celine's last week first
 week sales record of 2002.  I heard that Ashanti's album is being discounted
 in many stores in the US, a strategy that record companies like to use
 to boost sales.  Sony has also used this method for Celine in Japan for
 her TLYM and the latest ANDHC single.

 On Celine Dion Rare Videoclips, you can watch a clip of Celine's "I'm
 Alive" performance on The Early Show.

 A reminder for UK fans, Celine will be on Top Of The Top 2 tomorrow
 performing "I'm Alive".

 globalCeline has been launched today.  I would like to thank them for
 their invitation of an interview in the first issue of their magazine.

 On Phil's Celine Site, you can download more footages from the Fiorello
 show including Celine meeting the hosts, and they gave her a gift...etc.

 Now at 50.14% reporting, Celine's new album is selling at #3 in the US
 this week so far, with 96.452 copies.  #1 is Ashanti's album (332,091)
 and #2 is Tweet's album (105,432).  Let's hope last night's special
 would boost Celine's sales.

 Talking about last night's special, according to Queen Celine the special
 had the highest rating at the same time slot.  In addition, it was the
 4th highest rating show for yesterday behind "60 minutes", "The Practice",
 and "50 Years of NBC Late Night".

 Now on Queen Celine, Andre has also put up the entire Oprah show divided
 in serveral segments on his site.  So for those who didn't watch the
 show can watch it there now! 

 You can now download Celine's performance on Fiorello and Dom & Nika
 In on S'il Suffisait D'aimer.  Celine looked so elegant on Fiorello!
 She performed ANDHC and MHWGO on Fiorello, and ANDHC & At Last on Dom
 & Nika IN. Go to the multimedia section, and go to the Prestations
 Televisees section.  You'll find them there.
 On Celine Fall, you can see some cap shots of a Celine program that was
 air on Brazilian TV.  
 Thanks Estevam! =)

 Instead of posting them up today, I will post up the 2nd week chart
 positions for ANDHC around when the results for US and Canada are out.
  So, they'll probably be up on Wednesday or Thursday.  But a good news
 is despite the fact that Darren Hayes was #1 on UK's midweek sales info
 last week, Celine still remains at #1 for the second week, while Darren's
 album debuts at #2.  I guess Celine's sales caught up after the midweek. =)

(April 6 2002 News)
 Remember those Radio Energie hosts who tricked Celine by pretending as
 Prime Minister of Canada?  On April 1st, they played with their trick
 again, but this time on Bill Gates.  And they did mention Celine and
 Rene during their conversation.  Click here to listen!
 The conversation starts at 2:20, so you can skip those hosts chat at
 the beginning. 
 On the Celine More site, you can see some Celine pics taken at the Garou
 concert in France where Celine appeared as the guest performer.
 Thanks Estevam! (Celine Fall)! =)

 That's a scan of a Dutch magazine. 
  Thanks Estevam and Anouk! =)
 Here's this week's Jam! chart talk column.  According to this, ANDHC
 is Celine's 15th chart album, and her 7th #1 album in Canada, tieing
 with The Tragically Hip with the most #1 album in Canada.  It also has
 some chart info of ANDHC around the world and but he used the stat compiled
 by SoundScan Japan, that's why he has a different debut position from
 mine. The one I used is Japan's Oricon chart, which is as far as I know
 the most concerned chart for Japanese artists.  Instead of 33, the album
 debuted at #24 on the Oricon chart.  However, still it's a quite a
 disappointing position compare to ATW debut position.  It debuted at 
 #3 in Japan when it came out.

 Now on Queen Celine, you can download 3 video files.  Two of them are
 video files for yesterday's "The View", and the other one is the video
 file of the Flash program, which contains footages of the La Fureur
 taping and the press conference.
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall) for the info! =)

 Here on this page, you'll find a pic of Celine with a clown from the
 "O" show.
 Thanks Estevam again! =)
 For people who have the channel Rai Uno, watch for Celine on "Stasera
 pago io" tonight and "Dom & Nika In" tomorrow.
 Thanks Leila (Celiniana) for the info! =) 

(April 5 2002 News)
 According to Queen Celine, Celine will perform "I'm Alive" on Top of
 the Pop 2 on April 9th.  You can see the schedule here.
 Thanks Andre (Queen Celine) for the info! =)

 According to Sony Music US new release schedule, a 7 inch Vinyl Single
 of "A New Day Has Come/I'm Alive" (EPIC 79740) will come out on April
 16th.  On the same day, mini disc and SACD of the ANDHC album will also
 come out.

 On MTV, there's an article that talks about Celine's sales in the US
 with much details including sales of her French albums in the US. 
 According to the article, Celine's TAST album is the 3rd best selling
 Christmas album in the SoundScan era, and she's also the 5th best
 selling artist in the US.  However, in a few months, she has a chance
 to climb to #2, surpassing Beatles, Mariah, Metallica.
 Thanks Peter for the link! =)

 On this Rock Detente page, you can see some great pics from the La 
 Fureur taping, and pics from the interview Celine gave to the station
 in New York in March.
 Thanks Nicole from the Destin group for the link! =)

 For fans in Germany, Celine will be on Stern TV on April 17th.
 Thanks Kurt from the Destin group for the info! =)
 An article that rate/preview the CBS special by USA today. Click here
 to read! 

 The "most expensive" plague Celine was presented with in the UK and 
 went aution, was sold with $70,000 pounds.  All will be donated to 
 charity.  For more info, visit the official site.

 Celine will be on next issue of the Canadian version of TV Guide, it'll
 be the one with Michael J Fox on the cover.
 Received the following info from Estevam (Celine Fall)
 For fans in Labanon, a Celine Dion Special Report will be aired on the
 lebanese Television Station "MTV Lebanon" ( ) on April
 6th at 6:45 PM ( local Beirut Time ) and will be broadcast at the same
 time on the satellite station of MTV at 4.45 GMT. The report was done
 during Celine's promotional tour in France 2 weeks ago.

 Quebec's TV guide.

 An Australian mag, NW.
 Thanks Estevam! =)

(April 4 2002 News)
 Reminder:  Catch Celine on The Early Show and The View tomorrow!

 On Hits Daily Double, base on the first day sales of this week, they
 are predicting Ashanti and Tweet will debut at #1 and #2 while Celine
 will move to #3.

 According to, base on looking at UK midweek sales figure,
 Darren Hayes' solo album is marginally outselling Celine's ANDHC. So
 the album may move to #2 next week on UK's album chart.

 On this week's Canada Hits (Airplay chart), ANDHC jumps to #2, and remains
 at #4 on the Single (sales) chart.  In Alaska, the single climbs up
 to #7. (Thanks Kervin for this info!)

 A reminder, Celine will be on "The View" tomorrow.

 There are two more articles (one in French, one in English) about the
 taping of La Fureur.  Both of them have more info about show.  The French
 one also has some more info about the press conference.
 English: Divas Bright New Day
 French: Céline plus populaire que Dieu?
 According to these articles, Celine performed ANDHC, Ten Days, Have You
 Ever Been In Love, At Last, I'm Alive, The Greatest Reward, and Right
 In Front Of You.  The guest-stars that were participating the game show
 include Éric Lapointe, Nanette Workman, Karine Vanasse, Isabelle
 Brossard, Gabrielle, Jacynthe, Elyse Marquis, Maxim Roy, Judith Bérard,
 Marie-Chantal Toupin, Marc Dupré, René Simard, Sylvain Cossette, 
 Stéphane Rousseau, and Marc Déry.

 You can see view more pics of the press conference at London Features

 Have just added two countries to #1 at the list below, they are Egypt,
 and Italy! (Thanks Tom!) 
 Here's a little summary for ANDHC album chart performance around the
 world in its first week:
 #01: UK, US, Canada, Finland, Austria, Australia, France, Ireland, 
      New Zealand, Egypt, Italy.
 #02: Germany
 #08: Poland (chart cut off day was 3 days after the album release)
 #10: Netherland
 #20: Belgium
 #22: Norway
 #23: Brazil
 #24: Japan
 #47: Belgium (French region)
 For Netherland and Norway, the second week result has just came out
 already too.  In Norway, the album jumps all the way to #1 and in
 Netherland, it jumps up to #2.
 Of course the album must've charted in many other countries also, but
 these are the only info I could found at the moment.  According to Sony,
 the album has landed on the top of the chart in 18 countries.

 You can see few more pics of the press conference at Wire Image

 This week's R&R chart results have came out: (last week position in brackets)
 AC:  #2 (1)  
 Hot AC: #26 (25)
 CHR/POP: #33 (33)
 Smooth Jazz: #13 (15) 
 On the AC chart, ANDHC is just one spin behind "Hero".  If ANDHC can
 maintain the #1 on Mediabase AC mainstream format, it will definitely
 climb back to #1 on next week's R&R AC chart.

 Here's an article from about the press conference and taping.
 Although some parts are identical to the Jam! article, there are still
 some more info including a few quotes of Celine from the press conference.
 Click here to read!

(April 3 2002 News)
 Here's another article about the press conference, but in French.
 On this page, you can also find a video report in French too. 

 Here's an Jam! article about the taping!  Click here to read!
 This "La Fureur" special will air on April 14th.

 Here are few more pics.

 Celine taped the "La Fureur" special tonight at Molson center.  She
 and Rene held a press conference right before the taping.  The picture
 of the left was taken during the press conference, while others were
 taken during the taping. 
 I caught part of the press conference on TV (RDI channel) but I couldn't
 understand a word cuz they mostly spoke in French, and whenever there
 is a reporter asking question in English, a translator would have his
 voice over translating all English conversation in French.  Anyway,
 at the bottom of the screen it pop up from time to time some messages
 such as telling this is a Celine press conference, her new album came 
 out...etc.  Although I can't understand French, base on the English
 words in one of the messages and my very limited French vocabulary,
 I think one message said that the new album has sold 2 million copies
 around the world in its first week.  Yeah!  
 According to Mike Gauthier (Musique Plus VJ/Radio energie DJ), in Quebec
 alone, the new album sold 75,000 copies in the first week.
 Here's Infinit Entertainment section's Question of the day: 
 Do you think Rene Angelil is:  
  I don't know much     
  Click here for result!

 Today's Jam! Music's question of the day is also related to Celine.
 The question is "Nickelback are headlining Edgefest this summer. What
 other Canadian artists would you like to see perform in a 2002 Cdn.
 summer music festival?"
 Click here for result!

 Here's an article that talks about the first week sales of the album
 in the US and Canada.  The figure (86,000) that was in the
 article yesterday isn't correct.  The final first week sales of the 
 new album in Canada is 151,600 copies.  In the article, you can see 
 how they compare this sales to the sales figure in the US, and also 
 get a sense how huge 151,600 is compare to other recent #1 album in 

 An update on the Mediabase daily monitor, ANDHC today has again climbs
 back to #1 in AC mainstream format, with 62 spins ahead of "Hero".

 Feel like voting for Celine today?  Here's a list of video stations'
 sites where you can vote:
 USA:  VH1 Fresh

 Canada:  Musique Plus
          Much More Music

 Italy:  MTV TRL
 Thanks Pascal for the above list! =)

 Got the following info from two members in the Destin group:
 Celine will visit these countries:
  Apr. 6 Italy
  Apr. 9 Holland
  Apr.13 Sweden
 At the Holland stop, Celine will record a 30 mins interview and perform
 2 songs from the new album including ANDHC.
 Thanks Katrin and Kurt for these info! =)

 In Poland, the album debuts at #8.  However, only sales in 3 days of
 the album has been counted in this week's chart due to the date of the
 album came out and the cut-off day for the chart compilation.  
 In Japan, the album debuts at #24 on weekly national Sales Chart while
 it rises from #15 to #13 today on the daily national Sales chart. 
 Thanks Seb for Poland's chart info! =) 
 Here's an article that talks about the heated discussion on the internet
 about the new album will not play in PC/Mac.  It says that some people
 even complain the CD has crashed their computer and making permanent
 damages.  However, Sony denies that the CD would cause permanent damage
 though it can crash a computer.  Click here to read the article.
(April 2 2002 News)
 If you are having Real One Player and couldn't watch those CBS preview
 footages, you can click on the links below:
 ANDHC footage     MHWGO footage     Beauty & the Beast footage   
 Thanks Sophoan (CelineBEAT)! =)

 On Celine Fall, you can see scans of the Dutch magazine, TV Weekend. 
 Thanks Estevam! =)
 Here's what Kevin Hawkins of has said about Celine's first
 week sales: "It was an incredible week for Celine. It’s clear her fan
 base not only maintained its size but actually grew during her hiatus.
 Celine’s debut really boosted overall sales this week. It looks like
 the economy may finally be returning to normal."
 Source: Hits Daily Double

 For fans in Japan, Sony Japan has announced on April 5th, "Celine Dion
 Welcome Back Special" will air on TVK.  Click here for more info!

 Here's another article on Celine.  The reporter of this article interviewed
 Celine last week in Toronto.
 Go on, make fun of her-she loves that kind of thing
 In this article, you'll find out Celine is currently concerned on the
 health of her Montreal-based production manager who was diagnosed with
 brain cancer last week, she'll be doing this year's VH1 Divas called
 "Diva Las Vegas", and of course you'll see her talk about her new album,
 baby, SNL skits...etc.
 Also, this article reports that in Canada, the album has sold 86,000
 copies in the first week.
 Celine will enter Billboard Top 200 album chart at #1.  She's sold an
 outstanding 553,354 units of her new album.  This is the biggest first
 week sales for Celine in her career, and this will also be the first
 time for to have an album debute at #1 on Billboard's Ablum chart.
 Thanks Andre (Queen Celine) for the info! =)

 Now on CBS, they're showing some clips of the upcoming Celine special.
 Click here to watch those clips.
 If you have Real-One player installed as me, you won't be able to watch
 those clips, cuz we're missing a plug-in which is unavailable yet.
 Thanks Andre (Queen Celine) for the info! =) 

 In this article, you can find more info about the diamond necklace
 Celine wore on her TV special.  The diamond weighs over 76 carats!
 I wonder if it came with few bodyguards again! 

 CTV has put up a 7 mins video clip of the interview Celine had with
 Canada AM's Lisa LaFlamme.  Click here to watch! 
 It's a pretty interesting interview, and at the end you can see a clip
 of Celine's recording session for "I'm Alive".  

 On the latest Mediabase monitor result (12:20pm PT), Enrique's Hero 
 bump Celine's ANDHC down to #2 again.  What a musical chair...
 On today's Hits Daily Double, it says as predicted, sales (for Celine)
 look to cross the 500k mark.

 According to VH1, the necklace Celine wore at the CBS special when she
 had the red-dress on, worths $25 million dollars!
 Thanks Jaime for the info! =)
 Hope it's not too late, a three part Celine interview with Lisa LaFlamme
 will be air on Canada AM today morning.

 On today's Japan daily album sales chart, ANDHC debuts at #15.  
 In Taiwan, due to serious bootleg problems, IFPI had stop collecting
 sales data in Taiwan few years ago, so there isn't a national sales
 chart for Taiwan, but on the sales chart (foreign language) of a local
 big chain record store, this week ANDHC debuts at #1.
 By the way, yesterday on US mediabase daily monitor, ANDHC climbs back
 up to the #1 spot in AC mainstream format.  Better stay there from now

 On this Chinese Celine site, Celine More, you can download two audio
 files from the CBS special.  

 ANDHC album has debuted #1 on Australia's album chart even with little 
 promotion.  It has already been certified gold too.  A fan in Australia
 went to a big record store, and the store was sold out of the new album.
 Thanks Kervin and Sean for the info! =) 

 Celine is the Artist of the Month for MTV Asia, so Asian fans can look 
 forward to many Celine programs to be shown on MTV Asia this month!
 Thanks TyTho, Kervin, and Estevam (Celine Fall) for the info! =)

(April 1 2002 News)
 Got the following info from a fan in Destin Group:
 When Celine hit #1 on the Billboard Chart last week, she stopped "Hero"
 at 15 weeks.  Celine's six week rise to the top is the quickest since
 Faith Hill's "There You'll Be" six-week journey last June.

 Celine now has #11 number one hits on the a/c chart, moving her in
 first place among female vocalist.  Until ANDHC reached #1, she was in
 a two-way tie with Whitney Houston with ten #1's.

 Celine has a total of 66 weeks at number one on the ac charts, putting
 her at #1 in that genre above all performers (male, female, duo, group,
 Thanks Derek for the info! =)

 On The Early Show site, it says that their next show includes a special
 performance of Celine.  So Celine may be on The Early Show tomorrow
 again, although Sony says she'll be on the show on Friday.

 Jam! question of the day is "CBC's "Trudeau" aired last night. What
 other contemporary Canadian figure deserves a mini series?
 Jean Chretien, Celine Dion, William Shatner, Stockwell Day, Leonard

 This is an ad for the CBS special that can be found in the people magazine.
 Thanks Kathy (Celine's Music Will Go On and On) for this pic! =)
 Found two articles (interviews) from a China's television station site.
 Although there are many "already knew" info, there are still some new
 things, such as "Rain, Tax" is one of the Celine's favourites on the
 new album. And don't worry if you can't read Chinese, cuz they are in
 First article
 Second article (interview)
 Here's the chart result that came out over the weekend:
 ANDHC Single:  (last week's position in brackets)
 UK: #15 (13)   Norway: #5 (7)   Denmark: #7 (3)   Switzerland: #4 (4)    
 Germany: #17 (9)   Austria: #14 (10)   Ireland: #10 (11)   Belgium: #14 (14)
 Belgium (french region): #13 (15)   Switzerland: #4 (4)    Sweden: #8 (3)   
 New Zealand: #34 (39)   Brazil Airplay: #45 (52)   Eurochart: #4 (10)
 ANDHC Album: 
 # 1: UK, Finland, Ireland.
 #10: Netherland
 #20: Belgium (non-French region)
 #22: Norway
 #23: Brazil
 #47: Belgium (French region)
 Although the chart for Canada won't come out til next week, but Celine
 is locked at #1 for sure.

 Right now on Celine, Star, Planetaire, you can watch video clips of
 Celine's performance on the TF1 special.  The clips include "I'm Alive",
 "Ten days", "The Greatest Reward", "Sous Le Vent", and "ANDHC".
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall) for the info! =)

 Got the following info from a fan in the Destin group:
 On this page, Celine is listed as one of the performer for a Charity
 concert.  Prince will be headlining the event, and other performers
 include Destiny's Child, and Harry Connick Jr.  The event will take place
 on April 20th in Kodak Theatre.  Tickets are $20 each.
 Thanks Anna! =)

 On Japan's Celine Dion page, there's a game to test how fast you can
 recognize a Celine song.  Click here to play the game!  
 A song will be played and you have to click on the correct title as
 fast as possible.
(Mar 30 2002 News)
 Happy 34th Birthday Celine!

 Just a reminder for the fans in France, TF1 will air the 140 mins Celine
 special tonight.  Special guests include Garou, JJ Goldman...etc.

 For Italian fans, Celine will be on "Stasera Fiorello" on April 6th
 and on "Dom&Nika" on April 7th.
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall) for the info! =)

 Right now on CELINEbeat, you can find watch video clips of Celine's 
 ANDHC special commercial, her "I'm Alive" performance on The Early show,
 and a clip of the audience singing "Happy birthday" to her.
 Also in the photo section, you can see pics of her appearances on Top
 of the Pop, Revealed with Jules Asner, Oprah Winfrey Show, NBC Today
 Show, and VH1's TV Moments.
 Thanks Sophoan! =)

 A fan from the US found the above item being sell in Costco for $11.99
 USD.  It's like a box-set.  Inside that box, there's the album.
 Thanks Melanie for the pic and info! =)

(Mar 29 2002 News)

 There are three fans from Germany, Florida, and Brazil who all would
 want to watch Celine's MuchMoreMusic program, and they would pay for
 of the expenses.  If you have taped the show and willing to make them
 or even one copy, please email me so that I can put you in touch with
 them.  Thank you very much!

 Right now on Celine, Star, Planetaire, you can see the scans of the Oh
 LA! magazine. 

 On this page, you can see lots of pics taken by the media during Celine's
 arrival to MuchMoreMusic.

 On Billboard this week, ANDHC single remains at #38 on Hot 100, and
 #1 on Hot Adult Contemporary.
 On Mediabase daily monitor, ANDHC is still at #2 today for AC mainstream
 format.  Let's hope it'll climb back up to #1 again.

 MuchMoreMusic has made a special site for Celine's yesterday visit. On
 that page, you can also find the full transcript! Click here!
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall)! =)

 You can find scans of the Gala magazine on S'il Suffisait D'aimer".
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall)! 

 Here are two more articles from Jam!:
 Celine gaging on court order
 Celine talks about LP, life with baby

 (Mar 28 2002 News)
 This site will be closed on Sunday again, and will be back on Monday.
 Celine and Garou are on the French version of the Hello Magazine. 
 OH LA! has put up an article on their site.  Click here to read!

 There's one more article on Infinit that has an update on the lawsuit.
 It says that it was actually the lawyer of Rene that caused the gag
 order to happen.  On last Tuesday, the lawyer represented Rene in court
 to request to make the procedure of the case be confidential.  However,
 the judge refused but accepted to have both sides held silence.
 You can click here to read the article in French.  There's also a video
 report too.
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall) for the link! =)

 Before Celine went to MuchMoreMusic, she had an interview with Lisa
 LaFlamme, and the interview will be air on Monday during Canada AM.
 CTV has put up a clip.  Click here!

 These three pics were taken outside the MuchMusic/MuchMoreMusic building.
 The crowds inside and outside the building were wild, and Celine tried
 her best to sign their cds, pics...etc.  During the interview, they 
 talked about the baby, the new album, the vegas show...etc.  Not many
 things that are really new.  Celine did also talk about the lawsuit a
 bit.  She said they're frustrated that they can't talk about it, and
 Rene is so eager to talk about it that he even wants to go on a world
 tour to talk about it.  She said they'll probably be able to discuss
 this freely in about 3 weeks.  When they were talking about the new
 album, Celine said her record company people told her that the music
 industry has changed and ballads are no longer highly demanded..etc.
 Then Celine replied, "why are you telling me about this?  "Can you 
 imagine me doing a rap album?"  Then Celine made those raping gesture,
 and tried to rap, and the crowd cheered big time again.  When she was
 asked about sharing those family pics in her album booklet, she said
 it was her idea.  They were picking pictures to put in the booklet, 
 then Celine thought I've been sharing my life with the people, and why
 don't I share some of the most important moments in these past two  years,
 so that how those pictures got to appear in the booklet.  When they
 were talking about the Vegas show, Celine said a bad thing for this is
 that she can't go around the world to see her fans, instead they have
 to come.  That's why they are now trying their best to make contests,
 arrange buses and stuff and have the people to come and see the show.
 Celine has said few times during the show that she felt like singing, 
 but too bad the program weren't prepared/arranged for Celine to sing.
 However, Celine did sing a few lines of "I'm Alive".  Also, during one
 commercial, the audience sang "Happy Birthday" to Celine.  An email question
 for Celine was how is she planning to celebrate her birthday this Saturday,
 and Celine said she never has any plan for her own birthday. Then she
 said, after the show, she'll fly back to Montreal to see her parents,
 and she'll have 3 days break.  After Celine said this, she suddenly
 realize her family may be planning something since she'll be having a
 3 days break.  After the break, Celine will continue her promotion tour
 and fly back to Paris.  One last comment about the show is that the  crowd
 were sooo hot.  The host and Celine could hardly communicate at some 
 points.  And you could see how wide Celine's fan base is, there
 were people as young as less than 10 years old, and as old as over 60.
 Okay, Jam! already has an article about the visit.  Click here!
 And you can see one more pic there.  Btw, Stephan Moccio came up to
 Celine at the end of the show when Celine came out from the building
 and he gave Celine a huge frame.  Inside the frame, there is the original
 score of ANDHC, a pic he took with Celine 10 years ago, and two album
 On this week Canada's Hits (Airplay) chart, ANDHC drops down 1 spot to
 #4, Enrique's Escape slips into #2.  (It's Enrique again, but different
 song!)  On the single (sales) chart, ANDHC drops down 2 spots to #4.
 On this page, you can find some pics of Celine taken during her performance
 of the CBS early show.  Her performance will air tomorrow!
 Thanks Jackie for the info! =)

 The CHUMFM radio stations in Toronto will also simulcast Celine's visit
 to MMM live at 7:30pm ET.  You can listen to the show live online too.
 Click here to go to their site.

 Mike Gauthier (MusiquePlus VJ/Radio DJ) went to New York to meet Celine
 yesterday, and he has put up the info he got on his news page at Radio
 Energie's site.  He says Celine confirmed that she knew about the story
 of that woman for 14 months now, since R.C was born.  Right now, the 
 only thing that worries her is that they can't defense themselves and
 tell the truth publicly right now because of the gag order.  
 For another info, yesterday the employees of Virgin Mega Stores compared
 the sales of ANDHC with U2's album.  They are predicting the album may
 sell between 600,000-700,000 by the end of its first week.  In Canada,
 it is approaching 150,000.  Also, as mentioned earlier the next single
 will be "I'm Alive".

 According to UK's midweek album sales, ANDHC is #1 with 18319 copies
 sold.  The current #2 is Nickleback's album with 9107 copies. Hey, they
 are both Canadian! 

 On Infinit, it has an article on Rene's case.  I'm not sure what it means
 since I don't understand French, but it seems to be something like the
 woman who claims Rene have raped her is a mother of a child who has
 Cystic Fibrosis, that's why Rene followed her to her room to get some
 documents.  You can read the article by clicking here.
 You can also find another video report in French there.

 Celine and Rene are on the cover of Derniere Heure, 7 Jours and Echos
 Vedette.  You can see the cover on Celine Fall.
 Thanks Tatiana! =)

 This week's R & R charts have come out, and here's the result:
 AC: #1 (2)
 Hot AC: #25 (25)
 CHR/POP: #33 (36)
 Smooth Jazz: #15 (15)
 Yesterday, Mediabase daily monitor shows that on AC's mainstream format,
 Enrique's Hero has switched position with ANDHC and reaching #1 again,
 while ANDHC drops to #2. Let's hope this trend won't hold for long. 

 The three pictures from the left were taken in New York on Monday,
 when Celine and Rene met the press.  The one on the right is a pic
 taken at "Live with Regis & Kelly" yesterday.

 Celine is in an Italian Magazine, Sorrisi e Canzoni TV.  You can see
 the scans on Celine Fall.
 Thanks Leila (Celiniana) for making the scans! =) 

 There is a large article of Celine in Polish edition of Newsweek. You
 can see the scan on Celine Dion in Pauline's Eyes. 
 Thanks Pauline for the info! =)
 Don't forget, Celine will be live at MuchMoreMusic at 4:30pm PT/ 7:30pm ET.
 If weather allows, they'll roll out the red-carpet, and Celine will
 first make a visit to MuchMusic at 4:20pm PT/7:20pm ET at MuchMusic
 for 10 minutes.  And to celebrate the event, MuchMoreMusic will have
 a countdown to the arrival of Celine 1 hour prior her arrival. So, at
 3:30pm PT/ 6:30pm ET, they are going to show some Celine greatest TV
 moments and some of Celine best videos!  
 Jam! has an article with the title "Celine's album sales 'rocking'".
 Base on looking at the title alone, we can know that it's good news.
 The article recaps "Hits Daily Double" info on Celine may well sell
 over 500K in its first week.  They then say that usually, Canada's
 sales is 1/10 of the US, but they are predicting the album will even
 sell more than 50,000 by the end of its first week.  A guy who is a
 head of a big chain record stores in Southern Ontario says that he is
 very pleased with the sales it is having, and he says if there weren't
 snow, the sales would have been even stronger.  The Good Friday may
 lower the first week sales figure a bit.

(Mar 27 2002 News)
 E! Online has put up a Celine quiz on their "Revealed" page.  Click here!

 Celine has devoted today to do interviews for all of the electronic
 media in New York.  In this 3 mins long video footage provided by TVA,
 you can see Celine talks about her album, and both Rene.  The interview
 is in French. 

 Billboard has put up a review for the new album on their site.  Apparently,
 it's an excerpt from the article written by Chuck Taylor that was
 published last month, because the review still mentions the track
 "Coulda Woulda Shoulda" which has been pulled off at the last minute.

 You can see some cap-shots of last night's Larry King Live on A Canadian
 Way of Life.
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall) for the info! =)

 Celine and Rene are on the Gala magazine.  You can now see scans on 
 Celine, Star, Planetaire.  You can also see the scans of the TV Guide
 on Sweet Celine now.

 Good news for U.S album sales.  On Hits Daily Double, it says base on
 the first day sales of the new album, it's likely to have a first week
 sales over 500K, and if that's the case, it will be Celine first album
 to debute #1.  Celine's biggest first week sales was 334K, and when
 ATW came out, its first week sales was 302K. 
 For this week Jam! Music chart-battle, Celine's new album is up against
 Jay-Z & R. Kelly album.  Click here to vote!  You can also see Jam!
 photo of the day is a pic of Celine and Rene that was taken yesterday
 in New York. 

 Celine did appear on Live at Regis & Kelly, and they first chat a bit
 (mostly about R.C) then Celine performed ANDHC live.

 In this video footage of CTV, you can watch an interview with Stephan
 Moccio, once again talking about his reaction of knowing Celine has
 recorded the song he co-wrote with Aldo Nova .

 Although there isn't any press report on this yet, but I think many
 Oprah had a pretty high rating on Monday, at least in Canada. Compare
 to last week's rating, the highest position the show reached for last
 week's daily rating was #9.  For this Monday's program, it has reached
 #5.  Last Monday, the show was #10 in Canada.

 On Infinit's main page, the question of the day is "Are you happy with
 Celine coming back?", and so far 49% of the people said yes, and 51%
 of the people said no.  Although there are lesser people saying yes
 than people saying no, if you think, when you walk on the street, in
 every two people, one person is happy with Celine's coming back, that's
 not bad at all.  Anyway, you can vote there on the main site too.
 Click here!

(Mar 26 2002 News)
 ANDHC single has jumped to #2 on this week's Eurochart (single)!
 Thanks Kervin for the info! =)

 In this video footage provided by CTV News-net, you can see a huge
 line up in Montreal waiting to get their copy of the new album outside
 the record store.

 Just a reminder, Celine will be on the following program tomorrow:
 Regis and Kelly, Today Show and E! 1 hour Special on Celine.
 Celine was on Larry King Live today.  The show was taped around two
 weeks ago, so they didn't talk about Rene's lawsuit.  However, before
 they had the first commercial, a message screen pops up saying that
 Rene and Celine will go on Larry King Live again to talk about the
 charges as soon as the gag order is taken off.  
 In the show, they've talked about quite many things, although not all
 of the stuff are new.  Celine ended the show with her performance of
 ANDHC live.
 On this article, it says that today as Celine and Rene entered a New
 York hotel for a round of interviews, Celine said firmly "You're asking
 me if I support him? Look into my eyes and tell me if you think I'm
 behind him."  She also said that they are frustrated that they can't
 defend themselves publicly because Las Vegas District Judge has issued
 a gag order last week.   

 I have just finished listen to the new album!  And WOW!!!  What an
 adventure that was!!!  I'm so glad that I didn't listen to any full-
 length version (except Prayer and ANDHC) before buying the album. It's
 great!  In many of Celine previous albums, there were always one or few
 songs that I would skip, but this album, I wouldn't skip any.  Right
 now it's hard to tell you which song is my favourite, but when I listened
 to the songs one by one, the "magic" started rapidly when I got to track
 #6 (Ten Days), and the magic built up more and more from there.  Don't
 get me wrong, I don't dislike the first 5 tracks, but I don't know why
 the magic suddenly increased a lot from "Ten Days".  And the ballads
 on this album are very powerful both emotionally and vocally, but not
 over-done.  "I surrender" is a tornado, "Prayer" and "Goodbye's (the
 saddest word)" are onions, and "Nature Boy" just show how pure, flawless
 Celine's voice is.  For the up-tempo songs, they're all so fresh and
 modern, and fun!  This album simply plays with your emotions, turn you
 bright and happy, then suddenly make you wanna cry, and cheer you up
 again, and after hearing this album you can be all exhausted.  If the
 psychiatrists suddenly find themselves so busy with many customers, they
 can blame this album.  I would say this album is from now on my favourite
 Celine album.  
 If you haven't listened to the album yet, I suggest you to turn up the
 volume, and have the lyrics in your hands. 
 Btw, we all now know that Shania Twain sings backup on "Goodbye...",
 and actually, Chantal Kreviazuk sings in the backgound for "I surrender"
 There's an article on USA Today.  Click here to read!

 Here's an article that has a little update on Rene's lawsuit.  The Las
 Vegas police has started their investigation, and they'll talk to everyone
 who is involved.  The lady who claimed Rene has raped her has finally
 filed a police report on March 19th 2002.

 I didn't catch Celine on Today today, cuz I was too tired to wake up
 til 8:30am, but I happened to catch a clip of the video, and they said
 that she'll be back tomorrow to discuss the new album, baby...etc.

 The webmasters of Celine Fall want to let their visitors know that the
 site will be down today for the entire day due to maintenance.  It should
 be back tomorrow.
(Mar 25 2002 News)
 Need to make an correction that Celine will be on Larry King Live on
 Tuesday March 26th, instead of Wednesday March 27th as posted by Epic.
 Thanks Gil for the info! =)

 Two more pics of Celine taken in Paris.  Again, if you want to see a
 larger size, please go to All Over Press, and login with the login name

 Now on this page, you can find the entire transcript of today's chat
 in MSN chat room.

 At this link, you can find a larger size of TV guide's cover pic.
 Found this news on Queen Celine, for Canadian fans, Celine will give
 an interview on the TVA station at 5:00pm ET and TQS station at 6:30pm ET
 all live from New York.
 Thanks Andre! =)

 Celine's on the cover of the US TV guide. Click here to read the article.
 You can find two more pics there!

 On the Oprah Site, you can already see a gallery and transcript for
 Celine's show.

 S'il Suffisait D'aimer has put up a special page as a report for Celine's
 visit in Paris.  On that page, you can see pics, and even self-shot
 video footage.  Simply go to the main page, then scroll down a bit you'll
 see a section called Reportage.  That's the page!
 Thanks Estevam for the info! =)

 I found these two pics from the International Forum.
 Thank you to the one who put up the pic! =)

 Remember that Celine will be chatting in the MSN chat room.
 The chat will take place at 5:00pm ET/2:00pm PT   
 For Taiwan and HK, that's 6:00am.  Sorry, I have no idea what time
 that is for European countries.  
 For Taiwan fans, as a celebration for the new album, MSN Taiwan is going
 to play all of the songs in full length continuously on Taiwan's MSN 
 site on both March 25 and 26 between 12:00pm-12:00am.  The full-length
 ANDHC video is also already there.  They are also having a giveaway
 contest for Celine CD library, but only open for Taiwanese fans.
 Also, Sony Music HK has lauched HK Celine's site, it's pretty cool.
 Click hereto take a look.

 Also don't forget that Celine will be on Oprah today.  On the Oprah
 site (, they often have some "after the show" footages
 for their shows, so we may get to see some "after the show" footages
 for Celine's episode tomorrow on the site too.  Check it out!
 Talking about TV appearances, here's the list for this week's Celine
 TV appearances:
 For North America:
 March 25  Oprah Winfrey show  
 March 26  Today Show 
 March 26  Larry King Live 
 March 27  Regis and Kelly 
 March 27  Today Show 
 March 27  E! 1 hour Special on Celine (10pm) 
 March 28  Early Show (7am on CBS) 
 March 28  MuchMusic LIVE interview (10 mins) and MuchMoreMusic 1 hour
           LIVE interview
 For Europe: (Thanks Adam (Hungarian Celine Dion Fansite) for this info!)
 March 30  German edition of TOTP on RTL 17:45 CET
 March 30  VH1 UK & Export will show Greatest Hits & Behind the Music
 April  1  Denmark: TV2 Zulu airs "Behind the Music 22.45 CET           
 According to this article, there are contrasts between Montreal's newspaper
 Le Journal de Montreal and La Presse in their reports on whether Celine
 will comment on the case on this Wednesday.  Journal de Montreal quoting
 on Celine's publicist Francine Chaloult, "(The suit) is not relevant
 to Celine the singer and her gigantic promotional tour will continue
 as planned."  However, La Presse also quoting on Francine saying that
 Celine would discuss her feelings about the Las Vegas suit this week
 as well as reaffirming her support for Angelil, but she won't get into
 details about the case. 

 Here are the news that I've received from Estevam (Celine Fall):
 On this page, you can watch an interview in English which was taken
 at the backstage after Celine's Wetten Dass performance.  The interviewer
 reaction at the end is pretty funny! =)

 Celine is in the Tele 7 Jours magagzine.  You can see the scans of the
 magazine on S'il Suffisait D'aimer.
 You can read the transcript of Celine's Parkinson interview here.
 Thanks Estevam! =)

 Here are the chart results of that came out over the weekend for the
 ANDHC Single. (last week position in brackets)
 UK: #13 (7)   Sweden: #3 Debute   Finland: #17 Debute   Norway: #7 Debute
 Norway Airplay: #6 (7)   Germany: #9 Debute   Austria: #10 Debute
 Ireland: #11 (10)   Belgium: #14 (38)   Belgium (french region) #15 Debute
 Switzerland: #4 Debute   Australia: #23 Debute   New Zealand: #39 (39)
 Brazil Airplay #52 (61)  Canadian Hot 20: #6 (4)
 Here are this week's US radio programmers comments for ANDHC single:
 "This is a multi-format record and will be a good Adult female song!"

 "This is a no-brainer for us!"

 "Performing well during the day!"

 "This sounds good on the air."

 "Pulling midday phones."
 On Jam! Music, you can find a review of the new album written by the
 a Toronto Sun's writer.  He only have 3/5 for the album in his review,
 but my point isn't this.  The thing is although he gave 3/5, Jam! Music
 gave 5/5 for the album, which is so rare and great!  Jam! doesn't have
 its own review, but they do put up their rating.  Click here to see!

(Mar 23 2002 News)
 Reminder: Due to bandwidth limit, this site will be closed on this
 Sunday, and will return on Monday.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

 Just a reminder that Celine will appear on the Parkinson show tonight
 for the UK fans.  And she'll perform 2 songs.

 On Phil's Celine Site, and A Canadian Way of Life, you can see screen
 caps of Celine's Wetten Dass appearance.  On A Canadian Way of Life,
 you can also download a short clip of Celine arriving.  Later on, 
 Phil is going to upload a video of her performance too. 
 Thanks Phil and Estevam for the info! =)

 On the International Forum, you can see all full scans (with the article)
 of The Times Magazine.  Click here!

 Celine is also in a Brazillian magazine and an Italian magazine IODONA.
 You can see the scans of these
 mags on Celine Fall.
 Thanks Tatiana and Estevam! =)

 These are the pics from UK's The Times Magazine.  
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall) for the pic! =)

 By the way, if you wanna see some scans of the new album photo art,
 you can see them on various site such as S'il Suffisait D'aimer, and 
 Celine Fall .  Sorry for not putting them up here, cuz I am trying my
 best not to look at those pics until I get the album on Tuesday.  Don't
 wanna spoil anything!! 3 more days!  And 2 more days til Oprah!!!  
 We all will have a busy week next week catching Celine on TV.  =)

 For those of you with who have BBC America, it will air the Top of the
 Pops with Celine on it tonight (Saturday) at 7pm est.
 Thanks Molly from the Destin group for the info! =)

 For the fans in Philippines, the music channel VID-OK will make March
 31st a Celine day, and they'll play Celine's videos, interview, concert
 ...etc non-stop for the entire day.  
 Thanks Mark and Estevam (Celine Fall) for the info! =)
 This week on Brazil Airplay chart, ANDHC rises up to #52 from #61.
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall) for the info! =)

 The Colour Of My Love video has been certified Gold and Platinum by
 US's RIAA on Feb 20th 2002.
 Thanks Queen Celine for the info! =) 

 On CTV news-net, you can find a video report of the lawsuit in English.
 In the video, you can also see Musique Plus VJ, Mike Gauthier, and a
 DJ commenting on the issue.  Click here to watch!
 According to the report, Rene will meet the press on Monday.

(Mar 22 2002 News)
 Once again, due to bandwidth limit, this site will be closed on this
 Sunday, and will return on Monday.  Sorry for any inconvenience.
 MuchMoreMusic are having a wristband giveaway.  If you want to win a pair
 of wristband to watch Celine's interview at MMM, click here to enter!

 On this BBC page, you can watch a clip of Celine's performance
 on Top of the Pops!
 Thanks Lorena (Sweet Celine) for the info! =)

 For the US fans who still haven't been able to catch the new video
 on VH1, it's at #20 on this week's countdown.  So you can try to catch
 it on the countdown show.  Please check for your local listing.
 Thanks Jennifer for the info! =)

 You can now listen to all of the new songs on S'il Suffisait D'aimer.

 Celine among few others are on the cover of the current issue of the
 People magazine.  The cover story talks about which celebrities have
 stopped their careers to put family first.
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall) for the info! =)

 You can find some updates on the lawsuit against Rene in this article.
 This article says that today the lawyer of Rene has represented him
 to deny the charge in court.  The lawyer also said to the reporters
 that "Celine and everyone close to Rene have been aware of this con
 game for a long time and understand perfectly Rene's reaction to the
 first threat of a lawsuit."
 Hope Celine isn't too upset with this matter, and hope it won't put
 too big a shadow over the album release.
 If I were Rene, I wouldn't reached for a settlment agreement two years
 ago if I haven't do it.  And to me it looks like that the lawyer of
 the plantiff is trying to build a clean image for her by pointing out
 she's an ordained minister of the Full Gospel World Church.  But you 
 know, I don't think I'll ever see the Pope playing video poker in a
 Found a large article from a HK newspaper that talks about the press
 conference that was held few days ago in Paris.  It says that when Celine
 was asked whether she still want to act in a movie, she said she still
 really wanna do that, and she wants to a movie that has a family theme.
 As long as there a good script, even if it's only a minor role, she
 will love to do it, cuz all she wants is to be in a good movie.

 ANDHC is #1 this week on Billboard's Hot Adult Contemporary chart!

 According to various fans, the new album is already out in Netherlands,
 Ireland, and Holland.

 Here's an article that talks about Celine was presented with the most
 expensive disc ever made.
 Thanks Tatiana (Celine Fall) for the pic! =)

 Now on A Canadian Way of Life, you can see photos that were taken during
 the Vivement Dimanche taping.  Go to the photo section of the site, 
 then click on "photo in Paris".
 Thanks Tatiana (Celine Fall) for the info! =)

 Here are two other articles that talks about the lawsuit, one in English
 and one in French.  On the page of the French article, you can also find
 a 9 mins video report of the case.
 Infinit's Article (in French)
 Jam! Music Article (in English)
 Pauline, one of the lucky winners who was invited to attend a listening
 part in Poland last Tuesday, and here are the pics for her invitation:
 Thanks Pauline (Celine Dion in Pauline's Eyes)! =)

 Here's another pretty nice review written by a writer of UK's Times Newspaper.
 It's rare to read something nice from the critics. Click here to read!
 Talking about UK, Celine was presented with the most expensive disc
 ever made with gold and diamonds yesterday.  To read more, go to the
 official site now! 
 Once again, if you wanna see larger size of the above pics, go to
 All Over Press.  You will be able to login with the login name "guest".
 Be aware that the site goes down from time to time, so keep on trying
 if it's down when you visit it.

(Mar 21 News)
 Here, you can see a review for the new album done by Vancouver Sun 
(Canada's newspaper) Kerry Gold.

 Rene is being sued by a woman who claims he fondled her in the elevator
 of a Las Vegas casino two years ago and then sexually assaulted her
 in her hotel room.  And Rene's lawyer has said that Rene is going to
 fight back this time, unlike of trying to reach a monetary settlement
 like what he did two years ago.  It's a long story, and looks pretty
 serious too.  What a bad timing to have this news come out at this 
 moment.  Click here to read more about the story.
 Right now on CDNow, you can also hear song clips from the new album.
 Click here!

 R & R chart has come out earlier this week, here's ANDHC performance:
 AC: #2 (with 2501 spins) Enrique's Hero is #1 with 2555 spins.
 Hot AC: #25 (last week #25)
 Pop: #36 (last week #41)
 Smooth Jazz: #15 (last week #19)  

 ANDHC single debuted at #2 on Canada's Single chart (Sales).  On the
 Hits Chart (Airplay), ANDHC once again remains at #3.  With the album
 coming out next week, let's hope it'll climb up to a higher spot next

 E-K7 has just made a new E-card for Celine's new album.  The company
 also made one for Tout En Amour when the album came out.  E-K7 are
 currently sending out the e-cards. If you've received an email from 
 e-k7, and you don't know what it means because it's in French, simply
 click the first "ici" that appears on the email.  Then the e-card will
 be sent to you automatically in less than a minute.  Don't click the "ici"
 at the bottom, that's what I did before I translated the email into
 English.  That "ici" means you don't wanna receive anymore emails from
 them.  If you haven't received their email, don't worry, cuz Celine Fall
 has put the e-card up for people to download.  Or you can visit the
 site of E-K7.  You can request the e-card there, and you can also find
 their e-card for Tout En Amour there too.  They are pretty neat.  Btw,
 it's not the same e-card that you can find on the official site.

 On TF1's Video site, you can watch a Celine interview in French.
 Click here to go the page!
 By the way, don't know why there are many banners with naked woman on
 that page... 
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall) for the info! =)

 According to, Celine's next single in the US will be "I'm
 Alive".  The impact date for this single to radio stations is June 4th.

 One more special TV appearance for the Canadian fans to look forward
 to!!!!  Next Thursday, Celine will be making a red carpet entrance to
 the MuchMoreMusic headquarters in Toronto, ON for a one-hour exclusive
 LIVE interview on Thursday, March 28. Celine will engage in candid
 conversation, and offer fans the rare opportunity to ask questions via
 phone, fax, email and Speakers Corner.
 This MuchMoreMusic event will be hosted by Bill Welychka and broadcast
 LIVE across Canada from 7:30-8:30 p.m. ET (with an encore presentation
 at 10:00 p.m. ET) on Thursday, March 28. Céline will also stop by
 MuchMusic and chat with VJ Bradford How during a LIVE ten minute
 interview at 7:20 p.m. ET.
 Wow!  Celine hasn't done something like this for MuchMusic/MuchMoreMusic
 for a long time already!!!  It'll be great!  
 For teamceline fans, you can win passes to see Celine there!  Details
 will be out soon.

 On the official site, it says that this afternoon, they'll have a breaking
 news regarding Celine's Toronto appearance.

 On this week's Billboard Hot 100, ANDHC rises to #38 from #45.

 Two more pics as Celine leaves her hotel.  This woman really does have
 lots of different outfit to wear.
 Thanks Karla (That's The Way Celine Is) for the pics! =)

 Sony Music Holland has announced today that Celine's new album is already
 certified platinum, even before it's in stores.  Many stores in Holland
 have also confirmed that they already have the new album in stock, and
 they are allowed to sell them as soon as tomorrow!
 And a little chart updates on Holland's charts:
 Wanadoo top 40: debutes at #31
 Mega Top 100: debutes at #29
 Skyradio top 30 Airplay chart: #11 (last week # 17)
 Thanks Dennis for these info! =)
 Today on Rosie, Celine has been mentioned. Rosie announced that they
 were going to try to auction off something every week until the show
 ends. Today's item was a Celine Dion plaque with her gold records
 placed down the side. It looks pretty big, a few feet tall. Rosie said
 Celine sent that to her with a note saying "Thanks for making it happen". 
 Thanks Ashley for the info! =)

 After many days remaining at #2 behind Enrique's Hero, today on Mediabase
 7 days report (daily chart that ranks songs by airplay in the U.S) of
 the AC format, ANDHC finally surpassed "Hero" and reached the #1 spot.
 So it's likely that on next week's AC chart compiled by Billboard or
 R & R (may not be the coming one, but the week after), ANDHC will finally
 reach #1.

 Here's an article titled "Celine Dion considers moving to Vegas" from
 Jam! Music, below you can also find a poll regarding her move.

 Now on S'il Suffisait D'aimer, you can see scans of the TeleMoustique
 and Tele Poche magazine. 

 During her press conference in Paris, Celine announced that a French
 album will come out in March 2003.  Jean-Jacques Goldman will once again
 in charge of the work. 
 However, if I remember it right, Jean-Jacques said sometimes ago during
 an interview that he doesn't think he will/can write another album
 entirely by himself for Celine.  So I GUESS this time it will include
 songs that are written by other writers.

 If I haven't misunderstood, at the surprise performance Celine gave
 at Garou's concert, Celine also sang "Ten Days" with him.
 Right now on Wire Image, you can see 6 more pics taken from the press conference
 in Paris.  Simply click on the above link, and then search for "Celine Dion".

 For HK fans, the video ANDHC will air on Sony Music Television Signal
 on the ATV World channel at 8:30pm-9:00pm this coming Sunday.

 For Taiwan fans, watch out for the commercial of ANDHC album done by
 the popular group S.H.E.  Selina, Hebe, and Ella said that they are very
 surprised, excited and feel very honour to be chosen as the ones to
 announce the release of the album in Taiwan.  Despite of their hectic
 schedule, they've spent 5 hours shooting for the commercial.  In the
 commercial, people can see them listening to the headphones, say one 
 by one "It's good! Very good! It's excellent!"  
 After the shooting, Hebe told the reporters that the new single is very
 good, even though they've continuously played the single during the
 shooting, they don't feel tired of the song at all.  The reporters then
 asked them why do they like Celine, then Ella said she finds Celine
 sings each word very clearly, and each time she listens to her sing,
 she gets goosebump and very moved.  It's the same funny feeling she got
 when she did my concert/autograph party.  By the way, they weren't paid
 anything for the shooting.

 For Germany fans, remember to catch Celine on Wetten Dass this coming
 Saturday March 23 on ZDF.

 Right now on Queen Celine, you can find 4 different Celine-related
 video files, including TV commercial for the "Le Grand Blonde..." contest,
 Celine and Rene birthday message to Luc Plamondon...etc.
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall) for the info! =)

 Now on Celine, Star Planetaire, you can see some "fuller" scans of the
 Elle Magazine.

 It's been 3 days in a row for ANDHC to Top MuchMoreMusic Top 5 video
 countdown!  Way to go!
 Thanks Scott (Celine Canada) for the info! =)

 Right now on The Colour Of My Love, you can see a pic of the box-set
 which will come out next Tuesday, and a pic for the ANDHC poster.
 Thanks Bryan! =)

(Mar 20 News)
 One more picture as she leaves her hotel!

 For UK fans, Celine will be on "Parkinson" this Saturday Mar 23rd on
 BBC1 at 22:20.  She'll be singing 2 songs from the new album, with an
 Next Tuesday and Wednesday, GMTV will be showing a 2 part interview
 with Celine!
 Thanks Neil in the Destin group for the info! =)

 On Germany's Top 100 single chart, ANDHC has entered at #8.  If the source
 remember it correctly, this could be the Celine single with highest 
 entry on the Germany's Single chart. On the sales chart of,
 the album is already #1.
 Stephan for the info! =)

 Also, on a radio chart of one of the biggest radio stations in HK, 
 ANDHC has also reached #1 this week.

 Celine shops around in Paris again!
 You can see even larger size of these pictures on All Over Press.
 You simply put "guest" as your login name, and type in any password,
 then you'll be able to log-in.

 Celine say hello and bid farewell to the reporters before and after
 her press conference in Paris.

 Found a French news article on Cyberpresse.  There are quite many info
 from the article.
 First of all, Celine once again gave a surprise performance in Garou's
 concert in Paris.  The rumour came out in last few days saying that
 Celine will appear on Garou's concert since Celine is also in Paris,
 and Garou's concert will be taped for airing on TV later.  However, no
 official announcement was made.  And it ended up Celine did really
 perform "Sous Le Vent" with Garou in his concert.  
 The article also talks about Celine's busy schedule in Paris.  She
 arrived over the weekend, and she has been staying in Habitu¨¦e du
 Bristol (one of the largest Parisian hotel).  She has recorded a TV
 special for TV1, which will broadcast on March 30.  On Tuesday, Celine
 taped Vivement Dimanche with Michel Drucker, which will air over the
 next weekend. In the evening, she was then on NRJ, the first French
 musical radio.
 The article then goes on talking about Celine being on the cover of
 Elle magazine.  It says how the reporters of that magazine found the 
 new Celine during their interview.  A softer, more serene, more feminent
 Celine.  By the way, you can now see some pics from the Elle magazine
 on S'il Suffisait D'aimer.

 On this page, you can see a 5 mins 06 secs video of Celine's NRJ interview.  
 (Thanks Andre (Queen Celine) for the info!)
 You can still enjoy the footage even if you don't understand a word
 what she says like me, cuz you can see how people are excited there,
 and Celine also sang Ten Days (without music) with the host, and you'll
 be entertained, and amazed how nice Celine sounds even singing with
 those mics.

(Mar 19 News)
 A fan in the Destin group, Anna, called the Virgin store in Times Sqaure,
 and they told her that the in-store appearance was cancelled. 
 For French fans, here's a link to watch an video file of tonight's
 RAI news.  At the end of the news, it mentions Celine, and played clips
 of Celine's MHWGO video, Tribute to Heroes performance, and ANDHC video.
 Thanks Leila (Celiniana) for the info! =)

 Celine's on the cover of the French version of Elle magazine.  
 She's also in the current issue of Tele Loisirs and Tele Poche.
 Thanks Leila (Celiniana) for the pic and info! =)

 On this week's UK singles midweek chart, ANDHC has fallen out of the
 Top 10.

 On Declaration of Celine, there is now a full-length version of
 "When the wrong one loves you right", "Prayer", "Ten days", "Goodbye's
 the saddest word", and "At last" to download.  These songs were aired
 on Radio Capital.
 Thanks Katherin, and Alexandria for the info! =)
 Geez...I have to control myself, and not downloading any full-length
 version, cuz I want to wait til I get the album.  Just one more week!

 Celine will be on Top of the Pop this Friday March 22.  Stay tune!
 Thanks Jackie, Celine Fall, and Queen Celine for the info! =)

 About a week ago, I've sent an email to MuchMoreMusic asking when they'll
 premier the ANDHC video, and today they replied back telling me that
 the video is the "choice-cut" video for this week.

 Forgot to mention this yesterday, when I was listening to the Canadian
 Hot 20 countdown, ANDHC came up at #4.  And before the song came up,
 the DJ had this intro: "So, here's a Celine song that everyone loves,
 'A new day has come'".

 You can now download the full-length of "I'm Alive" on Sweet Celine.
 The song was aired during today's NRJ's interview.

(Mar 18 News)
 Today on MuchMoreMusic Top 5 video countdown, ANDHC was #1!  
 Thanks Kirstin (Celine Dion Collector's Series) for the info! =)

 On New Zealand Top 50 Single chart, although the single hasn't been
 release yet, ANDHC has already debuted at #39.  
 Thanks John for the info! =)

 For Belgium fans, the radio station 4fm is going to play one new song
 from the new album every hour on this Friday March 22nd, starting at
 7am til 7pm.  You can also listen the station online!  
 The site address for the radio station is
 Thanks Kurt from the Destin newsgroup for the info! =)

 Received the following info from an UK fan, Paula, in the Destin newsgroup:
 On March 21st at 16:00 @ HMV, 150 Oxford Street, London, UK's Epic will
 be unveilling a special display dedicated to Celine. In the window will
 be a special disc to commemorate Celine's massive albums sales. She
 could not tell me too much about the event but basically this is the
 most expensive disc ever presented for record sales and will later be
 auctioned off. Epic Records has asked that as many fans be there as
 possible as I think a number of newspapers will be present also. The
 event will last approximately 30 mins and they are hoping for a big
 crowd. So if you are in the area or would just like a special trip down
 there then it sounds like fun. You never know there may also be some
 free goodies going.

 Although Celine is actually in the country on this day it is highly
 unlikely that she will be at the presentation. When I enquired about
 this they said she would not be there.
 Thanks for the info Paula! =)

 Celine will appear on a Dutch TV show, hosted by Ivo Niehe on april 9th.
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall) for the info! =)

 On Sweet Celine, you can now find some pictures of Celine in Paris,
 taken by All over press.  You can see Celine is busy signing autographs!
 Thanks Lorena (Sweet Celine) for the info! =)
 Today, all Italian fans can listen to all of the new songs from the 
 new album in full-length on Radio capital.  They will play a song from
 the album throughout the day.  You can listen to the radio ONLINE now!
 Good luck! =)
 Thanks Leila (Celiniana) for the info! =)

 Here is a chart update on the chart results that
 came out over the weekend: (last week's position in brackets)
 UK National Single Chart (Sales): #7 (Debute)
 Norway Airplay: #7 (9)
 Germany Airplay: #10 (15)
 Belgium Single chart: #38 (Debute)
 Japan: Tokio Hot 100: #26 (20  Osakan Hot 100: #32 (20)
 Lebanon: Radio 1: #8 (?)
 Brazil Airplay: #61 (78)
 Eurochart: #14 (Debute)
 US: R & R charts: 
     AC: #2 (2)  Hot AC: #25 (26)  Smooth Jazz #19 (24)

 Celine is receiving a warm "welcome back" from Taiwan.  A news article
 that was published in a Taiwan newspaper, and now has been put up on
 Taiwan's Sony Music site, talked about many DJs in Taiwan are anxiously
 waiting for Celine's new album to come out.  And even more so after they've
 heard her first single.  A DJ said, "Love is very important for Celine, 
 it's also a force that pushes her foward.  I believe her new songs will
 deliver a sense of peace, freedom and sacrifice to many people.  Nowadays,
 there are many music that have imported new technologies to make some
 special effects, make it more "full", but may not be able to touch
 people.  However, for Celine, she uses her emotions and feeling to make
 those special effects.  Thus, you can hear it when someone has music
 and love."  Another DJ who attended the L.A taping said that despite
 of the size of the theatre and few thousands of people, Celine with her
 humour and generosity could make the whole thing so intimate, and
 everything was like happening in the family room.  Some other DJs said
 how they were blown by Celine's performance when they saw her live
 in concerts, and how beautiful her voice is.

 Thanks Queen Celine for the following info:
 On this page, you can find an application form to win one of the 25 pairs
 of tickets to watch Celine taping for the TV show "Le Grand Blond recoit
 Celine" and her new album.  The drawing will take place on March 28th.      

 Celine is scheduled to chat with her fans on March 25 at 5:00pm (ET)/
 2:00pm (PT) at the link below:

 On March 27th at 10pm, Celine will be featured/interviewed on E!Channel's
 Celine is in the 7 Jours magazine.  The article talks about Celine's
 wealth, how she is the artist from Quebec who have earned the most

 Sony Australia has taken those 30 sec clips off from their site.  However,
 if your real-player has memorized the links (address of those files),
 those links are still working.  Celine Fall has also put up one sound
 file that includes all of those clips.  You can find the file on their

 Tomorrow (Mar 19th Tuesday), VH1 will premier the show, "Greatest TV
 Moments: C¹Èline Dion".  ANDHC video will also be premiered on VH1's
 "Jumpstart" program. 

 For Italian fans, C¹Èline will participate on an new Italian TV program
 presented by "Fiorello", on April 6th on the RaiUno channel.
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall) and Leila (Celiniana) for the info! =)

  Last week, on The Review, there was another article that talked about
 how Stephan Moccio got to co-write a song for Celine which ended up
 being the title track of her album.  In this article, Moccio said that
 he finally got to meet Celine at the Grammy 2002, and he brought the
 autographed picture Celine signed for him 10 years ago.  If you remember
 from previous articles, Stephan told Celine 10 years ago when she signed 
 him the picture that one day he'll be a successful songwriter, and they
 will probably work together.  Stephan said at the Grammy, Celine had
 no idea it was him, until she saw the picture, and she got emotional.
 Celine said, "I can't believe it! What a story. The fact you would say
 something like that 10 years ago, and here we are and you've written
 my big comeback song about my child."
 To read the full article, click here!
(Mar 15 News)
 On this week's Billboard Hot AC chart, ANDHC remains at #2.

 For Canadian fans, MuchMoreMusic has now put ANDHC on their Top 5 selection.
 So, if you still haven't watched the video on TV and if the song gets
 enough vote, you'll be able to watch it on this program.
 Click here to go to MMM Top 5 page.

 There is a large article of Celine on the Madame Figaro magazine.
 Thanks Pauline (Pauline's Celine Dion Site) for the info! =)
 Great news!!!  Now on Sony Australia, you can listen 30 seconds clip of 
 every single song on the new album including Superlove!!  Click here to
 go to the page!!
 Thanks John for the info!! =)
 Btw, I think I'm Alive sounds like a World Cup soccer theme.  Anyway,
 I love many of the songs base on those 30 secs clips.  Too bad North
 American don't get "Superlove". 

 The official site says that a live interview from Paris with CûÌine
 will be broadcast on NRJ National FM Network. The interview will come
 on air on Monday, March 18 at 9:10 p.m.

 Just a reminder, to prevent from shutting down due to excess usage of
 the bandwidth, this site will be closed on this Saturday and Sunday,
 and will come back on Monday!  Sorry for all the inconvenience!

(Mar 14 2002 News)
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall) for this pic! =)

 On S'il Suffisait D'aimer, you can now see scans of the Gala magazine.
 There are three pics that were taken in the same occassion as the one

 A fan who is in Edmonton found out that HMV will be carrying the single
 tomorrow, so Canada fans may get the single as soon as tomorrow.
 Thanks Kirstin (Celine Dion Collector's Series) for the info! =)

 On this week's Billboard Hot 100, ANDHC moves up 10 more spots to #45.
 On Canada's Hits (Airplay) charts, ANDHC stays at #3 for the second week.

 On this France Sony site, you can see a picture that shows the entire
 dress Celine wears on the album cover.

 Celine is inside the April issue of Reader's digest.  You can read an
 interview on the site!  Click here!

 On Celine Fall, you can see two pics of Celine and both Rene
 which can be found in the latest issue of Portugal´s Nova Gente magazine. 
 Thanks Estevam! =)

 Thanks Colin for sending me this week's radio programmers comments on
 DYLAN SPRAGUE, OM, Q100, Atlanta
 A good midday record with good balance.

 MARK 'The Shark' RICHARDS, APD, WBHV, State College, PA
 This is a huge Adult record!

 We like it. This has a little Enya flavor to it.

 This is a great day record!

 This sounds good on the radio.

 This is a no-brainer!

 This picked up immediate adult female response!

 Working well in middays!
(Mar 13 News)
 Again, due to the bandwidth limit, I'm planning to close down this site 
 during the weekend (both Saturday and Sunday), and the site will come
 back on Monday.

 Beautiful pic, don't you think?!  
 Thanks Mohsin (Yahoo! Music: Celine Dion) for the pic! =)

 According to Queen Celine, Musique Plus has set March 25th to be Celine
 day, so set your VCR!

 On Sweet Celine, you can now see some scans of the Voici magazines. 
 It has few R.C pics!

(Mar 12 News)
 This is and ad for the ANDHC single.
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall) for the pic! =)

 I just caught ANDHC video on MuchMoreMusic during the video flow!!!
 I noticed that when Celine sang "Hush now, I see a light in the sky",
 for the second time, she had teary eyes.  This video is really colourful,
 and great to see scenes in different countries (including Hong Kong,
 the place where I was born!).  And you can really see that they've
 spent much time making the video, although Celine physically didn't 
 need to do much in the video.  A shot that really touched me was the
 scene of the Korean girl (maybe Chinese, but she looked more like a
 Korean girl to me) crying in the shower, and it's the part where Celine
 sings "let the rain come down and wash away my tears".  That girl's acting 
 was pretty real!  Okay, enough of my BS.
 Right now, Epic is running a contest giving away 5 copies of the ANDHC
 album.  You can find the application form at

 Found this midweek UK single Sales Chart on dotmusic forum:
 1 Will Young - 31023
 2 Ali G and Shaggy - Me Julie - 16079
 3 Shakira - Whenever Wherever - 12724
 4 Jennifer Lopez - Ain't It Funny - 10589
 5 Celine Dion - A New Day Has Come - 7727
 6 Nickelback - How You Remind Me - 6582
 7 Enrique Iglesias - Hero - 6274
 8 Lasgo - something - 6270
 9 Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills - 6065
10 Natalie Imbruglia - Wrong Impression - 4179
 Since it's a midweek chart, the position may change when the end of 
 week sales result comes out. 
 Everyone in the forum are so surprised that Celine is up there at #5.
 Cuz many of them thought it would flop bigtime due to lack of promotion
 and airplay.  Some people there said that they still even haven't heard
 of the song yet.  So let's hope the single will continue to sell well 
 and able to remain in the top 10 by the end of the week.

 For UK fans, the video is now playing on VH1, Magic, The Box, and even
 MTV!  Watch out!
 For fans in Germany, the video-premiere of ANDHC has now postponed to
 March 13th(or 14th) on the program Leute Heute at 17:40. (But to be sure, it's
 better to check with 

 You can't find ANDHC video onQueen Celine now because Sony has asked
 the site-owner to remove the video.  
 But now, you can find the video on S'il Suffisait D'amier!

 According to Queen Celine, Quebec radio station
 Rock-Detente will a special for Celine's return on Mar 27th.  Host Veronique
 Cloutier will be flying to New York and meet up with Celine and do the
 show there.
 Also Celine will be singing on the show Bingolotto on April 13th (Sat)
 on the Swedish TV.
(Mar 11 News)
 A correction about the video premiering on Freshly Pressed.  It wasn't
 premiered in the program Freshly Pressed, instead it premiered during
 the video flow.

 Found this pic on  There's an short article that talks about 
 Celine's new video in French. Here's the article.

 For fans in Poland, Sony Music Poland is now running a contest for
 people to win for a listening party which will be held on March 19th. 
 In that party, people will be able to hear Celine's new songs, and a
 short movie.  
 The video of ANDHC hits Canada and UK.  Someone in the UK saw the video
 today on the channel Magic.  And another fan in Canada saw the video
 today on MuchMoreMusic during the video flow.

 You can now watch a clip of the ANDHC video on Celine Dion Rare Videoclips!!
 Thanks Davey for the info! =)
 As many of you may know already, the official site is putting up a 55
 secs clip of "I'm Alive" in the teamCeline area.

 The bishop who baptized R.C drowned in the ocean while he was on vacation
 in Florida.  The bishop arrived in Florida on Saturday for a vacation
 before the busy Easter season.  He was found floating, blue-faced, and
 unconcious near the shore yesterday. For more info, click here!

 On the Passion site, you can now find a song by song review by the

(Mar 10 News)
 On S'il Suffisait D'aimer, you can now listen to a short clip of Ten
 Days.  It was aired as part of a commercial for Celine on NRJ station.
 You can see few scans of a French and Chinese magazine.

 For the fans in Denmark, the Grammy will be shown on TV2 Zulu first
 on this coming Wednesday (March 13th) at 20.25-23.30 CET, and it'll
 re-air on Saturday at 09.30 CET.
 For the fans in Finland, the Grammy will also be broadcasted on TV1
 on Friday (March 15th) 22.45-00.25 CET.
 Thanks Adam (Hungarian Celine Dion fansite) for the info! =)

 Found the following news in the International forums.  
 Sous Le Vent won "Best Original Song" at the Victoires de la Musique.
 This is the first time for Garou to win this award, and it's Celine's
 2nd time. She won it with "Pour que tu m'aimes encore" in 1996.  They're
 also the only two Quebecer artists to win this award.

 Here's a brief summary for this week's ANDHC chart performance:
 (#)=last week's position
    Hits chart (Airplay): #3 (#4)
    Billboard: Hot 100: #55 (#61)  Hot AC: #2  (f#4)
    R&R: AC: #2 (#5)  Hot AC: #26 (#29)  Smooth Jazz: #24 (#28)
    National Airplay: #9 (#9) 
 Germany: #2 (#5)
    Tokio hot 100: #37 (71)  Zip FM77.8 HOt 100: #25 (#50) 
    Osaka hot 100: #27 (#28)  Kiss FM Kobe: #26 (#29)
    Hot 100 Airplay: #78 (New) 
  Hong Kong: 
    997 Top 20 Foreign: #5 (#7)

(Mar 8 News)
 Just a reminder, unless some very important news come out tomorrow,
 this site will be closed for one day tomorrow.

 After 16 weeks on the chart, Sous Le Vent finally reached #1 last week
 on Belgium's Top 20 French single chart.

 On Queen Celine, you can now listen to the full-length of "Prayer"!
 Compare to "Where is the love", and "Miles to go, before I sleep" which
 were also written by Corey Hart, I love this one the best! 

 On this week's Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary chart, ANDHC moves up
 to #2 already!

 On Sweet Celine Site, you can now find 3 video captures for the ANDHC
 video and scans from the Hello Magazine!

 Celine and Rene are on the cover of 7 Jours again, and you can see 
 the pic on Celine Fall!

 On Jam! Music, it has an article titled "Celine sets up shop in Vegas",
 but in the article, it doesn't mention anything about Celine setting
 up shop in Vegas.  It talks about how she was so fascinated by Franco's
 shows and really wanted to come back with those types of shows.  It 
 also says that a listening party for the new album was held last night
 at their digs on Leslie St.  Click here for the article!

 The singles for ANDHC are in stores now in Belgium.

 On the official site's Germany microsite, they are now giving away 
 tickets to the Las Vegas shows.  
 Thanks Phil (Phil's Celine Site) for the info! =) 

(Mar 7 News)
 On Billboard Hot 100, ANDHC moves up to #55 from #61 this week.
 Thanks Kervin! =)

 Sorry that I forgot to put a link for The Heart Of Celine yesterday.
 The Heart Of Celine is currently having bandwidth problems too, but you 
 can try, it's a mirror site for The Heart
 of Celine.
 On this week's Canada Hits (Airplay) chart, ANDHC moves up one more
 spot to #3!

 One more European TV appearance addition to yesterday's list.  On March
 16th, Grammy Music Awards will also air in Denmark on Saturday,  the
 16th of March at 09.30 CET on the channel TV2 Zulu!
 Thanks Adam (Hungarian Celine Dion Web Site for the info! =)

 This week's radio programmers' comments on ANDHC:
 CELINE DION A New Day Has Come (EPIC) - This is doing very well for us!

 CELINE DION A New Day Has Come (EPIC) - Early interest. Good to have
 her back.

 CELINE DION A New Day Has Come (EPIC) - This sounds great on our station!

 CELINE DION A New Day Has Come (EPIC) - We hit it this week and it's
 sounding good.

 CELINE DION A New Day Has Come (EPIC) - I think she sounds better than

 CELINE DION A New Day Has Come (EPIC) - We really like this. It has
 real potential.
 Thanks Colin for the info! =)

 Now on The Heart Of Celine, you can see more pics and some AUDIO files
 of a few songs that Celine sang during the taping.  They include ANDHC,
 I'v Alive, At last, Have you ever been in love, Aun Existe Amor! =)

 On this week's Billboard AC chart, ANDHC moves up to #4!
 Thanks Kervin for the info! =)

 According to Sony Australia, the proceed from the Kodak Theatre ticket
 sales will be donated to charity.
 On Sony Denmark's site, it says something like on March 25th 18:00-
 19:00, there will be a Celine Dion online chat.  Since I don't understand
 Danish, that's all I could understand.  Click here to read!

(Mar 6 News)
 This site is slowly approaching the bandwidth limit again, so I am planning
 to put this site on "vacation"(closed) on this coming Saturday and bring
 it back up on Sunday, in order to lower its bandwidth usage.  So unless
 there is any very important news coming out on Saturday, this site will
 be closed on Saturday.  Geez... When can I bring my original front page
 up again?  Sorry for all the inconvenience!

 Got the following info from a fan in the Destin newsgroup, who've attended
 the Oprah taping.  She said Celine was asked by an audience during the
 commercial break about her building a new house in Las Vegas. Celine
 said that she is building an extremely small home!  Three bedrooms,
 two bathrooms, one kitchen, one dining room, and one living room.  She
 added that she wants R.C to be brought up in a normal home, and Showbizz
 life is not going to be for her son.  
 I didn't know that during taping, they also have commercial breaks too! =)
 Thanks Adam (Hungarian Celine Dion Web Site) for the revised Celine
 Europe TV appearances below:
 Europe TV appearances:
 March 3 (Sun), 20.45 CET Spécial Les Premiéres Fois - the first music
 videos of stars (including Celine). on MCM (french music channel in
 March 8 (Fri), 19.00 CET Celine guest starrs in Touched By An Angel
 (100th episode) on the Polish TV channel TV Puls (available everywhere
 in Europe via sat)
 (repeat: Sunday at 10.00 CET)
 March 9 (Sat), 20.15 CET: Grammy Awards 2002 on NRK2, Norway

 March 9 (Sat), "Victoires de la Musique".  Sous Le Vent has been nominated
 for Best Original Song.  It will be air on France 2 and TV5 Europe.

 March 16th  "Grammy Music Awards"  09.30 CET on the channel TV2 Zulu!

 May ??  "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno"  European fans will likely be
 able to watch this show about a week after North American fans see it.
 Check out CNBC Europe and Swedish Kanal 5 at that time.

 A fan in the UK has just seen a commercial on TV for the ANDHC single
 which will come out on Mar 11th.  Inside the commercial, he saw the
 cover art for the single, and a clip of the video.  He says Celine
 looks a bit like the way she looked in the If Walls Could Talk video.
 Thanks Daniel (GodBlessCeline) for the info! =)

 Found part of the following news from the S'il Suffisait D'aimer site.
 SRC (Canada's French national TV network) aired "Au Coeur Du Stade" on
 last Sunday, and the program had a disappointing rating.  It ranked #6
 on that day's ranking for the French region, and it only attracted
 roughly 650,000 viewers.  Usually, Celine's program can easily cross
 the million mark.  Her interview with Michel Jasmin that was aired 
 on TVA about a month before the birth of R.C attracted an estimated
 2,206,000 viewers.  The comment of Celine's spoke-person, Francine
 Chaloult, on this rating is "Rene must be disappointed."  There are
 few explanation for this rating including confusion in air-time/date,
 and not enough advertisment.  And embarassingly (although I don't want
 to use this word), the program that was aired immediately after the
 concert attrated 759,000 viewers.
 I am no showbizz expert, but in my own opinion, I don't understand why
 they would want to air this concert (2 years old) at this time, especially
 since the CBS and two separate French TV specials will air in April. 
 I guess now there is even more pressure for the rating of those specials

 You can now read the report written by the site-owner of Celine Fall,
 who've also attended the taping.  You can also see some more pics there 
 too!  You can find his report on his site.  Just simply click on the
 link above.

 The person who played the violin for Celine in the special is called
 Roddy Chiong.  He has also played for Celine in the past in Celine's
 LTAL tour in the US.  You can read his incredible story of how he got
 to play/meet Celine on his site.  You can also see a few pics of him
 when he was playing for Celine during that tour. 

 The video fo ANDHC will premier in Germany on the program, "Leute Heute"
 at 17.45u this Friday.

(Mar 5 News)
 Steven Cojocaru, who has a column on the People site, has made this
 comment on Celine's grammy hair on the Today Show:
 "Celine Dion's hair (at the Grammys) was mega, mega hair. It was like
 beauty contestant hair. There was an escalator in there."
 Thanks Theresa for the info! =)
 And today on the People site, there is also an article that talks about
 Celine's Vegas deal.  It's basically a recap of the L.A Times article.   
 According to a fan in the Destin newsgroup, Celine has taped her Oprah
 appearance today.  And that fan was lucky enough to get in without any
 tickets by waiting outside the studio before the taping, trying to see
 if they let people in to fill up extra-seats.
 Celine sang a medley of BYLM, TTWII, and MHWGO in the beginning.  Both
 Rene did also appear during the show.  That fan said the R.C part will
 crack us up!  The taping ended with a full-length of ANDHC and At Last.
 All the audience received the ANDHC single as a gift.

 Now on Celine Dion Rare Videoclips, you can download her most recent
 interview on KOST 103.5 FM.  She talked about Rene's health, R.C, and
 a bit on her deal with Caesars Palace.  Click on the above link, then
 you'll find where you can download it.

 There's one more article from Jam! Music talking about Celine's taping.
 Click here to read.
 Today Jam! Music question of the day is "Are you excited about Celine
 coming out of retirement?" You will find where to vote in the article
 above.  So far the result is:
 36%  Yes, I am excited.
 46%  No, please go away Celine.
 18%  I don't care either way. 
 The result for yesterday's question (Which spring release are you most
 excited?), Celine got a tie with Neil Young, each got 15%.

 You can also see a French article about the taping from Infinit.
 Click here to read.

 Here's an article from a German magazine named "Neue Woche".  The title 
of the article means "Hey, that's my seat belt!"  haha~  R.C stuck his
 head out from the window trying to tell his mom, "hey, you got my seat-belt!"
 Thanks Stephi for the pic! =)

 According to the official site, Celine will be on the Mar 31st issue
 of the TV guide.

 There is an article on L.A times that talks about Celine's show in Vegas
 starting next year.  Celine says in that interview that when they decided 
 to go to Vegas, she wasn't even pregnant yet.  The reason they wanted
 to do shows there because they want to give her fans the #1 show, a 
 show that is so wonderful that it's technically impossible to bring
 the show around the world as how they used to tour.  You can also see
 one more pic from the taping in that article.  Click here to read!
(Mar 4 News)
 You can find few more pics of the TV special on the S'il Suffisait D'aimer
 site now!

 Here's one more great review by another fan who also attended the taping.
 It's very interesting, and you can read how Celine made so many funny
 comments during the taping.  Click here to read!

 One more pic from the special.
 Thanks Khiem for the pic! =)

 Again, one more article on last night's taping, and this time is from 
 Jam! Music.  Don't worry, this one isn't identical to the previous ones,
 it has a bit more details.  Pretty interesting! Click here to read!

 Here's one more article from Reuters about last night's taping.
 Click here to read it!

 Two pics from last night's taping! 

 The site-owner of Queen Celine, Andre, attended the taping of the CBS 
 special last night.  He has sent out a report of last night's show to
 the Destin newsgroup.  If you don't mind getting spoil and want to
 read the report, you can click here!
 Thanks Andre for the wonderful report! =)
 There's also one more article on People's site that talks about last
 night's taping.  Click here to read.

 On Jam! Music, that question of the day is "Which spring CD are you 
 looking forward to the most?", and Celine's new album is listed as one
 of the choice.  You can click here to vote.
 It's at the lower right hand column.

 This week on the Passion Site, the site-owner has put up lyrics for
 "I Surrender".  He describes this song as an up-tempo ballad, and closer
 to pop.  You can find the lyrics in the Discography section.  In that
 section, simply click on the album title ANDHC.

 I've received another info from another fan who is also living in
 Philippines regarding the first single being released in the country.
 He has just heard a radio station there playing ANDHC and the DJ introduced
 it as the first single that will come out in the country.  On Philippines
 Sony Music Site, it only tells people to go to the official site to
 hear a clip of the title track (ANDHC).

(Mar 3 News)
 The official site says that Celine will be featured in the Hello Magazine
 that will come out tomorrow.  She will be in the "7 Days" section.

 While Celine is taping her CBS special, Canada's SRC station (CBC's French
 version) has just finish airing Au Coeur Du Stade concert.  In between
 each song, they have some new footages of Celine talking about what
 those songs mean to her.  Those footages were recorded last month in
 Thanks Kirstin (Celine Dion: Collector's Series) for the info! =)

 On this week's Billboard Hot 100, ANDHC jumps to #61 from #73.  Let's 
 hope once the single comes out commercially(if Sony decides to release
 it), it'll jump into the Top 10.
 Thanks Kervin for the info! =)

 Today is the taping of the CBS special.  Can't wait to read reports
 from the people who are attending the taping!! 

(Mar 2 News)
 I've received some info from a fan who is from Philippines.  He said 
 currently in his country, radio stations are playing "Have you ever been
 in love" (track #3 on the album) instead of ANDHC.  So Sony Philippines
 may release this song as the first single instead.  This is what he said
 about the song:
 "The song is so beautiful. You can really sense Celine's vocal power
 and range. No back-up vocals or anything so you can really hear the
 depth and emotion of her voice."
 He also sent me the lyrics.  Since he wrote out the lyrics by what he
 heard on his tape (he recorded the song on to a tape), so some words
 may not be correct. 
 Have you ever been in love
 You could touch the moonlight
 When your heart is shooting stars
 You're holding heaven in your arms
 Have you ever been so in love

 Have you ever walked on air
 Ever felt like you were dreamin'
 When you never thought it could
 But it will, it feels that good
 Have you ever been so in love

 Have you ever been in love
 You could touch the moonlight
 When your heart is shooting stars
 You're holding heaven in your arms
 Have you ever been in love, have you...

 The time I spent waiting 
 For something that was heaven sent
 When you find it, don't let go
 I know...

 Have you ever said a prayer
 And found that it was answered
 All my hope has been restored
 And I ain't looking anymore
 Have you ever been so in love, have you...

 So please put you in living
 Somewhere you're gonna stay
 When you finally found the meaning
 Have you ever felt this way

 The time I spent waiting 
 For something that was heaven sent
 When you find it, don't let go,
 I know...

 Coz have you ever been so in love, so in love
 You could touch the moonlight
 You can even reach the stars
 Doesn't matter near or far
 Have you ever been so in love

 'Cause Have you ever been in love
 Have you ever been in love

 You can now see scans of the Redbook magazine on Sweet Celine Site!!

 Bit more chart update.  This time is for this week's Radio & Record:
 A/C chart: Jumps from #12 to #5
 Hot A/C chart: Debutes at #29
 Smooth Jazz: Debutes at #28
 Great news for Italian fans!
 On Mar 18th, the entire album ANDHC will be played on Radio Capital in 
 Rome-Italy.  Starting at 6:00am, the station will play one song from
 the album in every hour.  And in Italy, the album will come out on 
 March 22nd.
 Thanks Leila (Celiniana Site) for the info! =)

 Thanks Adam ( for the following info:
 Europe TV appearances:
 March 3 (Sun), 20.45 CET Spécial Les Premiéres Fois - the first music
 videos of stars (including Celine). on MCM (french music channel in
 March 5 (Tue), 19.00 CET Celine guest starrs in Touched By An Angel
 (100th episode) on the Polish TV channel TV Puls (available everywhere
 in Europe via sat)
 (repeat: wednesday at 11.10 CET)
 March 9 (Sat), 20.15 CET: Grammy Awards 2002 on NRK2, Norway

 Thanks to Radio 2, this week ANDHC moves up from #84 to #52 on UK Airplay

(Mar 1 News)
 This came out today on Sony Music Europe site.  There will be 3 different
 ANDHC single coming out in Europe:
 1. A New Day Has Come (Radio Remix) 
 2. A New Day Has Come (Humberto Gatica Album Mix Edit) 
 3. Prayer 

 1. A New Day Has Come (Album Version)
 2. Sous Le Vent - Performed by Garou & Celine Dion 
 3. Misled (Video) 

 1. A New Day Has Come (Radio Remix)
 2. A New Day Has Come (Humberto Gatica Album Mix Edit) 
 3. Prayer 

 Celine and Rene are on the cover of Echos Vedettes again!
 Thanks Tatiana (Celine Fall) for the pic! =)
 I got the Redbook magazine today.  Again due to legal issues, I won't
 scan it and put it up on the site.  And the two previous pics that were
 shown here are the only new pics in the magazine, while there are 3 more
 old pics.  One from the Montreal 9-11 concert, one from Rene-Charles
 baptism, and one from the Sony convention that celebrated Celine's sales
 surpassing 100 million in 1999.
 It's a pretty interesting and funny article.  So, it's not a waste of
 money to buy the magazine, and don't need to worry that you'll be reading
 stuff that you already knew.  The article is in the format of an interview.
 There's a question, and there's the answer from Celine on that question.
 They talk about why Celine is coming back instead of going to get another
 embryo now, was it difficult for Celine to start working on the album
 when R.C was only 6 months old, is Celine really ready for her comeback,
 how R.C has affected Celine, Rene, their normal life, their sex life 
 (oww, Celine talks about that topic again!), what Celine thinks about
 the hot/sexy singers out there such as Britney, her thoughts on poop
 (yep, you read it right, poop.)...etc.
 Here's a funny quote about Celine's thought on R.C poop:
 "For me, poop says it all.  When you want to know the truth, look to
 the poop.  You know if he digests well, if he's constipated, if he's
 not getting enough water, if the milk is doing fine.  The answer is in
 the poop.  Once Rene-Charles was playing with a vitamin bottle and he
 ate a little of the paper label off it.  You can't see everything your
 child is doing, you make mistakes sometimes; but thank God that wasn't
 a bad one.  I swear to you, the next morning that paper was in his poop.
 And I thought, "If I don't watch this kid close enough, one day he's
 going to send me a fax in his poop!"  
 -Taken from RedBook magazine, April Issue, Vol 198, No.4, P.102.  Article
 written by Claire Connors.

 According to a fan from the Destin Newsgroup, Rock Detente (107.3 FM
 Montreal) will be giving away tickets for Celine's La Fureur taping
 in Molson Center soon.  So Montreal fans stay tune!
 Some more chart info for this week:
 On Billboard's Hot AC chart, ANDHC has moved up to #4 this week! 
 I missed these yesterday on Gavin's chart:
 TOP 40:
 #9 on the top 40 Hyperactive list
 #14 on the top 40 Chartbound list

 TOP 40 G2
 #7 on Chartbound list for top 40 G2 chart.
 #5 on Hyperactive lists for top 40 G2 chart.

 #1 on the Hyperactive list ( pretty good)
 #7 on recurrent with TTWII (but I guess thats not important)

 #6 on the Hyperactive list for Hot A/C

 HOT A/C G2:
 She is actually ON the Hot A/C G2 chart at number #30
 #2 on the HOT A/C G2 spincrease 
 #2 on the Hot A/C G2 most added list.
 Thanks Colin for the info! =)

 According to Queen Celine, has just put up a cover art for the
 Maxi single of ANDHC.  Click here to see!
 Two more pics from the Grammy!

 On Real Radio's (Scottish Radio Station) news update, there was a clip
 of Celine talking about singing to Rene-Charles it went like this:
 "He has got a lot of guts and every time I sing to him he cries, it
 can't be too sensitive, it has to be lullabys or kids songs, but he's
 a wonderful kid"
 Thanks Alison for the info! =)

 Here's one more pic from Grammy's red-carpet.
 And on ET last night, Celine was picked #1 best dressed!!!
 Actually this look reminds me a bit of her If Walls Could Talk video look.
 Thanks Kirstin (Celine Dion Collector Series) for the pic! =)
 Here's a larger version of the album cover!
 Thanks Dorn and Kirstin (Celine Dion Collector Series) for the pic! =)
 Here's a another pic from Redbook magazine.
 Thanks Andre (Queen Celine) and Estevam (Celine Fall) for the pic! =)

(Feb 28 News)
 On Canada's Hits Chart (Airplay) this week, ANDHC moves up one spot
 to #4 this week!

 Stay tune to ET tonight, I think they'll mention Celine for sure.  They
 say on their website that Celine is one of their fashion favourites
 last night at the Grammy with her Dior dress.

 On this week's Gavin A/C chart, ANDHC jumps to #3 from #7!! But it still
 hasn't charted on Hot AC and Top 40 chart.  For her A/C chart performance
 in the last week:
 Reports: 93  Adds: 2  Spins: 1679  Trend: +329

 Right now on S'il Suffisait D'aimer, you can see a video file of last
 night presentation by Celine, Bonnie, and Stevie!!

 This is the new album cover.  The site-owner of Queen Celine found this
 pic on Barnes and Nobles.  And today on the official site, TeamCeline
 exclusive also shows this new album cover too.  
 For me, if the sky is brighter and less cloudy, I would like this cover
 Thanks Phil (Phil's Celine site) for the info! =)

 Here's the cover of the current issue of Redbook!!!  She looks great!
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall) for the pic! =)
 Reminder: Access Hollywood (Star TV) 8:30AM in the morning

 One more pic!
 After awards show, one of the most talked about topic is best and worst
 dressed celebrity.  Now you can be a fashion police and vote for best
 and worst dress for last night Grammy.  The vote is conducted by Eonline
 and result will be revealed in 2002 Grammys Fashion Police, premiering 
 Saturday, March 2, at 11 a.m. ET/PT.  
 Click here to vote!
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall) for the link! =)

(Feb 27 News)
 For the Canadian who receive Star channel, they will show the Access
 Hollywood that has the Celine interview tomorrow morning at 8:30am.

 I caught Celine being interviewed by a guy from VH1 at the red-carpet
 and they talked about the gift bags that are handed out to presenters.
 Celine said there are really many wonderful stuff in the basket, but
 she has no idea what are really there.  She said her sister is in the
 hotel unpacking the basket and will put everything on her bed, so that
 Celine will be able to look at each of the gift when she returns.  She
 also said that she will enjoy the show and she knows U2 and Alicia Keys
 will be talked about a lot after tonight's show.  Someone in the newsgroup
 also caught Celine being interview at the red-carpet but this time by 
 Joan Rivers.  Celine said she feeds Rene-Charles Cheerios and plays with
 Elmo. And she said she's been doing Yoga to help her body back into shape.
 Isn't Celine fitter than ever??  She doesn't look like she had just deliver
 a baby a year ago.  And her accent sounded pretty strong again too. 
 Maybe she didn't speak too much English during her break.  But Celine
 was really gorgeous.
 Two more pics!

 Got this from Eonline!  Celine has presented/will be presenting the
 award of "Record of the year" with Bonnie Raitt and Stevie Wonder.

 You can now see a transcript of the Celine interview on Access Hollywood
 on the show's site.  Click here!

 Celine arrives at the red-carpet!  Cool outfit!!

 You can now see some cap shots of Celine at the Grammy on the S'il
 Suffisait D'aimer site now!!  The show hasn't ended yet!
 For those of us who'll be watching the show in less than 2 hours, someone
 said that we'll be able to see a shot of Celine and Rene right after
 U2's performance.

 There are now some more info on the official that talks about the CBS
 special.  It confirms that Destiny's Child will be the guest and Celine
 will perform "Emotion" (sound clip) and "When the wrong one loves you
 right" (from ANDHC) with them.  Celine will also perform some of her
 greatest hit songs including a movie medley of ¡§Because You Loved Me,E
 ¡§Beauty and the Beast,E¡§My Heart Will Go On,Eas well songs from her 
 new album ¡¥A New Day Has Come.E

 In my area, the new issue of Redbook isn't out yet.  So I guess some
 places have them earlier than others. 

 On the Top of the Pops site, they are now voting for "All time favourite
 Top of the Pops moment", and Celine performance of MHWGO is listed as
 one of the contender.  You can also see a video file of that performance
 in 1998 too. 
 Thanks Wahaj for the info! =)

 Although Epic took off Celine and Shakira's VH1 Divas Live appearance
 yesterday, 3 new TV appearances have been added for Celine today!!
 May 17 2002  THE TODAY SHOW 
 I'm so happy that she'll be on Rosie again!  It's the last season for
 Rosie, and this may be the last time for Celine to be on the show.
 So the most updated list of appearances from Epic's site is this:
 Feb 27 2002  GRAMMY AWARDS 
 Mar 26 2002  THE TODAY SHOW 
 Mar 27 2002  LARRY KING LIVE! 
 Mar 27 2002  THE TODAY SHOW 
 Mar 28 2002  CBS EARLY SHOW 
 Apr 05 2002  CBS EARLY SHOW 
 Apr 05 2002  THE VIEW 
 Apr 07 2002  CBS SPECIAL 
 May 17 2002  THE TODAY SHOW 
 Of course, don't forget about the AccessHollywood appearance tomorrow,
 and for Canadian, don't forget about the Stade de Frence concert tomorrow
 night at 8:00pm (CBC's French version), La Fureur (April 14th) and Le
 Grand Blond Avec Un Show Surnois (date unknown) appearances.
 On the official site, there were 3 microsites for UK, Holland, and Germany.
 Now there is one more for the U.S.  I thought the official site is already
 pretty much for North America.  Anyway, there's a pretty cool intro
 for the U.S. microsites. Click here to go to the site!
 Here's this week's comments on ANDHC from the radio directors who have
 added the song to their playlist this week:
 JIMMY OLSEN, APD/MD, 93Q, Syracuse
 "This is an automatic!"

 TOM MITCHELL, PD, 93Q, Syracuse
 "This has a good sound. It's nice to have her back on the radio."

 "This is a great record!"
 "This sounds like another great Celine record!"

 "She's back in a big way!"

 "Spiking middays and it's nice to have her back."

 "Top40 must remember how she sells! This is a fantastic song and the
 females still love her!"

 ALLAN FEE, PD, WQAL, Cleveland
 "Cool record. She's back and women love her!!!"

 "This is a no-brainer!"

 "It's Celine Dion, so it's easily recognizable!

 Right now there are quite many tickets for Celine's CBS taping selling
 on Ebay.  If you really wanna get one and don't bother paying a very 
 high price, you can try to find it there.

(Feb 26 News)
 Oh my! New pics of Celine.  She talks to Larry King during the taping
 of "Larry King Live" today in Los Angeles. According to Yahoo, Celine
 discussed her new baby, her upcoming Las Vegas performances, and her
 new album "A New Day Has Come." 

 I've heard that the issue of Redbook that has Celine on the cover is
 out on the newstand now. And someone says Celine looks different on the
 cover pic.

 Journal De Montreal has an article on Celine's La Fureur special.  It
 talks about how the show was proposed, and what plans do they have for
 the show.  It looks like they're trying to make this show as big as
 they can.  You can read the article in English or in French on the
 Queen Celine site now.  

 Don't know why, but Epic's site has taken down Celine and Shakira's
 VH1 Divas Live appearance off from their appearance list.  They were
 still there yesterday.
 It has finally confirmed on that Celine will be a presenter
 on tomorrow's Grammy.

 Someone in the Destin Newsgroup said that she was listening to the
 radio station Kost 103.5 FM (Los Angeles) and they said they will be
 giving away tickets to Celine's taping soon.  So L.A people stay tune!
 Here is their number: 800-929-KOST (5678)

 Mike Gauthier says on his Radio Energie News Updates that Destiny's
 Child has been invited to be a guest on Celine's CBS special.

(Feb 25 News)
 According to this article from Jam! Music, Celine will make one more
 TV special for CBC's French station.   Celine will perform six songs
 from the ANDHC album on the popular variety show La Fureur. The 90-
 minute special will be pre-taped April 3 at Montreal's Molson Centre,
 one week after the album's scheduled March 26 release. 
 A total of 12,000 tickets will be made available for the show, which
 will feature a number of surprise guests.

 Found this news from the Destin Newsgroup.  If you go to Ticket Master
 site, and search for Celine Dion, you'll find a listing for the CBS
 taping, but tickets aren't available online.  It says one needs to call
 to the center for tickets.  Click here to see!

 Received a whole bunch of info from Lorena, the site owner of Sweet Celine
 Site.  Here they are:
 -Céline will be on Access Hollywood on thursday (28th), they said it's
 going to be a 1-1 with her.

 -On the French channel Paris Premiere they'll present a documentary
 about Céline's life, called Les Lumières du music hall-Céline Dion.
 On March 2nd at 5:45 (French time).

 -On MCM channel they'll present a special only with old videoclips of
 great singers, including Céline's clips. Spécial Les Premières Fois,
 on March 3th.

 -On Oprah Winfrey's website there's a link with the following question:
 Are you or someone you know a Celine Dion fan? All you have to do is
 go to the link, and answer some questions like 'what makes you her biggest
 fan?' 'Why do you like Celine Dion?' Do you have a special story about
 why you relate to her music?' and then maybe you'll have the chance to
 go to Oprah's show in the day Céline will be there (March 25). The
 program is taped in Chicago and broadcasted by ABC channel. 
 Click here!
 Thanks Lorena for all the info! =)

(Feb 24 News)
 On Taiwan's Sony Music main page, there's a voting for the Chinese name
 of Celine's new album.  The choices are:
  БِÛÊÀ?E (New loving generation)
  äеÄÒ»?E (A brand new day)
  ÕäÛÿһ?E (Cherish everyday)
  ÛµÄÉú™C    (New life of love/"Livelyness" of love)
  ÕæÛ½µÅR    (Real love arrives)
 So far majority of the people have voted for "A brand new day".
 If you understand Chinese, you can vote here!

 There's another polling for "Best Quebec female singer" and this time
 held by the Echos Vedettes.  You can vote here!
 Thanks Celine Fall and S'il Suffisait D'aimer. =)

 As far as I know, besides the site-owner of Queen Celine has won tickets
 to the taping, so does the site-owner of The Heart of Celine.  So we can
 all look forward to their reports/summary of the taping and the new songs!!! 

(Feb 23 News)
 On Jam! Music this week's Chart Talk, it says that by jumping to #5, ANDHC
 has become the 12th top 10 single for Celine on Canada's Hits (airplay)
 Chart.  That will make her the second artist with the most Top 10 hits
 on the chart.  Bryan Adams is number one with 17 top 10 hits.  If ANDHC
 reaches #1, this will be her 3rd #1 on the chart.  Her previous #1s are
 The Power Of Love and My Heart Will Go On.

 The site-owner of Queen Celine has won tickets to the taping of the 
 CBS special, so we can look forward to his summary of the show later!
 Remember few days ago, I put up an info from the Queen Celine Site on
 the song "Shoulda woulda coulda".  I still can't confirm whether the
 song of the same title by Beverley Knight is really the one that would've
 been on the new album if Celine and her team didn't drop it.  But I just
 wanna mention here that after few days listening to the song, not only
 I really love this song, I personally think the lyrics of this song fits
 Celine perfectly.  I am the kind of the people that can listen to a song
 for a long time without noticing what the lyrics is about.  And today,
 I finally forced myself to search for the lyrics of this song, and after
 reading it, I really do think it fits Celine perfectly, her relationship
 with Rene, how show-bizz had prevented her to realize her dream of becoming
 a mother...etc.  You'll know what I mean once you've read the lyrics.
 You can find the video, audio, and lyrics of this song on the official
 site of Beverley Knight.
(Feb 22 News)
 According to the S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site, Celine will appear on TVA's
 Le Grand Blond Avec Un Show Surnois to promote the new album, and the
 taping will take place on April 2nd.  You can call 514-990-4113 to reserve
 tickets for the taping.
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall)for the info! =)
 On this week's R&R A/C chart, ANDHC jumps to #12 from #21.  "God Bless
 America" drops to #30 from #27.

 According to this article, Celine will attend Sony's Grammy after-party.

 You can now see scans of the Gala Magazine on the S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site.

 Here's this week's comments on ANDHC by radio directors that have added
 the song into their playlist in the past week:
 TOM MITCHELL, PD, 93Q, Syracuse
 "She has updated her sound and this will be a hit!"

 "She's baaaaaaack!!!"
 "This will be a good midday record for us."

 "This is a no-brainer midday record!"

 MARK 'The Shark' RICHARDS, APD, WBHV, State College, PA
 "We're adding this right away to all dayparts!"

 JIM ALLEN, APD/MD, WDJX, Louisville
 "The Celine Dion record we've all been waiting on has arrived. Fresh
 -sounding, with trademark Celine vocals - a sure thing!"

 "She's sold so many records and she's had so many hits. She sings the
 songs women want to hear!"

 "It looks like this may bring her back as a big Mainstream star just 
 like she used to be!"

 "She's a core artist for our upper-demo and one of the biggest stars
 ever. Who doesn't like Celine Dion?"

 "It's Celine Dion! How can you go wrong?"

 "We played this song today for the first time and it's almost like she
 never left. Celine sounds better than ever!"

 "It's a must-play on this station!"

 "This will be a big adult record!"

 "Looks like Celine's back!"

 "It's a gimme! And it's actually a good song!"

 "Good at-work record for the upper-demos!"

 "This is a perfect at-work song!"

 "Ya gotta play it! Quintessential Celine!"


 WALLY B., PD, WWXM, Myrtle Beach
 "What can you say? We're going to do our best to get this on in the

 "Already on and getting massive daytime reaction!"

 "Don't let your audience wait for Celine Dion any longer. Put her on now!"

 PETE DeGRAAFF, APD/MD, XL106.7, Orlando
 "This is a relevant song for right now. Hopefully people will deal with
 sooner than later."

 According to the Queen Celine Site, the taping of the CBS special in Los
 Angeles will be done at the new Kodak Theatre, the new home for the
 Academy Awards. It is a 3000+ seating venue... a lot of those tickets
 are given away at several radio stations in Los Angeles and around the
 Thanks Queen Celine for the info! =)

(Feb 21 News)
 On Canada's Hits (Airplay) chart, ANDHC shoots up to #5 from #21 this 

 ANDHC enters Billboard Hot 100 chart at #73. 
 Thanks Queen Celine for the info!
 On UK Top 100 airplay, ANDHC enters at #84.
 Not only Canada uses Celine to promote tourism, France now turns to Celine
 too.  France Tourism Minister Jacques Brunhes said Wednesday that
 celebrities including Celine will say the words - in French - in a
 television commercial to be aired in Europe, Japan, the United States
 and Canada.  Fore more info, click here!

 Found this on Hitmakers site regarding the radio performance of ANDHC
 in the last week:
 Building upon her huge pre-impact adds last week at Z100, KIIS, Y100
 & WXKS among others, Celine is once again among the most added. #3 Most
 Disc-overed with new adds at WKTU, WPLJ, CHANNEL955, KDWB, WFLZ, WQAL,
 many more! This one is perfect for your upper at-work demos!

 Here's this week Gavin's chart results:
 A/C chart: 
 This week: #7  Last week: 20  Reports: 91  Adds: 12  Spins: 1350  Trend: +641
 Hot A/C chart:
 This week: #37 (debute)  Reports: 23  Adds: 7  Spins: 369 

(Feb 20 News)
 There was a small article on Scotland's national newspaper "Scotsman"
 that talks about Celine's return.  Here's a quote:
 "The break was great and I needed to empty myself and have a bit of a
 normal life. Now I am coming back.  Thank you Caesar's.  It's my gift
 for having a child."
 "I feel like i've grown.... I will still sing the ballads I love but
 I've also tried things more modern, which was great."
 Thanks Alison for the info! =)

 On, it says that ANDHC single will come out in UK on Mar 18th.
 And it'll be a 6-track enhanced 2-CD set.  Here's the tracklisting:
 1. A New Day Has Come (Radio Mix)
 2. A New Day Has Come (Humberto Gatica Album Mix Edit)
 3. Prayer
 1. A New Day Has Come (Album Mix)
 2. Sous Le Vent (feauring Garou)
 3. My Heart Will Go On (enhanced video)
 On today's MediaBase's AC mainstream chart, ANDHC moves up one spot
 to #8.  It was #19 on last Wednesday.
 Epic has added one more Celine TV appearance on their site.
 Apparently, the song "Shoulda Woulda Coulda" has been dropped for Celine's
 new album since it's not appearing on the official tracklisting, unless
 the title has been changed.  According to Queen Celine, the song could be
 another cover.  That's because a song named "Shoulda Woulda Coulda"
 will be released in the UK next week by Beverley Knight.  You can now
 download a real-audio file of the song on Queen Celine now.  It's a
 pretty nice song.
 Thanks Andre (Queen Celine) for the info! =)

 Celine's on the cover of the Gala magazine.
 Thanks Tatiana (Celine Fall!) for the pic! =)

 On this Ebay page, you can see an industry trade ad that was published
 in a trade by Epic Records.  On the ad you can read it says the following:
 Exclusiver TV and Press to support the release: 
 Week of release:
 Oprah - Entire program dedicated to Celine
 The View
 The Today Show
 CBS This morning
 Regis & Kelly
 Celine CBS Network Special
 The Tonight Show
 Kicks off the Today Show Outdoor Concert Series
 It also says that the video directed by Dave Meyers will debute in early
 March.  And the official site has just announced today that the video
 was shot recently in West Palm Beach, Florida.

 On, you can now pre-order ANDHC's single which will come out 
 on Mar 12th.  The tracklisting is as followed:
 1. A New Day Has Come (Ric Wake Radio Remix)  
 2. A New Day Has Come (Humberto Gatica Album Mix)  
 3. Prayer  
 On HMV's page, the single is listed as "New Day Has Come", so if you
 wanna find the page where you can pre-order it, you can either search
 for Celine Dion on the site, or search for "New Day Has Come" in the
 title category.

 VH1 and Sony Music are now having another contest to win a pair of exclusive
 passes to see Celine perform for a special TV taping in L.A. on March
 3rd and Celine's CD library.  If you are legal US residents, you are
 eligible to enter the contest.  Same as the one exclusive for TeamCeline
 members, you'll have to provide your own transportation.
 Click here for more info!
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) for the info! =)

(Feb 19 News)
 Today is the official impact day for ANDHC to US radio stations, and the
 results are in.  Today, 31 mainstream stations and 14 Adult Top 40
 stations added the song.  On the mainstream added chart, ANDHC is behind
 Pink's "Don't let me let go" (80 adds), and Vanessa Carlton's "A thousand
 miles" (61).  On the Adult Top 40 added chart, the song is behind Train's
 "She's on fire" (15 adds).  According to some chart watchers, 31 adds
 on the mainstream stations is a disappointing number for Celine.  One
 possible explanation is because Celine had quite a few number of adds
 last week already, and let's hope this is the reason.  The song seems
 to be doing quite good on AC stations, but on mainstream/pop stations,
 it's not as good.  Let's hope more stations will add the song later.
 Mike Gauthier, a DJ of radio energie and VJ of Musique Plus, has put
 down on his radio energie's page that Celine will be presenting an
 award at the Grammy, but she won't perform.  He also mentions that for
 the song The Greatest Reward, which is an English adaptation to a song
 called L'envie d'aimer from the musical Les Dix Commandements (The Ten
 Commandments), the Dion-Angelil clan had asked some successful Swedish
 writers to compose the English lyrics.

 On today's AC chart compiled by the MediaBase, ANDHC moves up to #9.
 This chart is compiled everyday, and rank the songs by how many times
 the song has been played in the last 7 days.  On last Tuesday, ANDHC
 was at #20, and today it is at #9.  

(Feb 18 News)
 On page 14 of the current issue of Voici magazine, there's an article
 on Rene-Charles.  You can see the scans of this magazine on the Celine,
 Star Planetaire Site!  You can also see scans of another magazine
 Tél?loisirs too.
 Thanks Tatiana (Celine Fall!) for the info! =) 

 On the AC chart compiled by MediaBase, ANDHC has moved from #21 to #11
 on the chart.  It had 568 spins last week, and this week it has 1341.
 There are now 108 Top 40 AC stations and 28 Hot AC stations playing
 the song.

 stations playing it.
 The official site has also confirmed that Celine will make an appearance
 on the Grammy Awards.  However, it didn't say whether she will perform
 or not.

 The site-owners of Celine Fall! want to let the visitors know that the
 site is currently down because the hoster is fixing some problems.

(Feb 16 News)
 Here's an interesting article from Montreal Gazette questioning
 whether Celine can make a successful return.  The writer suggests how
 people's music taste has changed over the past few years, and adult
 contemporary are no longer much demanded with evident of the flop of
 Mariah and Whitney.  He also points out that when we look at the Top
 10 Billboard's album chart, there's isn't a ballad or AC album there.  
 I agree with some of his comments, but not really for the two comments
 above.  Both Mariah and Whitney have already changed their music genre,
 one to more hip-hop sound, and the latter one to a heavier R & B genre.
 And the reason why there isn't any Ballad/AC album on Billboard's album
 chart is because no Ballad/AC album has been released recently.
 As someone commented sometimes ago, there isn't any singer out there 
 now that really sings the same genre as Celine. (Well, I guess maybe
 except Lara Fabian.)  
 It will be very interesting to see how Celine's album will do on the
 Billboard chart, and how long it can maintain in the Top portion of the
 Found an article on New York Post's page six page where Celine comments
 on the controversial Olympic pair skate scandal.  I'm surprised that
 they could get a hold on Celine and ask her to share her view on the
 incident.  Click here to read what she has said.

 On this week's Jam! Music chart talk column, Nanda mentions how well
 the new single is doing in Canada's airwave, especially on Adult Contemporary
 radios.  Click here to read!
 Billboard's Chuck Taylor has written a review for Celine's new single.
 You can read it on the Queen Celine Site now!

 From Radio & Record:
 Celine Celebrates Huge Comeback!
 After some time away, Epic Records superstar Celine Dion has made a  
 thundering return -- one week ahead of her official add date -- by
 racking up adds at 78 of R&R's AC reporters with her latest single
 and the title track to her upcoming album, "A New Day Has Come."
 Dion was also Most Added at Hot AC and picked up 31 adds at CHR/Pop. 
 On R&R AC chart, ANDHC also debutes on #21!  According to All Access,
 the official add date should be Feb 19th.
(Feb 15 News)
 On the Queen Celine Site, you can see a video done by a Quebec TV station
 mixing some previous Celine footages with ANDHC being played at the back.

 According to the official site, Celine will be featured in the April
 issue of Redbook magazine.  It will be available March 5 in some US
 cities and March 12 nationwide.  There's also an exclusive contest for
 Team Celine members now.  The winners will receive tickets to watch the
 taping of Celine's TV special in L.A!

 Thanks Pauline (Celine Dion in Pauline's eyes) for the following info :) 
 Celine is being featured in the France Dimanche magazine now.  
 And on the first day when ANDHC hit radio stations in Poland, it already
 reached #1 on the RMF FM station.

 Celine also has a small pic on the cover of the TV Guide.  I'm not sure,
 but I think it's the TV Guide for Quebec.
 Thanks Tatiana (Celine Fall!) for the info! =)

(Feb 14 News)
 Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
 Thanks Estevam Celine Fall! for the following info and Andre (Queen Celine)
 for gathering the radio adds/commentary info:
 First of all, on official site's ANDHC page, there's now the tracklisting
 for the album. 
 And here's are info regarding how ANDHC has done in its first week in
 the US radio stations.
 There were 31 adds to mainstream radio and 10 add to Top 40 format last
 week in the USA. Here's a list of what the program directors have to
 TOM MITCHELL, PD, 93Q, Syracuse
 - I love her new sound. Welcome back, Celine!
 - I thought she promised she was retiring! What happened? But the chicks
 love her and she's got another tune that could possibly find a daytime
 home here at Z95.7.
 MR. ED LAMBERT, PD, Q100, Atlanta
 - Welcome home, Celine! This is a great record!
 - What a pleasant surprise!
 JIM ALLEN, APD/MD, WDJX, Louisville
 - A true diva knows what time it is and when the 21st century came
 knockin', Celine was ready to answer the door!

 - You can't argue with the power of Celine Dion!

 - She's picking up where she left off! This will be another big time
 hit for Celine at all formats!

 JIM DAVIS, PD, WKEE, Huntington, W. VA
 - Looks like Celine is back. Did she really ever leave?

 - She has totally updated her sound and she's still relevant after
 being gone for a while!

 HOLLY LOVE, MD, WLAN, Lancaster
 - I really, really like this...and I'm not lying to you!

 - An obvious smash! It's been a while since everyone had their Celine fix!

 - This is surprisingly good! We played it yesterday and got a great
 response. It's definitely a MIX song...we can't get around it!

 - This will be a hit without a doubt. Don't even bother fighting it!

 DAVID EDGAR, PD, WNOU, Indianapolis
 - I was pleasantly surprised and I liked it.

 - Celine is back and what a smash!

 - Quintessential Celine! You gotta throw it out there!

 - Another top 10 record!

 - This is a smash! Get on it quick!

 - We're bangin' the crap out of this song during middays!

 For those who are interested, Josh Groban and Charlotte Church will be
 performing "The Prayer" at the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics
 on Feb 24th.
 On Canadian Airplay chart, ANDHC also is the highest debute of the week,
 and it debutes at #21. 
 Celine's in the Cine Tele Revue Magazine.  You can see the scans of the
 magazine on the Celine, Star Planetaire Site!

 On Gavin's AC airplay chart, ANDHC debutes at #20, which is also the
 highest debute of the week. 
 Reports: 76  Adds: 74  Spins: 709

 According to the official site, Celine has done an additional photo
 session in late January for the new album.  This time, she worked with
 another famous photographer, Patrick De Marchelier.  In the past, Patrick
 has created adversting campaigns for Revlon, Chanel, Calvin Klein,
 The Gap, Gianni Versace...etc.  For a little biography of Patrick,
 click here!

(Feb 13 News)
 Epic is now running a contest, and 5 lucky winners will receive Celine's
 new album.  Click here for more info! 
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) =)

 After the Jam! Music article, here's another article from
 on how Stephan Moccio successfully landed a song he co-wrote on Celine's
 album.  Some information in this article are a bit similar to the Jam!
 article from last week, but there are some differences too.  And from
 this article, we get to know that ANDHC was the #1 most added song to
 radio stations in Canada last week!!
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) for the article! =)
(Feb 12 News)
 On the current issue of US weekly magazine, there's a small article 
 inside that mentions about Celine's upcoming CBS concert special.  Although
 the magazine says that the TV special will be in March, but Sony has
 already confirmed that it will be shown on April 7th instead.
 Cristie has scanned that little article and put it up on to her site
 Let's Talk about Celine.  You can take a look there.  
 Also on VH1's site, there's an article that mentions about the current
 status of the single "What more can I give".  It says that representatives
 of Epics haven't replied any calls regarding the single.  Here's the
 link to the article!
 Thanks Cristie (Let's Talk about Celine for the above information! =)

 Valentine is coming, and voting time is now.
 TV5's Valentine's Vote
 ChannelOne's Valentine's Vote
 Thanks S'il Suffisait D'aimer and Celine Fall! for the link! =)

 The Passion Site will publish the lyrics of a song from the new album
 each week starting next Monday.

(Feb 11 News)
 HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to those who celebrate it! =)

 Celine and Rene-Charles has a small pic on the cover of Echos Vedettes.
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) =)

(Feb 10 News)
 On the S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site, there are scans of the 7 Jours
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) for the info! =)

(Feb 9 News)
 The pics of the promo single that were posted up yesterday can be found
 on Ebay. Here's the link!  And it has already bid up to $130.18! 

(Feb 8 News)
 Found this link on the newsgroup.  You can now download the full-length
 original version of ANDHC by clicking here!
 Thanks Marc ( for providing the file for us to
 download! =)

 This are pics of the promo single of ANDHC for radio stations.
 Thanks Celine Dion: A Canadian Way of Life, and Estevam! =)
 Manager of Lara Fabian has denied that Lara and Celine are doing a duet
 together.  It was just a rumour.
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) for the info! =)

 Here's an article on Jam! Music talking about how Stephan Moccio
 got to work with Aldo Nova on "A New Day Has Come" and how it successfully
 landed on Celine's album.  It's an interesting story, and you can really
 see what impact Celine can make to someone's (especially to a song-
 writer) career.
 There are lots of TV appearances that we won't want to miss, and these
 appearances are listed on Epic's Site. 
 Here's the list of appearances:
 Celine Dion  Feb 27 2002  GRAMMY AWARDS
 Celine Dion  Mar 25 2002  OPRAH WINFREY SHOW
 Celine Dion  Mar 26 2002  THE TODAY SHOW
 Celine Dion  Mar 27 2002  LARRY KING LIVE!
 Celine Dion  Mar 27 2002  LIVE! WITH REGIS AND KELLY
 Celine Dion  Mar 27 2002  THE TODAY SHOW
 Celine Dion  Mar 28 2002  CBS EARLY SHOW
 Celine Dion  Apr 04 2002  THE VIEW
 Celine Dion  Apr 05 2002  CBS EARLY SHOW
 Celine Dion  Apr 07 2002  CBS SPECIAL
 Celine Dion  May 23 2002  VH1 DIVAS

 I really wanna see Celine going on the Rosie O'Donnell show again.

 Now when you click into HK Sony Music Site, you can hear a clip of
 the album version of ANDHC.  It's the first chorus of the song.

(Feb 7 News)
 Celine's on the cover of the current issue of 7 Jours!
 Thanks Celine Fall! =)

 Sous Le Vent has received a nomination for "Best original song" for the
 Victoires Awards.

 The webmaster of Phil's Celine Site wants to leave a message here
 to let the visitors of his site know that his site is down and will be
 up again on next Wednesday (Feb 18th), because is doing the

(Feb 6 News)
 All of us like to know what other people especially those people who aren't
 Celine fans think of the new single.  On Rock Detente, it's running
 a survey asking people whether they like Celine's new song, and so far
 62.5% of the people has said yes, and 37.5% of the people has said no.

 Infinit has a video file of a news coverage on the premier of ANDHC.
 In the footage, you can also see them asking some people to comment
 on the song.  Since I don't understand French, I have no idea what they
 are talking about.  You can click here to watch!

 Remember to request Celine's new single on your local radio stations!
 Just minutes ago, I was listening to my local radio staion, and I heard 
 two different listeners calling to the station requesting "A New Day Has
 Come". And when the song ended, the DJs said something like "Oh my, she
 thinks she's Enya."  And then the DJs talked about Celine's deal with
 Caesars Palace, brought up the camel thing at her 2nd wedding again,
 and joked about Celine singing at Caesars 5 nights a week to pay for
 Rene's debt.  Anyway, I think this song does grow on people.  For me,
 the first time I heard the remix version, I found it a bit weird, but
 now I like it more.

 On the S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site, you can now hear sound clips of the
 original French version of "Ten Days" and "The greatest reward".
 Celine Dion has recorded a congratulatory messages to Britney Spears
 for receiving the award of "Fun Fearless Female Award".  Click here to 
 know more!

 According to S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site, there are two more covers on 
 the album.  They are covers of 2 French classics.  As far as I know,
 Ten Days is one of the French cover adapted into English.

 On this Infinit site, you can also see the song-writers for each of
 the song on the album.  
 Last night I emailed my local radio station z95.3 asking when they'll
 premier Celine's new song, and I received their email today saying 
 they have already premiered the song today morning, and they'll be
 playing it in heavy rotation throughout the day!  Alright!  And just
 at the moment I was reading their reply, the song also came up on their
 On Showbizz, today it has an article about Lara Fabian recording a duet
 with Celine Dion.  It says that the duet will appear on Lara's next
 English album which will be titled "Encore", and the title of the duet
 is "That man in my life".  No dates has yet been announced for the release
 of Lara's next English album.  Lara is still currently recording for
 the album.

 There's an article on Hello Magazine.  It's about the Barbara interview
 and the return of Celine.  There isn't really any new info on the article.

 Now on S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site, you can listen to full length
 Ric Wake's verson of ANDHC! 
 According to Yahoo article, Swiss American Federation will be doing
 a remix for Celine's ANDHC.  Wow, do we need all these remixes?

(Feb 5 News)
 Found this from CTVNews:
 Sony Music Canada announced that it will release three different mixes
 of a new single Celine Dion on Wednesday morning.

 All three mixes of A New Day Has Come will be playing on radio across
 Canada by 7 a.m. ET. It will be followed by her first new studio album
 in five years, also titled A New Day Has Come, to be released to stores
 on March 26. 

 On Rock Detente's site (Quebec's radio station), it has sample clips
 for both version of the song.  Click here!

 There are more info about the release on the official site now.  
 It says the first single "A New Day Has Come" will hit radio stations
 tomorrow Feb 6th.  And the CBS TV special will be on air on April 7th
 in North America, while other countries will also be albe to watch the
 show in the weeks following. You can also hear a short clip of Ric Wake's
 remix version on the site too, but not as long as Poland's Sony Music's
 I'm a little bit surprise that David Foster hasn't been mentioned in 
 the list of producers for the album.  Although it was said on the
 Billboard magazine that David is the producer for the song "I surrender",
 on the official site, it says Simon Franglen produced it.  
 For those who are interested in sales figures, the site also says that
 Celine has now sold more than 140 million copies of albums world wide.
 Two years ago, they said she has sold more than 130, now it's more than
 140 million.  No wonder why the sales manager or something like that
 of HMV said that Celine's records haven't stop selling even during her

 Poland's Sony Music has put up a 1 min 54 secs of Ric Wake's remix
 version of ANDHC in the club member's area.  To be a member, you can
 sign up the form where you can find here! It's free and easy.  If you
 don't understand Polish as me, and need help, this translator would
 be helpful!

(Feb 4 News)
 Poland's Sony Music Site has put up tracklisting for Celine's new album.
 Here's the site:
 On the tracklisting, the song "Coulda Would Shoulda" isnt' there.  It's
 can be either they took out the song, or they have renamed it.  It's
 weird that Poland's Sony Music gets to announce it prior than Celine's
 official site.
 Anyway, it also says that tomorrow, Poland's Sony Music will have an
 online premier of the song.  And only members have access to the premier,
 but it's free to be a member.  The radio station RMF will also have a
 radio premier of the song on Feb 6th at around 8:15.  

 US TV ratings are in, and 20/20 achieved ABC's highest 18-49 rating in
 the hour in almost two years.  And 20/20 also had the highest rating 
 on Friday among other ABC's programs.
 Click here to read more! 

(Feb 3 News)
 According to this Epic Record's Site, there will be an online premier
 of ANDHC on Feb 8th at  
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) for the info! =)

 On the Queen Celine Site now, you can find the entire 20/20 interview
 in windows media video format. (50 MB, approximately 15 mins long, and
 commercial free!)

 If you want a copy of the interview,  this site may help you!
(Feb 2 News)
 On the site Sweet Celine Site!, you can listen a 47 secs audio clip
 of the last portion of the interview where Celine sang the first few
 lines of "A New Day Has Come", then merge into the chorus of song. 
 Nearly at the end when Celine says "bye bye tout mon (spelling?)", you
 can hear Rene-Charles making a small sound.  The last question of Barbara
 was do you sing lullaby to Rene-Charles, then Celine said there are
 certain songs that she can, but certain songs that she can't, cuz some
 songs would make him cry.  Then Barbara asked her to sing the lullaby. 
 According to Queen Celine Site, Ric Wake's remix version of ANDHC
 will be included in the album.

 On the site Re: Celine, in the sound section, you can find an 
 audio file (22MB) of last night's interview!
 Thanks Tatiana (Celine Fall!) =)

 It was such an enchanting moment watching the 20/20 interview.  In my
 own humble opinion, it may not be the best Celine interview I've ever
 watched, but still I was so happy, and I couldn't stop smiling while
 I was watching it.  I personally think the best part is to be able to
 watch Celine and Rene playing with Rene-Charles, and also able to hear
 more portion of "A New Day Has Come". 
 Basically, the aritcle on 20/20's site has covered pretty well on what
 they talked about in the interview.  But if you want a bit more, you
 can also go and read this Jam! Music article.
 Rene-Charles is soooo cute.  There were few shots of him that were so
 cute.  One shot was seeing him sitting on a small swing, and looking
 up to Rene with a serious but a bit confusing glare.  Another shot was
 Rene(Dad) holding him in his arms, and Rene-Charles again had a little 
 serious look, then he looked at Celine who was beside him, and he winked
 his eyebrow (like how a guy winks at a girl in a club) with a smile
 and putting out his hands toward Celine.  The last shot of him was
 seeing him in Celine's arms, and he looked at whoever the person was
 beside the camera with a shy smile, then quickly turned his head around,
 like trying to escape from that person's eye-contact.
 And before I get to hear these other piece and bits of "A New Day Has
 Come", I liked Ric Wake's remix version better.  But now, I prefer the
 original version.  I think the original arrangement can deliver the
 emotions better.  I guess Sony will send all the original and remix
 versions to radio stations, and let them pick which one they want to
 play, since AC stations may like the ballad version, while Top 40 stations
 may prefer the remix version which has more beats.  It is really a beautiful
 song!  Great job, Aldo Nova! 

(Feb 1 News)
 Just want to inform you that this site will continue having the bandwidth
 problem for about 23 more days.  Thank you for your patience! =)

 Found an interesting news from  The article says that some
 people in UK have launched a campaign, sending emails, asking people
 to send $1.40 to Sony Music, demanding Sony Music to end their contract
 with Celine Dion.  In the email, it says something like "I thought that
 if we all went ourselves there, we could also make conceal Céline Dion.
 Usually, I do not like e-mail sent to the chain like that, but this time,
 it is really important!"  
 My comment for this people, GET A LIFE!  Why don't you send those money 
 to a charity instead.
 You can read the article in French by clicking here!
 Here's an article about Celine's interview from Reuters.  Click here to read!

 Two fellow Celine fans, Abbey and Jimena, have just started running
 an email Celine Newsletter.  You can join by sending a blank email to: 
 On 20/20's site, they a page up for the Celine interview now.  You can
 go to there by clicking here!  But beware that this page can be a
 spoiler page for the interview.

(Jan 31 News)
 Celine will be on Entertainment Tonight tomorrow night (Feb 1st).  It
 will probably be about the interview of 20/20.
 Thanks Sophoan (CELINEbeat) for the info! =)

 Here's a possible cover for the new album.  You can find this pic on  This cover contrasts from what the Billboard article says,
 but Celine and her team can always change their mind.  So, we'll just
 have to wait and see.
 Thanks Marc (Sa Vie, Mon Reve) for the pic! =)

 On the official site, in the teamCeline member area, there's a 55 secs
 clip of the new song "A New Day Has Come".  

(Jan 30 News)
 Last week, I signed up 20/20 email list, and today I received an email
 supposingly written by Barbara Walers, talking about what will be featured
 in this coming Friday.  There will be 3 stories, and here's what she
 wrote about Celine's interview:
 Two years ago, I did an interview with superstar Celine Dion in which
 she startled the entertainment world with news that she was taking time
 off from her singing career, that she wanted to have a baby. On Friday's
 program, you'll meet that baby, now a year old, as Celine sits down
 with me for her first television interview since stepping off the public
 stage. She talks with me in Palm Beach about her sabbatical, her family
 and her future.

 Celine faced some powerful challenges during her extended timeout. Her
 son, Rene-Charles, was born through in vitro fertilization. And while
 she was trying to have the baby, her husband, Rene, was diagnosed with
 throat cancer, and was treated with radiation and chemotherapy. Rene
 is now recovering well, and the baby is thriving. Celine's happiness
 is obvious, and she shares some surprising news about her professional
 life. She has just signed an unprecedented new contract, providing her
 with an opportunity to perform regularly while maintaining a normal
 family life. You will hear her sing for the first time ?even before
 it is played on the radio ?her new song, "A New Day Has Come."
 On Jam! Music, there's an article talking about the interview on 20/20.
 It says the will also talk about Rene's cancer, his alleged gambling
 problem, and the invitation to Celine (a Canadian) to sing God Bless
 America on the Tribute to Heroes special. 
 Click here to read the article!

 There's an small article on France Dimanche about Celine and Rene-Charles.
 Thanks Pauline for the info! =)

 On 20/20's site, it says "Barbara Walters talks to Celine Dion about
 her sabbatical, her family and her future.  Plus, hear her new song for
 the first time!"
 This interview won't take the entire hour, because there are other
 stories that will be featured.

(Jan 29 News)
 A new pic found on the official site!
 Thanks Davey! =)

(Jan 28 News)
 VH1's question of the day is "What is 
 going to be the best track Celine Dion's new album".  The current 
 result is:
 The classy standard 52%
 The schmaltzy ballad 26%
 The uptempo anthem 22%

 You can find a 15 seconds real-audio file of the 20/20 commercial
 on Declaration of Celine Site. You can hear a small clip of a new 
 song playing at the back!
 Just a word for those who are following the poll at
 on "which diva do you most prefer?"  You probably must've noticed that
 the result fluctuates a lot, one day Celine is leading then the next hour
 Jennifer Lopez is leading, and now Lara is leading.  And the number of
 "votes" also fluctuates too.  One time it had more than 10,000 votes,
 then the next day, the number suddenly dropped to less than 2000 and
 it kept changing from time to time.  The reason why this happens is because
 people working at Infinit delete duplicated votes apparently from the
 same person.  So my two cents is don't waste time voting for more than
 1 time each time you go to that site, cuz no matter how many times you've 
 voted during that visit, all those duplicated votes will end up being

 German Celine fans TV alert!
 According to, Celine will appear on 
 "Wetten Das" on March 23rd on Channel ZDF at 10:30pm.  Also tomorrow
 on Jan 29th, the episode of "Touched by an Angel"(Ein Hauch von Himmel)
 that have Celine as a special guest will re-air on VOX at 11:25-12:10am.
 Please check your local listing!
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) =)

 I am sure many of you should also have received an email sent out from  It tells how the official site has changed, and what
 exclusive surprises you can get if you join TeamCeline (the fan club)
 by paying annual fee.  It also says that TeamCeline members will have
 the privilege of being the very first to sample the first single from
 the new album, A New Day Has Come.  Hmm...when LTAL came out, all
 Teamceline (free email list) members could get to preview every single
 song of the album day by day, but this time, we have to pay for it.  

(Jan 27 News)
 On the S'il Suffisait D'aimer Site, you can find the scans of the 
 7 Jours magazine.  
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) =)

(Jan 26 News)
 The webmaster of Queen Celine, Andre, has translated the article below
 (25 most influential people) into English.  You can read it in the news
 section of the Queen Celine Site.

 On, they've selected Quebec's version of 25 Most Influential
 people.  Celine and Rene are of course listed.  Click here to read the 
 At the same time, the site is also running a poll asking "Do you think
 Celine and Rene are the most influential people to Quebec's Entertainment?
 You can find the poll and vote here! Just scroll down to the bottom
 of the page.
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) for the info!
 Received the following info from a fellow Celine fan.
 On last night's Barbara Walters' 20/20, Barbara announced that on next
 Friday night, she will be sitting down with Celine to discuss her new
 album and her new baby.  They also showed clips of the interview and
 Celine was even singing one of the songs on the album which she dedicated
 to Rene-Charles.  The lyrics was something like "I have been waiting
 for a long time for a miracle to come my way" and they showed pictures
 of Rene Charles while Celine was singing.  Barbara Walters also mentioned
 that the come back preparations are very massive and that Celine is set
 to dazzle like never before.  So tune in next Friday night on ABC at
 at 10pm EST.  Please check your local listing!
 Thanks Rebecca for the info! =)
 Canoe is running a poll right now asking this question: (current result
 in brackets)
 Among these diva, which one do your prefer?
 Celine Dion (27.4%)
 Lara Fabian (0.8%)
 Jennifer Lopez (15.8%)
 Britney Spears (53.7%)
 Whitney Houston (1.5%)
 Mariah Carey (0.9%)
 So far, 914 people have voted.
 Click here to vote!

(Jan 25 News)
 Celine's on the cover of the 7 Jours magazine again.  The article talks
 about Celine's new album.  It seems like it has translated Billboard's
 article into French.

(Jan 24 News)
 The votes are in, and results are out!  On Hello Magazine Annual Most
 elegant Woman polling, although Celine isn't in the first place, but 
 she is second.  Queen Rania of Jordan is in the first place with 21%
 of the votes, Celine is second with 19.8%, and Catherine Zeta-Jones
 is third with 16%.  Click here to see all the rankings.

(Updated on Jan 22 2002)
 The Celine Dion International Forum is working in 5 languages now.
 French, English, Spanish, Italian and Portuges.  You can go to the forum
 by clicking the banner at the bottom, or the link on the left side.

 Billboard has put an excerpt from the article online.  Click here to read1
 Thanks Tatiana (Celine Fall!)

 Celine and Rene are scheduled to make an appearance in court via Satellite
 on Wednesday.  A 62-year-old French chef has sued Donald Trump's Mar-a-
 Lago resort, saying he got fired because of his age.  And because Rene
 and Celine has hired him as their personal chef in their home since
 then, so they are scheduled to give videotaped depositions tomorrow
 in their West Palm Beach home for the case. (I thought they are still
 in Montreal now.)  Anyway, for more info about the case, click here!
 Queen Celine Site has now put up scans of the Billboard magazine on
 the site.  If you haven't got the magazine yet, you can read it there! 

 This is the latest set of release dates from Austria's Sony Music site:
 04.03.2002 - A New Day Has Come / COL 672393-2
 25.03.2002 - A New Day Has Come / COL 506226-2

(Updated on Jan 21 2002)
 Another great honour for Celine!  Over the six years studied, IFPI have
 found out that Celine is the most popular act in Europe.  She has achieved
 platinum 33 times with her records during the period.  Madonna is second
 with 17.  You can click here to read more!
 Another article in French:  Click here!

(Updated on Jan 20 2002)
 Found a midi file for "At Last" on the net!  
 Click here to listen!

(Updated on Jan 19 2002)
 Today, I've searched all over my city (Vancouver) trying to find a copy
 of the Billboard Magazine, but sadly returned home empty-handed.  Even
 big bookstores or newstands such as Chapters and International News
 no longer carry the magazine.  I was also surprised that even Virgin
 mega store don't carry the magazine.  Fortunately, thanks someone,  I 
 got to read the article somehow.  Of course due to legal restriction,
 I can't simply type out the entire article here, but I think I can tell
 you some of the highlights of the article.  In order not to spoil those 
 who will be buying the magazine soon, I've put the highlights on another
 page.  If you want to read the highlights, click here!
 "Sous Le Vent" has won the award for "Best French Duet of the year"
 at the NRJ music award.  Garou also won for best French male artist
 and best artist voted by Wanadoo Web site clients.

 The Billboard magazine is pretty hard to find, I'm still looking for one.
 Anyway, found the following info about the Billboard's article on the 
 Passion Site.
 The tracks that will be on the album includes A new day has come, I'm
 Alive, Nature Boy, Surrender, Goodbye's the hardest word, Sorry for
 love, and At last.  For more info about each of these tracks, and about
 the article, please go to the Passion site.  Let's hope I'll find a copy
 of the magazine today! =)
 Rene's daugther Anne Marie and her husband is on the cover of the 7 Jours
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) =)
 On Austria's Sony Music site, they've changed the release date of the
 album to March 25th already, but another release with the same name
 (the single, I guess) remains with the release date of Feb 25th.
 Here's the page!

(Updated on Jan 18 2002)
 Let's wish Celine and Garou luck that their Sous Le Vent will win an 
 award tomorrow at the NRJ Music Award.  The song is nominated for the
 "Duet" category.  Another great contender for the award is the duet
 of Axel Bauer and Zazie, A ma place.  The award will be given tomorrow
 and TF1 and NRJ will be airing the show.  Please check your local listing. 
 For more info, click here!
 Thanks Estevam (Celine Fall!) =)

 Celine's on the cover of the Billboard Magazine.

 Rene Charles is on the cover of Derniere Heure Magazine, and so is his
 father (on the top of the page).  The article talks about Rene-Charles
 is starting to walk, and how he is going to have his birthday party.
 Thanks Tatiana for the pic and info! =)

(Updated on Jan 17 2002)
 The webmaster of Declaration of Celine is running a Write Celine program to
 celebrate Celine's return.  You can find more info about this program
 at this page!

 The official site has confirmed that the new album is titled "A New Day
 Has Come" and instead of coming out on March 11th, it will come out
 internationally on March 25th (Monday), and on March 26th (Tues) for
 North America.

 I've received the following info regarding the Grammy performance from
 the webmaster of CelineBEAT!  
 The webmaster has sent an email regarding that news to Ron Roecker, the Director of Communications
 for the Grammy Awards, and he has replied saying "Just a rumour.  We
 have not booked the show yet and will not be confirming anything for
 a couple of weeks."
 So we'll just have to wait and see.

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