Celine's HK press conference Jan 25th 99

Here is the transcript of a radio program in HK on Celine. Thank you
Sunrise for providing the real audio file. I tried my best to translate
word by word, but some of them aren't translated word by word, but the
meanings are the same.

(Let's talk about love fade in)
host:  On the night of Jan 25th, I was working in the office until around
       7:00.  I had a kinda strang feeling while walking to Kai Tak 
       airport to watch Celine's concert.  I actually had two tickets, I
       asked some of my friends to go with me, but then all of them weren't
       interested.  Therefore, I had to asked some of my collegues to
       go with me who don't usually listen to English songs.  To be honest,
       the feeling of Celine's concert, is similar to Jackey Cheng's
       (HK famous singer). Because people who usually listen Chinese 
       songs, also go to Celine's concert because of her reputation.  
       When the show started, I thought the volume was not loud enough.
       Is probably because they are afraid of the loud volume would affect
       the people who live around the airport.  But actually, the concert
       only went til around 11:00, it shouldn't affect anybody.   When 
       Celine came out with the clothing and lighting,  it really made
       me feel,  "Celine has been working in show business for a long time,
       and finally, she has become a supertar,  very popular superstar.
       And her first song was, is also what you're listening, "Let's talk
       about love".  In the concert, and able to see Celine this close,
       I found out that , Celine is not as serious as we think.  She 
       is actually very funny.   On stage, Celine first said she is very
       nervous, including the band members on the stage.  Because they
       have been tour around the world so many times, and this was their
       first time to perform at an airport.  She was afraid that any 
       plane will touch down that night, therefore, she even pretended
       to be a controller who give hand signals to pilots while a plane 
       touches down.  The audiences were very happy.  After seeing the 
       concert, I found out that Celine isn't only a singer, she is als
       a great entertainer.  I really think that Celine can be an actress.
       So Celine, have you received any offer?
Celine:  Well, we've received a lots of offers for me to do some actings.  
         But it was just like one of the offer that I'm not going to do 
         the "Edith Piaf story".  I mean I definetly don't want to have
         all the pressure on my shoulder for a first try, and do a first
         role.  I think the first try should be not the first role, and 
         be surrounded with the best people, be in a great movie.  But, 
         Edith Piaf is I think is much too much for a first try for me.
         Maybe one day I will do it, who knows, but not for the first 
         try for sure.
Reporters:  Not Titanic II?  Back to the Titanic?
Celine:  Back to the Titanic!  The new James Bond girl. (reporters laughed)
Host:  See, I said Celine is humorous.  When asked whether she will be an 
       actress, she said she won't do any leading role for now, but maybe
       later on.  She prefer to do some supporting roles with some great 
       actor/actress….etc.(I type …etc, because the host was just translating
       what Celine said.) Rumors saying that Celine is a shopping diva,
       and she has more than 500 pairs of shoes, which can be a competition
       with the ex-first lady of Philipin who also has a reputation of
       buying lots of shoes. During the press conference, many people
       also bought up these kind of questions.  Celine replied No, off
       course not, not 500 pairs, is 600 pairs!! 
(The Power Of Love fade in)
Host:  There were many memorable moments in the concert, and I was most
       touched by this song "The Power of love".  I was estatic.  There 
       are many different versions of this songs, such as the famoue
       Jennifer Rush's version in the UK.  In Celine's version, we can
       feel the wide range of Celine's voice.  In this concert,  I found 
       out that Celine's also a very good dancer.  But her dancing aren't
       the modern type of dance, is the 70s John Travolta like dancing. 
       She even changed into a white John Travolta suit while dancing.
       She also invited the audience to stand up and dance with Her.  
       When she was dancing on stage, I was thinking, she will be singing
       throughout 1999, then she will take a long break and try to have
       a baby.  This time, Rene is also here in HK, I really want to 
       ask Rene why to force Celine to take a break?  And what are 
       their plans?
Rene:  Well, definitely, our biggest dream is to first of all, to be
       fortunate enough to have a child, that will be a great reward
       and great dream.  So, after that, whatever you know the child 
       would like to do, we'll for sure, we'll wanna support..You see,
       I have 3 children of my own, one of them is right here today.
Celine:  With the white shirt,  Patrick.  Hi Pat.  (people applauded.)
Rene:  Patrick…the three of them, they work with us.  And Celine, when
       she was younger, she was supported by her parents, when she was
       very very young.  They always supported her.  She wanted to sing.
       Usually, when you are 10, 11, 12, and you tell your parents that
       you want to sing, they say, no no no, not right now.  In her case,
       her mother wrote a song, and they supported her. So, and I try to
       support my children in whatever they want to do.
Host:  (Translate the same thing) ….Patrick, was also there. He was very 
       tall, very big.  Actually, Celine and Rene really have a big 
       age difference, so can they really able to have a child of their
       own?  They also don't know, and they have to ask their family 
       doctor....(translate what Celine said above) Celine's mother 
       inspired Celine to have a child, so in the future, Celine and 
       Rene will try their best to have a baby.  Celine Dion also belongs
       to a big family, 13 siblings.  And I also saw a family picture
       of their, and I think Celine is the most beautiful one.  In 98,
       Celine was very successful, she was the best selling artist in
       Europe, and in US.  In Asia, more than 7 million copies of her
       album sold in 10 countries.  So, what does Celine feel about it?
Celine:  Well, when you are so away…it it's so far from where I live.  
         You don't really…you don't really un…not that you don't understand,
         but you don't really know how far your music can travel, and
         When you come here, and you have this as a reward, it's just 
         amazing that the music is an incredible language,  and I 
         touched the heart of lots of people, and I'm very fortunate 
         that my music can travel and with the help of a lot of people.
         And I'm so fortunate to be here tonight.  I had an incredible
         time, it's…was our first time, and we..I can't not say that 
         we were scared but it was a very special occasion for us to 
         come here and do a show.  We got there this afternoon, at the
         airport, and tonight it was unbelievable.  People stood up and
         dance with us, they sang with us, …the pefect night!  It was 
         warm, sky, I mean no rain no cold, everything was, the whole
         trip is….we've been here 3 days, and whole trip has been really
         incredible and people are really kind..So…really it's a perfect 
         trip.  And on top of that, all this, it's just amazing.
(It's all coming back to me now fade in)
Host:   Celine loves this trip.  Because she and Rene stay here for two
        more days to travel around. After Monday's concert, and there 
        were a late-night press conference after that.  She will travel
        around on both Tuesday, and Wednesday, and she will leave on 
        Thursday.  So, what does Celine think about this trip?
Celine:  Amazing, 3 days so far, and it's beautiful.  And tomorrow, 
         I'm very excited, because tomorrow, it will be a full day for
         me with Rene.  We gonna do some sight-seeing and I'm not kidding,
         most of the time, when I go to a new country, I never have a 
         chance really to see the city or the country. So tomorrow, we
         gonna have a full day, and we gonna take the little boat, and
         we gonna take the ferrie, and we gonna see as much as we can.
         In one day, you can't do a lot, but as much as we can.  And 
         maybe some shopping too.(people laughed)
Host:  Shopping diva has to do some shopping!  So, they will go out and
       see and so some shopping in thess few days.  So, does Celine 
       and Rene uses these opportunities(have a few days break) to work 
       hard on making baby?
Celine: We love to have a baby, and..we are working on it.(people laughed)
        It's going very well.(people applauded.)
Host: Is the most popular singer in the whole world right now.  So 
      what kind of life style does she like?
Celine: I would like to know Rene more, he is great manager, and a great
        husband, and great father.   I want to know more about the 
        father, and the husband side of him.  And I wanna be with my
        family, and cook and have a normal life.   Go for picnic, and
        play gofl, I love golf.  I wanna beat him someday.  So I'll 
        take a long break, and…just to refuel, bite in life.  Do 
        something else, and then we'll come back, I don't know when, 
        but maybe…I love to do some acting, so maybe I'll come back 
        with a movie. And if I come back, for sure, I'll come back with
        some more music because it's in me.  I love music.  And hopefully,
        I love to learn some languages.  To learn…you know..maybe 3 or
        4 languages, that will be incredible.  But for that you need 
        some time.  There's a lot of things that I want to do but right 
        now it's only singing singing singing…it's wonderful but I need
        to do something else also.  So after my break, hopefully, I will
        come back with some more music and movie.
Host:  (translate what she said above)…what does Celine feel when she 
        sings MHWGO?
Celine: I've seen the movie.  And I know that people want to hear that
        song, so I'm very pleased and everytime is like the first time
        I sing it even I have sung it for many many times. It's like the
        first time, everytime. …(Tell the story about James Cameron didn't
        want a singing song and the one we're hearing is a demo…)
Host:  (translate what she said)  
           (MHWGO fade in)
~The end~