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It's hard to say goodbye (w/Paul Anka)(Entire song)
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To Love You More(Tony Moran Remix)(Full-length)
You can find it on a "To love you more (Dance mix) single released in Japan. It has few remixes with an origial TLYM track.

To Love You More(Full-length)
It was the theme song for the Japanese TV drama,"Lover" by Fuji TV. This song made Celine to become the first non-Japanese singer to top Japan's Oricon single chart in 12 years. You can find it on Asian version of "Falling into you", US version of "Let's talk about love", and "Live A Paris".

To Love You More(Instrumental)(Full-length)
By Kryzler & Kompany. You can find it on the Japanese TLYM single, or the original soundtrack for "Koibito yo(Lover)".

White Christmas (Entire song)

Happy To Me You(Full-length)
Sung with Harry Monster,Big Bird and Elmo!!

Here, There, & Everywhere.(Full-length)
A remake of a Beatles' song. You can find this song on Sir George Martin's "IN MY LIFE".

Be The Man(Full-length)
Theme song from Fuji television drama "Eve"

Be The Man(Japanese VersionO(Full-length)
Celine sings in Japanese!!English Translation

The Prayer(Solo version)(Full-length)
Song from "Quest for Camelot"

My Heart Will Go On (Entire Song)
Love theme from "Titanic"

My Heart Will Go On (Entire Song)
Sally Yeh's Cantonese Version

My Heart Will Go On(Kenny G's version)(Full-length)
Kenny G goes solo here!

My Heart Will Go On(Remix)(Full-length)
Tony Moran Remix

The Power Of The Dream(Full-length)
1996 Olympic Official Song

Send Me A Lover(Full-length)
Song can't find from Celine's albums.

Brahm's Lullaby(Full-length)
This song is soooo SWEET! From charity album

Love Lights The World(Various Artists)(Full-length)
From the same charity album as "Brahm's Lullaby"

Ce N'Etait Qu'un Reve(Performed by Celine with her whole family on Oprah 97)(Full-length)
The first song Celine ever recorded. It was written by her mother and brother.

Celine Christmas Message

Just Walk Away(Full-length)
It was a bonus track on "The colour of my love".

All By Myself(Spanish version)(Full-length)
Celine sings in Spanish on this one!

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