Hi Tom and Carol,

I wanted to share with you one of the best days in my and Megan's life.  We
arrived at the Super Bowl at 9:30 a.m. and due to the pregame/field pass had
the run of the field.  We were given lot 1 pass which means we parked right
in the front, the owners lot.  We were on the field from 9:45 a.m. to 12:15
p.m. mainly waiting for Celine Dion who I am thankful was real late in
arriving.  When we arrived there were maybe 40 people there, mostly field
crew.  We were free to go into the stands, walk around the field and just
about anything.  At 11 a.m. Celine and her husband, Rene, arrive and walk
right pass us to the microphone.  When Megan and I saw her we started crying
and didn't stop for an hour.  I was standing on the 50 yard line and can't
express the emotions when the stadium was filled with "ladies and gentlemen,
Grammy award winner Celine Dion singing God Bless America".  She had two 30
second sound checks.  Megan and I both knew that Celine and Rene knew
Megan's name yet when she walked to me and turned to my left and said "are
you Megan" the tears just started flowing harder.  She kissed Megan on the
cheek and hugged her a long time, 30 seconds.  I believe she was praying for
Megan.  Megan said later that she hugged her several times and talked into
her ear.  Celine turned to me and said, are you Bob, gave me a kiss and a
huge hug.  I am happy to say I got three hugs and kisses.  She then went to
my mom and said, "grandma I have a hug for you".  She then went back to
Megan.  Celine's focus was Megan and I was so deeply touched by her
compassion, love and kindness.  I walked over to her husband who is also her
manager and talked with him.  He said if I needed to get into contact with
them, and he gave me his business card.  He is very soft spoken and very
kind.  On the way out, we stopped by her trailer and again Rene walked up to
Megan and gave her a hug.  He told her to wait by the trailer.  He went
inside and came out with a CD.  He said this CD was special, not for the
public, Celine was doing some commercials for Chrysler and he had 500 CD's
for Chrysler.  They wanted Megan to have one of the CD's.  I am so happy for
Megan and will forever remember with tears this special day.

Take care,

Bob Thomas

Information on Megan.......

Megan was born with Neurofibromatosis.  It is a spontaneous mutation of a
gene before birth.   Tumors grow on nerve endings.  When Megan was 7 a tumor
started growing in the middle of her head and turned out to be eye cancer
and a biopsy showed it to be not only inoperable but malignant.  Megan had a
5 inch tumor removed from the bottom of her tongue growing out her left side
neck  Two years ago, she had 4 surgeries to her left knee where the tumor is
so large and entangled with bone and muscle it can't be removed.  When she
was younger a biopsy found a large flat tumor deep down in her left
clavicle, inoperable.  She has had 23 surgeries before she was 16.  She is
19 and her vision is good.  As there is not a cure for the eye cancer we are
at a stage where the tumor is static.  If you looked at her CAT scan from 10
feet away and asked what that big white object was in the middle of her
brain, it would be the tumor.  By looking and talking with Megan you would
not know anything is wrong.  She is a very lovely young woman with a
beautiful spirit.