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Announcement: Even though I would love to update the site as frequent and as early as possible, due to my working schedule, it has became harder and harder for me to do that. Therefore, I must apologize for the lack of frequent update and the up-to-the-minute news. Hope you understand. (Sept 6 2005 News) It's been a long while since I came here, and I just want to say Celine's appearance on Larry King Live "How You Can Help" on this past Saturday was a Celine that I have never seen before. Bravo Celine for being yourself, and not worrying about voicing your own opinion! In case you have missed it, you can watch it here. (Mar 21 2005 News) Now on Celine Dion Beauty, there's a new 16 secs video for the new Fragrance, Belong. Click on "Experience more" on that page, and you'll find the video in the Video section. (Mar 2 2005 News) Celine was on Access Hollywood tonight. Celine shows Nancy, the host, around in her backstage at the Colosseum. We can watch it online now! Singers including Celine, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Mary J Blige, Angie Stone and others have teamed up together to take part in a Luther Vandross tribute album. "It's basically artists doing Luther Vandross songs, but they're doing them their way. Some of the arrangements are very similar to Luther's arrangements," producer Jimmy 'JAM' Harris says. There is a report saying that Celine has recorded "Dance with my father." For more info, click here. (Feb 8 2005 News) Congratulations Celine, for receiving 3 Juno Music Award nominations. Here are the categories: Album of the Year Billy Talent~Billy Talent Miracle~Celine Dion The Girl In The Other Room~Diana Krall Under My Skin~Avril Lavigne Still Not Getting Any~Simple Plan Artist of the Year Bryan Adams Celine Dion Diana Krall k.d. lang Avril Lavigne Pop Album of the Year Miracle~Celine Dion Fefe Dobson~Fefe Dobson Under My Skin~Avril Lavigne Home~Ryan Malcolm Still Not Getting Any~Simple Plan The Awards will be handed out on April 3rd! On this page, we could read an article that has been previously published on Women's Wear The article talks about the up-coming new Celine fragrance called "Belong". In the article, it also says that the Celine Dion Parfume already has amassed global retail sales close to $100 million. (Jan 16 2005 News) Happy Birthday Rene! Yun Kyeong Kwon Sung, the woman who has been extorting Rene, has been sentenced to prison. For more info, click here. Celine will be donating all the proceeds from a special Mother's Day performance of A New Day to UNICEF for Tsunami relief. "Like everyone else in the world, I've been devastated by the loss and suffering of so many in South Asia," said Celine. "As a mother, I cannot imagine the pain that they are experiencing. We can all see that it's going to take a long time for those people to re-build their lives, and they will need our help for years to come. I chose Mother's Day for this event, because of the special meaning it has for families, but also because it will help maintain the awareness of everyone's needs in South Asia, over the coming months." For more info, click here. (Jan 1 2005 News) HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let me take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!!! Celine appeared on CNN Anderson Cooper's New Year's Eve special. Celine first told TV viewers how their hearts are with the people who are suffering in South Asia, then she performed "In Some Small Way". The arrangement of the song is pretty identical to how she did it on Jay Leno. Then about 35 minutes later, they showed Celine performing the first half of MHWGO. And nearly at the end of the show, they also showed about 20 seconds of Celine singing "I'm Alive". Now thanks for Sophoan, we could download the performance and see screen caps on The Forum right now! (Dec 28 2004 News) Sorry for not coming here for the last couple of weeks. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holidays, and will have an excellent New Year holiday!!! As 2004 coming an end, Radio & Records has compiled their year-end chart. On AC (Adult Contemporary) Year-End chart, Celine has 4 songs on the list. #17: Have You Ever Been In Love #39: You And I #76: Stand By Your Side #88: Beautiful Boy. Back at home, for the Canadian stations' AC Year-End chart, Celine is at #5 with "You And I". Pollstar has also released their list of highest grossing tours of 2004. Celine's "A New Day" is at #2 with $80.4 million. For the entire list, click here. On December 31, 2004, the song "I'm Alive" from Celine's show A New Day will be broadcast live on Anderson Cooper 360's New Year's Eve special. The special airs live from Times Square in New York City on CNN from 11:00 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. Eastern Time. This is an amazing opportunity for fans to see a hit Vegas show. Don't miss out! Tune in on New Years Eve! For more information, visit CNN's website. (Dec 14 2004 News) Don't forget that Celine will be on Jay Leno tonight!!! Set your VCR! A fellow Celine fan went to the taping of the Ellen show today, and she has written a brief review of the taping on The Forum! Numbers are in for this year's top grossing tour! Madonna's Re-Invention tour tops the list with $125 million in total box office gross. Prince's Musicology tour drew nearly 1.5 million people, and grossed $90.2 million. Shania Twain was third with $62.5 million, playing to nearly 950,000 fans. The rest of the top 5 include Simon & Garfunkel ($59 million) and Metallica ($53.8 million). Celine's "A New Day" reported more than $77 million. She could've been ranked third this year among all acts. However, the Caesars Palace-only show does not qualify as an actual tour. For rest of the Top 10, click here! Here's an excerpt of an article that was published on Review Journal yesterday: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- A husband and wife who lost two sons in the Sept. 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade Center in New York wanted Celine Dion to have a badge that belonged to one of the slain siblings. One was a New York firefighter, the other a New York police officer. In another instance, a woman who survived 9-11 recalled to Dion the horror of seeing one of the hijacked jets flying into her tower. The Caesars Palace headliner has opened her dressing room and her heart to families seeking comfort through her music. Often, with the show two minutes away, she's on the telephone offering words of hope to the dying because, she said, "I have this gift." One man called and asked whether he could record Dion's comforting message to play over and over to his wife. Others have died while she was holding their hand. "I heard their last breath," she said, choking up. "I feel very fortunate. I feel like I'm escorting them to heaven," Dion said during a backstage interview after her show Saturday. Dion starts a holiday break from her show today in Los Angeles, taping an installment of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" for a Friday airing. Tuesday, she's on NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." She returns Dec. 28. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Dec 12 2004 News) Reminder: Celine will be on the Jay Leno show on this Tuesday Dec 14th. On Jay Leno's site, it says Celine will perform "In Some Small Way"! While on Ellen DeGeneres site, it also confirms that Celine will be on the show on Friday Dec 17th! On this Japan HMV's site, it has the tracklisting of the upcoming "A New Day-Live in Las Vegas" DVD. It also says that it is going to be released in Japan on Feb 2nd 2005. (Dec 1 2004 News) Caesars Palace is building a two-story, 36,000-square-foot nightclub called Pure, and it's going to open on New Year's Eve. The $14 million club will be the largest on the Strip. According to Las Vegas Sun, investors of the nightclub include a host of celebrities including Celine, Andre Agassi, Steffi Graf, and Shaquille O'Neal. For more info on the story, click here. (Nov 30 2004 News) CBC television network asked millions of people across Canada who they thought was the greatest Canadian. Canada voted and Celine came in 27th in the top 100 greatest Canadians and 7th in the top 20 greatest Canadian women! For the past few days on CBC, they had hot debates on who should be the top 10, and having Celine coming in at 27th, it's such a pleasant suprise! Some other well-known celebrities that are on the list include Neil Young (#14), Shania Twain (#18), Mike Myers (#20), Jim Carrey (#29), Michael J. Fox (#32), Avril Lavigne (#40), Pamela Anderson (#51), Sarah McLachlan (#75), Bryan Adams (#90), Joni Mitchell (#93), Anne Murray (#94), Geddy Lee (#96)...etc. For full list, click here. (Nov 15 2004 News) Below are the chart positions for "Miracle" around the world in the past week. Numbers in brackets are positions from the previous week. Canada: #8 (#4) US: #18 (#14) UK: #61 (#43) Denmark: #23 (#15) Netherlands: #7 (#4) Germany: #60 (#47) Austria: #54 (#43) Italy: #22 (#19) France: #17 (#18) Greece (Foreign Artist Chart): #8 (#12) Greece (Overall Chart): #31 (#33) Belgium (Flander): #13 (#14) Belgium (Wallonie): #2 (#1) Switzerland: #16 (#14) Australia: #39 (#27) (Nov 14 2004 News) Now on Nouvelle France official website (Flash version), we could watch the full-length Ma Nouvelle France music video! It has footages of the film as well as footages of Celine recording the song in the studio. (Nov 8 2004 News) Below are the chart positions for "Miracle" around the world in the past week. Numbers in brackets are positions from the previous week. Canada: #4 (#2) US: #14 (#8) UK: #43 (#25) Sweden: #58 (#34) Denmark: #15 (#16) Netherlands: #4 (#10) Germany: #47 (#34) Austria: #43 (#34) Italy: #19 (#15) France: #18 (#5) Greece (Foreign Artist Chart): #12 (Debut) Greece (Overall Chart): #33 (Debut) Belgium (Flander): #14 (#18) Belgium (Wallonie): #1 (#2) Switzerland: #14 (#6) Australia: #27 (#15) NewZealand: #37 (#38) (Nov 2 2004 News) According to Anne Geddes's site, Celine will be on Jay Leno on Dec 14th, 2004. The film "Nouvelle France" has launched its official website. It is still under construction, but we could watch a trailer there. Click on "Voir La Bande-Annonce" there to watch the trailer. On Air Canada, we could now watch their 1 minute TV commercial that is airing now in Canada with "You and I" being played at the background! Click here to watch! (Nov 1 2004 News) Above is a pic of the boots that Celine has designed for a charity auction. UGG Australia and VH1 Save The Music Foundation have teamed up again for a charity auctions of UGG boots. This year, the boot decorators include Celine, Evanescence, Enrique Iglesias, The Black Eyed Peas, Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton, Damien Fahey, Gavin DeGraw, Janet Jackson, Jay Z, Billy Joel, Korn, Avril Lavigne, Monia, Alanis Morissette, Stain'd, Wilson Phillips, Denise Rich, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson and Third Eye Blind. The boots will be auctioned off at from Nov 10 to Dec 1. For more pics of the other boots designed by other artists, click here. Below are the chart positions for "Miracle" around the world in the past week. Numbers in brackets are positions from the previous week. Canada: #2 (#1) US: #8 (#4) UK: #25 (#10) Sweden: #34 (#30) Denmark: #16 (#12) Netherlands: #10 (#16) Germany: #34 (Debut) Austria: #34 (#46) Italy: #15 (Debut) France: #5 (#4) Belgium (Flander): #18 (#25) Belgium (Wallonie): #2 (#7) Switzerland: #6 (#10) Australia: #15 (#26) NewZeland: #38 (Debut) (Oct 25 2004 News) Below are the chart position of Miracle for the past week. Numbers in bracket means position of the previous week. UK: #10 (#5) Sweden: #30 (Debuts) Denmark: #12 (Debuts) Netherlands: #16 (Debuts) Austria: #46 (Debuts) France: #4 (Debuts) Belgium (Flander): #25 (Debuts) Belgium (Wallonie): #7 (Debuts) Switzerland: #10 (Debuts) Australia: #26 (Debuts) (Oct 22 2004 News) Above are some more pics from the press conference that was held in Vancouver. Please bear with the poor quality. Celine was great yesterday on Larry King Live. The interview took place on stage at the Colosseum. They talked about Rene's cancer, Vegas show, Miracle project, death of Celine's father, and of course Rene-Charles. I think the most touching part was when Celine talked about the death of her father. How they knew he was battling with cancer, and will leave them one day. But no one could ever prepared for that. She even told Larry how she got the news of her father's death and how difficult it was for her to go on with the show that night. At the end, Larry asked Celine to sing him a few lines of his favourite song "What a wonderful world". Celine then sang it acapella. (Oct 21 2004 News) Reminder: Celine will be on Larry King Live today! "Miracle" debuts at #1 in Canada!!! Way to go Celine! (Oct 20 2004 News) Celine came to Vancouver today as the last stop for the launching promotion event for Air Canada. I took the above pics with a digital camera off a news report that was on TV. Therefore, please bear with the poor quality. As you could see, Celine adds some curls to her hair today, and her uniform is a little bit different from the one she had yesterday. She wears a pants instead of a skirt. First of all, I have a friend who works in Air Canada, and she attended the event. However, she didn't take any pictures for me from the event. But she told me that she got me 2 pics of Celine that has her signature on it (it's not a real autograph, just photo-copy type of autograph). These pics were handed out at the event. I'll put it up as soon as I get it from her. Secondly, I work for a media, and our station did assign a reporter and cameraman to cover the event. If I haven't arranged my morning with other duties, I would've follow my colleagues for sure!!! I hope you could understand how frustrated I was. (SIGH...) Anyway, at least my colleagues did come back with 3 tapes of footages from the event. Due to legal issue, I wouldn't be able to put the videos up here. And I don't have the technical skill/equipment to do it anyway, as you can see the design of this site is sooo tacky and blend. But what I could do is to try my best to report what happened at the event base on what I see from those tapes. There's nothing exclusive or any scoop here, but if you are interested, feel free to read on. I guess I'll just continue to write as a way to release my frustration on how close I could've meet Celine in person, but did not make it. Anyway, here's the report. As usual before the MC and people comes up on stage, they were playing Celine songs at the background. The songs included "Only One Road", and "Des mots qui sonnent". Then a program host of a local AC radio station came out as the MC of the event. She then introduced the CEO of Air-Canada to come out and give his speech. After that, they had about 7 employees came out as model, showing off their new uniforms with "One Heart" being played at the background. After that, the Air-Can choir came out, and started singing TTWII. When they got to the chorus, Celine came out from the back, and of course the crowd cheered. And believe me, the choir sounded much better today! So is Celine. I mean Celine sounded great yesterday, but somehow the music or the choir just didn't blend together and ruine the whole thing. After TTWII, Celine gave out a speech. Telling the crowd how happy she is to be part of the Air-Can family now. She told them how much she enjoyed making the video of "You and I" back in August with the help of many Air-Canada employees, and she's glad that the song has been played all over the world and so as the music video. She also related how she as a performer is somehow similar to flight attendants, cuz they would always have to do a good show, especially since the customers have paid for the tickets. (Tickets for a flight=Tickets for A New Day show) She then told the employees that she's happy to see how they've all fought together through tough times (the airline just came out of creditor protection last month) and everything is now so new and will turn out all good. Then she sang the second song of the day, which was "You and I". Celine didn't sing the first verse of the song, as well as the first verse after chorus. She left those part for the choir, while she sang all of the chorus, and the latter part of the song including all those key-change and money notes. And again, she sounded great with full-strength. Yesterday, she sang the song in sort of a light-way, but not today. After that, they premiere the TV commerical of Air-Canada. They have the song "You and I" being played at the background, with colourful footages of people at different locations including swimming pool, merry-go-round, prairie. Even though Celine doesn't appear in the ad, the ad is pretty nicely done with a sense of freshness and modern. CEO had some more speech, then they ended the event with Celine singing "Love can move mountains" with the choir. And yes again, they sounded great! After this, the media were given the opportunity to go up on the air-craft and see the new design of the interior. No Celine related thing here. After this, a press conference was held for the media. The CEO of Air-Canada, Celine and Rene were there, answering questions. The first question of the press conference was how much Air-Can has paid Celine for this promotional campaign. Celine made a funny look after hearing the question, and she let the CEO to answer this question. As what he said the day before, Air-Canada as any other big corporation, has a huge budget put aside for advertising. He said the amount of money for this campaign is just a tiny portion of the budget, but of course, he wouldn't disclose the exact amount. Another question asked why they chose Celine, but not any other artists. Every time, when a reporter ask this kind of questions that is a little bit embarrassing for Celine, or at least not for her to answer, she would have this funny, obedient look, putting her head down little bit, with eyes wide-open, listening. It's just like how a little girl would look like when she is listening to a conversation between her mother and her principal. Anyway, the CEO said they chose Celine because there isn't any other better choice that he could think of. Not only representing Canada, but also for her personality and artistry of excellence. And she would help the brand going up in the international level too. Another reporter asked Celine and Rene why they've agreed to work on this project, and they worked with Chrysler before, and even have a real Chrysler automobile displayed at the Colosseum. Does that mean they are going to have a real jet displayed at there as well. Rene explained, they are often being approached with many offers throughout the year, like sponsorships, publicity for products, or spokesperson. And 90% of the times, they would refuse the offer. For the ones that they choose, they will have to feel naturally related. In this case, Celine gets to fly a lot of course. But back in 1983, when Celine had her first oversea trip to Paris, she was transported by Air-Canada. Since then in the 80s, they've always travelled around with Air-Canada. So there is a sense of closeness to them. And when Air-Canada explained to them the corporate's future plans, they could feel that the company has the same working attitude as they've always been. That is always be "all the way". Even when they don't have too many people backing them, they would still be so confident, and go strive for it. As regard of whether they are going to have a jet plane displayed at the Colosseum, Rene said so far they are only having Celine as the voice for Air-Canada. They haven't talked about anything else like that. Rene said they would love it, but they just haven't talked into that yet. Celine also said thank to the CEO, cuz when her mom went to Paris with Celine back in 1983, it was also her mom's first plane trip. And whenever her mom feels so happy about something, she always wants to do something as a pay back. So after that trip, her mom has quit smoking and haven't smoke again at all. So Celine said thank you to the CEO for helping her mom to quit smoking. Another reporter asked Celine how she feels about the uniform, she said she feels comfortable, sexy, confident wearing it. Before anyone could do their best, they must feel good about themselves first. It's a thing that come from the inside. If you feel good about yourself, you are confident, you think you look good, then you'll be able to perform better, to provide better service. Therefore, she thinks uniforms is important. And of course, you'll know what to wear, don't need to waste any energy thinking what to wear the next day. At one part of the press conference, a guy presented a cap to Celine and asked if she could wear it. I can't remember what he was representing for and what it says on the cap, but it was a bit awkward for him to do that in the middle of the press conference. Anyway, he went up to the front, and passed the cap to Celine, and while Celine said "Hi" to the guy, you could see Rene laid his eyes on the slogan that was written on the cap. Then Celine double checked with Rene, asking "Should I wear it", and Rene shoke his hand a little bit signaling "it's doesn't matter". Then Celine put the hat on for few seconds, and then passed the hat to the CEO, and the CEO wore it, and they posed for a pic together. That's about all that I could remember about the event. Sorry for the long report. Okay, gotta stop! Hope I'll be able to meet Celine in person one day!!! Reminder: Celine will be on Larry King Live tomorrow! An excerpt from "Miracle," Celine Dion's lullaby collaboration with photographer Anne Geddes, is The Billboard 200's top debut at No. 4. The Epic set, which moved 107,000 copies in its first week, features an accompanying book of images by Geddes. The album's first single, a cover of John Lennon's "Beautiful Boy," is No. 34 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary airplay tally. Dion's 2003 studio album "One Heart" opened at No. 2 on The Billboard 200 with 432,000 copies and has sold 1.7 million to date. The Canadian songstress boasts a career U.S. sales total of 46 million units, according to Nielsen SoundScan. (Oct 19 2004 News) Above are the pictures taken at the private concert and press conference in Toronto for Air Canada. Celine will continue this Air Canada promotional tour tomorrow in Calgary and Vancouver! I have a friend who works in Air Canada confirms that Celine will be coming to Vancouver tomorrow for a private concert as well. What a treat! This Air Canada news is all over the press in Canada tonight with news program covering the story, commenting whether it is a good move for the airline. On, we could find few video reports there. They are located on the right hand side of the page. Also on there, we could find the interview of Celine that was aired this morning on Canada AM. During the interview, Celine talked about the Miracle project as usual. After that, the reporter asked Celine a pretty political question. The reporter mentioning Jim Carrey recently got dual citizenship, being both Canadian and American citizen, and she asked Celine if she would do the same. Celine told the reporter, it's a very personal decision, but she has chosen to remain a Canadian, and she's proud being a Canadian. To watch this interview, click here. On US's HitsDailyDouble, Celine's Miracle is at #4, selling 102,099 copies in the past week. Please note that Billboard compiles that chart from the sales figures provided by SoundScan US. Therefore, the number of copies, and the position may not be the same as HitsDailyDouble. Celine joins Air Canada Employees to unveil their new look today!!! She even dresses in their new stylish uniform. For more info, click here. (Oct 18 2004 News) For fans in Canada, Celine will be on Canada AM tomorrow! Please check your local listing! Celine appeared and sang on Live with Regis & Kelly today. In the chit-chat part, they talked about the Miracle photo shoot, the one year extension in Vegas, and what Rene-Charles want to be this Halloween. You can find out what he wants to be in this article. It basically took out lines from what Celine said on the show. Celine also sang "Beautiful Boy" live after the chit chat. And it was a very nice performance, and soft and crystal clear voice. You could find some screen caps of the show on The Forum. Hope this reminder is not too late, Celine will be a guest on Regis & Kelly today!!! Celine's official site also says that Celine will be interviewed on CNN's Larry King Live today. However, on CNN's Larry King page, it says the show on the 18th will be about Christopher Reeve instead. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. (Oct 17 2004 News) In UK, the new album debutes at the National album chart at #5!!! A very nice position considering the limited promotion the album is getting! Source: BBC (Oct 16 2004 News) Celine performed at the Lite FM concert on Friday night. According to fans who have attended the concert, Celine performed "I'm Alive", "If I Could", "Beautiful Boy", "Love Can Move Mountains", and "My Heart Will Go on" at the concert. On Yahoo News, we could find few pics that were taken at the concert. And on Getty Images, we could find few pics of Celine, Rene, and Rene-Charles leaving the hotel in New York. It seems to me that Rene-Charles is pretty tall for a 3 year-old boy. (Oct 15 2004 News) On The Forum, we could watch an interview of Celine that was shown in the UK on GMTV this morning. Celine was on Oprah yesterday, and she was there for the entire show. As usual, Celine was funny and it was a very enjoyable show. Celine and Oprah first chatted about Rene-Charles, how he's doing, and how the family is so in love with the little prince. Celine also told the audience that Rene-Charles speaks a lot of English right now, and he has 3 most favourite lines. They are "I don't believe that", "Oh my goodness", and "No way!" Rene also told the crowd that little Rene loves to go golfing with him, and each time the little Rene hits the ball, he(Rene-Charles) would run and follow the ball. Then at the end of the game, Rene-Charles would always say to his dad, "What a great day they had." Since the theme of the show is "Miracle babies", Oprah invited various parents up on the show, sharing their miracle baby stories. The most touching one was about a lovely couple finding out the husband had cancer, and the chances of recover was so slim. The husband decided to frozen his sperm before taking any chemotherapy. Unfortunately, the husband didn't make through the treatments at the end and passed away. When Oprah got to this part of the story, Celine was so tearful, and Oprah had to padd her on the leg to calm her and told Celine that "it gets better." Then Oprah went on telling the story. The wife wanted to continue their dream of having their baby, so she underwent invitro, and luckily got pregnant after the first trial, with twins! Both Rene and Celine cried in this part of the show, since the story relates so close to their experience. In the latter part of the show, Oprah invited Anne Geddes up on the stage, and told us some funny stories about the photo session, such as Celine having a hard time following Anne's instruction on how to pose, with babies peeing and pooping all over Celine. Celine made some funny sounds when she describing the pee and poop part. Also on the show was David Foster and Linda Thompson, but they weren't interviewed in the show. David accompanied Celine in one of her performance though. Celine sang two songs throughout the show. "A mother's prayer" with David playing the piano, and ended the show with "Miracle". And Celine sang these songs live, and she did them perfectly!!! Now on Oprah's site, we can also watch a video titled "After the show". They taped this segment after the show that was aired on TV. In this 6 mins long segment, Oprah asked Celine to pick out her 3 favourite Celine Dion song. David Foster was also interviewed, telling the audience why he thinks Celine is the best singer to him. And at the end, Oprah wrapped up saying, how Celine is one of the most generous person that she meets in Showbizz, and Celine is "everything she appears to be!" It seems Oprah is pretty well, one of the best promotion that anyone could get. On Wednesday, "Miracle" album was at around #30 on's top selling CD chart. After yesterday's appearance, the album is at #1 spot! Don't forget that on this Sunday (Oct 17th), there will be a story on Celine on "CBS News Sunday Morning." Then on Monday (Oct 18th), Celine will appear on "Live with Regis & Kelly." (Oct 12 2004 News) Celine and Anne launched "Miracle" today at New York. We can find some pictures of the event on Getty Images. Here's quite an interesting article about Celine reunioning with Jim Ryan, a radio programmer, who organizes this Friday's Lite FM concert. This Friday, the stadium will be packed because people wanting to see Celine perform. But back in the old days, some contest winners didn't bother showing up at a luncheon where Celine would perform live. Click here for the article. Miracle hits stores today in North America!!! On Anne Geddes' official site, it has a list of TV and magazine appearances of Celine and Anne, promoting their "Miracle" project. It not only lists out TV and magazine appearances in US, but also appearances in other countries, including UK, France, Belgium, Australia, Spain...etc. Click here! (Oct 11 2004 News) Few more pics taken from the Ella Award Ceremony could be found on Getty Images now. On WireImage, we could find few pictures taken at the 13th Annual Ella Award. Celine receives the award today at Caesars Palace. (Oct 9 2004 News) A New Day Songbook Giveaway Contest Winners!!! The contest winners are Travis J Eder, Alexandria Melo, Gil Yu, and Sarah Morse. Congratulations to all of you! Thanks again to all the people who have submitted your entries. Let's hope we'll be able to run another contest in the future. Celine will be on The Oprah Winfrey show on Oct 14th (Thursday) as confirmed on the program's official website. According to the show description there, it seems that it won't be the entire hour for Celine. (Oct 8 2004 News) On this page of The Forum, you could find a link to a clip of the new movie them that Celine has recorded, titled "Ma Nouvelle-France". It's located at the last post of the page. And lyrics to those verses could be found on this page of the forum. Some more new info coming out regarding the woman who has sued Rene for raping her. This time, the lady's lawyer claims that tests found DNA on a dress that his client wore during the incident. The lawyer says he'll ask a judge to order Rene Angelil to provide a DNA sample to compare with the test results. For more info, click here. It seems that they always like to bring up the case again whenever Celine has a new release/huge project coming out. Sigh... (Oct 7 2004 News) The Songbook giveaway contest have ended. Thank you for those who have submitted an entries. I will announce the winners as soon as I get a confirmation from Max Borges Marketing Solutions. Good luck! On Quebec TV station TQS's "Flash" last night, they showed footages of Celine recording the theme song for the upcoming movie "Nouvelle France". According to fans who have watched the program, the song is a moving ballad. (Oct 6 2004 News) Last day to enter!!!! "A New Day~Live In Las Vegas" Songbook Giveaway! According to this article, Celine has just recorded a new song for an upcoming French movie titled "Nouvelle-France" (New France). Richard Goudreau, producer of the mega-production, approached Rene five months ago about the project. Rene was so impressed by the film, which talks about the mid-18th Century, as England and France battle over control of Canada, an epic romance between a peasant woman and a trapper unfurls. So he agreed to have Celine record the theme song of the movie. The song title is "Ma Nouvelle-France". Lyrics was written by Luc Plamondon, and melody written by Patrick Doyle. This historical blockbuster is set to hit the theatres on November 15th. According to IMDb, the movie will be in both French and English. BMI, the American performing rights organization saluted the top European songwriters and publishers in the music industry at its 2004 London Awards. Anders Bagge, Darryl Hall and EMI Music Publishing Scandinavia AB won the Pop Award for the song "Have You Even Been In Love" which Celine has recorded. Source: Business Wire News Archive

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